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  1. Fitz at least won a few starting jobs
  2. ^ ^ ^ Yes, This
  3. The umbrella probably doesn't cover his belly LOL
  4. Remember when we had a Head Coach who tried to win every preseason game.... and got a bunch of people hurt, even our starting QB and we had to start the regular season with a rookie QB. Yep good times!
  5. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the All You Can Eat Buffet!!!
  6. Not until the regular season starts.... unfortunately
  7. Agreed. I still think he is our Qb of the future.
  8. Do you think he made Hack look better than he is when they played together at Penn State?
  9. Driving up 78 from Pa there were cars all over the place. By the time the game was over the roads were clear and ok to drive. I remember pick up trucks on the field plowing off the yard markers and goal line. Ps. I love road soda
  10. Someone posted a picture of his trimmed beard in another thread earlier this week.
  11. Lets just hope the JETS come out of the gate a lot better!!
  12. Ya I'm watching that too and the Bucs just fumbled and the Birds took it in for a TD.
  13. This is why my wife doesn't like anybody coming over to swim.
  14. Unless things have changed you cannot stay over night. We did that all the time years ago but they stopped that when they opened the new stadium.
  15. No not in NJ, in PA. Love the pool. In it every chance i get. If you put one in go with the salt water system.