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  1. So much for protecting the integrity of the Shield
  2. Funny, sad and possible all at the same time
  3. Yes and as a few others have said there are positions of much grater need.
  4. He might be better than those guys but he has peaked and is on his way down. Robbie Anderson could turn out to be as good as Cruz and two of the other three have a lot of up side.
  5. This. Plus my second wife is sooo much better!
  6. Elliot has definitely made things a little easier on their young Qb in Dallas. If we would take a Rb that high I hope they fix the O line and not allow a few years knocked off his career in his first season.
  7. Do you think that might change now that Chan is gone?
  8. If we are truly going to rebuild what is wrong with letting Petty and Hack get the reps to see if either one will be the guy. At this point lets see if they even progress at all. If we can revamp the O line and those two don't look the part then take a Qb in the first in 2018.
  9. Sheldon seems to smoke weed and drive at a pretty fast pace
  10. I like the chant. I met Ed a few times and he seems like a good guy. I was with Max when Bob Kraft stopped at the tailgate to tell Ed thanks for all he does as a fan for the NFL. Some fans don't like it. I am not going to act like I can speak for the majority of fans on either side because no one can really do that. That being said if you want to put JETS fans in the seats, die hard or casual fans just put a quality product on the field for games. Problem solved
  11. I was hoping the Oline is retooled and the new guys would give the Qb some more time back there. If they don't address that in the off season than it won't matter who the Oc and Qb combo are.
  12. To be honest they kind of gave us most of Oct, Nov, and December off too. Lol or should that be they took off then?
  13. I understand what you want to do but Ed was not fired or let go. He stopped doing the chant of his own volition. Not sure what plan you have to change his mind.
  14. Has Jalin Marshall been on the field the past few games? I don't remember seeing him play for weeks. Has he been benched because of fumbles?
  15. Best of luck to you and your family Glenn! Thanks for all your hard work both on JN and protecting our freedom! I will miss talking Jets football with you at the tailgates. It is always a true pleasure speaking with you. Be safe and enjoy!