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  1. I agree with everything you say here. But Bowels is on record as saying he wants to stick with Fitz because of the vets. Maybe he is way off base when understanding the true tone in the locker room.
  2. I think the new rules to protect the Qb have been put in place because of the hard hits and beatings they took. Owners want to better protect their multi million dollar investments.
  3. At a local fire company with the ticket, watching all the 1 o'clock games. Now at home watching the Eagles.
  4. First of all I ask him why he felt that way. I said I never read anything negative about him. JW answered he didn't like him because he was a Fitz supporter. I never said he was a leader but thought he was a solid locker room guy. Just because he doesn't jump up and down screaming and yelling doesn't mean he isn't a leader either. You don't have to act like Ray Lewis to be a leader. Like AFJF said he leads by example. Solid play, no off field issues, no hold outs and I never hear any bs involving him. If he is not a leader in some or even most people's opinion I can respect that but I would rather the young guys learn from him and follow in his model than alot of other veteran players on the team.
  5. I have never read any bad press about Nick. You see pics of him off the field regularly with team mates. What makes you think he is not a leader? To me he seems to have a presence in the locker room, has been with the club for a long time. I would think he is some what of a voice to the younger guys. I don't really know but just wondering why you think that?
  6. Living in Pa I get to Philly often and and go to an Eagles game occasionally.. They built a new stadium around the same time as Met Life for less money and it is a much nicer building. Great site lines and I really like the way they did the club level. It's big and roomy with couches and hi top tables to sit at when eating or going in to warm up. The down side getting out of the lot after a game is far worse thane leaving the Meadowlands if you can imagine that.
  7. I think you should be hired as GM. Even if you don't improve the team I like the way you explain things better!
  8. Didn't he start the thread Who has played pro sports? I think that was him. If not that was a classic as well.
  9. Those were Steeler fans from our town
  10. I will let you know BUT if we go 12-4 how many others coming out or jumping on the bandwagon will be a distant thought on my mind
  11. Tom Coughlin was 4-12 & 9-7 his first two years as a head coach.
  12. I wear Jet stuff all the time and all year long not just football season. Other than my kids and wife there are on 3 other Jet fans I see in our town.
  13. You are not tall enough to kick me in the nut sack and i make fun of you all the time.
  14. The problem with blaming Woody for anything is like it or not he owns the team. He can do whatever he wants with it. We can state our position on what we would or think he should do but it is his toy to play with. He has increased the value since he bought the team so he might not even see anything as wrong. We as fans might be looking at it differently then he does as an investment.
  15. As I said "To some degree". I don't think we need to blow it up and get rid of everybody. There are some good young players that should be part of a longer range plan and some vets that need to go. I think Macc has a plan, some would argue with that. A bad draft pick sets the plan behind schedule but 7th rounders and undrafted guys playing push it a little ahead. Not knowing what we have at Qb sets the plan backwards. That is why most want to see Petty play. Getting a guy like Romo does seem to fit into any plan I would like to see the Jets put in place.