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  1. I am going to Pitt too. My brother is a Steelers fan and it's on his birthday so my boys and I are going to take him.
  2. I will be leaving in about an hour for the game. GO JETS!!!!!
  3. My son lives in Lancaster and the other in York if I can make it I'm sure one of the two will come along.
  4. It would be nice to see Fitz and Devin Smith finally get on the same page and turn some average passes in TD's too!
  5. I don't think anyone will mind if you are a little late to the tailgate. Get in the Jet Nation limo, hook into the city and pick the brother and his wife up.
  6. I better bring an extra twelve pack
  7. Marshall also leads the team in bad laterals in a season.
  8. I will be there with the wife and both of my boys.
  9. The team has way bigger areas to be concerned with than punter at this time
  10. Let's hope they don't push Petty in before he is ready
  11. I'll take why do we continue to root for a lousy football team for $500 Alex
  12. I agree 100% with trusting both of them not only this season and for the future based on the way they handled their business thus far. However my concern for the future is not with them but the availability of any decent Qb's being an option in the off season or what is going to come out of college. It is still going to be slim pickings.
  13. You did a great job ! I couldn't believe how many people that you served and I never saw a pot that big filled with meatballs
  14. Agreed but it was pretty slim pickins in the QB department this off season and Fits was grabbed to be a back up. Your OP suggests maybe the staff screwed up and maybe we should have kept Vick.
  15. Not for nothing but we tried that last year and I don't remember anyone saying bring back Vick. Fits stank yesterday very true but Vic is not the answer.