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  1. I usually want to put you on ignore but I can't argue with this.
  2. I agree. He is not very good now but the organization can't keep turning over all the key pieces every couple of years. It keep holding us back. Let him grow and improve.
  3. It takes 40 apples to make 1 gallon of apple cider
  4. Yes but unfortunately with the same results, to the apposing team.
  5. That is obvious. I wouldn't care much what others thought either. In his position he can't be second guessing himself. Maybe I should have worded my post differently. I should have said I wonder what he saw that others didn't to warrant drafting him when he did. Everyone had an opinion of the kid. Some higher than others. Just wish I could see inside his head and what he was/is thinking and the plan of attack to get it in motion.
  6. I do understand all of that. I think it would make me more comfortable if Macc had a few more drafts under his belt with a proven track record of picking winners and evaluating talent. If Hack pans out our GM will look like a genius in a few years.
  7. Would love to hear the logic behind picking him in that spot when most thought he would be available later. Mac had to have a reason, it would be nice to hear what it was.
  8. But then I am going to have to buy my kid a new jersey. He wanted the Hack #5 for his birthday.
  9. Any love for Revis are feelings for a memory of when he was truly a great player. If we were able to wash those memories away and only cheered for what we see on the field now those cheers would be mostly BOOOOOOOS
  10. Except for week two
  11. Yes I agree. I just forget if it was because he started too soon or sat on the bench to long..
  12. I do like the Charger jerseys tonight too
  13. Color Rush sucks
  14. Color Rush is stupid. It's nothing more than another attempt to try and sell more jerseys.
  15. I have been saying the same thing about jamming the recievers at the line of scrimmage. Do something to slow them down or throw their timing off. Maybe that extra second or two one the linemen could get to the qb. Like I said in another thread they look to be playing very uninspired football. Lifeless and unemotional.