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  1. That would be nice!!
  2. And Max talked me into buying season tickets this year. What a dumb a$$ I am.
  3. The Jets are not going 1-15. I do not want another USC quarterback.
  4. And special teams surely could use improvment
  5. From one screwed up Gemini Jet fan to another HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  6. I developed one watching the Qb's play
  7. ESPN is going to jump the shark. There isn't going to be anyone left that is watchable doing their broadcasts.
  8. He needs to get his monies worth, he spent $2700.00 on it
  9. I don't think many beer drinkers only drink a six pack a week, especially if they are Jet fans.
  10. After Petty gets hurt in the Snoopy Bowl
  11. How long did you have to search for video of both of his NFL tackles?
  12. Do you think Hack will change his jersey number from 5? He wore #14 at Penn State
  13. Swimmer to Sinker
  14. You might want to try a bribe to his head of security?