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  1. Home Opener - Let's talk tailgating

    I have had some that are really good and then some not so much.
  2. Home Opener - Let's talk tailgating

    Max I will bring the Tofu and veggie burgers along with some sparkling water to wash it all down. What flavor water would you prefer?
  3. I am not sure if any good people will want to come to the Jets but I would prefer a head coach that I already know his name not one that I need to remember his name.
  4. How Bad?

    The o line will have to play much better than we saw in preseason, that is the only way but my hopes are not up.
  5. How Bad?

    Even the filed goal kicker looks shaky. Might not be able to get 3 points on stalled drives if we can drive at all.
  6. How Bad?

    I can't imagine a season being worse than one that included a national tv butt fumble but it is on the horizon. I still think we will be better than most predict.
  7. Die Hard Jets Fans

    I'm not supposed to say anything but stick anything through the hole in the bathroomwall
  8. Jets vs Bills Week 1 Preview

    Is Petty recovered from injury enough to play if needed?
  9. Let's start talking Jets \ Bills

    While I agree with you the Jets win I also think 24-17 is a little too much scoring. More like 17-10
  10. Jets 1-0 Start

    I am driving five and a half hours one way to see the Jets play. I am rooting for the Jets to win! There will be plenty of losses and a good draft spot for the Jets. Not sure this regime can spot talent and make the right call on draft day even if they have the #1.
  11. Jets \ Dolphins Tickets - Home Opener

    And I let some jack wagon talk me into season tickets this year??
  12. Happy birthday, Maxman

    Happy birthday Phil!
  13. Let them stop by and say hi