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  1. Maybe this is the type of situation they have been saving Powell for. Running and passes out of the backfield.
  2. After reading this Pappa John and Peyton are going to have to scrap there new delivery gimmick idea
  3. The spirals at gate D were better than any dog and frisbee half time show
  4. Your first and biggest mistake in this flawed theory is under estimating your apponent
  5. Whether the Jets start the game on offense or defense they need to set the tone out of the gate, score first to take the lead and not look back. A win in Arrowhead is tough enough, coming from behind to win would be a lot to ask.
  6. And this kind of thing is why the O line will only keep getting better the more they play together as a unit.
  7. I can't wait for the movie
  8. If I eat a 30 pack of White Castle I will be breaking down the door for myself apparently for a couple of cheeseburgers
  9. You got it Boss! Can we have a secret handshake? If I'm protecting the president can I wear those cool dark shades? If you are going to use the bathroom should i bring a few coat hangers so you can unclog it or will all those pancakes bind you up?
  10. I hear ya. It doesn't usually start till about half way through the season, this year we are blessed with this crap in week 3.
  11. Thank you for the prestigious title and the cheeseburgers. I wont let you down!
  12. That would explain a lot
  13. I don't see this ending well
  14. How do you think Max is paying for the new motorhome
  15. I'm fairly certain the the Jets front office believes the Qb of the future is already on the roster. That doesn't mean they wont draft another one but not in the first round.