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  1. JerryK added a post in a topic To my brother, Robert   

    Very sorry. The best people seem to leave us way too soon. Prayers for his family.
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  2. JerryK added a post in a topic Posthumous Thoughts; Rex-marriage, McDougle, and our narcoleptic DEF   

    The jets have always been mediocre. A few highs & lows, but think about it -- if there was an award for hovering around 9-7 we wouldn't have any competition.
    This year, it's different. bad, no it's not.
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  3. JerryK added a post in a topic The Ditka Fart   

    Sorry, can't be real.
    I've seen people on tv move their mike like 1foot away and their voice *disappears*.  
    This is way too loud, unless they mic'd it, and if they did, Chris wouldn't have been surprised.  I just don't see it happening.
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  4. JerryK added a post in a topic Cutting the cord....   

    hehe I'm in michigan, 5 miles south of lansing.
    all my towers are clustered about 6-12 miles without many obstructions.
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  5. JerryK added a post in a topic Cutting the cord....   

    Probably too late to help, but I put this little gem on my roof and wonderful things happened.   For the money I don't think I could get better.  Just get it as high as you can, pointed generally in the direction of most tv stations' antennas.  There are websites where you can get them mapped. aspen uhf&qid=1444598839&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1
    ...The box was missing an accessory bag with some spacers, but I called and they sent a bag free. I didn't mind the issue because the antenna works so well.  
    We use the antenna, Hulu, & Amazon Prime.  For cable series I enjoy, like AMC shows, I buy the season on Amazon.  We can also buy HBO now, which is cool.
    Sports is tough.  For me, it's either local, or I get more work done in the yard.  That's not so bad.
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  6. JerryK added a post in a topic Suh Kicked Fitzpatrick Square in the Head   

    Why would Suh even do this?  They gameplanned for a team with no long ball.  Switch in a qb who can connect those passes, and the whole scheme is up in the air.
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  7. JerryK added a post in a topic the Jets' Special Teams   

    With age, and just a little experience riding around on this planet, most of us begin to see examples of the lottery that is human reproduction.  The odds of something going wrong are 1 in a hundred, but there are 100 things that can go wrong. So you just never know.  Until it's a member of your family.  Your perfectly normal kid brother or sister, with whom all your earliest memories are tied, starts to get ...different.   You ache for that person to do better; to have a normal life they deserve. But it doesn't happen, and they don't receive it.  This planet loves to sh*t on some of us like that. So you do all you really can do; remind them you love them and you cheer like hell when they win a competition of any kind.  You're not cheering because they're great at it, or even good at're cheering because there isn't a person on this f**cking earth who deserves to smile more than they do.
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  8. JerryK added a post in a topic ARE YOU ON BOARD? OR ARE YOU STILL AT THE GATE?   

    Well we don't have to worry about seeing any bombs.
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  9. JerryK added a post in a topic Suh Kicked Fitzpatrick Square in the Head   

    UNintentional.  He reared back and swung his leg left to AVOID the guy.  The leg only came back to regain his balance.
    But, since he took someone's lunch money in 3rd grade, and forgot to do his homework when he was 12, he's definitely guilty for this.
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  10. JerryK added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Any Jets fans from Middletown NJ
    I'm in Michigan, a few miles down the street from MSU.  I just want to say *thank you* for Shilique Calhoun.  The guy's been a rock star since he was a freshmen.
    As for the Jets, it would be sweet if he could help the team.   He's local and he's used to wearing green.  I think it needs to happen.
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  11. JerryK added a post in a topic For those who were OK with the Jets tanking this year....   

    Not saying I'm a doubter, but I need to see us win AFTER teams take away the short pass.
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  12. JerryK added a post in a topic Punter   

    Talking about good punters is like talking about good defibrillators.  If you're even having the conversation, you're already screwed.  
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  13. JerryK added a post in a topic Leonard Williams says he was out of shape for opener   

    Honest question here, you guys are smarter than I am --  There's no chance Bowles said this to distract everyone from a perceived weakness in our coverage ability, or backfield communications?  Since Cro is hurt, he'd probably be cool with such a ruse, as long as Bowles apologized privately.
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  14. JerryK added a post in a topic Did you grow a beard? Because I grew an effing beard.   

    Go to a nice restaurant with cloth napkins.  Tell me how well it works out for you.
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