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  1. Starting a football team from scratch. You get your choice between 25 year old Rodgers OR 25 year old Brady. Who ya taking? Brady may have the GOAT resume but give me Rodgers and I'll be very happy.....
  2. First of all you cannot tank in football. You have to dress 46 players that all have vested interest in playing well. However when you have an absolutely terrible roster like the Jets, perhaps you dont spend in free agency. Perhaps you allow all the young players your GM has selected in the past 2 years play. You dont do something retarded like sign a Romo (why he would come here is beyond me). I dont want to hear about a stop-gap (Cutler) OR a bridge QB (Glennon). You drafted Petty and Hack. Time to reap what you sowed. If you define that as tanking - you are dead wrong. Second, you are right about the possibility of no franchise QB to draft at the top in 2018 Draft. You need to terrible AND lucky. The Jets are already terrible. Just need a little luck. Third, if you think some free agency moves are going to take this team anywhere in 2017,you are clueless.
  3. And you are just be a blind homer. If a Jets team was 8-7 going into week 17 and out of the playoffs I would root for a win regardless. I am not a crazy draft position guy. But you need to wake up to reality- this is one of the WORST rosters in all of football. That's undeniable. If ever there was a year to look for 1-15, next year is it. Imagine the Jets had a top pick with a franchise QB available along with a bunch of cap space. Don't you think that would make for a very attractive coaching or GM position? Throw in the fact the owner will be over in London - all of the sudden people will want to come here. I am 39 years old. This team has never had a true franchise long term QB since I've been alive (Kenny O was close). We have one of the worst owners in sports. We have no QB. We have no pass rusher. At best Bowles is an average coach. The verdict is still out on the GM. Picking 6th or 9th or 11th most likely that wont land you a franchise QB. We've tried to find a mid round QB (ala Russel Wilson); that has produced Geno, Petty and Hack. You buy any of their jerseys? There are a couple potential franchise QBs in 2018. I'll gladly suffer through a terrible season for a top pick. Is a top pick a sure thing, no. But give me some real hope.
  4. I am no college scout like the majority of the members here, but everything I keep reading is that: This years QB crop sucks. Next years will be better. How much is anyone's guess since it depends on the development of some of these younger college QBs The UCLA and USC (gulp) QBs are ones to watch closely next year.
  5. Excellent post. The Jets are basically the Cleveland Browns with a few extra wins. I hope and pray for an epic disaster in 2017. We need a Top 3 pick + luck (a year where there are excellent QB draft prospects). Maybe thats 2018 Draft? A Top Pick and Cap Space will make this an attractive job for a talented coach.
  6. I am not a huge metrics fan but it definitely does provide added value when analyzing players. I watched every game this season; dont recall seeing many impact plays from Lee. And while it is only his rookie season, PFF rates him crap and he had no forced fumbles, no INTs and only 1 sack.
  7. He was one play away from beating BALT in the Super Bowl. Plus he seems to turn it up a notch come playoff time. I think he's more than good enough (with this defense) to win a title. Though people who think that Mo and a 2nd round pick would get this done are absolutely delusional. Call WFAN overnight with that nonsense.
  8. Call his bluff today
  9. Per Mel Kiper.... The Jets are halfway through a really good draft. They got the best player in the entire draft yesterday in Leonard Williams, and if there's any critique of that pick it would be that it wasn't a big need. But in Rounds 2 and 3 they didn't just target needs effectively, they added a pile of picks in a deal with Houston. Devin Smith is the field-stretcher they need, not just a vertical threat, but a guy who has a little Steve Smith in him, making contested catches you expect from a bigger receiver. The Jets also got Lorenzo Mauldin, not a steal by any means in Round 3, but definitely a fit they can use as they look for help on the edges.
  10. If not Mariotta, it's OLB or one of the top two WRs.
  11. Ok to be a homer but this is unintelligent non-sense. If you believe this, you know nothing about football....and that's OK.
  12. I hadn't seen Cobbs guarenteed money- is that right? 17m? And we gave a 31 LB with zero cover skills 15m. Lol
  13. The Marshall trade was more excellent. The Harris signing was silly - even if we need to spend money. Should have spent elsewhere. Any sound organization wouldn't have given a 31 year old LB that can't cover that kind of salary.