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  1. He was one play away from beating BALT in the Super Bowl. Plus he seems to turn it up a notch come playoff time. I think he's more than good enough (with this defense) to win a title. Though people who think that Mo and a 2nd round pick would get this done are absolutely delusional. Call WFAN overnight with that nonsense.
  2. Call his bluff today
  3. Per Mel Kiper.... The Jets are halfway through a really good draft. They got the best player in the entire draft yesterday in Leonard Williams, and if there's any critique of that pick it would be that it wasn't a big need. But in Rounds 2 and 3 they didn't just target needs effectively, they added a pile of picks in a deal with Houston. Devin Smith is the field-stretcher they need, not just a vertical threat, but a guy who has a little Steve Smith in him, making contested catches you expect from a bigger receiver. The Jets also got Lorenzo Mauldin, not a steal by any means in Round 3, but definitely a fit they can use as they look for help on the edges.
  4. If not Mariotta, it's OLB or one of the top two WRs.
  5. Ok to be a homer but this is unintelligent non-sense. If you believe this, you know nothing about football....and that's OK.
  6. I hadn't seen Cobbs guarenteed money- is that right? 17m? And we gave a 31 LB with zero cover skills 15m. Lol
  7. The Marshall trade was more excellent. The Harris signing was silly - even if we need to spend money. Should have spent elsewhere. Any sound organization wouldn't have given a 31 year old LB that can't cover that kind of salary.
  8. Signing Cobb absolutely does not stop them from taking White or Cooper. They have zero WRs and a young QB. Give Carr two legit targets and see if he can develop. Or they can just take best pass rusher available - watch him and Mack get after the QB for half a decade
  9. Understand we have to spend money - but why 3 years. SMH...
  10. They also lost a Perfect Season based on luck. A Hail Mary on 3rd and forever that an average NFL WR caught off his helmet. This time around they happened to be on the right end of the dumbest play call ever.
  11. Ya know I was hoping Rex landed someplace good and did very well. But I think he really didn't think this thru. You pick a team with NO qb, no 1st rounder to get a top qb, no good free agent he's got 2 years minimum of garbage qb play. Has this guy learned anything? Wtf is wrong with him? If ATL didn't want you- sit a year. Wait for the right opp to open up. Who cares if his D is Top 3. With that O they ain't going no where. Silly bastard.
  12. My point is with the talent on ATLs offense, Rex doesn't need to field a great D- a solid D will do. Anything else up there is gravy. I wouldn't be shocked at all if Rex and ATL were division champs in Year 2 of his potential regime.
  13. Rex doesn't need to have the top D in the league. But in 2 years, it's realistic ATL could have a top 10 D. With the talent on O there, that would be more than enough to field a legitimate playoff team.
  14. Atlanta is a great spot for Rex. Give him 2 years to rebuild the D and look out. Good for him, I hope he does well.