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  1. QB dept. - > http://nypost.com/2017/09/25/josh-mccown-shows-jets-why-they-had-faith-in-him-in-first-place/
  2. GM's moves — large and small — salvaged Jets' roster on the fly > http://nypost.com/2017/09/25/gms-moves-large-and-small-salvaged-jets-roster-on-the-fly/
  3. Demario Davis/LB.. > http://nypost.com/2017/09/25/jets-linebacker-played-the-game-of-his-life-against-dolphins/
  4. Jets quarterback Josh McCown talked about the improving cohesiveness of the offense and how high their ceiling could be. > http://www.espn.com/espnradio/newyork/playPopup?id=20806982
  5. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    they can.. as Long as it's... Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen
  6. Austin Seferian-Jenkins returned to the Jets' lineup for the first time in 2017 and reflected on what it was like to have to watch from the sideline.rn http://www.espn.com/espnradio/newyork/playPopup?id=20807203ed to the Jets' lineup for the first time in 2017 and reflected on what it was like to have to watch from the sideline.
  7. Josh McCown's solid start a good news-bad news situation for Jets -- Turns out the old dude still has some life left in that well-traveled right arm. Josh McCown, 38 years young, won his first start since Oct. 11, 2015. His signature moment was a 69-yard bomb to Robby Anderson, which resembled Ken O'Brien-to-Wesley Walker from a bygone era -- and no, his arm didn't fall off. McCown kept slinging, endearing himself to his New York Jets teammates and coaches with their first win of the season.Don't look now, but McCown is playing well -- a 70 percent completion rate and a 91.3 passer rating through three games. In fact, he's playing so well that he's messing up the master plan at quarterback -- or a least the plan everybody assumed would unfold. He was supposed to be a short bridge to Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg or, pardon the mixed metaphor, just a loosely attached Band-Aid. It's not working out that way. After dominating the Miami Dolphins 20-6 on Sunday, the Jets are 1-2, with winnable games upcoming against the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1) and Cleveland Browns (0-3). If this keeps up, it might be a while before we see Petty or Hackenberg, barring an injury."I thought he was very efficient," Jets coach Todd Bowles said of McCown. "Josh has been playing well for the last three weeks. He controlled the offense. He sees things. He's playing smart football." McCown is the ideal quarterback for the Jets' rebuilding season because he's unselfish and intelligent, meaning he can lead the young players and teach them at the same time. He's also an eternal optimist, a must on a team that will encounter its share of adversity. He's the anti-Jay Cutler, who was so demoralized by Sunday's beatdown that he started flinging passes off his back foot, acting like he wanted to get back to South Florida as soon as possible. It certainly worked out well in the offseason, when the Jets ended up with McCown over Cutler. Facing a stout defensive front, McCown completed 18 of 23 passes for 249 yards and one touchdown, while committing no turnovers. He won't excite too many fantasy owners with those kind of stat lines, but the Jets don't live in a fantasy world. Their reality is rebuilding, taking small steps, week by week. His touchdown pass to Anderson, which came after a big play was negated by a Wesley Johnson holding penalty, was a shining example of turning a negative into a positive. "I think that's good for us as we build," McCown said. "Those are kind of bricks in the process that you stack because it grows you." Some might say the Jets are wasting time with McCown, claiming every snap he takes is one less snap for Petty or Hackenberg. That's a bunch of hooey. His ability to function as a competent quarterback allows the offense to develop in its new system. You wouldn't get that with Petty or Hackenberg.At some point, Bowles has to let one (or both) start games, because the Jets need an evaluation of Petty and Hackenberg before next spring's draft. But that's no longer as imperative as it seemed at the start of training camp. Hackenberg showed in the preseason he isn't close to being ready, and Petty isn't viewed by the organization as the long-term answer. For now, and for longer than anyone envisioned, the Jets' mantra is: "In Josh We Trust." > http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/71549/josh-mccowns-solid-start-a-good-news-bad-news-situation-for-jets
  8. -- What in Sam Hill -- or Sam Darnold -- happened to the New York Jets ? For three hours on a summer-like day at MetLife Stadium, the Jets -- outscored by 34 points in two losses -- actually resembled a good professional football team. Their domination of the Miami Dolphins on Sunday was so complete the Dolphins looked like the tanking team, not the Jets, who won a laugher, 20-6.The Jets almost pitched their first shutout since the final game of the 2009 season, but the Dolphins scored on the final play with a face-saving touchdown.Sorry, doomsayers, there will be no 0-16 season for the Jets (1-2), who elicited two contrasting emotions. Let's call it a split decision: They thrilled their die-hard fans with a complete performance and upset the "Suck for Sam" crowd by potentially damaging their draft position.Maybe that explains why the stadium was half-empty by the start of the fourth quarter. Some fans probably found it hard to stomach the win, as crazy as that sounds. "Getting a big win like this when everybody said we wouldn't win a game, I guess we proved them wrong," cornerback Morris Claiborne said, smiling. The Jets have been bombarded with "tank" talk since the spring, but they fueled the narrative by dismantling their roster and leaving themselves with a shaky quarterback situation. No matter how this season plays out, the Jets still need to draft a quarterback next year because Josh McCown, who snapped a nine-game personal losing streak as a starter, is 38 years old and not the future. Neither is Bryce Petty nor Christian Hackenberg, based on what we've seen so far.So, yes, there will be some whiners, but you know what? Good for the Jets. Coach Todd Bowles is trying to rebuild the culture, and the best way to do that is to win games. He's also trying to save his job, and he needs to stack as many wins as possible even though acting owner Christopher Johnson said last week that Bowles won't be judged on the record, only on progress (or lack thereof). "We block all that stuff out," Bowles said of the dire forecasts. "That has nothing to do with out motivation to win. We're trying to win ballgames because we're trying to get to the Super Bowl, not because we want to prove people wrong." This was a big step for the Jets, who delivered another "Miracle at the Meadowlands," 17 years after the original. Their defense, which allowed a league-high 66 points in the first two weeks, made Jay Cutler look as if he belonged in the broadcast booth, not on the field. The Jets fixed their problems, and that's a credit to the coaching staff.This may seem hard to believe, but the defense expressed supreme confidence heading into this game. Privately, some players said they'd be able to rattle Cutler because of his penchant for holding the ball.Their plan was to stack the box to contain Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi, putting the game in Cutler's hands. It worked like a charm. Ajayi rushed for only 16 yards on 11 carries and Cutler (25-for-44, 220 yards) threw off his back foot all day. The Jets improved their tackling, displayed excellent gap discipline and limited Miami to only 81 total yards through three quarters. That is an insane number. Afterward, several players declined to call the victory a "relief" because "we expected to win games," McCown said. "We expect to win a lot of games. That's our goal, internally." > http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/71522/jets-bury-0-16-talk-but-was-their-win-really-a-win-for-the-franchise
  9. The Jets turned to a trifecta at running back against the Raiders in Week 2, a formula that could be emulated for the foreseeable future.“Yeah, I think you saw we did a good job with the backs, all of them playing,” offensive coordinator John Morton told the media Thursday. “That’s the way we want to do things. Guys have specific plays, specific roles and that was another encouraging thing that we saw – Eli (McGuire) coming in and doing some good things, Matt (Forté) doing some good things and even (Bilal) Powell. If we can just keep that going and play by committee, that’s a good thing.”As a unit, the running backs averaged 4.5 yards on their 21 carries in The Black Hole. Forté led the charge with 53 yards on the ground and a 34-yard reception, followed by rookie Eli McGuire, who received his first regular season carries. The 2017 sixth-round pick gained 29 yards on his six attempts and reeled in a seven-yard pass. Powell, who averaged the NFL’s second-highest yards per carry last season with 5.5, had 13 yards on six rushes. “It was fun, man, but at the same time, I was a little nervous,” McGuire said. “I didn’t know what to expect in a real NFL game. The only thing I knew was that the speed of the game was a lot faster. My first carry was an outside zone and my mindset was to just get to the outside. It was fun to get that first carry, to get my feet wet with the starters.”Forté said he thought McGuire played well and liked that he protected the ball. The 10-year vet said he he’s never been a part of a three-back backfield, but believes it could provide him with an ability to stay healthier for longer.“It worked well,” Forté said of the committee approach. “We were all pretty productive. Obviously it wasn’t good enough because we didn’t win the game. He’s (Morton is) the OC and has the decision to make on what guys he wants in on specific plays and stuff like that. I felt pretty fresh during the game, so that’s an added positive. I know Bilal probably felt the same way, too.” > http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/article-7/Jets-Like-Their-RB-Trio/ca00fd4e-24cd-4798-ad86-2fc6861101ee
  10. re : wr dept. - jermaine kearse.. > http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2017/09/4_downs_with_jets_receiver_jermaine_kearse.html#incart_river_index