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  1. kelly added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Jets relax during bye week, a Rex-tension of the Ryan way ? ? ?
    Welcome to the New York Jets' bye week, a time for rest and -- in past years -- criticism.
    Rex Ryan's bye-week strategy always was dissected because, quite frankly, the results were terrible. Under Ryan, the Jets were 1-5 coming off the bye, including a current three-game losing streak in which they were outscored 103-24.Ryan took a lot of heat for being too soft on the players. From 2009 to 2011, he practiced only one day, giving the players a six-day respite -- two more than the league requirement. In 2012, there were no practices and seven days off, although Ryan claimed his plans were disrupted by Hurricane Sandy.
    In 2013, Ryan -- stubborn as ever -- returned to the six-day rest. Because that wasn't enough time for the players to clear their minds, he took them to a Dave & Buster's in Buffalo on the eve of their first post-bye game. They got blown out by the Bills, fueling more criticism.He had little choice last season but to make the players actually practice during the bye week. At 2-8, it would've been a bad optic to grant a vacation, so they practiced twice, followed by the mandatory four days off. They still got blown out, an embarrassing loss to the Bills in Detroit. The game was re-located to Detroit because of a snowstorm in Buffalo.
    Which brings us to this year and new coach Todd Bowles. For his first bye, Bowles is taking the Rex route. The players reported Tuesday for film review, but there will be no practices this week. They're off until Monday, a seven-day break from field work. It's a little surprising -- he talked about having one or two practices -- but he decided rest was more important than practice.This year's bye is unique because they're coming off a game in London, creating an entirely different set of circumstances. Their body clocks need to be re-adjusted and their actual bodies -- banged-up in a physical win over the Miami Dolphins -- could use the down time.
    In other words, it can be justified. Under Ryan, who had a home game preceding five of the six byes, there was no excuse for the cushy philosophy.The Jets like to think they have a new culture under Bowles, who is different from Ryan in so many ways. He can help set himself apart from his predecessor by actually winning a game after the bye.
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  2. kelly added a post in a topic WR dept. ~ ~ ~   

    Kenbrell Thompkins Signed to Practice Squad
    WR Played with Patriots & Raiders in 2013-14; WR/KR Walt Powell Is Released from P-Squad
    The Jets have signed wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins to their practice squad. To make room on the 10-man squad, they have released WR/KR Walt Powell.Thompkins (6'0", 196) signed as an undrafted free agent out of Cincinnati with New England after the 2013 draft. He played 14 games with nine starts for New England in 2013-14, catching 38 passes for 519 yards (13.7 yards/catch) and four touchdowns. Four catches for 63 yards came in the two games against the Jets in '13.
    Last season he left the Patriots after two games for the Raiders, playing 12 games (six starts) for the Silver & Black with 15 catches for 209 yards (13.9).Powell returned eight kickoffs and 12 punts in four games for the Jets last season. This preseason he had a 54-yard punt-return touchdown at the Giants.
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  3. kelly added a post in a topic MMQB / Si : Todd Bowles: ‘Nothing Surprises You’   

    Todd Bowles won’t overhype Jets’ best start in 5 years
    The Jets were able to enjoy their long plane ride home from London after a 27-14 win over the Dolphins sent them into the bye week at 3-1.
    A quarter of the way through the season, the Jets are off to their best start in five years, but they are not celebrating yet.“We understand we’ve only played one quarter of the season and all we did is get off to a good start,” coach Todd Bowles said. “We haven’t accomplished anything. We know we have a lot of work to do. Our mindset is such.”After three years of mediocrity at best and putrid play at worst, the Jets should be feeling good after their hot start, but Bowles is making sure to keep them level-headed about it.
    The Jets hit the bye week doing a lot of things well. Their defense has been dominating. They were No. 2 in total defense behind the Broncos before Monday night’s game between the Seahawks and Lions. Their 13 takeaways lead the NFL and equal the amount they had in the entire 2014 season.On offense, Chris Ivory is third in the NFL with 314 yards despite missing one game. He has given the offense a spark with his bruising, relentless style.Wide receiver Brandon Marshall is sixth in the league with 400 receiving yards. His 58-yard catch to start the game Sunday set the tone for the team.
    As the season has gone on, the Jets’ confidence has grown.“I think we’re growing together,” Bowles said. “I think everybody is starting to realize that we can become a good team, but we’ve got to cut out a lot of mistakes ahead and we have a long haul to go. It’s not going to happen overnight. But the guys are getting a lot more confident.”
    The Jets players sound like they are getting Bowles’ message to not get too excited off the fast start.“At 3-1 right now we know it’s early in the season,” quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said. “It was a fun plane ride back for the guys that were able to stay awake. Knowing that it’s a long NFL season and knowing that we’re just looking at this thing one game at a time, I think guys are going to enjoy their rest for the next week and then get back into it.”The players have meetings on Tuesday and then are off for the rest of the week. The coaches will work through Wednesday.When they return, they play host to the Redskins and face the Patriots in Foxborough. That is the next stage of the season.“Three and one isn’t going to get you to where you want to go,” linebacker Demario Davis said. “You’re not going to know where you are until the end of the season. Everybody in this league knows that real football kind of starts in November. It’s too early to tell. It’s too early to be excited about anything.”
    The bye week arrives early for the Jets. They have it this week after playing in London on Sunday. But the timing is good for the Jets, who suffered a few injuries in Sunday’s game.Fitzpatrick said this is the earliest bye week he has ever had, but thinks it is always good whenever it arrives. The Jets go into this one feeling good after getting the win against the Dolphins a week after losing to the Eagles.“When we sat and talked last Monday, the sky was falling and we had lost our first game and the undefeated season was gone and all that,” Fitzpatrick said. “It’s just another week. We happened to win this game. A very important thing in the NFL is to just keep everything in perspective. It’s such a week-by-week deal.”The biggest correction the Jets have to make is cutting down on penalties. They had 14 against the Dolphins. Bowles called his team “mature.”
    “We’re working on how to become a cohesive unit and how to win ball games,” Bowles said. “We’ve still got to get better from a penalty standpoint. Our guys know that.”
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  4. kelly added a post in a topic " Jets QB Situation Is Clear " ~ ~ ~   

    Jets rewind: The wild Ryan Fitzpatrick ride still better than Geno
    SOMEWHERE OVER THE ATLANTIC OCEAN — The Jets improved to 3-1 for the first time since 2010 with a 27-14 victory over the AFC East rival Dolphins. Here are a few thoughts on the game:
    1. So do you believe in Fitzmagic? Ryan Fitzpatrick is fascinating to watch. It is never pretty, but he finds a way to get things done. Some of his passes Sunday looked like they would hit the clouds and bring rain with them. He seems at times to chuck it as far as he can and hope for the best. That kind of play makes it feel as if he’s always one throw away from an interception. But you can’t argue with the results. Fitzpatrick comes up with big throws when the team needs them. He also found a way to make plays with his feet Sunday, running for three first downs.Is Fitzpatrick a long-term answer at quarterback for the Jets? No. But he could be good enough to lead the Jets to the playoffs if they keep running the ball and playing defense like they did Sunday.The 3-1 start makes you wonder where this team would be had Geno Smith paid IK Enemkpali $600 and kept his jaw intact. My guess is 2-2. I still think the Jets would have beaten the Browns and Dolphins. I don’t think they would have beaten the Colts on that Monday night with Smith.
    To me, Fitzpatrick has two things Smith did not. Fitzpatrick can read defenses. His interceptions mostly come from poor throws. Smith rarely seemed to know what he was looking at with defenses and threw a lot of terrible interceptions right to a defender.Fitzpatrick also has a calming presence for the entire team. The Jets believe in Fitzpatrick. They never believed in Smith. Fitzpatrick is a veteran who has seen it all. That is a reassuring thing for his teammates. He also has a steady demeanor. He always seems to be in a good mood. The man has five kids. Football is the easy part of his day. Smith is moody and unpredictable. He also has a cockiness about him without the resume to back it up. That rubs teammates the wrong wayJets fans are going to have a fun, sometimes bumpy road with Fitzpatrick under center this season. It might not always be pretty, but it has been effective.
    2. I was skeptical about the NFL playing in London. Even after arriving on Thursday, it seemed like no one was talking about the NFL. The focus was on the Rugby World Cup and soccer.But the scene on Sunday was awesome. Wembley Stadium was packed with 83,986 loud fans. They sang songs, did chants and cheered what seemed to be every punt or kickoff (they love kicking). Fans filled Wembley with jerseys from all different teams. Many were not Jets fans or Dolphins fans, just NFL fans excited to see a game. So one row had fans with Marshawn Lynch, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady jerseys next to each other. A man with a Packers jersey wore his cheesehead hat proudly. It was a ton of fun.The coolest moment to me was the singing of “God Save the Queen.” Fans sang along, and not like people do in the United States. They sang it at the top of their lungs, almost screaming it, so it was extremely loud.
    Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall raved about the experience.
    “That first day I’ve never felt anything like that. It was tough,” Marshall said. “I was kind of grumpy a little bit, like, ‘Man, why do we have to travel over here?’ But I’ve got to say when we got out there today, it was a different feeling. The crowd was into it even though we need to teach them some things. They were rowdy. They were loud. It was actually a fun environment. It was one of the best games as far as environments go that I’ve ever played in. I was kind of surprised by that. I thought it would be just a quiet game with a lot of people eating popcorn and maybe drinking a brew, but it wasn’t that.”
    3. A pretty neat story to come out of this game was safety Dion Bailey. The Jets claimed him off waivers last Monday after the Seahawks waived him. Bailey started the first two games of the season for Seattle, but then Kam Chancellor ended his holdout and the Seahawks cut Bailey.Bailey flew from Seattle to New Jersey on a red-eye flight Monday night. He practiced with the Jets on Wednesday and Thursday and then flew to London with the team on Thursday night. So he jumped eight time zones over the course of five days. While dealing with all of that, he was also trying to learn the Jets playbook.The plan was for Bailey to play just special teams Sunday, but Calvin Pryor went down with a right knee bruise in the fourth quarter and Bailey was pressed into action. He came in on the series when the Dolphins drove the Jets’ 2 with a chance to make it a one-score game. Bailey came up with two big tackles and tight coverage on Miami tight end Jordan Cameron forced him out of bounds for an incompletion. It was quite a debut.An undrafted player out of USC, Bailey told USA Today the only reason he had a passport was a charitable trip he made to Haiti a few years ago with former USC quarterback Matt Barkley.
    “It’s been a whirlwind,” an exhausted Bailey said after the game.
    4. It is time to recognize the Jets’ offensive line is playing at a very high level. The group did not allow a sack Sunday for the third time in four games. They also opened the holes that allowed the Jets to rush for 207 yards.There were questions about this group in the offseason. Were D’Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold declining? How would James Carpenter fit at left guard? Who would be the right guard? So far, they have answered all those questions.Brian Winters started at right guard in place of the injured Willie Colon. Other than two penalties, Winters played well. He stopped the $114 million man Ndamukong Suh, who was barely a factor.
    Game ball: This one is easy this week. Chris Ivory was a beast, running 29 times for a career-high 166 yards and a touchdown. Ivory is so much fun to watch. Not only is he unafraid of contact, he invites it. When Ivory is rolling like he was Sunday, the entire team feeds off his energy.
    Revealing stat: Fitzpatrick, not known for his wheels, ran for 34 yards. That would have led the Dolphins in rushing. The Jets defense completely shut down the Miami run game. Miami’s leading rusher was wide receiver Jarvis Landry, who had two rushes for 29 yards, breaking a couple of end-arounds. Their top running back, Lamar Miller, had 26 yards on seven carries.
    Surprising snap count: Linebacker Quinton Coples played just 15 snaps, the lowest total of his career for a game in which he’s active. Part of the reason was the Jets played a ton of nickel and dime against Miami’s spread attack. But Lorenzo Mauldin played 20 snaps and Leger Douzable, who has been playing more on the outside this year, had 26 snaps. The Jets picked up Coples’ fifth-year option for next year, but that is only guaranteed for injury, meaning the Jets could cut him after this year if they are not happy with him. It will be an interesting decision.
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  5. kelly added a post in a topic MMQB / Si : Todd Bowles: ‘Nothing Surprises You’   

    Bowles: 'We Haven't Accomplished Anything'
    On Conference Call, Jets HC States the Early Bye Has Arrived at a Good Time >
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  6. kelly added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    D’Brickashaw Ferguson ~ ~ ~
    D’Brickashaw Ferguson doesn’t get excited by much. Ten seasons in the NFL will do that once you learn things are never as bad as they seem and never as good either.
    Still, the Jets perennial left tackle is clearly giddy about his team’s 3-1 start, following a 27-14 win over the Dolphins Sunday in London. A bye week looms, but Ferguson made clear it’s no time for the Jets to rest on their laurels. It’s time to prepare mentally and physically for the 12-game stretch that will decide their season.“After this bye week, we’ll take a look at our next opponent and then take it one step at a time and try to impose our will and continue down this road,” he said during a conference call on Monday.Call it the Brick-A-Law: “Impose our will.” It’s been a while since the Jets’ offense could be as big a bully as its defense. But it has been this season blending a rugged game headed by power back Chris Ivory with a competent passing game in which wide receiver Brandon Marshall is the best physical presence the Jets have had at the position since Keyshawn Johnson.
    At the core of it all is the offensive line that rebounded from a poor showing against the Eagles to dominate the Dolphins. The Jets rushed for 207 yards, passed for another 218 and didn’t allow a sack. Brian Winters started at right guard for the injured Willie Colon and didn’t miss a beat teaming with Ferguson, right tackle Breno Giacomini, center Nick Mangold and left guard James Carpenter to dominate time of possession 37:23 to 22:37.“When you can have a dynamic running game, it helps so many different areas of your overall game,” Ferguson said. “Guys have to honor things because if they don’t pay attention we’re certainly going to make them pay.”
    Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is especially pleased by the zero sacks allowed against the Dolphins and just two sacks allowed on the season. Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey had suggested Fitzpatrick wore down during the time he was a starter in Buffalo during the 2011 and 2012 seasons. He was sacked 52 times during those two years.“The guys up front have done a great job so far,” Fitzpatrick said. “You can see that by the way we’ve been able to run the ball and you can see it by the low number of sacks we have. I know those guys take a lot of pride and work hard. We’ve got a smart, experienced group up front. That makes for a good team.”
    The bye week will help Colon heal and only strengthen the overall depth of the unit that carries the attitude. Giacomini and Colon don’t really get warmed up until they get into a scuffle, while Ferguson and Mangold, both 31, haven’t lost a step. What the Jets need to fine-tune is their consistency.“They’ve been playing pretty good for the most part,” head coach Todd Bowles said. “I thought they did a good job [against the Dolphins]. They stepped up, accepted the challenge and played physical.”Ferguson has challenged his teammates to do it every week once they return from the bye. He and Mangold have been to the AFC Championship game twice, only to lose one game short of the Super Bowl. They’ve got a real shot this year if things can go well over the next 12 games.
    “Now that we’ve got a rhythm going, guys are excited about the chance they have to contribute to this team and put more W’s in the win column,” Ferguson said. “We just need to continue to work on the small things and keep practicing hard so that when we start facing these teams we can determine what we want to do and guys will have to work that much harder to prevent what we do well.”
    With the offensive line as its anchor.
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  7. kelly added a post in a topic Jets expect Sheldon Richardson to return next week... as of now ~ ~ ~   

    When the Jets return to the practice field next week, they will have a nice addition. Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson’s four-game suspension is over.
    Richardson’s suspension for violating the league’s drug policy ended Monday. The Jets have a roster exemption that gives them about a week to make a roster move to add Richardson, coach Todd Bowles said.“It gives us an extra weapon, extra depth down there,” Bowles said. “He’s a Pro Bowl player. He’s a heck of a player. We’ve got to get him back in football shape and get him in the rotation and keep moving forward.”
    Richardson still faces charges in Missouri for resisting arrest and traffic violations for his July arrest when he was clocked doing 143 mph. He was scheduled to have a pre-trial hearing Monday, but that was delayed until Nov. 9 at his attorney’s request.The NFL has not given Richardson any additional discipline. That may not come until next year if the league waits for his case to be adjudicated.
    Bowles said he is not worried about incorporating Richardson into the defensive-line rotation despite strong starts from Muhammad Wilkerson and Leonard Williams.“No, you don’t have a challenge finding places for good players to play,” Bowles said. “You just play him.”
    rest of above article :
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  8. kelly added a post in a topic ...getting what we paid for ~ ~ ~   

    Watching the game on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, did you notice how the Fins made a habit of running plays on third and long that were designed to fail?  That is, how many times did Miami throw the ball several yards short of the first down marker on third and long and then hope and pray the receiver would "make a play"  ?  How did that work out for them?  Not so good, right ?
    Now, this isn't meant to be a gloating at the enemy, look how dumb their play calling was article.  Because, of course, Jets fans have little to gloat about in this regard.  How many years have we suffered from the same affliction, constantly throwing four yard passes on third and eight and wondering why the coaches thought this was a high percentage play to make a first down ?  Do you remember the countless Sundays we watched as a succession of offensive coordinators called these plays over and over, with predictable results ?  Now think about this: do you remember the last time the Jets ran a similar play on third and long since Todd Bowles and Chan Gailey took over the offense?  I don't.  I'm sure it's been done, I just can't recall when off the top of my head.  And that's a good thing.  For the first time in what seems like an eternity, third down plays are being designed and run with the idea that maybe we should attempt to move the ball past the first down marker.  What a revolutionary idea.
    Maybe it's the new coaching staff.  Maybe it's the new quarterback.  Maybe it's the improved pass protection.  Maybe it's the improved offensive weapons.  Maybe it's a combination of some or all of these things.  Whatever it is, doesn't it feel like the end of an era  ?  And doesn't that feel good  ?
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  9. kelly added a post in a topic " Jets QB Situation Is Clear " ~ ~ ~   

    Fitzpatrick : 'Keep Everything in Perspective'
    QB Enjoying the Huddle with Experienced Offensive Players >
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  10. kelly added a post in a topic Jets expect Sheldon Richardson to return next week... as of now ~ ~ ~   

    The New York Jets' stout defense will be adding "an extra weapon" after the upcoming bye week when Sheldon Richardson returns from a four-game suspension.
    Coach Todd Bowles did not say if the Pro Bowl defensive lineman will return to his starting role. However, Bowles insisted there won't be any issues mixing Richardson back in with Muhammad Wilkerson and Leonard Williams working well together thus far starting alongside nose tackle Damon Harrison."[Richardson] gives us an extra weapon, extra depth down there," Bowles said on a conference call on Monday with reporters. "To me, he is a Pro Bowl player, he's a heckuva player. Get him back in football shape and get him in the rotation and keep moving forward."Richardson completed a four-game suspension on Sunday for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. There's the possibility for further discipline due to his arrest in Missouri during the offseason. However, a St. Charles County judge postponed Richardson's hearing on charges until Nov. 9 at the request of Richardson's attorney.
    The former University of Missouri standout, 24, was arrested on July 14 after a car chase in which police said Richardson was speeding with a 12-year-old relative and two other men inside a car. Police said Richardson appeared to be racing with another car and that they discovered a loaded handgun and a "very strong odor of burned marijuana" in the vehicle. Richardson pleaded not guilty to five misdemeanor charges.Bowles said the Jets have not been given any indication yet on whether Richardson will be disciplined for violating the league's conduct policy.The Jets improved to 3-1 on Sunday with a 27-14 win over the Dolphins in London.
    Bowles' defense harassed Ryan Tannehill into 19-of-44 passing for 198 yards. The Dolphins quarterback had two touchdowns but was intercepted twice and sacked three times. Miami was held to 226 yards of total offense.And now Bowles is eager to add Richardson to a defense that has already forced 13 turnovers. The defensive end had 8 sacks last season."You don't have a challenge finding places for good players to play," Bowles said when asked if it will be difficult incorporating Richardson with how well Wilkerson and Williams are playing. "You just play him."
    Richardson's first game back will be against the Washington Redskins on Oct. 18. The defensive end could potentially start, especially if Williams is unable to play. The team's first-round pick has an ankle injury and Bowles is unsure whether he or any of the team's injured players will be ready to play after the bye week."We are obviously happy to have him [back]," quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said of Richardson. "... I know he is a great player. It was tough all offseason going up against our defense [with him in practice]. So it is nice to see them bully somebody else for a change."
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  11. kelly added a post in a topic RB dept. : Chris Ivory ~ ~ ~   

    Chris Ivory will have plenty of time to recover after punishing the Miami Dolphins for a career-high 166 yards and a touchdown on Sunday in London.However, Ivory better soak up this bye week of rest. After this break, the New York Jets will need their workhorse for the remaining 12 games and perhaps postseason if they can get there.
    Head coach Todd Bowles knows he will have to walk a fine line this season. He wants and needs Ivory to set the physical tone for the Jets. But he also has to find a way to keep the 6-foot, 222-pound bruiser fresh and healthy somehow as well."It is a long haul," Bowles said. "After this we got 12 straight. We are going to monitor to make sure that he is getting his work in but we are still giving some breaks in between here and there. We know he is a bell cow and everything else but we still got two other guys that can run the ball."
    The Jets' backfield, though, is banged up. Backup Bilal Powell suffered a groin injury against the Dolphins. Ivory was already coming back after being an active scratch in Week 2 against the Eagles with a quad injury. And the Jets have Stevan Ridley (knee) on the PUP list.Ridley could come off PUP between Weeks 6-to-8. And there's Zac Stacy, who gives the Jets another veteran running back to use.Bowles could rest Ivory during the week by having him go limited in practices. It remains to be seen if he will give Ivory the ball as much as he did on Sunday when the back carried it 29 times.
    One thing Bowles won't do is discourage Ivory from running as hard and physical as he does even if it puts him at risk of injury."His style, his physical nature, he really is a great representation of what we are trying to be as Jets," quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said. "Just a strong physical guy, gives 100-percent effort on every play. We are always trying to establish that physical presence with our offensive and defensive line. His running style is certainly well suited for that."
    "He is a physical specimen," Fitzpatrick added of Ivory staying healthy for the rest of the season. "If anybody can handle it, it certainly would be him."
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  12. kelly added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    ...getting what we paid for ~ ~ ~
    There is a saying that in life, you get what you pay for.  This may be generally true in most areas, but it doesn't really hold much water in the NFL.
    In other sports free agent signings are easier.  In baseball when you sign a free agent, as long as he isn't approaching retirement, you usually know what you're going to get.  Look at the guy's baseball card the last five years or so and plug in similar numbers for the next few years and barring injuries, you usually won't be too far off.  Oh sure, there's a list of players that inexplicably implode the minute they sign their shiny new contracts, most of whom seem to get signed by the Mets, but in general, those guys are the exception, not the rule.  Basketball is similar; look at the recent prior stats, and barring injury or rapid age related decline, you usually know what you're going to get.  Not always, but more often than not.
    Football is a different animal entirely.  The sport is riddled with cases of big free agent signings that implode the minute the ink is dry on the new free agent deals.  Because football is so much more of an interdependent, scheme related sport, transplanting other teams' good players into your team's system is always a risky business.  You just never know what you're going to get.  Which is one reason among many (the salary cap being chief among them) why it is so difficult to build a contender through free agency in football.
    Jets GM Mike Maccagnan entered the 2015 free agency period with oodles of money to spend, thanks to his dearly departed predecessor's aversion to ever spending on free agents.  It might be tempting to say Maccagnan's job of improving the team was almost foolproof, given the giant gobs of money he had at his disposal.  However, in the NFL there are no sure things in free agency. Not even close.  In the NFL you don't necessarily get what you pay for.  Often you end up getting a nasty surprise that blows up in your face.
    Maccagnan chose to spend the lion's share of his cap space on a shiny new secondary.  It was the obvious choice.   Between a new head coach who needed shut down cornerbacks to make his system go, and a team that started Darrin Walls, Kyle "Never Look Back, Something Might Be Gaining On You" Wilson, and a rotating cast of NFL tryout players at cornerback last year, something needed to be done.  And boy did Maccagnan ever do something.
    Darrelle Revis, 5 years, $70 million.  Antonio Cromartie, 4 years, $32 million. Marcus Gilchrist, 4 years, $22 million.  Buster Skrine, 4 years, $25 million.  That's a $149 million secondary we're looking at, albeit some of that money will never be paid as guys eventually get cut.  But still, $149 million!  The Jets better hope that in this case they got what they paid for, because what they paid for is the most expensive secondary in NFL history.
    How do the early results look   ?  Very promising.  So far the new Jets secondary has faced four quarterbacks. None have reached the mediocre passer rating of 80 against the Jets.  None have thrown for over 250 yards.  None have completed as much as 60% of their passes (if we consider Cleveland's two headed QB as one entity).  Overall opposing quarterbacks are averaging less than 200 yards passing, a horrible 5.7 yards per pass attempt, and a league leading passer rating of a paltry 62.3 against the Jets.  As a point of reference, there are only five NFL defenses that are currently allowing an average passer rating of less than 80 against them.  The Jets have held every single quarterback they've faced below that number.   And these aren't the league's dregs we're talking about.  OK, in Cleveland's case, these are the league's dregs.  But Andrew Luck, Ryan Tannehill and Sam Bradford aren't a bad trio of quarterbacks to shut down.
    The season is still young, but thus far the return on the team's gargantuan investment in a new secondary has been extremely promising.  In the NFL, you very often don't get what you pay for in free agency.  Often you don't get anything close.  Fortunately for the Jets, the giant gobs of money they spent on the secondary this offseason is so far looking like money well spent.
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  13. kelly added a post in a topic " Jets QB Situation Is Clear " ~ ~ ~   

    — He might have connected with Brandon Marshall on a 58-yard completion on the game's first play—"We talked about being aggressive," Jets head coach Todd Bowles said—but Ryan Fitzpatrick still underthrew it.Marshall, the Jets' wideout, had to slow down, and he made a tremendous catch because Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes was able to get a hand near the ball. But had Fitzpatrick hit him stride, it would have been a touchdown.The Jets scored two plays later, thanks to runs by Chris Ivory, and they would beat the Dolphins, 27-14 at Wembley Stadium to improve to 3-1, but they're still getting by despite erratic performances from Fitzpatrick, no matter what his 91.4 Total QBR from Sunday's game might indicate.
    What to like: Fitzpatrick threw just one interception, and he's now thrown six in four games. But what the Jets want him to do is to not turn the ball over. He also was hit just three times, and he was quick to scramble, racking up 34 yards on nine carries and making a handful of throws after he got out of the pocket. His final numbers—16-for-29 for 218 yards, one touchdown, one interception—were right around what the Jets want and expect from him. week-in and week-out. It helped, too, that wideout Eric Decker (four catches on five targets, 46 yards, one touchdown) was back from his sprained knee after missing one game. Fitzpatrick was especially effective on a nine-play, 75-yard touchdown drive at the end of the first half that pushed the Jets' lead to 20-7. He relied on short, quick throws and completed 5 of 7 passes, and he also had a 19-yard scramble on third-and-2 to move the chains.
    What not to like: As noted above, Fitzpatrick still struggles with the deep ball. The Jets have been able to get by with this limitation to win three of their first four games, but they're going to need something better against a quality opponent. Fitzpatrick and rookie wideout Devin Smith seemed not to be on the same page; on at least one incompletion, Smith appeared to run the wrong route. But there were several occasions when Fitzpatrick forced the ball into coverage and was fortunate not to turn the ball over. He's good enough to keep winning, but one gets the feeling these flaws are soon going to catch up him—and the Jets—in a big game down the road. As long as the Jets keep winning, however, Fitzpatrick deserves to keep his job.
    Grade: C+
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  14. kelly added a post in a topic " the Jets’ other free agent cornerback is wreaking havoc on offenses " ~ ~ ~   

    Buster Skrine: 'We Just Follow Bowles'
    CB Continues to Fulfill 'Key Role in the Defense' with Coverage, Blitzes video..>
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    Ivory Felt Like He Was 'in the Zone' at Wembley
    'Brandon Marshall Got the Fire Lit...Guys Up Front Definitely Did a Great Job' video..>
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