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  1. Hey man -- pretty great, yourself? Giggity. I mean...not giggity. But yeah. We lost power for a bit...things are rough back in Greenville and Wilson (my home town), but my family didn't really suffer any loss. Feel awful for the folks east of Raleigh. Glad you're good though my man!
  2. <3 you guys Stay safe in Wilmington, 80 -- looks to be a rough day tomorrow
  3. Sorry (and for disappearing at the end of the game) -- work is sending me all over the place. DC, London, Nepal and possibly Germany & Kenya coming up. Everything happened kind of fast...but sorry for not checking in. I did speak to Leelou briefly on FB so thanks to her for relaying the message earlier...but all is well and great! I know you're joking, but you all are welcome to add me on social media -- I've already got several and talk to Leelou on a semi-regular basis (though not as much lately). As for my role, it's still technically the same until December 1. Still not sure what exactly it'll be come 12/1, we're still working on that. Hope you all are doing great and that CTM is okay. I'll probably check in on game threads on game days but for the most part I don't expect to be around at least through October.
  4. Seems...familiar... In all seriousness, yeah. And I'd lean lynching him even if he doesn't show up.
  5. you're all over the place, man ^^legit did, repped a post or two from way back Spoot hasn't played in a while and this is his first (or maybe second?) season playing with us...but no not really. He's not the type to lay low and mail it in as scum either, though so...idk. I'd rather look elsewhere (Decker, Verb, maybe Pac or JiF)
  6. Plus a mod-confirmed townie. Two, to be fair -- I'm there as well. Still, same point applies.
  7. This. Hasn't been the case all season and I feel like Nol has been around more. Still, can't see Nol and Hally putting themselves out there like that this early
  8. Heavily roled up game Did you vote him on D1 as well? This one sticks out Okay...how about vote Decker
  9. Good call, IMO
  10. /kicks door open unvote vote 80
  11. aaaaaaaand back to step 1 Here we go lynch Verb, here we go! *clap clap* unvote vote Verb Wanna help me buss Verb?
  12. seems legit And all was right in the world once again HOT DAMN I LOVE ME SOME SPOOT Okay, so...to be clear that talk we had about teh pokemons and the sex? Pokemon were a metaphor there. You've got the giving up sleep to play part down, but replace the Pokemon and we can move on to lesson 2. You can lead a pokemon trainer to water but.... IDK I've about run out of pokemon metaphors tbh.
  13. You're not denying it, though. You scum, seachicken?
  14. Now I miss Hess. Thanks, douche How about you GFY, dumbass /Smash'd