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  1. What, you guys thought I was busy at working helping society?
  2. Not playing but @Smashmouth so I can still be cool
  4. Damn dirty sea chickens honoring Brady.... No, no...you just love to hug leaders. And followers. Really anyone will do
  5. Damnit, I was trying to get that in before the scene Fitting for my performance this game, I suppose. GG all. JC, JiF, 80 and Leelou all played fantastic.
  6. Ben, IMO. I could tinfoil hat my way in to believing JiF is playing the most heroic single scum effort of all time, but more likely he's playing a great game as town. GG all, sorry I wasn't around -- definitely taking an indefinite leave of absence
  7. Even if there's only one scum, I don't see how it's Decker just thinking about the numbers. He did do the bit claiming he and Pac weren't teammates when all he had to do was vote to hammer someone and win last game, but that was a different setup and I can't see him doing that here. That was basically for the lulz because...well Pac.
  8. So...I would have said Ben and Decker, but IDK how that works tbh. We're at 6, so lynching me is basically game over since I don't think we have a doc this game. So basically it can't be Decker, I think. I'd still say Ben for one of the two. There's no way JiF has played like this as scum. Genuine frustration. Are we sure there are two left? Crush has, for me, hit on every town meta I've ever had for him...have had him pegged as town from the beginning. He wasn't around enough to make a solid call on Smash in the beginning and I didn't really buy DPR either. Either way, numbers say Ben has to be scum at this point I think.
  9. <3 you too I mean, the case is basically that it's me and Crush vs Ben and Decker. My vote on Ben's train slowed Smash's train (which hurts my case). You give Decker props for playing it slow here while I jumped right on Ben, but the first two days he literally jumped on anything with a train. Day 2, I think, he was basically just looking to lynch whoever. Ben being adamant I'm town is bizarre, isn't it? Almost like he knows I'm town. Sure, I'm doing the same thing with Crush but even though you are interested in Crush (and I think maybe Nol?), he doesn't have the level of attention I have on me and deservedly so at this point. Add in the fact that Smash, DPR, Crush and I would have had to basically refuse to buss each other the entire game (though Crush ultimately hammered Smash to avoid random) and yeah I get how it looks but that's just not my style of play. I bussed my entire team two games ago, and tbh I can't think of a game I haven't bussed Smash when we were scum together
  10. Good point, but they could just be dumb. Pretty sure the setup is locked in at this point with all the death's we have. vote ben
  11. I've been saying Decker for a while now, outside of you. Nolder has climbed up considerably. That's exactly what happened, in my view...so by all means, tell me how I'm wrong and where? Because you did question me. Threatened to vote me. I didn't show, so you did. Then after 7-8 hours you flat out say you were trying to scare me in to popping up. So again, what exactly do I have mixed up? Because here in the thread, that's exactly what happened. unvote vote Nolder Because I wanted to understand why Crusher specifically, other that positioning at that time, stuck out to you. Decker I'd listed in my sum up to Leelou the night before and DPR wasn't present and didn't have the vacation excuse that Crusher was using (at least as far as I saw)...so those two at least seemed logical. I get you, though -- I don't think I ever finished the thought of why I was questioning Crush specifically, so fair enough.
  12. Of the above: DPR = meh, Decker seems to be pushing narratives of others (although Abstaining Very Much was at least original), JC had his equivalent of a meltdown with the "omg why are you questioning and not building cases" statement, and I still don't know what to do with Ben. JiF -- less laughing/borderline mocking which it feels like lately has been a scum tell, but that's not gameplay so meh. The questioning of himself and the interaction with Crush in particular is a town tell. Doesn't feel like JiF/Crush leaves the other alive long when scum (it may be one of the two kills the other while the other doesn't...but I'm not positive, so probably shouldn't have it as a lean one way or another). The approach in general, though, going back to his questioning of whether or not Crush had led him to believe something (I don't remember the specific incident, but remember him discussion that he was afraid a scum tell was coming from Crush basically) looks like scumhunting JiF***** Nol -- this whole trying to scare me but announcing it while really wanting to lynch dpr thing is weird...at best a bad day for Nolder in general Hallia -- She was wifomy early game and still reminds me of the game she announced on D1 how excited she was to be town, where she was only slightly active. Crusher -- Crush could have easily laid low and not voted Smash at the deadline given his availability....town tell that he showed up and placed the deciding vote. It's the specific player, not just the notion of it being a good spot to be bussing a teammate... *****and that's something like 37 games in a row of swearing I'm scum
  13. I'm not going to keep talking about my activity, at this point. It's made me a prime suspect, fair enough. Despite my talk of trying to to better, it's just not going to get better(though the point on voting Ben over Smash is a much better one, and also being used). Complain I killed mafia, if you wish -- I'm sorry and that's that. I've done the "disappearing act" a few times over the years, and it's both as scum and as town. Disappearing is no more a scum tell than emo, for me -- both of which you get now (kind of). More positioning with Crusher, which gets back to my original point. I asked what your case on him was exactly and you freaked out that I'm not doing anything but asking questions... In a ******* game that's about questioning people. The Pirate has always been DPR, with the exception of when 80 and I go back and forth with the pirate and damn dirty seachicken. Not making this as a case, just stating. Especially on Tuesdays, I hear. FTR, not a new job -- just new responsibilities at the job I've had since May '15. I questioned JC on his suspicion of you, given your play and openness on not being around last week. He could have easily gone with "voting Smash was a clear buss play" or a number of other things, but instead got defensive and went off on how I wasn't building any cases only questioning people. That comes from JC... An issue with questioning people. I mean...lol Yes, the above. Also I gave a reads list to Leelou or JC one of the two during night phase...I'll requote that and add here in a second. Fair enough. You could have committed to wanting to lynch me (or not), though. ....however, there's this. So to be clear, you tried to scare me in to thread with two votes on me. Then, when I haven't shown up for 7-8 hours (or however long it's been) you continue your plan of pressure by saying you were trying to scare me into the thread?
  14. ....are you being serious right now? You, of all people, know that you ask questions to set up cases and you have freaked out all over yourself here in response to it... So...let's recap: During night phase, I'm your lead suspect. Day breaks and your first post is an early VC, highlighting that DPR/Crush/Decker probably has one scum, possibly has two. You then follow up showing me equalizing the Ben/Smash train. So another question, to continue getting under your skin apparently... Who do you NOT think is scummy? Because it looks like you're trying to paint as many as looking bad as possible. Also seems like you're insinuating Leelou/80 are dead because they suspected me, which is weak. ...which just happened to coincide with me questioning you and specifically your case on Crush. Vote JC