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  1. Deuces, guys. If "I'd still vote _______" was code for who your top read is, every single one of us would have 3-4 top reads at a time every game. Being willing to vote for someone =/= top read. Ape was, but I'm done explaining. I'm not coming back today. Not to explain. Not to change my vote. Not to beg to not get lynched. I'll check in tomorrow, and if I'm still alive then game on. Otherwise, goodluck go town.
  2. FFS keep politics out of here you ******* a$$hole. We have like 2 rules. You want to know how I really feel? You're an a$$hole. That's how I feel.
  3. #1 -- I get all bitchy off heat all the time. Literally all the time lol.. #2 -- I genuinely don't like or enjoy playing with Lizzie. Haven't since he went off how 80 and I (and others) were terrible people. I'm passing kidney stone number 71 over the past 6 years today and just not in a good mood, so I'm not in the mood to pretend I like everyone and am all kumbaya.
  4. Nothing I said reads that way, you're just locked in. Really not going to keep spinning my wheels highlighting the same post I made. I actually gave reasons for why I am voting Ape. All I said about Lizzie was that I voted him over 80 yesterday and would still vote him. That doesn't mean he's my number one. Ape is my number one, thus the explanation for why I suspect him and why he has my vote. Really not that hard, man. Do what you're going to do -- I'm not burning anymore time on a Sunday doing something I clearly can't enjoy anymore.
  5. Not sure how I could say anymore unless I've missed further guidance from Pac on what we can reveal:
  6. Careful -- don't attack him. He can call people awful, hate-filled individuals as it pertains to real life as he has me, 80, and others but don't dare insult him in the context of thinking in a game.
  7. You can bitch about people not being active all you guys want, as you should (and yes...I'm not active)... But unless JiF and Lizzie are scum playing horrifically (WIFOM, whatever...I'm L1, you can decide on whether I'm full of it when I flip)...you can't pair inactives with a complete lack of logic and reading skills.
  8. Deleted out everything not pertaining to Ape/Lizzie to clean things up and make it easier to comprehend. Nothing there says Lizzie is my top read. It says I would still lynch Lizzie. I then go on to explain why I'm suspicious of the Ape... Really not that hard to read and understand.
  9. If this was supposed to be an insult, lol.
  10. You're both making things up. I clearly said I chose Lizzie over 80 on Day 1 and would still vote him. Then I explained why I would vote Ape. Nothing there says Lizzie is my top read...but good job tagging on to Lizzie. And yes, SK and scum have never has bullet evaded roles ever. That definitely clears Ape.
  11. Town Double Talker is my role, think I'm at L-2
  12. Please highlight where I said you were my best read. Or where I even insinuated it. I'll even help you out by pointing out just because I would have voted you over 80 yesterday (and I did) doesn't mean you are a better read than Ape. You're so stupid sometimes it hurts.
  13. I've got like 18/19 posts, but responses to around 5-6 posts on average. Would have lynched Lizzie over 80, would still lynch Lizzie. Ape has had really big gaps -- somehow leaves JC and Verb off a list of inactives, claiming Smash and 80 as a bussing play would be a typical play (which couldn't be further from the truth)...thus my vote on him over Lizzie. JC just throwing down one liners and a couple of pics...he's been "voting" but all that does is appear to be more active than he really is. No more substantive posts than the rest of the low volume posters. DPR seems to have a PR, or at least faking a PR Lean town on JiF/Nol Buy the Smash reveal, I think...but still have him in the potential SK pool with JC/Hess/Verb BG/Dice I've got nothing
  14. Understood My first game was the 3rd game played here -- reverse mafia with cops as scum. And I buy the reveal. Interesting you left Verb and JC off that list...especially when both have essentially had one liner posts and that's it (which typically irritates you) vote Ape