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  1. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    If it really bothers you just find out what "I love Phish" is in binary and post that. You'll be his forever. I'm feeling that Awesomeness is a lock. Otherwise? He's a scoundrel and a thief and smells of rum. I don't trust him and neither should you.
  2. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Ballin and Pac with 4 posts, Lily and JC with 5. Assuming 80's VC is right, only JC with a vote on someone. Was it Ballin or Decker we killed D1 last game? Pretty sure it was Decker? If Ballin I'd prefer to go one of the other two. unvote vote Ballin
  3. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    I don't have a problem with the vote (or it being on Smash), I was just stating the humorous fact that you were self-preserving with no votes on you. It's a unique scenario, I agree. Truth be told, with DPR opening the day saying he was doing this typical mafia way with votes if he were to kill you with no votes on you it looks bad regardless of how many votes the top vote getter has, IMO. But DPR is having fun with this -- just like with the I HAVE MADE A DECISION post yesterday. Our biggest problem now is that while as King he seems to be willing to play majority rule, people either aren't voting or don't seem to think it matters.
  4. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    lol at Hess having more posts than half the game.
  5. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    You realize this means you've let Verb win, right? First self-preservation while not having a single vote cast for you ever?
  6. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    You trollin'? ^^^My top three suspects and the games King for the day. JC gets it
  7. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    ^^^My soul, currently. I'll do what I can to make the afterlife more bearable, brother. unvote vote CTMonster
  8. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Hmm...chaotic enough for me. You live. How do you feel about this AVM guy? Seems Awesome but IDK if we can trust him. It's either him, Smash, or lamely killing Pac for fun. Which doesn't sound all that lame now that I think about it...but I'd definitely put AVM in my top 3.
  9. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    So I'm thinking...opposite of 80. Sure, we can kill Pac or CTM or JiF but what's the fun in that? We do that EVERY D1...let's kill someone we don't usually kill D1. Someone like... Crusher! No...not before lunch on a Monday. I'm psychotic, but no monster. Leelo LMAO jk, let's be real JC? Hmm...seems too easy. There's only one choice tbh vote AVM
  10. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    Pff it was the weekend. We'd all been drinking too much to notice.
  11. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    IDK, with a Seachicken in the lead role I'm not sure we could expect more than him ****ing all over everything. About what I expected...but I like my Apes as Apes and Seachickens as Seachickens. 5/10.
  12. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    This is so stupid, insane, and chaotic that not only should we lynch you for it but actually nevermind, LONG LIVE HESS #FreeHess #Verbsucks See, Harley gets it
  13. Kingmaker Mafia - Game Thread

    That's like 80 saying he would be a virgin. It need not be said, everyone knows.