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  1. Ocean Mafia

    Leaning town on Ape, JiF, Verb Dont feel great about Smash, but I think he's just being Smash. CTM seems scummy so far, tbh.
  2. Sign up for next mafia game

    I'm down
  3. Daredevil Mafia

    I legitimately couldn't get that quote to go away no matter how hard I try.  Ugh. Anywho...I think we can all come together to agree that I played TURRIBLE.  That was fun, though lol
  4. Daredevil Mafia

    My hug-game is too rusty to fill 80's shoes, so I'd have to pass.  If Smash is out I'm more than capable of screaming at CTM, though.
  5. And now they have $20M+ in cap space, too.  There were stretches where he was a glorified decoy (and they won games during those stretches)...they aren't blowing it up.
  6. Daredevil Mafia

    Or do I need to stick around as a backup?  Either is fine.
  7. Daredevil Mafia

    Insanely fun game -- thanks JIF! Dead thread?
  8. Daredevil Mafia

    This would go down as the greatest game of all time
  9. Daredevil Mafia

    How hard is it to find the same three pics -- a cartoon hammer, mario, and someone dancing?
  10. Daredevil Mafia

  11. Daredevil Mafia

    Well that explains why 80 wanted to lynch him.
  12. Daredevil Mafia

    You took that a little too literally, lol. He's so dug in on you, he hasn't really been able to see what's going on for several RL days...going to be hard for him to contribute besides following along with the cases others make.
  13. Daredevil Mafia

    You think Smash would show up after a death scene revealed you as town? LOL