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  1. Harry Potter Mafia - Game Thread

    Dan!!!!!!!! Hope you all had fun, looks like it was a crazy game!
  2. Harry Potter Mafia - Game Thread

    And to make matters worse you're also a damn dirty seachicken (belated happy birthday btw)
  3. Harry Potter Mafia - Game Thread

    I know! just too many things to do, don't want to hold back/slow down a pretty awesome looking game This guy gets it OMG IM SO OFFENDED. (because I'd never drink Budweiser)
  4. Harry Potter Mafia - Game Thread

    Wooo! Awesome Probably lashing out because he misses me. Or yodeling. Both, most likely.
  6. Heck yeah, thanks man! Not quite as big as your life news but a big enough step for me haha It's a tale as old as time....the beastand the beast.
  7. Can't believe I'm going to say this but.... *braces self for unspeakable words* this thread needs more CTM
  8. She actually does know who a good number of you are (kind of) simply because of all the times I sit beside her RL loling. True story: So I'm friends with a couple of folks on FB, and I spend enough time on this site that she's asked before what I was doing and even asked me to explain what the game was. One day thoughI was laughing pretty hard at something (JiF's "bat signal" to be exact)and she asks what's so funny. I *tried* to explain and just came across sounding like a total dumbass, among other things(no different than usual, AMIRITE?!)... I'm still amazed she didn't ditch me
  9. Clearly this will be the greatest game ever played
  10. Thanks man! I'm all for waiting until the wedding night to hug but if not I always feel compelled to encourage safe hugging. Taking the car for a test ride before purchase is a good idea, but even before you buy it you best wear that seat belt. There are a lot of nasty HTD's going around out there, and I don't want anyoneto wake up one day like no penis.
  11. I can shoot him a FB message for ya