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  1. Sanchez was signed by the Bears early this a.m., even less reason to be talking about this hours after the fact.
  2. Sammy Davis, Jr. converted, but I haven't heard the news about Geno. Mazel Tov. What did I miss?
  3. Dunno, but I'd be pretty happy to make $775,000. I'm not sure if I've even made that in my life-time, and I'm like, 109 years old.
  4. If memory serves, the Jets are no longer beholden after year 25. I doubt the New Dump is there in 30 years, much less the world at this point.
  5. Doesn't he still get the 6 mil regardless? I can't see the Cheats offering him more than league minimum when the Jets are still responsible to make up the difference. Why would they? It'll just twist the knife more as far the Jets are concerned, and I'm not sure how many teams out there are convinced Revis is worth more than what's left on his contract. anyway. I could be wrong about everything that I said, but I don't think so. EDIT: Nevermind, I got ahead of myself.
  6. It is if you're Shaun Ellis. I liked Ellis for the most part and wasn't happy when he went there, so it all evened out in the end. Let's see, who else . . . Otis Smith, and also Roman Phifer, those are the other two that come to mind at the moment. Those two did result in rings. Anyway, if Revis happens, it's half hilarious and half infuriating. I swear, I think Belicheat does this crap just to F with the Jets. Age is more a liability for Revis more than anything else at this point. If he gets retained after the pre-season, I'm sure he'll be more than happy to reap the benefits of not doing much of anything and adding ring #2 to his collection - but he won't be fat.
  7. Shaun Ellis. At least he didn't get a ring.
  8. Hah, we were all of one mind the with Russkies and the Wall. Anyway, as far as the Russkies go, Bob Kraft's SB is on dispaly in the Kremlin, so I'm leaning towards the Commies on this. Both options are snarfle-worthy, though.
  9. You stole my joke from several pages back! Here's another: Why do Black Widow spiders kill the male after mating? To stop the snoring before it starts.
  10. What a ridiculous waste of tax dollars. I'm not condoning theft in any way, but what a joke. The FBI over a friggin' jersey. Unreal. Oops, my bad, jerseys plural. It is pretty funny in a wry sort of way that someone with such mad cheating skills would get stolen from, though.
  11. I'm tellin' ya, I'm psychic in all the wrong ways. He died of 'natural causes'. OK, we'll just see about that . . . wink, wink. He was a card, for sure. I read some excerpts from 'Della' not long ago about the death of his daughter who OD'd. Sad. Anyway, RIP.
  12. I think it's generally hard to avoid politics or religion because it's a part of the daily lexicon. I get it, though. That aside, eat me Scientology. In all seriousness, I'm glad your wife is hanging in. Wasn't she JetFanByMarriage? F cancer, good luck to you and your family.
  13. The Coronet Brothers in a landslide. "Haven't we met at Coronet?" "Let's get the point, these suits are due back at the store in a half an owah!" "Cribs, strollers, toys, playpens, big discounts for little people - and no talking Orangutangs!" The g on the end, classic Long Gislandese. That commercial that is burned in my brain but cannot be found, but I remember it word for word. One of my special talents. Anyway, these will have to do, and haha on the subliminal suggestion of Action Park:
  14. I love Pete Townshend, but threw out a classic Rolling Stone with Pete Townshend hand to face bleeding after he went full pedo. It's when the Rolling Stone was a newspaper. That sh*t would probably be worth a gazillion rupees now. Anyway, gross. Well, he said that he was just curious and trying to stop such things, but no, a million times no. You punched in your cc info, gtfo. His pw was probably let my love open the door.