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  1. Only a face a mother could love. Holy Crap, mescaline.
  2. Yo, who wants more Moonlight?
  3. Oscar fail with Faye Dunaway. Yeah, well, he was in La La Land. Buncha white peeps going crazy on stage and doing white people handshakes. Ooops, Bonnie & Clyded:
  4. Fukk Parcells. I've always hated the whole respectability argument. Who gives a sh!t. Respectability, that and a handful of pennies won't get you on the subway. In the end, he gave me nothing . . . except throwback helmets.
  5. OK, kids, today we're going to learn about nutrition. I am Count Chocula. ] My Mom told me it's not very nutritious. It's full of sugar and fake chocolate marshmallows.
  7. If I was him, I'd probably just go the D'Brick route and retire. That, or don a Viking helmet and go on raids and sh!t. I loved Mangold. If he goes the Viking route, pillage The New Dump and lay it to waste. Thanks in advance.
  8. RIP Bill Paxton. : ( What a bummer. I always thought 'Frailty' was horribly underrated. It's like 'My Name is Earl' for scumbags. The only fault that I have with the film is that Paxton should've ended the flick shortly after the boneyard scene with Powers Boothe. The actual ending was unnecessary filler because he didn't trust his audience but it's still a fabulous, fabulous flick. Keep OTIS close. You were a pleasure, Sir.
  9. "when I met my wifes, girlfriends, best friend" = Canterbury Tales?
  10. I'll always rock his P.C. Richard bobble-head. I wish him good health and all the best. Please don't be a Cheat by Monday 6 a.m. because I might change my mind. I didn't read through the thread, but my guess is that he's truly gone and won't be re-signed on a lesser deal. Fields and Sweeney had similar careers here time-wise. All good things must come to an end. Thanks, Nick. Be well in all you do.
  11. OK, this a true story movie story, and like I always say, all of my stories are true. I don't like weed, and I've probably only smoked about 15 times in my entire life. Part of the distaste was the shkivatz sharing of spit. Um, yuk, no, keep your hippie chit over there. Anyway, it would generally make me untalkative and withdrawn, and most times when a siren went off, the cops were out out to get me, so what's the point? There were a few occasions when I laughed like hell, but I generally stayed away. I almost always got a sore throat, and again, the spit sharing, yecccch, roach clips, more spit proliferation. Plus, bongs have this penis like remindful shape on top of it, I don't know, and it's just not sexy looking at all. Just . . . no. So anyway, my friend Mark and I momentarily decided to make tea with some Hawaiian he had instead of smoking it because I refused to smoke out of some toilet paper roll contraption that he saw on 'Scared Straight' or some sh*t. Yes, yes, bad idea. Then he tries to go all rolling papers on me, and I say, your spit, the point is the spit, eee eee, no. Then I come up with this brilliant idea. Let's mix it with raspberry jam and toast it on bread. Yep, we ate it, which is a lot more potent. Who knew? We went to see 'Maniac', the Joe Spinell film, but it just wasn't working for me. It was 'I Spit on Your Grave' bad, and I was just getting really disturbed. We were high as kites about half-way through, and I said, "I gotta get the fukk out of here. NOW." We went into the lobby. Mark: "I think I'm dying." Me: "No, you're not. Let's sneak into 'Every Which Way You Can!' " So, yeah, we watched a crap sequel with an Orangutan with Clint Eastwood and Sondra Locke, that we barely remembered on the way out, and then went to the diner. Story not over, here's where it gets better. Mostly back to earth and shoveling pancakes into our yaps while mainlining coffee, we hear this noise outside. Is that an earthquake? The foundation of this lovely Greek establishment was literally moving right outside the window of our aqua colored pleather booth. Thump, thump, thump! We simultaneously lifted the curtain to see, and one guy with a mullet with jeans up to his neck was kicking the crap out of another guy with a Mohawk and slamming him against the bricks. Mystery solved. I swear to Christ, it went on for about 15 minutes before the owner grabbed a broom, ran out there and starting hitting them over the head. "NO CONTROVERSY!" I was shrieking the whole time, there was no stopping me. Mark put quarters in the table side jukebox. Guess what happened next? "You're not ever going to believe this, J. Here it comes! 'Oh, What A Night', hahahahahahaha!" Perfect. God keep Frankie Valli. What a night it was indeed. Legend. You can guess how old we were by the movies.
  12. No, but 'Love Story' with Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw was on this morning, and I drank a bottle of ipecac to push and hasten the hurling along.
  13. Gary . . . Miley . . . Winner: Gary.
  14. I'll get into 'Star Wars' one day, and everyone on here will probably torch my house if they knew where I lived. Let's just say I managed to avoid seeing it for 15 years, and I've only seen it piece meal. A pretty Herculean feat. Right hand to God, I have never seen the whole thing. I never even knew it was called Episode of Hope or Episode 90 or whatever. I just thought it was freakin' 'Star Wars'. RIP, Carrie Fisher, btw, but that's independent. I felt so bad for her. I admired her wit and candor, and by all accounts a lovely, brave and caring person. She had a tough run of things. I just thought of a funny for her spur of the moment in the gazillion posts thread. It's prettttyy gooooodd, even by my own questionable standards.