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  1. Game Observations (DET)

    Going to be a long season. Bowles is not the answer. I'm afraid it will be years or decades before our Jets become a great franchise if ever.
  2. Does anyone feel this years draft was an A+? I give it a C-. How do they expect any QB to develop with a questionable O line? Not even a veteran can have success with a weak O-Line. Long season ahead. Mac and Bowles may be gone after this year.
  3. Anybody else get a package from the jets?

    I prefer a signed Joe Namath jersey.
  4. I just watched Trumps address to his people on his arrival at his hotel in DC. He thanked everyone and addressed Woody as the ambassador.
  5. Totally sick of this coaching staff.

    After 57 years and season ticket holder I am totally sick of everything about this team from the owner on down. This team does not have a Joe Namath curse it has an ownership curse. The curse started when Leon Hess bought out the other minority owners and put Gutman in charge after the Jets won SB III. It continues because the Hess family sold the team to Woody Johnson who treats it as a toy to play with. The curse will continue until the franchise is sold to an owner who knows and loves football and wants to win championships. I'll be dead when and if this ever happens and so will some of you. If you are young find another team to root for. If your old and a season ticket holder like me sell your tickets to opposing team fans or stay home and let them play in an empty stadium!
  6. After 57 years and 35 years as a season ticket holder this team is worse than the 1960 NT Titans. This team has no coaching, no discipline, no commitment to excellence, no passion, no emotion, no leaders on the field or organization, and eventually no fan base. The NFL should dissolve this franchise and cancel the slaughter scheduled on Sunday night Nov.27. The Jets should for fit the next game. This is the NFL Chicago Cubs. 61 years from now they may break the curse.
  7. Any Chance Jets/Pats gets Flexed?

    Jets should fore fit this game or the NFL should cancel it to prevent a slaughter. This team is not poorly coached it is not coached. It gets worse every week. I want my PSL money refunded ASAP. This franchise should be dissolved!
  8. This team is soft. No discipline, no consistency, no sense of urgency, no will to win, no emotion, no leaders, no quarterback, no play calling, no adjustments, no pride, and no coaching. This team has not made any strides since the season began in any area's of becoming a solid football team. Which begs the question what the hell do they work on in practice. Can someone tell me?
  9. Woody, Hire Jim Harbaugh, do what you have to to get him here! I'm sure Mac can work with him. He is a proven NFL and college coach. Let Mac and him run the football team!
  10. Woody, Get a football man to be team president, keep Mac, and stay out of football decisions. If Bowles can't right the ship by the end of the year hire a coach who can run the whole team. IE Jim Harbaugh.
  11. Game Picks: 'Hawks-Jets

    If Jets play calling, coaching and Fitz plays like last week Hawks 48 - Jets 0. If Jets D brings A game Hawks 17 - Jets 3.
  12. Game Picks: 'Hawks-Jets

    If Jets play calling, coaching and Fitz plays like last week Hawks 48 - Jets 0. If Jets D brings A game Hawks 17 - Jets 3.
  13. I believe games on won in practice not on Sunday. Bowles statement after the game that that they had a great week practice dosent hold any weight. What the hell did they do in practice? This was one of if not the worst total team performances ever by a Jets team! I am not giving up on Bowles, lets see how the team does from now on. As far as the QB situation goes Fitz is not going to take us anywhere. As much as it pains me to say this if Fitz comes out cold next week he should be benched. Give Gino half the reps in practice this week and put him if before the game gets out of reach. Then get Petty ready to go if Geno stinks it up it is time to see what we have between the two of them this year. This loss though is totally on Bowles and his whole staff. The Jets weren't ready to play after ten days off. Pathetic!