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  1. Maybe I'm not remembering this correctly, but I think he was pretty bad in San Diego the first year or two.
  2. Drew Brees might fit this scenario.
  3. So, only head coaches that haven't yet run an entire team are worse than our coach. Seems about right!
  4. I'm sold, draft this beast. 😁
  5. Thank you for stating this!!!
  6. So Harbaugh went to the Super Bowl because Kaepernick was a great QB
  7. Probably Ground & Pound as well.
  8. Take a pass rusher. Corners are available in other rounds. QB.... is 👌 too
  9. Exactly. But if they give him 12 million I will be very 😡
  10. 😂 I thought of the same thing
  11. Do Not Sign This Glass Beast!
  12. Totally agree, but they might be gone by third.
  13. It was the Daily news that is correct and SAR I is not a racist for posting the article.