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  1. The Circus in Buffalo continues McCoy on stage

    This is surely Chip Kelly's fault.
  2. How are you feeling?

    Disgraceful end.  Team utterly melted on the big stage and was not ready for prime time.  Disgraceful performance by the D, making Tyrod Taylor look like Roger Staubach.   Rex embarrassed Bowles twice.  It is truly the Same Old Jets.   Pathetic.  Nobody big enough to make a play in the 2nd half.

    This loss was on the vaunted defense.  Repeated 3rd and longs were converted for first downs by Buffalo.  Revis is no longer an island.  Watkins owned him.  We were beaten by Tyrod Taylor.  Let me repeat....TYROD TAYLOR.  Our defense had no answers for Tyrod Taylor.    Fitzpatrick screwed up, but to me this game is on the porous non-big play defense.
  4. The Super Bowl was in 1969.
  5. What dumbass chooses to kick off in OT?
  6. Wow!  Just wow!  Best drive in years. 
  7. Fitzpatrick made a great throw and Enunwa gagged on it.  Did he think the ball was not coming to him?
  8. Quigley is brutal.  Another squandered opportunity against NE.  
  9. I am betting we lose this in regulation.
  10. Way too easy. Another epic choke job.
  11. That was way too easy for a 4th and 9.
  12. Who would have thought they would throw to #87?  Is the D coordinator asleep?