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  1. Maybe it is because he has gone from island to turnstile to felon in 16 months. Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  2. And Matt Ryan had a great year, but 2 Sanchez-level mistakes cost them the game. A strip sack and then taking a sack after the Jones catch. What is the one thing you cannot do there? Take a sack. Get rid of the damn ball and you are a hero. Not a butt fumble, but still unforgivable. Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  3. 4th quarter. Great catch by Julio Jones. 3 runs and a FG clinch the game. And Dan Quinn is a genius? That is the epic choke in the history of the NFL. Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  4. Here is a SoCal resident saying that this move is stupid. No one will care about the Chargers except when the Raiders come in and their fans take the stadium over.So they will play in a soccer stadium that seats 27K. No one cares about the Rans and they have a history in LA. I now hope the Raiders move to SD. That would be a scream. Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  5. The NFL gave them $300 Million and they have to pay $550 Million as a relocation fee. So they decided to go on the cheap instead of building their own. These guys will be the Jets of Los Angeles.
  6. SOJ fans
  7. I love guys who hold the club hostage for the big bucks, get the big bucks then whine about it when their performance declines and they are called on it. Here is my opinion........if you have to whine about what your legacy should be, it is not going to be what you think it should be. The easily-visible lack of effort this year has tarnished Revis' legacy. That was his choice, nobody else's. I don't begrudge any of these guys any last dollar they can get for themselves. But don't expect extreme loyalty from the club when you did not exhibit loyalty to anything but your bank account. If you want more money, take the buyout and get more from someone else. And when you are not good enough to get more money, take what you can get or move on.
  8. Driving from the airport to the hotel in Dallas and Boomer says that the jets have quit on Todd Bowles. Boomer was quite unhappy at the level of suck and indifference the Jets displayed. Sent from my iPad using mobile app
  9. Troopers hit harder than Kets
  10. As someone who is completely sick of ESPN, I am taking pleasure in their getting stuck with this horrid match up for a Monday night game. This ratings are gonna be yuge.
  11. I heard that PSL's are an excellent investment.
  12. Just imagine what kind of lives we all have when we rejoice about posts that report Tom Brady being sacked. Jets fandom is an illness and a curse.
  13. Can't root for them to lose against Miami or NE. Even though that is exactly what is going to happen.
  14. There have been so many hideous, embarrassing moments since 1969 that I cannot determine the worst one. There are a few in front of this mess though.