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  1. Jetaholic added a post in a topic Check out Bryce Petty's New Crib   

    Gotta chance to see him throw a few strikes in the 2nd preseason game. He has a wicked release time.  Reminds me of Dan Marino and JWN. He will have a great future in this league.
    look forward to seeing him lead the team next year or maybe even sooner.
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  2. Jetaholic added a post in a topic This has to be Rex's last game as the HC of the New York JETS.   

    Running against 9 fronts is still better than throwing pick 6's
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  3. Jetaholic added a post in a topic This has to be Rex's last game as the HC of the New York JETS.   


    Will Rex be getting what he is asking for soon? If you were commander of this ship, would you want to stay on till the bitter end?
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  4. Jetaholic added a post in a topic Just think...   

    Yeah - we are due for a full gutting in the off season. I wonder if this was all planned out with JI's arrival? Anyways, Rex will do lots of good in this league as a HC, just like Many players (and a few coaches)

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  5. Jetaholic added a post in a topic The real story   

    Good teams find a way to win.

    Bad teams find a way to lose

    Based on the 3 games so far this season, we are not good. So let's not fool ourselves by thinking we are one person away from greatness

    The Cubbard has been empty for a while and our owner thinks we can restock with the no frills brand.
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  6. Jetaholic added a post in a topic 3 Reasons Why Jets Might Not Cut Sanchez After All   


    They will keep him, showcase him in the preseason games to show that he is not damaged goods and then trade him before the 1st game. With preseason injuries, there is bound to be a team desperate for his services.
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  7. Jetaholic added a post in a topic Matt Simms: MERGED   


    Not sure who picked which bust but the end result is that pulling the plug on top draft picks is an extremely difficult decision
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  8. Jetaholic added a post in a topic Can We Please Stop Using The "P" Word   

    On paper, this is as bad a team as I have ever seen in my 30+ years of rooting FOR the Jets. But good thing this game isn't played on paper otherwise we might as well have fore fitted the season.

    On any given Sunday (game) any team has a chance to win if they believe they can, and translate that belief into actual play. This team did it 5 times already this year (against some pretty good teams) and can certainly do it again and again - but they have to believe in themselves and each other.

    So, I don't want to hear this BS that we don't belong in the playoffs or this isn't our year - take that crap somewhere else. Get behind your team and help them be the best they can be. If we make it in the playoffs - awesome! Let's keep riding that momentum as far as it takes us. If we fall short, let's regroup and retool and make another run next year.

    Don't like it? There are 31 other teams you can root for. But be careful - grass isn't always greener elsewhere.

    Any given Sunday!
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  9. Jetaholic added a post in a topic Idzik Gameplan 101   

    I think there is plenty of incentive for the Jets to give Sanchez a chance to prove himself - even if it for only one year. Trade value this year even if we have to eat part of his 2013 salary

    There is also plenty of incentive for Sanchez to prove himself - even if it only for this year. Future employment opportunities and contract value.

    So we should not cut Sanchez till we see what we got value-wise and what we can get in exchange.

    As for the circus, what should we do with Tone?
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  10. Jetaholic added a post in a topic We are officially back!!   

    Rex helped with the player selection because Tanny wasn't capable of doing his job - just like Mangini did when he was here.

    Rex did not get more power, he lost it. He is not involved in the GM selection unless somehow they are conducting interviews in the Carribean. And Woody already said the new GM would have final say in personnel.

    Tanny is the one who dropped the turd in the water and that is why he is looking for another pool to swim in.
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  11. Jetaholic added a post in a topic We are officially back!!   

    I think all this tells us that Rex is horrible at picking talent, which is a GM's job. But it also tells us that he can coach, given that he has talent (2 AFCCG/4 on the road playoff wins)

    From woody's perspective, he is not ready to throw out the baby with the bath water. If Rex is not good at doing a GM's job, then hire a true GM and let him bring the talent and have Rex concentrate on doing his job - coach the players he already has and get us back into the playoffs.
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  12. Jetaholic added a post in a topic Raise your hand if you think Woody is a good owner   


    This is why the "pushing PSL's" argument is being made. But this could be made across the entire NFL, as more new stadiums have/are being built. Just ask the commish,

    Back to Woody, I think he is clueless on what is needed to win and too distant to notice when things are not going right. 3-6 is a byproduct of many bad decisions made long before the season even got started - and Woody doesn't know any better so he never got involved.

    Getting rid of Faneca, Weatherford, Ellis, Jones, and many others just to save a buck has impacted this team. Getting Mason and Plax last season and neglecting to draft good young talent then, directly impacted our offensive performance not just last year but this year also.

    As Coy mentioned continuity is very important, given you have good talent. Ad if you don't, bringing on scrubs and has-been's two years in a row won't cut it. With Woody's inexperience, having a football czar like a Parcells, Wolfe, Polian, Cowher, or many others would have seen what is going on and stopped the self-destructing moves before they put us on the road to where we are today.

    So, Woody is not a bad owner but he needs to get someone with football operations experience to run the show since he can't.

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  13. Jetaholic added a post in a topic Don't look, but THIS is the season the Jets could make it ALL THE WAY!   

    With Me-Tonio out for the year, I expect the offense to improve every game from here on out. Simple addition by subtraction.

    But before we talk about making it to the dance, lets first start thinking about how to make it into the end zone on a regular basis.
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  14. Jetaholic added a post in a topic ESPN Resident Jet-hater Rich Cimini throws more fuel on the fire   

    If that's what it will take to get us to put points on the board, then TROLL BABY, TROLL!!!!
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  15. Jetaholic added a post in a topic Anyone watching this Tebow bit on ESPN?   

    First-off, I am a huge Sanchez fan. The guy knows how to win, and he has shown he CAN win, if the shackles are off. I am thinking about all the 4th quarter wins that he pulled off in his first 2 years. I refuse to judge him on last year's performance because we was put in a no-win situation. Between Schitty's offensive schemes and play calling, and Team's decision on some key offensive (and defensive) pieces to the puzzle, I am happy that we even got to where we did...

    Second, I am a Tebow fan. Like Sanchez, the guy knows how to win also, and he has shown he CAN win, and we learned that first-hand last year. His style may be different, but that should never take away from his past accomishments, or his future ones. The thing you need to remember and recognize is that the guy KNOWS how to win. Think of it like this: if a shark smells even one drop of blood in the water, he will be swimming away with a full tummy. If Tebow sees an opportunity or a weakness in the defense, he is walking away with a W. That's why the FO chose Sanchez as high as they did with only one year in college under his belt and why they got Tebow after only one year with Denver, knowing that his arm is not his strength.

    Can the two co-exist? Absolutely. And I think they comliment each other very well. Just imagine both lined up shoulder to shoulder in the shotgun. If you are on defense, who/what would you defend against, the pass or run? I think the possibilities are endless as far as how to use both of then in a complimentary fashion. Mark is and will be the QB and leader of the team, but now we have a huge weapon that will help us win games. In this league, it takes more than the conventional methods to win ball games. It takes thinking outside the box and the balls to take chances. As a dear friend used to say: No Balls, No Blue Chips...

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