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  1. So far, I love this draft

    Tom Brady was an afterthought. Didn't have the support of a great team and coaching staff but had the IT factor. LYNCH does not have it Hackenberg may have it.
  2. So far, I love this draft

    You can't evaluate in isolation. Strong front 4 followed by above average LBs makes the CBs/safeties better and vice versa. Love what they are doing.
  3. Jets got 3 first round "talents"

    As opposed to Herman Munster Lynch drafted in the 1st round where everyone bows their head to Elway who has yet to draft a franchise QB and signed Sanchez. I'm with HACKENBERG and yes I'm a homer.
  4. So far, I love this draft

    Why? New regime new intelligence. Love these guys.
  5. Are you serious? The histrionics on this board are ridiculous. Sell your season tickets to someone who enjoys this team warts and all. By the way just in case u haven't figured it out this is the best coach GM combo the Jets have ever had.
  6. My Thoughts-the Jets QB Position

    I like Fitz but not as a franchise QB. I agree that last game was a disappointment with Fitz which is one reason the Jets are not giving him star $$. However I don't blame any football player trying to max his return. I like Fitz because he is very football smart. Knows the game from a QB perspective and would provide an excellent environment for these developing QBs plus he will manage the game very well as a stop gap measure. Hell Denver just won a SB with a crap QB performance throughout the year.
  7. So far, I love this draft

    With you all the way Buddy. Lee is going to be great in this defense. Big fast stout up front quick as hell at the next level led by Lee.
  8. Maybe they know a thing or two about their development thus LBs were more a priority than OL because THEY SEE them them every day.
  9. Somebody already asked - are the young developmental offensive linemen on the Jets busts? T Maybe they know something the fans don't know.
  10. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    I'm sorry these guys don't know the difference between a 4th and a seventh rounder. Bottom line this was the Jets best available player/ need who would not be available when they would draft again in the 7th round.
  11. Great Draft: The future is Now

    Nah, mainly a singles hitter.
  12. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    Jets will pick Okwara ND
  13. Great Draft: The future is Now

    Good observation. He drafts hungry character football players who have the potential to mature emotionally and physically. You actually can see their philosophy based on who and what type of player they draft. Bowles and Mac make a great tandem - at the very least there is chemistry between the two.