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  1. Time To Vent

    this says it all.
  2. The Jets Are Not Good

    When you see a player like Watts you realize the Jets defensive lineman are not in his league. I'm tired of the smooth athletic molds - the Jets need a herky jerky tireless animal on the line.
  3. The Jets Are Not Good

    The real disappointment with this team is the defense. Coples is nowhere, the pass rush/defensive line  is OK  quite bland actually . Given Bowles rep I really expected alot more. I realize people are down on Fitz but for me he is playing and giving his all as I expected. The hope was that the defense would set up the offense. Hasn't happened.
  4. Last NE touchdown

    Not true - - it was a blown coverage. Bowles talked about this. 2 DBs blitzed from the same side - you saw it as they blitzed - I saw it live - after the throw  they looked at each other - they knew.
  5. Enough of the revisionist history. I was at the game - The Jets were winning that game with 12:50 to go IN THE GAME and the Pats were 3 and 17. For 3 quarters the Jets were winning that game. At halftime the Jets were down 13-10. At 12:50 in the 4th qtr the Jets were winning 20-16. They adjusted just fine in the 2nd half. That 3 and 17 changed everything. Bowles said it was the right scheme but poor execution by one of the backs. There was no outcoaching crap or non adjustments. Gronkowski play was a blown coverage not a scheme problem. I truly believe that if the Jets stop the 3 and 17 they win - you sensed it before that play ( yes Pats fans you were worried so stop the cool confidence act) - but they didn't and hats off to Brady and co. As far as holding yes it was pretty obvious watching it live  but I couldn't tell you whether the Pats do it anymore than any other team.
  6. What makes this rule absolutely ridiculous is that if a Redskins player hit Freeman's arm and knocked the ball loose before breaking the goal line it would have been ruled a fumble.
  7. Head coaching performance

    Help me out here  I could not see the game. Did the Jets contest Marshall's fumble - I just saw the vid for the first time and it appears his left elbow was down before he released the ball? Was that reviewed?
  8. FanDuel - Week One JetNation League

    how exactly do you sign up for the league once you sign up for fanduel?
  9. What is the hype for Wilkerson?

    Agree that's the point.
  10. What is the hype for Wilkerson?

    No but the inference of the post is that Wilersoon and his agent think he is Watts $$. I'm all for keeping Wilerson for the reasons you mentioned but if he insists on Watts $$ it has to be bye bye rather sacrifice the blue collar guys on this line.
  11. What is the hype for Wilkerson?

    your point is well taken however Watts also is the focus of Houston's line yet individually performs better than Wilkerson. Also the other Jets on the D line are stepping up which may not be the case with other teams. Wilkerson is very good just not at Watts's level.
  12. There are a lot of pissed off people in the NFL. Spygate was much bigger than anyone can imagine which is why the evidence was destroyed. The NFL and all their associations agreed (many reluctantly) to close ranks in order to protect the product. Deflateamouse was an overreaction to what happened previously. There needed to be punishment but it was an overreaction by Goodell. In defense of Patriot players many of them did not directly know what was going on but only knew that the boy geniuses Ernie Adams and BB were brewing weird stuff in the halls of Foxboro. Narcissists and obsessive personalities will stop at nothing to be the best and find ways to rationalize unethical and sometimes rule breaking behavior. They look at EVERY possible angle to get an advantage so they can be the greatest.. BB and Ernie Adams do not waste their time on projects unless they know they are getting something lucrative out of their work.
  13. and more