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  1. AFJF I hope you learned your lesson.
  2. Hogan has a longstanding relationship with the new Chicago GM.
  3. You know that's not what is being said. A better defense can help mask shortcomings in the offense. Chicago and Baltimore won superbowls that way. The reverse is true - New England at times is a team whose offense puts their defense in advantageous positions in a game and didn't expose their weaknesses.
  4. Agree. And even more so, you can't view the offense and defense in a vacuum. A good, better defense makes an offense better. Shorter field to work with, turnovers , keeping the team in the game. The converse is true, just makes common sense. To write off the choice of safeties as doing nothing for the offense (the assumption is they make the defense better) doesn't make sense.
  5. New OC new system. Probably new blocking system predicated on fast reads mobile front. Not worried about the OL all that much.
  6. Perfect choice of word - disciplined. This draft got better and better as time went on. Mac did a good job.
  7. And trade down whenever they want with all 31 teams.
  8. Really solid draft. Mac got in position for 9 daft picks this year and a 5th rounder next year. Good maneuvering. Focused on WCO players and speed. Love the Stewart Hansen and McGuire picks.
  9. This is great, never had so much fun in the late rounds.
  10. This is great, never had so much fun in the late rounds.
  11. West Coast Offense. Gotta love what they are doing.
  12. This guy gets smaller and smaller with each post!
  13. We smoked the AFC East. That was good.
  14. You go with the strength of the draft. Safeties in this draft. What's the difference between draft A: S, S, WR, OT, RB, CB, C and draft B: S, RB, WR, CB, OT, C, S. Not much - you still end up with 2 safeties, a RB, a C, a OT, a CB, and a WR. DRAFT A just played to the draft's strength which makes all the sense in the world. Don't get the obsession with S now RB, now OT just to make it look balanced. Have to look at the draft in its entirety. Mac did get an xtra pick for the Jets.