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  1. He's not. Besides Zeke last year, when's the last time a top ten running back panned out?
  2. Trade, trade, trade. The only offensive players you should take top ten are franchise QBs, franchise LT, or once in a generation running back. There isn't a player that fits any of those bills so trade back and get extra picks. Then feel better about taking a luxury position on offense. Can't trade back? Take the Leonard Williams of this draft in Jamal Adams.
  3. I can see it now: NY Jets first team in history to have a win vacated because of some flight girl scandal involving Mixon.
  4. The Jets need to draft a running back at some point this decade. Other than that it's pretty bad. Mahomes isn't a first rounder.
  5. 17 Jets could be on the field and they'd still get scored on.
  6. They're very tasteful black and whites of Blaize Hackenberg.
  7. He sent me nudes first. Don't tell anyone.
  8. I don't mind. Also, Kizer will be the best QB in the class. He's got the highest ceiling of any of them.
  9. Because...?
  10. This is the Patriots we're talking about. They lack class and couth.
  11. You know what's really cool? Victim blaming. That's pretty cool. 🙄
  12. As far as Mixon is concerned there are running backs in this draft that are more or equally talented that will come at a cheaper round price and not nearly as much baggage. Hard pass.
  13. Because they haven't drafted one in a top 3 round since 2009 (Shonn Greene) and haven't drafted one at all in 4 years and that guy was Tommy Bohanon.