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  1. Fitzpatrick, Jets Stuck in Tough Spot

    Fitz was a 7th round draft pick who has made millions of dollars coming out of the football factory of Harvard. He is beloved by his teammates and has many others sing the praises of how he's a great human. In a league where the average career is what? Like four years? Fitz has been around 10 plus. While he's had his shares of ups and downs in his career, I'm sure Bryce Petty will take even a sliver of the career and respect that Fitx has had and earned. And so would you.
  2. Fitzpatrick, Jets Stuck in Tough Spot

    Quote from Bryce Petty, readily available via a Google search: “With [Fitzpatrick] watching film with me and us getting together on Tuesdays and game-planning together, I can tell you that I would feel confident playing right now,’’ Petty said. “There are so many guys that are not like that — guys who maybe had to learn on their own, so they just feel like everyone should learn it on their own, too. “Fitz isn’t like that. It’s a pay-it-forward kind of deal. Hopefully, if I have the career that he’s had, I can do that for somebody else.’’
  3. Is Geno a leader?

    There aren't going to be quotes against him. Nobody cares about the backup QB. I'm sorry you can't read between the lines. It's pretty evident what people in the Jets organization think about him. It's the same stuff that's been out there since his college days.
  4. Is Geno a leader?

    Why would that be unfortunate for me? It doesn't impact me one way or the other. How do you know that? He not only got punched in the face last season, but very few guys got his back in that situation and this offseason. Everyone is in the Fitz corner.
  5. So then according to you, the Jets have wasted billions of dollars for mediocrity because they haven't won a title in nearly 50 years. That's what it's all about right? If they're going to waste all that money, I would rather at least enjoy watching the team in 2016 than knowing it's futile.
  6. Golden arm is a stretch too. More like nickel painted in an off yellow cost of glitter paint. His arm has never really impressed me. He's not a very accurate passer, no matter how hard or far he can throw it.
  7. The question has been answered. You just don't like it. Watch him play. There's your answer. You and your pro-Geno cohorts are making this place unbearable. Let's just let the thing play out.
  8. Who are you to say he could? We've all seen Geno play. He's awful. One of the worst quarterbacks in the league. And any type of argument you have dies at the feet of Bowles and Mac who want nothing to do with the kid, no matter what they say publicly. We get it. You love Geno. Cool. Follow him to his next backup job.
  9. You just can't help yourself can you. If you don't like my posts block me.
  10. There's really no arguing with you Geno worshippers. Have a nice day.
  11. Hop in your DeLorean and let me know how it goes. That's pretty solid revisionist history. The defense and running game won 8 games in spite of Geno, who only started because Rex had to win a meaningless preseason game.
  12. Lol. Quality backup. Dude is going to be the starter come week one. And who cares what Fitz did for years elsewhere? Fans only care what those players have done for this team and what it can do for the team moving forward.
  13. Geno would never have the team in position to even crack the playoffs. So it's a moot point you're trying to make.
  14. Dee Milliner ~ ~ ~

    He was benched for Darrin Walls multiple times and then he couldn't even see the field this season over Walls or Williams. The guy is not good.