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  1. WOW

    Phrasing is apparently important.
  2. McShay has 11 tight ends with top 3 round grades. It's a deep tight end draft. I don't get why you'd take one that early. I don't think I'd be pleased with this selection at all.
  3. Let's not forget this is a loaded RB draft, AP and others are still free agents, and Forte's contract is bad. No one is trading for him.
  4. In a strong QB class, these guys wouldn't sniff the first round. This is a weak QB class and neither are worth the number 6.
  5. The reason Forte is still a Jet is because it saves zero money as far as cap is considered. It's all being paid no matter what. Also, Fournette is not worth the 6th pick. No RB is. There are solid running backs that can be had that can have just as effective careers in the 3rd-5th round.
  6. No. I got it right. And got negative rep for it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. The offensive line has just as much a chance of panning out as it doesn't completely flopping. There is no elite talent on it. Carpenter is close but the rest are average to below average players. That would be a mistake and should get someone fired. I'd love to know what Macc's plan is. Is this plan A? Waste two years of proper rebuilding time only to blow it all up again two years later with very little youth or improvement at key positions? That's a bold strategy.
  8. You have to admit the random all caps words really enhance the argument though.
  9. That's not the argument at hand. Mitchell had a nice game in the Super Bowl, sure. Not sure what that has to do with him being a better receiver than Anderson. Reality is if Anderson is a Patriots player he probably has just as good of a game.
  10. Based on stats and facts, your opinion isn't valid. He may be better one day, but he wasn't the better player last season.
  11. Stats don't back up this claim, especially when you consider who was throwing each the ball and the fact Anderson wasn't even drafted.
  12. Yes. How dare Fitz not give Petty and Hack the physical abilities to play QB as a mentor?? That's what Favre did for Rodgers obviously.
  13. If he has a great season and signs for a big deal elsewhere in 2018, then the Jets should get a compensatory pick.
  14. I have higher hopes for Burris than Roberts but not sure either one is a full time starter. Burris may be one day, and hopefully it's this season. Roberts is a jag that only looked solid because everyone else was so bad. Skrine is the worst player in the secondary and the highest paid. He should be gone next year. Even with Claiborne isn't a pretty bad unit.
  15. I don't think anyone can "develop" Hack properly probably ever. Especially not the staff and management in place. That's a fools errand.