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  1. Yeah. You should totally lift heavy in season and two days before a game. Jesus you people.
  2. I'm not sure what Fitz has to do with this conversation, but if that's what your argument has resorted to, then by all means die on that sword. As far as Ijalana and Winters is concerned, we'll have to wait and see. Ijalana isn't a LT, but he's decent at RT. Winters is a solid RG and he's going to get paid like a good RG. The Jets won't have the money to keep him. He's gone. Back to the original point about Fournette, here's a good read from Schefter, which pretty much hammers home my point and devalues yours. Enjoy! Running back draft value When LSU running back Leonard Fournette announced his intentions this week to turn pro, it solidified a draft class that NFL executives have been discussing for months. Last summer, one NFL general manager said that the expected 2017 running back draft class would be one of the best in years. He believed that there was no other position that had as much depth in the 2017 draft as at running back. Others have shared similar sentiments. Any team that needs running back help is going to be in business. Fournette is expected to be at the head of the class. "Put him in the top 10 right now," said former Buccaneers general manager and current ESPN analyst Mark Dominik. And over the course of one year, with Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott running his way into contention for Offensive Rookie of the Year and NFL Most Valuable Player, the conversation about selecting running backs too high in the draft has shifted dramatically. When Fournette's name is mentioned as a potential top-10 pick, no one should question whether it is too high. If the player is worthy, it's simply not. However, the history of running backs drafted in the top five still will be raised. The list is, to say the least, not pretty. Here's a look at the running backs selected among the top five over the past 15 drafts: YEAR PLAYER OVERALL PICK 2016 Ezekiel Elliott 4th 2012 Trent Richardson 3rd 2008 Darren McFadden 4th 2006 Reggie Bush 2nd 2005 Ronnie Brown* 2nd 2005 Cedric Benson 4th 2005 Cadillac Williams 5th *Brown made one Pro Bowl and is the only Pro Bowler on the list Once Fournette is off the board, any number of running backs will hear their names called shortly after. Florida State's Dalvin Cook, Stanford's Christian McCaffrey, Texas' D'Onta Foreman, Tennessee's Alvin Kamara, Ohio State'sCurtis Samuel and Georgia's Nick Chubb are expected to be some of the draft's top running back prospects. But one year after Elliott made his mark in Dallas, other running backs are expected to have a chance to make theirs in one of the deeper running back classes in years. -- Adam Schefter
  3. He's been battling this thing for the majority of the year. He tried to play through it and couldn't. The season is over now, so the team chose to shut him down to find out what's wrong with his ankle. Any other thoughts on this are not worth even discussing because they're ludicrous.
  4. WTF does that actually mean? You honestly think he's being shut down because Fitz is benched? You aren't that deluded.
  5. Mangold was reinjured last game and was barely practicing before he suited up. He actually has been playing hurt all year and is going to see a specialist for it now. These answers you seek are easy to find. Do some research. It's not that hard.
  6. Ijalana has been very bad if you watch the tape of him at LT. I wouldn't be surprised if Petty takes a whack in these next few games because the dude whiffed. Winters is not a must keep. He is very replaceable and he will likely be able to make more money elsewhere. Good for him. I'm not a big fan of guys who give themselves concussions while committing a costly personal foul penalty. RBs are a dime a dozen. Of the top fifteen rushers this season, only 3 were drafted in the first round and only one of those was in the top 15 of the draft. It's a fools errand and a wasted pick unless the guys name is AP. Dallas was not foolish to draft Zeke. They had all the makings of a great offense and needed a running back to compliment a dominant O-Line, great veteran QB, and weapons at TE and WR. The Jets have none of that.
  7. Ijalana has been awful at LT. Johnson has been average at C. It'd be best to get an LT and move Ijalana back to RT. Winters is probably going for better money elsewhere, so they will need an RG as well. Fournette is a good player, but they need to get better value in the top five than RB. If it isn't there, then trade back with someone foolish enough to draft a RB top five.
  8. Doug Middleton (S) to the active roster.
  9. Thanks for adding to the conversation.
  10. That's a lot of money for a closer for a team that might not win 80 games next season. Good luck with that!
  11. This is a guy, in my opinion, they've missed all year especially on short yardage situations.
  12. Jay Cutler had or is having season ending shoulder surgery on his throwing shoulder. He tore his labrum and that's not a good thing. He and Marshall don't seem like pals. 2017 is going to suck like 2016. Might as well try and get someone to bridge to (gulp) Hack or the 2018 draft pick and go for the #1 pick. One name I'd seriously look at is Blake Bortles.