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  1. The best episodes for me were New York I Love You and Thanksgiving.
  2. Season two is out. And it's fantastically done.
  3. Again, I'm moving on. You're out of your depth here, obviously. Let's move on.
  4. He didn't credit the source because he didn't know the source. A source cannot be another reporter unless you have the same source and were told the same thing. This is journalism 101. This isn't really going to go anywhere because we're not talking about the same thing. I am not saying this wasn't news. It was and still is. The way you went about reporting it was flawed. Show me another accredited reporter that ran with just a tweet from a guy in Miami without getting a statement either from police report or statement from the team. I doubt you'll be able to. Anyway, onward and upward.
  5. Got lucky this time. You mean she actually did her job and didn't report based on another report?! Crazy how that works.
  6. I didn't say this site wasn't credible and this isn't an attack on anyone. I appreciate the reporting and the way this site conducts its business. It's typically above board and I can imagine you take great pride in the blogs you do. However, not until Kimberly Martin actually reached out to Jets PR has this actually been confirmed. And still all they'll say is they are aware of the situation and no further comment. Putting out a blog that cites another reporters report is not the way to do business. Then again, maybe I'm expecting too much.
  7. Verified accounts on twitter get it wrong all the time. And you're not even basing your reporting on him, you're basing it on his sources. If you have knowledge of who they are and they've also given you that information, then you can go wild. What you have is nothing right now. If the story proves correct, then you come out unscathed. If it comes out as false, it's libel. It's a fine line so tread carefully.
  8. It's too early in the morning to have a debate about journalistic integrity. Reporters don't report on others reports unless all other avenues were exhausted. No one else picked up on said report except you. I'm just going to leave it at this: it's irresponsible and could have a negative impact on the site. That's all. Enjoy the rest of your day.
  9. I noticed you ignored the rest of my post though. All I am saying is a guy with an AM sports talk show in Miami isn't the most credible source and definitely not the one to be parroting serious allegations. Just trying to encourage better from this place. There's enough strain on the media as it is. If it turns out to be 100% true, that doesn't change the fact it shouldn't be independently reported until it's confirmed with credible sources.
  10. "In sports media" is a bit of a stretch. It isn't true until Schefter reports it. It's pretty irresponsible to report based on a report. I know this isn't a news organization, but if you aren't going to independently verify and confirm the information yourself, this is bad form.
  11. Suck for Sam......OR who else

    It's not.
  12. Suck for Sam......OR who else

    Cleveland got their franchise QB this year. They won't need to draft another one.
  13. Dallas offered 2nd rounder for Richardson

    Well actually... all reports are positive on Jaylon Smith and his nerve is regenerating. Should be playing this season. A ways to go but it could be a steal. They didn't draft anyone at his position because they're that confident. But yeah. Jones would definitely trade a 2nd rounder for Sheldon.
  14. Dallas offered 2nd rounder for Richardson

    Idzik: "Boy I doubt anyone could do a worse job than I did." Big Macc: "Hold my Dunkin Coffee."
  15. Gilchrist Waived

    Thanks. You're right that I'm right.