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  1. The roster is incredibly poorly constructed. There are 4 tight ends and 4 QBs and the one with the most talent of those 8 players needed to take a dump in the police station last weekend. It's extremely poor management.
  2. It's not. Everyone knows Fitz had an all-time terrible game last week. This is just the Vageno's taking a victory lap.
  3. That's your opinion. The Yankees and the rest of Major League Baseball have a different one. Enjoy the postseason.
  4. Give this a read.
  5. One of the most beloved athlete in Boston sports history is what Ortiz is and he played a huge role in many of the games between the two teams over the past 14 years. That's why he is being honored. Players love him. He's a great ambassador of the game for Hispanics. He hit 18 & 20 home runs in limited at bats and playing time before coming to Boston. He came to Boston and hit with Manny in the line-up, in a hitters ballpark and those numbers jumped. You still cannot prove that he has ever taken PEDs. No need to even try. There's no need to equate Jeter and Rivera to Ortiz here. They're all great players on their own merit. It's a terrible article.
  6. He could probably use another season in college, as he's very raw and young. But, even now, he'd be a better option than either Petty or Hack. The guy the Jets could really use from ND is McGlinchey. He's going to be someone's left tackle for the next 12 years.
  7. HGH is still a PED. LOL. What a terrible article.
  8. The first DUI or the second? He said when he got kicked out of practice that it was a wake up call. Then he got benched. Then the second DUI. He hasn't learned, isn't going to learn, and this probably isn't going to work.
  9. The Jets drive their fans to drink. What do you think is going to happen to this lush?
  10. 4 tight ends on the roster and 4 QBs. This roster management is mind boggling. Makes zero sense.
  11. Has never been in the top 30 of receptions by a tight end in any of his 3 years. How is he a "legitimate" tight end. He's a subpar blocker and has an attitude issue.
  12. Newsday: Why’d you feel the need to remind Dorrell that you’re capable of going downfield too? Decker: “I was in the slot last year and I just don’t think I ran a lot of deep patterns last year, something I did in Denver. And I just want to be able to complement my game by running deep patterns, intermediate patterns, short patterns. Defenses, they study and there are smart defensive backs. They know, ‘This is the tendency this guy runs. This is what he does.’ So it opens up my game by being able to go downfield and open that can of worms up.”
  13. It's his 2nd DUI in 3 years. He could be facing jail time and a suspension.
  14. And had almost as many catches in one season than ASJ had in his entire career. Not a great blocker either. Also, there's this: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers cut Austin Seferian-Jenkins after a DUI arrest yesterday. That’s a fairly drastic move, but it was also the result of longer-standing issues. Or at least, that’s what head coach Dirk Koetter implied when talking to Alex Marvez of Sirius XM. “It is disappointing. Austin’s a guy that we had high hopes for, was a second-round pick here a couple years back, fought through some injury issues, very talented individual. “There’s more to every story than meets the eye, sometimes there’s more to it than I can say on the radio.” Seferian-Jenkins had been kicked out of practice during the offseason, though he seemed to bounce back after that. He never really regained his starting spot, though, and his playing time and targets were limited in the first two weeks, despite the fact that he is clearly the most talented tight end on the Bucs’ roster. Koetter also said something about this move being about putting the best players on the field on Sunday. Someone has to explain to me how cutting a more talented player for a far less talented player is going to accomplish that, exactly. It’s okay to admit you cut him because of the arrest, or because he wasn’t consistent, coach. You don’t have to spin it.
  15. I'm glad you're happy. I doubt it works out, but enjoy.