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  1. Milliner won't be cut because it doesn't save any money and it's depth. He's not going anywhere. I also don't think Petty gets cut. I think they want to see him in the preseason and go from there. Hoping he takes a big leap forward.
  2. Guess that Fitz is answering his texts again.
  3. The last time we saw him (3 years ago) play meaningful downs on defense, he was being torched by Jordy Nelson and benched. He's a zone cover corner and it's a man system. I just don't see him bouncing back. He was drafted 9th because the last GM was bad.
  4. Maybe not zero faith, but it doesn't seem high and it doesn't seem like they're thrilled with any of the options on the current roster. Or else there wouldn't be multiple offers and vets begging to have him brought back.
  5. Lots of bold predictions about Milliner. I just don't see it. I don't think he's a scheme fit or a talent fit for the Bowles defensive system. If he was, he would have played ahead of Williams and Walls when healthy last season. His option has aready been declined and I'm more interested in how Burris looks than delicate Dee. I think he falters again either with injury or ineffective play.
  6. Leaders don't do charity. They get punched in the face skirting responsibility.
  7. This link takes you to a video of Decker saying Fitz is a great leader. That's just a couple of links from a simple google search. But you know, "turnaround" is fair play.
  8. “Same old Fitz,” receiver Eric Decker said of the quarterback’s demeanor when the Jets trailed 20-10 deep into the fourth quarter. “Command of the huddle, getting the play out, calm, collected. What a good leader should be.” Said Marshall: “Even when we were sputtering a little bit, he still kept his composure. That’s the type of guy you want leading you. We’re just thankful to have him.”
  9. That game meant nothing to the Dolphins and they had rolled over that game hard. They barely even showed up.
  10. 1. Any young offensive lineman that can supplant Breno. Anyone. Anyone at all. 2. Leonard Williams and how he takes on his second season. Expecting a huge leap forward in some areas. 3. Jordan Jenkins. Fully expecting him to start on the outside and be steady from snap one. 4. Marcus Williams. Time to show what you really are. A good starter or a solid backup. 5. The rookie punters. Good god can the Jets please hit on one of these guys. Also, will be interested to see Petty and Hack in the preseason. I know it said no QBs but those two guys are different.
  11. If they're stuck with a below average RT, why pay that person 5 million dollars more than an inexperienced below average RT? Can't someone else be just as bad for much less money?
  12. Doesn't matter when he said it. He did. That means he was wrong. Him putting in a modifier doesn't make it any less wrong. He didn't see it coming and no one else did either. So, yes, Schefter gets it wrong sometimes. You get it wrong here. Admit it and move on. Or stay obsessed with me.
  13. Who is the veteran backup QB? The pickings are slim.
  14. Eat me cock-mongrel.