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  1. Freddie Bishop (OLB) Signed

    I remember yesterday when I posted this. This erasing of Friday makes me think I went back in time. 
  2. Not sure you ever really tried engaging a discussion. Probably fear of being wrong. But, whatever helps you sleep at night. 
  3. Good one! Glad we could have a serious discussion. 
  4. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    I'd take Mack too. If there is a team willing to give a 1st round pick for the services of Mo, you take it and give flexibility to the roster and payroll. And hopefully hit on a QB. 
  5. Derek Fisher just doesn't want to be a coach. 
  6. Elliot or Jaylon Smith.

    Devin Smith is a WR. Learning an NFL offense is far more complicated than learning an NFL defense. Also, Devin Smith was never a top 5 talent. If a guy as good as Jaylon even makes it to 20, and he won't, then you sprint up there and grab him without thinking twice. 
  7. Elliot or Jaylon Smith.

    The Jets need linebackers period. Smith can play multiple positions. It's a much bigger need than running back, which is overvalued and not as important on offense in the NFL today. 
  8. Elliot or Jaylon Smith.

    Oh dear god. Borderline HOF? Stop. Also, there's no reason to take a running back in the first round. None. 
  9. The guy doesn't even say where the weather event could be happening. So, yeah. Good job. 
  10. Elliot or Jaylon Smith. compares Jaylon Smithto Derrick Johnson and Elliot to Edgerin James. Which one of those players would you rather have?
  11. I don't think McCarron looked all the good this season. He's certainly not an upgrade at the position currently. If the Jets were going down that path, why not see what Petty has?
  12. Chase Daniel, or Sam Bradford....

    Chase Daniel has thrown 77 passes in his 6 year NFL career. Totally ready to be a starter because pre-season, bro!
  13. Elliot or Jaylon Smith.

    Not even I would say that. Come on now Tom. You're being ridiculous.