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  1. Hackenberg was drafted as a backup, technically right? I mean, he isn't starting day one and not even likely this season. Hell, he may never start. MM better hope to heck he's right.
  2. I played for the Braves as a kid. I think I could play for the Braves now.
  3. Dee Milliner ~ ~ ~

    I always hope I get it wrong. Then I don't and I can't even bask in that because the team suffers. That's why I drink.
  4. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    And how would you know their capabilities without previous knowledge of their employment or work experience? It's not like there is an office worker combine. If there is, I'd watch that on NFL Network.
  5. The Wilkerson in the room...

    Pay him a reasonableamount that makes sense for the team or lose him. It's the same way they're negotiating with Fitz, except there isn't a competent, capable backup at the QB position.
  6. The Wilkerson in the room...

    That's not up to me. That's up to the regime. Doesn't seem like they're inclined to do so. I'd be more than satisfied to have him back at a reasonable salary. He's a good player. Maybe write MM a well intention letter?
  7. Dee Milliner ~ ~ ~

    Well when you write it all down like that and put it in such an easily understood format, I mean sure.
  8. The Wilkerson in the room...

    Chances are he would, if he was under a long term contract. That said, it's not an ideal situation that he's still a Jet. Not under the current circumstances. They have to do something with him.
  9. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Lol. Are we comparing Luck and Hack now?
  10. The 2016 Red Sox anywhere from first to worst thread.

    Starting to really enjoy this team.
  11. Zac Stacy was traded for last season and is still on the roster. He's in play likely.
  12. Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

    Lol. What? Go away.
  13. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Yeah. Totally. Good thing pass rush, dropped balls, and batted balls don't happen in the NFL. "Pro ready" QBs don't have to sit a year minimum. That's not how that works.
  14. Geno Jets Starter?

    Geno has a better chance of being cut than he does being the starter. They want Fitz back.