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  1. The jets had to improve both the free and strong safety can bet that calvin is finished with the jets.
  2. both quarterbacks are mediocre.if the jets pick a q.b. in this draft.he must have a strong arm and good accuracy. if the jets are lucky to find one of them in the later tom brady.then we can all celebrate the jets future.
  3. Lets face it.The one player in this draft. With all pro potential.Is without a doubt O.J.Howard.I hope the jets Jets draft him.If they choose to trade down.
  4. Lets face it,You are only as good as your scouts and front burgh, Checkout the patriots, etc.
  5. McShay and Kiper are both wrong.The jets will pick fournette in the first and Roderick Johnson in the second round. That will be the best picks for the jets in this draft.
  6. my intuition tells me that it will be a sleeper pick in the third round.guess whoo?
  7. absolutely that the pick should be o.j.howard.he is the one pick in this draft.that will be a future all pro.
  8. The jets must hire scouts.that have an eyefor talent.
  9. Dallas has always had a first class front office. Their scouting system has always picked winners.
  10. The jets saw Shell as the real deal.Thats why they drafted him.
  11. Jets will get lucky and draft davis webb q.b. from California in the 5th round.He will turn out to be the best of the bunch.Mark my words he has all the tools to succeed.
  12. Hightower is coming from a winning team.If he is going to make the change.I am sure that he would want go to a contending team like the steelers. The jets are in a rebuilding mode and most likely will take 2 years to contend.
  13. the only problem with pick for fournette is that he is injured.the type of injury that can reoccur.
  14. so how would you guys react if hackenberg turns out to be a young tom brady. the jets sign those free agents you top it all the jets trade down and have a super draft. they end up contending for the next 5 years..