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  1. I remember when the jets had their all star fullback.The running game was awesome.I forgot his name.
  2. I didn't watch the mariner game.But I am curious to how Richardson performed.
  3. It looks like the giants will be drafting before the jets.They sure look like they will be in need of a new q.b.
  4. It is apparent that woody has little interest in the jets. The reality is that the jets must be sold to an interested party. That has ownership of other sports teams.I am sure that there are other suitors that would be interested in a new York franchise.
  5. The two safeties vs Watson/Mahomes and Cook

    It's very apparent that the jets went for defense early.You cannot make a judgement call on the quarter backs drafted early. Very few q.b.s make it early in the n.f.l.
  6. Listen to Kevin Greene; Great Leader!!!

    Green should be the head coach of the jets.
  7. What took them so long.To realize that that they needed a change.
  8. 2017 RE-DRAFT

    We don't seem to realize.That after the first two rounds.This draft was a crap shoot talent wise.Thats why the jets traded down.
  9. We forget that it takes three years for a young draftee. To learn the ropes. That is the case for young quarterbacks. Lets not pass judgement until we see him in training camp
  10. Gaping holes remain after the draft...

    I don't think the jets liked the talent level after the first two rounds.
  11. Everything looks good on paper.But the reality is.We will see come D-day.
  12. I love both picks!!!

    The jets had to improve both the free and strong safety position.you can bet that calvin is finished with the jets.
  13. Goff And Wentz

    both quarterbacks are mediocre.if the jets pick a q.b. in this draft.he must have a strong arm and good accuracy. if the jets are lucky to find one of them in the later rounds.like tom brady.then we can all celebrate the jets future.
  14. O J Howard

    Lets face it.The one player in this draft. With all pro potential.Is without a doubt O.J.Howard.I hope the jets Jets draft him.If they choose to trade down.
  15. Lets face it,You are only as good as your scouts and front burgh, Checkout the patriots, etc.