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  1. Even scarier is that Belichick is only 64...he could probably coach another 10 years
  2. I honestly didn't know he was that old already. Only a couple of years younger than Revis.
  3. I just watched some highlights of Foreman and he looks like a beast. For someone his size, he was surprisingly fast. If this draft is deep at CB like they're saying, then perhaps getting one of the top safeties at #6 is the right way to go instead of CB there. One of the top safeties in the first, then Foreman in the 2nd, and then either an OL, CB or TE in the 3rd, depending on bpa.
  4. Any TE's worth taking in the first three rounds?
  5. Perhaps the coaches they're interested in are still in the playoffs
  6. Was he ever in against the starters in preseason? Didn't see any of the Seahawks games so I'm just curious.
  7. What will be interesting to see is how long Jets' fans are going to be patient with him and his accuracy. I just looked it up and Eli didn't hit 60% completion until his 5th year in the league: 48.2, 52.8, 57.7, 56.1, and then finally 60.3 with 9, 17, 18, 20, and then 10 INT's in those years. After being on these forums for so many years, I have no doubt in my mind that Jets' fans will want to lynch him his first season when he most likely will be under 60% completion.
  8. Considering Jason Cole gets a lot of his info from Manish Mehta, I have no doubt it's a bullsh*t story.
  9. Found the following blurb in the article below: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000659077/article/jets-invite-odell-beckhams-cousin-to-rookie-camp-tryout Beckham's path to the NFL has been a highly unusual one. The 5-11, 230-pound running back hasn't played football since high school, after which he became a personal trainer and a fitness model. At age 23, he's now trying to renew his football career on the strength of some spectacular workout numbers, including a reported 45-inch vertical jump and 4.5 speed. So he's definitely a long shot since he hasn't played since HS.
  10. So he has the same stupid haircut as Odell?
  11. http://www.newyorkjets.com/videos/videos/Darron_Lee_Youll_Feel_My_Energy/7ef4dc35-1667-42a7-b114-21f737d3321e Not sure how to embed this here, but he's definitely well spoken and comes across as a very likable guy. I love the speed he brings to the defense.
  12. So they resigned JPP to a 1 year contract over $10 million, signed Snacks to $9 mil a year, and now Vernon to $17 mil a year. Talk about an overpriced DL.
  13. I see a lot of people laughing at Rex, but that "joke's" team did just end the Jets' season and beat them twice. So maybe he's not the horrible coach some of you think/wish he is.
  14. On Brady's TD to tie it, they showed an angle from the Jets' pov and one of the Pats' players had his hands in Mauldin's face and was actually grabbing his facemask. No penalty of course.