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  1. I see a lot of people laughing at Rex, but that "joke's" team did just end the Jets' season and beat them twice.  So maybe he's not the horrible coach some of you think/wish he is.
  2. NE Observations

    On Brady's TD to tie it, they showed an angle from the Jets' pov and one of the Pats' players had his hands in Mauldin's face and was actually grabbing his facemask.  No penalty of course.
  3. Hopefully Manish and Gary Myers join him out the door
  4. Check out Bryce Petty's New Crib

    The fact he has to check with his mom about purchasing a recliner tells me he'll be just fine.  I don't think anyone will be punching him in the face any time soon lol.
  5. Light a Candle for Leonard Williams

    That would require our lazy beat writers to actually do their job, so probably not.
  6.   There was a stat when all this came out that after Peyton and Brady lobbied the league to change the rule to let visiting teams bring their own footballs, the Patriots' turnover margin dropped ridiculously, especially in bad weather games.  It was such a change that when you compared it to the team with the next fewest turnovers, it wasn't even close.
  7.   All great points...I seem to remember "ignorance is no excuse" being said regarding Payton's suspension over Bountygate.  Why should Belichick escape punishment in this case?
  8. $251.94

      That's because you're a real fan and that's what real fans do.
  9. the fight

    If Mayweather was in there with a woman he would have thrown more punches.
  10. Bring Back Fireman Ed

      Just judging by your interactions here in this thread, maybe the problem isn't Ed wanting to be a celebrity but more you were probably a dick to him during those 6 interactions.  It seems to be your thing.
  11. Bring Back Fireman Ed

      Did you guys decide to wear the same outfit and you shaved your head to match Ed's or is that all a big coincidence? lol
  12. 49ers LB Chris Borland Retiring

      Silly statement.  No way this would ever happen.  Peter King leaping up from anywhere? Nope, no chance of that happening lol.
  13. Kraft's Feelings are Still Hurt

      Does this man just own one mother****ing shirt? Always with the blue shirt.  He probably has 5,000 of those ugly POS shirts.
  14.   I thought that was destroyed by Goodell when he got rid of all of the SpyGate evidence
  15.   I was thinking about this today.   People act like this "bathroom break" is the only time it could be done.  They act like the balls go from the officials to the field for the start of the game.  I think people are forgetting pre-game warmups.  You know, the time when the QB's and everyone else are feeling the footballs. The refs most likely aren't watching the ball boys and they are also probably not recording pre-game warmups to check any tapes.  Ample time for someone to deflate some footballs.