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    I am extremely narrow-minded, petty and vindictive
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    SB III
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    When Rich Kotite got hired.
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    I just cannot make up my mind
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    More or less
  1. You can replace Skrine by playing nobody and cutting down on the holding
  2. I read the guy has like burner speed but theynever used him that way. With his size it would be abig help
  3. Because McCown has lost an enormous number of game in the league he knows exactly what it takes to win
  4. we need to encase Woody in amber
  5. show me a video and I will believe it. If it is my witnesses against your witnesses, I am not interested. If Mauldin's DNA is on the guys face, maybe
  6. That is the plan. Ha ha. People screaming the Jets FO does not have a plan. We dont need no lousy plan! Does Bowles have game plans week to week? No. This plan stuff is overrated
  7. Todd Blowes belongs on the junkpile. He hasn't got a clue
  8. I don't think cutting David Harris is a 6 game swing in our won- loss record. Or Decker, for that mafter. We were going to stink anyway. Why overspend while you stink? We have a bad roster, a bad coach, and very possible a bad GM. I know we have a bad/boob owner. What are you gonna do? It is like expecting the Congress to vote term limits on themselves. Ain't gonna happen. Woody forever. Lamebrains in eternitas.
  9. they either have to find a talented no-name or hire a has been ont he skids. Yes. I love it. I will take the has been.
  10. he has not been as good as his paycheck for years. I cannot cry. I wanted him gone 2 years ago
  11. Who ever said the Jets had class? Especially this administration.
  12. So. We trade a guy we don't want for someone we didnt want? Right.
  13. he does not impregnate women, per se. He gives thema spiritual upgrade. Spiritual vasectomies are not possible where a fertility god is concerned