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  1. I am done with Fitz. I was done with him before we re-signed him, actually
  2. Geno is hurt Nothing fitz did today was special. two nice passes. A lot of dumpoffs. Without 2 INTs we lose. But I think they wait for the bye to introduce Petty
  3. If Bowles loses this he will need a police escort to the clubhouse.
  4. Basic Marty offense. A few nice plays early and less and less as the game goes on
  5. That was a nice brave catch. And a good throw
  6. I thought the jets would lose this game but Flacco has been bad. Some of that is Leonard and Sheldon. some is probably his shoulder. The Raven offense is pretty lame, as we saw last week. What i am surprised at is how their D caved. I realize the 2 INTs put them in horrible position though
  7. no. Fitz and Geno. I doubt we see Petty til the bye. Unless the Sidearmer gets hurt
  8. Yup. Nothing has been resolved today. We just have a bad quarterback and an injured backup
  9. that was a draw byt he QB. The coaches have no faith inthe QB
  10. Flacco unravels. Can't take all this bad around him
  11. Yes, but coaches decisions do not rest on stats. they rest on film