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  1. Sure, but the idea of building through FA is not. Not really. Soem cap room is good, of course, to keep good players. But so few FAs really cut it.
  2. But Revis will be so valuable in the clubhouse......
  3. we live in an age where teams shell out 6 million to a QB to lose games. What did they say to Ralph Kiner in contract negotiations that time? Team lost 100 games. We can do that without you? 18-42 as a starter? Give me a break Go cheap and lose that way. Last year we gave a guy 12 mil to lose for us. This year 6. Maybe we are learning something, after all.
  4. I don't get this coach "had a bad year" stuff. did he pull a hammy? you think coaches go from being prepared to unprepared to prepared? I don't. He made the same mistakes in-game both years. Year One Brandon caught every awful pass Fitz threw. Year Two they were INT'd or incomplete. The guy could never make adjustments at half time. Never knew whether to punt or go for it late. Horrible with challenges and timeouts. And his players acted like a-holes. He won the first year because we had a Pop Warner schedule and some old vets played their last productive year. But he was basically the same game coach both years.
  5. He is brittle, inaccurate, and has a history of losing: he is what has come to be known as "the perfect Jet."
  6. those are code words for "he gives us the best chance of losing by less than 3 TDs".
  7. If he has to play it is very bad. he is not 18-42 as a starter for nothing. The upcoming season will suck harder than a Hoover. We have one of the worst (if not the worst) coaches in the league and one of the worst prospective starting QBs---that is a formula for disaster
  8. Daniel should be chasing ht eJets. But he probab;ly is npto rea;;y interested in actually playing
  9. I would not have winded and dined him, as the papers say.d I might have bread and watered him.
  10. he had a major league arm. And a fifty cent head.
  11. I remember Gutman calling him a "tormented soul." ha ha
  12. he got an illicit, but better offer and bailed. Why he hate sus is because of the Spygte stuff.
  13. Agreed. Probaby not next year either. The fact that they are considering this irritates me. I have been watching since 1960 and I have never been more depressed than I am now. I know they have been worse thatn this, but I am getting too old for this garbage.
  14. I think he is worse every day than Fitz was last year for us
  15. Yup. Mo looked pretty nifty int he pictures I saw of him at the Temple Pro Day