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  1. Yesterday is on Fitz. But a defensive game plan that gives Alex Smith the short pass is worse than dumb---it is pathetic.
  2. This week he will be named Most Offensive Player of the Week.
  3. When you play a QB who reallyd oes not throw it down the field and give him the short stuff you are crazy. That is on Bowles. The offensive disgrace is not. But at least against Buffalo Game 16, the Bills had a good deep thrower and a deep threat. Bowles has a few things to answer for.
  4. I saw some Buffalo 2015 out there yesterdy although Fitz was worse than Buffalo. WE got killed with underneath stuff and Fitz showed that even when he is not pressured he is a rag arm. But if he is pressured, a defense can feast off of him
  5. total embarassment. Mr. Game Manager.
  6. I know. That is why I mostly watched the Fedex Cup today. Fantastic.
  7. He had a 15 game epiphany last eseason and turned back into a pumpkin with the season on the line. Not likely to happen again.
  8. They get to the playoffs occasionally---and lose. You are right.
  9. lets face lit. Does not everyone think that the good coaches in the league cannot wait to game plan against Fitz. They know exactly what he cannot do, and it is considerable.
  10. I think I said 7-9 or 8-8 in my pre seasons. I am feeling it.
  11. so Gumbel is doing the color and the commentary now?