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  1. Another defensive guy. Sheesh.
  2. he called it an end of game play in the interview. That meant getting outside the pocket. That really opens up the field. Keep the guy in the pocket under some pressure. Dallas D stinks
  3. they do not have to be great players. I am talking about playing more zone and finding a legit pass rusher. I do not expect them to find super secondary talent in the off season. They do have to find/draft a really talented edge guy, though, IMHO. And the point about rushers getting their hands up was more a reference to a little more complete, well rounded effort on plays. They looked like a bunch of slobs out there this year. We got so few TOs this year, pretty much.
  4. you can design all the fancy blitxzes you want, but if your personnel are lousy at blitzing, you are always a second late. You need a few guys who know how to do it. It is not generic. It is not all scheme. In the secondary, play zzone and keep the receivers underneath That makes up for a shortage in raw talent. Keep your hands up on the D front (lots of IINTs are tipped first--we rarely tip anything) and find a lethal edge rusher. Oh, and get rid of Revis, Gilchrist, Skrine---one of Mo or Sheldon, and probably Harris.
  5. no running back coaches please.
  6. Let the QBs call the plays. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Just being facetious, but........trying to remember. Did teams even have offensive coordinators back in the days of the Packers and the Colts 9 (the 60s). Did the Jets have one in 69?
  7. I like Burris. Tough guy. He just has to realize he is not as fast as he thinks he is.
  8. I never think about backfield coaches. So I never think about them as OCs
  9. In recent days, sources said McDermott had received encouraging answers to his questions about the team's front-office structure and how it would work day-to-day if he took the job. McDermott is not seeking "control," sources said, as much as he is seeking specifics about who's responsible for what and how they'll all work together. McDermott's likely defensive coordinator in Buffalo will be Panthers linebackers coach Al Holcomb, a source told ESPN's Schefter. The Jet game blew any chance Lynn had
  10. he has a problem with consistency. But he also has had 4 starts. I am not sure he will ever be a lead guy. BUt this showcase meant nothing to me. No protection. A brandon Marshall who was not trying, and for Gods sake, no TE! Young QBs need a TE. P>S. MY mistake! For some reason I thought we were talking about Petty here. Fact is, Geno could very well be back. Eeeek.
  11. Or, the Jets have called 15 prospective OC candidates and been tod to take a hike.
  12. NO way on a Round One safety. No way. I want an edge guy. that would transform our defense. We have only been ignoring it for what, 8 or 9. years?
  13. This------------------big