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  1. Petty showed poise. Geno still has none. Gene still gets flustered too easily. Petty may knw less, but he has fight in him
  2. Petty has made a couple of really precise and ballsy throws the last two games. Last week the guy was out of bounds. this one was a beaut.
  3. Every time i saw Cook play he would absolutely butcher a few short crossing patterns
  4. That gives Taylor an average annual salary of $15 million, just south of the Andy Dalton contract described in the story below. The more telling figure will be the guaranteed portion of Taylor's deal, which has yet to be reported. When the Buffalo Bills signed Tyrod Taylor last offseason, it wasn't necessarily with the idea that he'd end up as their starting quarterback. Taylor won a preseason competition against EJ Manuel and Matt Cassel, though, then had a very solid first campaign as a starter. He completed 63.4 percent of his passes at 8.0 yards per attempt while throwing 20 touchdowns against only six interceptions. Now, it appears the Bills are on the verge of locking him down long-term. Multiple reports indicated that he will soon sign an extension that could run as long as six years. It will be very interesting to see the final numbers on a potential Taylor contract. Other than Robert Griffin III, every starting quarterback that is signed for multiple years and isn't still on his rookie deal has an average salary of at least $16 million per season, per Spotrac. Taylor, though, has far less experience and a much shorter track record than any of those players. It's possible his deal could have an average salary near that range, yet carry a lower guarantee figure, like the contract the Bengals gave Andy Dalton. Dalton's six-year, $96 million contract averages $16 million per year, but only $17 million total was guaranteed. Only 17.71 percent of Dalton's contract value was guaranteed. Compare that to the other veteran quarterbacks, who averaged 57.1 percent guarantees. Taylor seems likely to be closer to the Dalton end of the spectrum based on his career to date, but considering Graham's report that the Bills are "all-in," maybe we should be ready for a more typical long-term starting QB contract. Week.
  5. Isn't that usually a season-ender?
  6. Seeing two old guys practicing that hard can only help
  7. Maybe I'm cray, but it looked to me like Fitz puked up the Buffalo game
  8. this does not put us in the playoffs. He is still Fitz.
  9. I feel bad for Sancho. This guy flat out lied about what he would do with the money. A lot of guys give their money to money managers without specific instructions. Apparently, Mark told him only 100 grand on sports ticket companies. Scary investment either way, IMHO.
  10. Frankenstein runs? I always wondered how he and the Mummy used to catch fleeing villagers.
  11. well he will have to start writing checks, won't he?
  12. Cumin is a schmuck
  13. No surprise. It is a charnel house
  14. I think the inevitable scenario is forming. Gene starts the season. Gene gets his block knocked off while failing to step out of bounds on a scramble. Hack starts. Hack loses a lot but shows something. Season over.
  15. Ridiculous. This happened before last season