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  1. Well, that is Todd Blowes' specialty, is it not?
  2. I kind of buy the BPA thing. But of course you draft for need. Especially in the rest of your draft. If you do not draft for need you will not have a team. If the Jets follow BPA they could conceivably draft 3 more defensive linemen. I also think BPA is overblown. If there is a need guy at 8 on your board and you have a 6, you draft the guy at 8. There are no absolutes. The number of busts we see proves that.
  3. The best secondary you can muster will not perform without a good pass rush. This is bunk.
  4. I guess when you are in a hotel at 3AM it is a good move to drag anything you find on the elevator back to your room-- and never even consider the possibility of consequences
  5. Trade down, get extra pick(s)---I am looking for an Edge, and OT and a safety--all starters
  6. I just do not want to go safety at 6. The first pick we make should be an edge guy---wherever that pick is. Sit the QB on his ass
  7. I will probably do my best to time it and check the Jets. But i can get the pick later during a commercial. I do not have to SEE it.
  8. You must have a large lawn. I hated Sanchez
  9. hae not seen a lot of him. But his arm strength did not look Penningtonian to me, as some suggest.
  10. I actually prefer need over BPA. Because the Jets are super needy. I want them to draft safe guys with high floors, and not worry about ceilings, and no more talented projects. Time to pile up as known a bunch of quantities as we can
  11. not to worry. Todd will coach the pants off the enemy coaches.
  12. but you are not reallyarguing Bowles place on the list, are you?
  13. What they really need is Ray Scott redux----guys who talk a lot less. All sports has become a gabfest--it's not just football----and it is annoying. I just want to see the game. And hear the crowds. A little goes a long way. I do not need to hear a two yard off tackle dive hyper-analyzed. Sports has become like the 24 hour news cycle.