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  1. Dan Quinn

    Why event hunk about it. Bowles is all right.  Gotta beat Buffalo, though
  2. Who do we all want to win next week?

    Do not really care.  Game has no magic for me.  My opinion is Carolina romps
  3. Trading Richardson

    too much money for a line that does not terrorize passers
  4. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    If they keep Geno he will spend another season in study hall.  I think a lot of people figured him for two years of study before they threw him into the pit with the other dogs. If they cut Geno that is another story. But they could still sign another experienced backup. I am not sure what Macc was saying.  All I got from it was that they think he might be able to make the throws.
  5. But it really would not matter to you if they were, would it?
  6. I do no like cheating, but lots of people accept corruption of all kinds if it brings them some type of gain.  Whatever.  What really bugs me is that our 40 million per annum commissioner is n bed with them against all the other teams. 
  7. Bryce Petty ~ ~ ~

    I took it to mean that he has the physicals.  The jury is still out on the menials and the emotionals.  Working harder will not get him a stronger arm.  They must think him capable of learning a pro style to even make the No. 2 comment. How he will perform under pressure?  That is what makes the difference between 1 and 2.  That, and consistency.  They cannot know that until he faces a real defense---in a game.  
  8. Sheldon pleads guilty...

    that resisting arrest" part will sink him with the league
  9. Sheldon pleads guilty...

    that "resisting arrest" part will sink him with the league
  10. watching Denver reminded me how mediocre our rush was
  11. NO-you win because you do not spend all your money on a few starters and then have nothing in reserve.  The Jets have been suffering from a talent shortage for a few years now.  Some of it was drafting and some of it was money.
  12. I think the question is not to sign Mo, but not to overpay Mo.
  13. What did Mo have: 12 sacks? I do not consider that to be earth shattering, or worthy of a Godzilla contract. He will definitely price himself out of town.
  14. I think ideally I would keep Snacks.  The Jets line's biggest claim to fame was stuffing the run.  Take away 30-40% of the other team's offense and you have got something.   
  15. Sheldon missed time and was out of position a lot of the year, even taking time at LB. I think Sheldon has the better upside.  Unfortunately he has a 50 cent head.  Mo will price himself off this team. This team did its last overspending (save for a Qb) with Revis.