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  1. I would not mind keeping Marshall, if he would just shut up about his QB preference. He obviously missed the mark with Fitz.
  2. "leader of the defense." What defense?
  3. Let's face it. The team will lie down around him. They have been doing it all year. He will probably get hurt like he did pre season. This team has no balls.
  4. Remember Vinnie T.. He had a rep as a failure and an INT machine when he came here.
  5. physically, Romo is a basket case
  6. he was rumored to be coming here. Woody got impatient.
  7. They must have had an inkling that Quinn might turn them down and did not want to see the field cleared of candidates before the SB ended. Not sure Quinn would have been great either, but it seemed like a knee jerk decision at the time. They should have hired mac and let him pick. Then if he stunk we could fire both now.
  8. Parcells was a good coach, and got a heck of a year out of retread Vinnie. True, he was not much at buying groceries. He put together a good coaching staff. Anyone coming in would have to bring his own personnel guy, like BB did in NE. There is always a need for solid support staff. WE get Kacy Rodgers and brant Boyer. But a smart football guy would get the right people, not scoop up newbies and cross his fingers
  9. It took him a while
  10. Well, I really meant Woody, the great and powerful Oz. They absolutely have to cut a Parcells type deal. Bring in a monster football guy to run the show. What was the point of Casserly and Wolf? They amazingly suggest he pick two newbies. Good grief! Did they advise Woody to arrnage an executive tree like the one he did? We will never know, of course. But it hardly seems likely they would do something like that. I want to see a veteran football guy brought in and given a blank check to do it any way he wants. What sane man would come here to work for Johnson? That is a whole other question.
  11. Jim Brown. The guy HAD to be gang tackled almost all the time
  12. My point was that we are not finding a top QB. Sentence number one. All the rest of it cannot happen in one year. We need a rebuild. Bringing in some vet will advance us toward mediocrity---without actually getting there.
  13. Really? He had a downward slide at the end with the Giants. And he is ooooooold
  14. I was against a re-sign, but I understand why he did it. I was prepared to rebuild.
  15. I want someone who has been a head coach----college or pro. Someone who hs shown he can be in charge