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    I am extremely narrow-minded, petty and vindictive
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    When Rich Kotite got hired.
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    I just cannot make up my mind
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    More or less
  1. ha ha. he actually drew a holding penalty on the next snap. he must be dizzy with success
  2. that is still a crap call. Lee was zeroing in on his chest. he dropped his head.
  3. I think for football players, I. Q. stands for Imbecility Quotient
  4. Battle of the Titans
  5. no. he actually is not
  6. if they run it now you kow we are back in Bowles Mode
  7. they held them on 3rd and 18. Cause to celebrate? Maybe
  8. so he has found his calling?
  9. we come out with 2 run plays. All 3 of our runs have been identical
  10. Skrine stinks. He never shows improvement. He is just out there being stupid. On the long pass he had all day to knock that ball into the ground but he failed. On the TD he was out of the zip code.
  11. Well.....that was easy
  12. I like the NFL the way it used to be. Used to be a guy fumbled, two or three guys jumped on it and the ref made a call. Now 7 guys jump on it and you have to pull them off before making a call. Meanwhile guys are stealing it from each other after the whistle. That is WWF stuff. Used to be on, over or above the goal line--the theory being if you could not keep the ball from being advanced to the goal line you had failed. Pretty simple and straightforward. Fine with me. Football is about advancing the ball, not standing in the end zone clutching a baby. Used to be we did not have this two step nonsense after a catch. You get both hands on the ball, get hit, the bal pops loose----guess what---you just fumbled. The NFL keeps legislating the game into a comedic farce.
  13. I think he closed his right arm over the ball after the little bobble. Then he hit the ground. It was in his possession on two occasions. It is a ridiculous rule and it created a idiculpous situation. ut the NFL is ridiculous, so....