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  1. I would like them to draft player who has the potential to be the best at his position. That would be nice. Foster, maybe? It would be nice to get a player somewhere in the first round. Maybe trade down and pick Foster.
  2. he was given 4 games last year and could not stay on the field through that. I don't know.
  3. I know. I figured you kind of like him. I kind of don't. That is all good, y the way. He showed he was stubborn and I hate stubborn. He was in no danger of losing his job and he should have bailed on Fitz sooner. He also could not manage the clubhouse. And most of those problems were his D boys.
  4. Don't be modest. It is just a case of whether you like him and whether i don't. Projections are porjections. I actually see another Rex, minus the personality. Same stubborn defensive-dumb I don't care about offense approach. And an equally terrible game manager. Could he progress? Sure. And Hack could be the next Brady, by the same line of "reasoning."
  5. You are a smart guy, but I cannot see how you say Bowles is a smart coach. Based on what? He even showed signs of incompetence when he went 10-6, and only got worse last season. So if it is just a hunch-- fine. It may even turn out to be true. But the evidence is not there now.
  6. regardless. I do not want Romo here
  7. I don;t put much stock in what Brtandon says. He impresses me as being a bit of a neighborhood BS'er. There was a lot of ugliness in that clubhouse this year. But he always is careful to protect his TV persona when questioned by the media.
  8. Personally, I never blame the fans. I am a captain of the ship man, myself. If you continually hire the wrong people, you are a crappy executive.
  9. Nonsense. Romo's spine is made out of matchsticks
  10. And that matters...how?
  11. I forgot about him. what is TB running a jobs program for the chronically unemployed?
  12. Is Al Groh available? He has probably coached more recently than Bates. Maybe we can bring hm in in some defensive capacity. First Bowles pulls Gailey out of retirement and now Bates. Give me a break.
  13. I bet he winds up an injury list guy
  14. he developed what I like to call Tight Balls Syndrome
  15. Ha ha. You are right. Except it is one thing to throw to keep possession. It is another to throw when there are points on the board. They have a very good kicker.