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  1. Anyone who thinks the Jets are going to be the team that unearths the next Russell Wilson.
  2. 1. Watson 2. Thomas 3. Lattimore 4-. Who gives a sh*t
  3. There's this persistent idea that the Jets--the Jets--are somehow going to outsmart everyone else in the draft.
  4. oh hell yeah
  5. did he have any other stats that year
  6. The Jets and Rams: two franchises known for good quarterbackin'
  7. yes, I am confident Solomon Thomas will be a better edge rusher than Sheldon Richardson
  8. What does Richardson have to do with anything?
  9. My assumption is that Thomas would be an edge guy for us, not a DL.
  10. I said high-leverage position, not high-leverage player, but assuming you're seriously asking and not just setting up another game of pin the tail on the fallacy, at least one and probably two of the following: Thomas, Lattimore, Watson/Trubisky.
  11. This draft sucks for QBs, I'm looking a few years down the line: http://247sports.com/Player/Drew-Pyne-88572 #PiningforPyne
  12. ME (stupid, suffering from effects of mercury poisoning): we need to maximize our value by taking athletic players at high-leverage positions YOU (sober, wise, knows how football works): all positions are the same