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  1. Bradley and McCoy are the favorites. John Fox is a sleeper to watch for.
  2. Is this a serious question?
  3. They probably would have given up and stopped playing hard. Good thing we spent that money and made sure that never happened.
  4. CanadaSteve, thank you
  5. Makes you wonder if any team even needs a coach at all, tbqh
  6. Assuming we're high enough to get ahold of one (or high enough that we can make a non-team-crippling trade up), do you like any of the QBs in this draft?
  7. rotfl lmfao
  8. This is really missing the forest for the trees. We're exactly like the Browns in that the number of qualified, competent people who want to work here is basically zero. If we start firing coaches and GMs after two years, it'll shrink even more, regardless of whether or not we've made a habit of it in the past.
  9. It may not be an insult, but it's not exactly a compliment. He's putting up dogsh*t numbers, he's not a top-tier wideout, and he's not assisting any young QBs with anything. He's got 3 TDs and probably won't break a thousand yards this year. You know how many targets we've had to flush his way to get those 53 top tier receptions? 109. That's more than a quarter of the passes we've attempted this season. For the money he's making and the draft pick we gave up, we'd be better off digging a hole in the ground on his side of the field and just throwing the ball into it nine times a game. And before any of you Rhodes scholars jumps in with "BUT FITZ SUCKSES," this has been the pattern throughout Marshall's career, with every QB and coach and coordinator he's ever played under. Of course they do, which is why I said a and not the. That said, if you don't think replacing last year's WR1 with a giant sucking sound is having an impact, I don't know what to tell you. I don't think he's planning on sending a printed invitation. The indication is that he's done it in literally every pro locker room he's ever been a part of.
  10. Being the best wide receiver the Jets have had in decades is like the Plantonic form of tallest midget. He'll be 33 next season, he's due $7.5 million, and he's a major reason why the offense has gone into the sh*tter this year. We're also long overdue for him to flip his sh*t and go after a teammate, so every day he's here we're just tempting fate.
  11. If this team has any brains, Marshall won't be on the roster next season.
  12. *competitive rebuild