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  1. Is there a #TeamNotThat?
  2. Dallas must be kicking themselves for not taking Hackenberg.
  3. Pro-style offense bro
  4. F that. The best possible outcome is we trade at least two draft picks for a guy I've heard mentioned on Sportscenter.
  5. They certainly can't match the value of a #4 QB, that's for sure.
  6. Whichever of the four promising young wideouts gets cut to make sure we have room for three completely useless quarterbacks.
  7. I think all the available evidence suggests that that's exactly what they're going to do.
  8. Anderson, Peake, Marshall, Ross: one of these guys will be cut so we can roster three different QBs who will never start a playoff game in their lives.
  9. I hope you're right, because my first thought on reading this thread title was "this dumbass team really is going to carry 4 QBs, isn't it."
  10. F*ckin millennials...disgusting...
  11. I wouldn't sweat him as a pass rusher. Guys who put up a lot of QB hits but not a lot of sacks (like Williams did last year) tend to see their sack number leap the following season. If you're worried about the pass rush, I'd be looking at the OLBs.
  12. Good gravy, what a bunch of ******* prudes you guys are.
  13. I'm always going to be pissed about the pick because I think it was a waste, but I agree that it would take some of the sting out if it turns out they're just going to draft a guy every year until one hits. The absolute nightmare scenario is they pass over a solid prospect next year because they're committed to Hackenberg.