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  2. This six game sample, and, also, the six games from the playoffs, prove that REX is a good Head Coach. The other games dont count
  3. BS, a few FAs and trades this offseason and we are a contender again
  4. The GENIUS of Mac
  5. In a way, the team is bad because of the fans
  6. The line has been pretty good. At the end of the day I just don't believe in ever spending a top-10 pick on a back.
  7. The Jets, on the other hand, have none of these problems.
  8. Gamebreaking Gurley is 30th in DYAR and DVOA this year and he'll be in a wheelchair by the time this team's ready to compete again.
  9. This is only tangentially related, but it's a funny story: Hub Arkush, the editor of Pro Football Weekly, is a Chicago-area native and covers the Bears for one of the local radio stations. When the Bears fired Phil Emery, Hub argued--strenuously, earnestly, with a completely straight face--that the only way for the Bears to come out of their rut was to let Grigson run their GM search. In other words, he believed not only that the Bears should retain a rival GM to hire one of this direct competitors, but that the most qualified rival GM was the guy who traded a first-round pick for Trent Richardson. Just another piece of evidence that in The Ultimate Meritocracy, it's way more important to be a big fat footbally guy with lots of media friends than it is to actually be good at your job.
  10. This all sounds great, except you threw a sh*tfit when we fired Tannenbaum, too.
  11. Totally disagree on developing the young guys.
  12. Also, lollercoaster at this thread