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  1. Game thoughts

    After Bowles lost the first two games, it was good to see Maccagnan get a win yesterday.
  2. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    He's got you there, Dom.
  3. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    That's kind of the point. 5 wins is a nightmare outcome.
  4. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    Adams was great yesterday. The PD was exactly the kind of play you need from a safety taken at 6, and the kind of play I wasn't sure he could make. I also loved loved loved him sh*t-talking Cutler after the sack. That said, Deshaun Watson gave his team a lead over the Pats in Foxboro with 2+ minutes left in his 2nd career start. Adams can become the best safety in the league, but if Watson (or Mahomes) turns into a franchise guy, it's still a disaster.
  5. Defense showed up after 2+ years?

    FO had us as 5th in total defense in 2015. You people have brain parasites.
  6. This is how far we are from the #1 Pick...

    Im just saying if we go 4-12 and get a CB would that be so bad? MAybe for the SOJFs but the real fans would get it
  7. Jermaine Kearse

    We should extend all our current offensive players, we got a really good core going
  8. This is how far we are from the #1 Pick...

    Waht if instead of #1 we pick #4 and get a CB instead of a QB? The fans might not likr it but if were picking 4 and not 1 it proves that were not asbad as the other teams to begin with, so we dont necessarily need a QB
  9. Trash player, trash teammate, trash human being
  10. Not in any way you would recognize. We are slaves. Bound by hell's own tyrant to do his bidding, we labor mindlessly, denigrating the Personnel Guys of the world. By day we calculate three-cone times and estimate the cost of acquiring future firsts; by night we **** those selfsame calculators, damning them to the same hell we already know. And in the meantime, Mike Maccagnan rolls along, acquiring star after star after star, making us look stupider and stupider with every passing draft. I would be glad of another death.
  11. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    Whoevwr Macccc picks, will be good
  12. This is how far we are from the #1 Pick...

    I have never had a job and I am naked 100% of the time
  13. Waht abt the personnel guy