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  1. Yet another courageous Alex Smith performance spoiled by the incompetence of his teammates.
  2. It's just a particularly tortured way of absolving Maccagnan for yet another ****up.
  3. I don't think he was being literal, Isaac Newton.
  4. This is precisely the logic of a season ticket holder, so it's precisely the reason we're going to burn the sixth overall pick on a guy whose effective NFL career will be five years.
  5. Sweet merciful crap.
  6. Does this offer still stand?
  7. Even when you're right, you say the dumbest sh*t.
  8. Must be nice to walk into a team with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.
  9. Agreed, let's build through the draft, except when we don't
  10. Signing other teams' castoffs has served us so well these last couple of years, so yeah, let's keep it up
  11. GOOD, this bum was totally unqualified
  12. A millennial recently raped and killed all of my geese, then he asked if he could go home early, unreal
  13. PROTIP: Carton's a putz and making a thread to discuss his beer-addled ramblings will always end in disaster
  14. It's pretty dumb, dude.
  15. Well, I've heard of all of them, which means they would all be good