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  1. Pretty much. Fitzpatrick is the best option for this team, but he's probably only good enough to get us to 8-8 against this schedule. Come 2017, it's just rinse-and-repeat Jets stuff: we hand the reins to Hackenberg, who's a world-historical disaster; all the receivers are old and hurt; we win 4 games; everyone gets fired; the next GM/coach combo inherits the same capped-out pile of crap Idzik did.
  2. How long until joewilly12 is in here demanding we trade for him? Ten minutes? Five?
  3. You're very frank, joewilly12. I think it would be quite something to know you in private life.
  4. It has nothing to do with spin. Bowles has openly said Fitzpatrick is the starter the second he puts pen to paper.
  5. great article except for games are played on the FIELD not inside of a COMPTUER
  6. Zero percent chance "Craig Sniffen" is a real name.
  7. Sounds like you had a great time, also sounds like you're not at all mad, all this is just funny to you
  8. Also, why tf did he choose a guy from each team, instead of just making an overall top 10 or whatever? What a dumb article.
  9. I like how a third or so are perfectly decent players who just got hurt last year.
  10. Correct on all counts. A rare moment of clarity for this franchise.
  11. The Classiest Franchise In The NFLâ„¢
  12. A rapidly aging balsa wood sculpture
  13. joe, thank you for this