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  1. It's not complicated. Mangini and Idzik each had a plan, however poorly they executed it. The others all got distracted by whatever shiny thing passed into their field of vision.
  2. No arguments on the Kendall part, but narcing out Belichick was awesome.
  3. This is where I'm at. Mangini and Idzik both did their share of dumb sh*t, and I don't really regret either one being gone, but they're unique among Jets coaches/GMs in that they both approached the job like an adult. If you asked Bradway or Tannenbaum or Maccagnan--or, for that matter, Herm or Rex or Bowles--to define "marginal value," they'd literally burst into flames.
  4. Remember the last three seasons when we had the best defensive line in the league but went 19-29 with no playoff appearances because having the best defensive line in the league means ****-all if you're mediocre-to-non-competitive at the positions that matter? I'm not bringing this up for any reason, just kinda blue-skying here
  5. Man, this thread got real good real fast.
  6. He built a 15-1 team that went to the Super Bowl. If you think this conversation needs to continue beyond that, you are in legitimate need of professional help. He also drafted Funchess in the 2nd, not the 1st, which is notable only in that you of all people making "spent a 2 on a sh*tty Big Ten receiver" a criterion for terrible GMing is an absolute ******* lollercoaster.
  7. This is a sickness.
  8. Really makes you appreciate the stability and success the Jets have had
  9. A Jets fan of all people claiming that "no player tanks" truly beggars the imagination.
  10. Its not tanking, its a full rebuild. Try it sometime
  11. +1 It's nice that there's a national voice who doesn't reflexively mock the Jets and everything they do, but he said all this stuff about Rex (and Sanchez, and Geno, and Fitzpatrick) too.