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  1. It's gonna go down with the day Rex got fired and the day we drafted Marcus Maye as one of the funniest moments in JN history.
  2. nyjunc, your welcome, and thank's
  3. Like I said: a treasure.
  4. You're a treasure. We take you for granted far too often.
  5. I have never been more excited for a training camp than I am for this one. I love you guys so much
  6. Extrapolate this to a full season and it's pretty impressive
  7. No need to choose sides here. They're both dumbasses.
  8. James Franklin
  9. IRL LOLed at this
  10. Personally, I think having less information about my team, is Actually Good
  11. totes magotes
  12. Wow, extrapolate that to a whole season and it's pretty dominant