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  1. Are you suggesting it's not the coach's fault when the team loses a game where the QB throws six (6) interceptions?
  2. Joe, what should we do man???
  3. Six years of Chad followed by six more of Sanchez and Geno and we've learned absolutely nothing. This is hands down the dumbest fanbase in professional sports, and we richly deserve every single terrible thing this team does to us.
  4. Drop "interception" from the offensive playsheet.
  5. We should fire him
  6. You definitely have a type, I'll give you that.
  7. gimme a break, how many yrs did Briskett play in a pro-style offense
  8. I wonder how long Fox gets to skate on the no talent excuse. I get that they're rebuilding, but the point of hiring a guy like Fox is that he gives you a floor while you get the roster up to speed, and they honestly don't even look competitive right now.
  9. Since when?
  10. Lock, dump, ban, rape, immolate
  11. Taught a young team how to win, which is the most important thing
  12. As dumb as Rex is, it is kind of amazing that literally the only lesson he took from his failure here is "they didn't empower me to do enough stupid s**t."
  13. Quick addendum to the Rex-as-cockroach theory: I thought it was really cool how he complimented Marshall and Decker by name in his postgame presser, but referred to Idzik draftee and 92-yard-getter Quincy Enunwa only as "81," even though he coached Enunwa for a whole season.
  14. Now you've got Peter King signal boosting this trash on Twitter. Once you get an in with these s**theels , you're set for life.