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  1. How do they know he said it with three r's and two e's
  2. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    Is this a trick question?
  3. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    11th in time of possession
  4. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    That said, I do enjoy the fact that a fanbase that's called for every OC since time immemorial to be burned at the stake is suddenly turning into the Cult of Morton.
  5. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    This is crazy, and what's even crazier is that it's the third or fourth post of this kind I've seen this week. The offense is terrible.
  6. Adams call vs. Gronk

    Malik Hooker: 3 INTs, 4 PDs Marshon Lattimore: pick-6, 4 PDs, forced fumble Jets Fans: Zapruder filming a shaky DPI call to prove Jamal Adams can cover
  7. Right. Ed Reed and Charles Tillman just happened to be in the right place at the right time every week.
  8. This is completely wrong. Fumble recoveries are random. Forced fumbles and interceptions are anything but.
  9. Forget Watson for a second and just limit it to DBs. Hooker and Lattimore both look better than Adams. What a complete cluster****.
  10. Well, we've got two elite safeties, so yeah, obv
  11. The reason why its not safe to bring youre kid to a Jet's game? You guessed it folks...... #fakefans
  12. Here's the thing though: now that we have Adams, our troubles with Gronk are finally over
  13. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Hell ya babby
  14. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    The defining feature of the Maccagnan ball-washers is their bemusement at other people holding two different ideas in their head at once.
  15. Crowd needs to Jetup tmrw

    MY TEAM, RIGHT OR WRONG #realfans
  16. Game Observations (NE)

    He's just leading men, any way he can
  17. Game Observations (NE)

    Lee and Adams were both dogsh*t today. When do we start calling out Leonard Williams? He's been fine against the run, but for a guy who set a goal of a sack in every game, he's had practically zero impact as a pass rusher.
  18. Thoughts

  19. in a way, Bowles and Macc are the realest fans of all
  20. when you think about it we actually did wn
  21. Crowd needs to Jetup tmrw

    So did we Jetup, or what