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  1. if its not bud light ima complaining!
  2. Watched video and you guys are really amused! Nothing special nor funny this fan base is so starved for a franchise QB that you are all so giddy about this journeymen Qb. Oh well just my take for what it's worth been a fan since 71 myself hope you guys are right!
  3. He's not going anywhere!
  4. Damaged good!
  5. Unfortunately I have a feeling this draft will be compared to previous draft blunders when Paxton Lynch goes on to have a great career and Hackenberg will be a complete bust.
  6. My God!, a couple of peepes said this in Philly REALLY PEOPLE!!! and your going to reply to this as true. UGH!!! Peeps are stupid sometimes.
  7. No, his boyfriend is!