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  1. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Damaged good!
  2. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Unfortunately I have a feeling this draft will be compared to previous draft blunders when Paxton Lynch goes on to have a great career and Hackenberg will be a complete bust.
  3. There f#%king horrible!
  4. Cimini: Jets should sign Vick

    STFU already!
  5. My God!, a couple of peepes said this in Philly REALLY PEOPLE!!! and your going to reply to this as true. UGH!!! Peeps are stupid sometimes.
  6. Is Revis Gay?

    No, his boyfriend is!
  7. Fk scott and his BS,as for keller try to keep him
  8. Sandy Hook Principal Dawn Hochsprung Memorial Fund

    Just donated,God bless you and your family
  9. Accually the same headhunting group K/F found Glat for woody.
  10. QB Coach Talk

    this sounds like more wildcat BS!!! enough already