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  1. If the question is "Who should the Jets cut???" then sign me up.
  2. Is that the Rebel bar just renamed ??? been there and will make a few visits this seaon.
  3. I will be moving into an apartment in Downtown Chicago in a few weeks -- Have to go with Comcast or so they say. But DTV says there is a law saying they can not prevent me from having their services where I am moving to. This is a wait and see right now - tired of paying so much each month and I think I will just do the Sunday Ticket on my computer and hook up to my TV OR just go to the multitude of sports bars within walking distance to the new pad. Haven't had to do that for a long time and honestly not looking forward to it. Hate watching games with no sound or the Bears game only thing streaming in. I will miss watching Jets post game though.
  4. My Father made me a Jets fan. Because he was a Giants fan.
  5. I stand corrected -- but still that play was huge.
  6. Well my personal favorite will always be Chrebets catch in the game against Tampa mainly because I was there. One that doesn't really stand out IMO is Shaun Ellis"s interception off Brady in the Divisional playoff game on the Patriots 1st drive.Totally changed the momentum of the game.
  7. Was at MSG for the Davey Moore/Roberto Duran fight I guess back in 82. During one of the preliminary fights guy sitting behind me says "Ali just walked in". Within about 20 seconds the buzz went thru the Arena. Spotlight hits Ali and the crowd just went ballistic shouting ALI ALI ALI for about a minute or so. Felt bad for the guys fighting cause no one was paying attention to them. A great moment I have not nor will ever forget. RIP
  8. Interesting idea... But would not pay to see it.
  9. Well got Miami game set up -- maybe do a home one this year. Ravens game looks doable.
  10. usually a week before the draft
  11. This one hurts as well as the others in the last few months. Emmerson def one of my favorites on the Keyboard... Right next to Wakeman. Only saw them twice but was awesome both times.
  12. Man it was over 20 years ago when I read that one. Honest had to google the title just to remind myself which one it was. King wrote some sick short stories. Not sure of the title but he had one about a guy on a deserted Island who had to eat himself just to stay alive. Awesome stuff.
  13. Anyway just saw the Sabbath show a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely fantastic 97 percent stuff from the 70s. Ozzy's voice was damn near perfect and Tony Iomi was awesome. Last tour ever (or so they say) definitly worth it.
  14. Really enjoyed Deadpool but the coming attraction for "Hardcore Harry" looks insane.