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  1. Well pics seem to be his specialty.
  2. low scoring game -- we fall short 13-10 Chiefs
  3. off to an awful start -- and I missed picking the 8 early games on Sunday -- work cut out for me -- 15 weeks to make up ground
  4. I just don't see us losing tonight. 12 hour shift today another tomorrow screw sleep -- My mood tomorrow will all depend what transpires on the field tonight.
  5. Always will remember him most back when Prime Time was the definitive football highlight show. Was a shame that NBC took over with "Football Night in America". Hate that with a passion and really have never watched since it's inception. Enjoy your retiement TJ
  6. Brandon Marshall punches Darrelle Revis at Jets camp James Parks - 5 hours ago 0 New York Newsletter 0 0 There was some unpleasantness on the sideline at Jets practice on Friday between two of their biggest stars. Wide receiver Brandon Marshall and cornerback Darrelle Revis had to be separated by teammates after what began as a verbal spat escalated briefly into fisticuffs when Marshall threw a punch at the veteran, according to ESPN’s Rich Cimini. The dispute was stopped by quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who put himself between the two seconds later, while wide receiverQuincy Enunwa had to physically remove Marshall from the area, picking him up and carrying him as far away as he could. The skirmish began after some physical 1-on-1 drills during the afternoon, with Revis apparently getting the better of Marshall on a number of occasions on a variety of routes. Eventually, though, Marshall beat the defender on an 80 yard touchdown on a double move that tripped Revis up. Revis did not retaliate against Marshall, instead standing back as Fitzpatrick and Enunwa handled their offensive teammate.
  7. The Front Office is not alone.
  8. If the question is "Who should the Jets cut???" then sign me up.
  9. Is that the Rebel bar just renamed ??? been there and will make a few visits this seaon.
  10. I will be moving into an apartment in Downtown Chicago in a few weeks -- Have to go with Comcast or so they say. But DTV says there is a law saying they can not prevent me from having their services where I am moving to. This is a wait and see right now - tired of paying so much each month and I think I will just do the Sunday Ticket on my computer and hook up to my TV OR just go to the multitude of sports bars within walking distance to the new pad. Haven't had to do that for a long time and honestly not looking forward to it. Hate watching games with no sound or the Bears game only thing streaming in. I will miss watching Jets post game though.
  11. My Father made me a Jets fan. Because he was a Giants fan.
  12. I stand corrected -- but still that play was huge.
  13. Well my personal favorite will always be Chrebets catch in the game against Tampa mainly because I was there. One that doesn't really stand out IMO is Shaun Ellis"s interception off Brady in the Divisional playoff game on the Patriots 1st drive.Totally changed the momentum of the game.