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  1. Due personal reasons this will be the 1st game I miss in a very long time GO JETS
  2. Best bets week 7

    8-9-1. 4-2. Upset special best bets Carolina - 3. V. Bears Bills -3. Vs. Bucs Broncos -1. Vs. Chargers upset Falcons over Pats
  3. Best Bets. Week 6

    Nice job
  4. Best Bets. Week 6

    Sun sentinel Ft Lauderdale had it as a pic em Saturday mornings paper.... made picks late... well looks like Rodgers and the Pack screwed me.
  5. Best Bets. Week 6

    Last week 3-0. Overall 7-7-1. 3-2. Upset special Before I sail off on my cruise Green Bay -3. Vs. Vikes Tenn. Pk vs. Indy KC - 4. Vs Steelers upset. Arizona. Over Tampa Bay Since i will be sailing the high seas I may not make my picks for next week. I know the disappointment you must feel. Anyway enjoy the games.
  6. Best Bets week 5

    Blind squirrel finally found the nut 3-0 7-7-1 overalll 3-2 upset pick til next week
  7. Best Bets week 5

    4-7-1. Overall. 3-1. Upset pick Best bets Indy -1 vs 49ers Jets p1 vs Browns Vikes -2 vs Bears upset special Bills over Bengals Enjoy the games all.
  8. RIP Tom Petty

    Sad news on a sad day. RIP
  9. how is richardson doing with new team?

    He hit 2 home runs it was magnificent.
  10. Best Bets WEEK 4

    2-1 an upward swing.... damn near hit the upset 4-7-1 til next week
  11. Best Bets WEEK 4

    Just call me tootsie pop
  12. Best Bets WEEK 4

    jax by 3
  13. Best Bets WEEK 4

    your odds are better than mine -- good luck
  14. Best Bets WEEK 4

    So far so bad 2-6-1 3-0 on the upset special. here goes nothing Best bets Pit -3 vs Ravens Arizona -6.5 vs Niners Eagles -1 vs Chargers upset special Giants over Bucs Go Jets and enjoy the games
  15. So some are calling for a national NFL boycott Nov 12th. Still going.