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  1. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic If Fitz gets hurt or falters, all Jet true fans will be 100% rooting for Geno   

    Both QBs give me the heebie jeebies whenever they go back to pass. I will root for them no matter what.
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  2. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic Moving out the Northeast?   

    Grew up on Long Island. Moved to Houston and lived there for 25 years. Summers were a bitch but the Winters were great. Cheap to live as well had a 4,000 sq foot 6 bedroom home built in pool with outdoor Kitchen only to sell it and move to Illinois 3.5 years ago to live in a house half the size and for twice the money.
    Work d/town Chicago but commute 40 miles to the west. Once the boy is out of College (debt free I might add) Wife and I will sell home and get an apartment d/town because she is bored to tears out where we are at and wants some sort of life. Really looking towards that. Then will finish my prison sentence off in Illinois and retire in 5 years. After that will probably go where most NYers end up. Florida since that's where most of our family resides.
    As for Broadway you would not go wrong moving to Texas. JMHO.
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  3. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic ARE YOU ON BOARD? OR ARE YOU STILL AT THE GATE?   

    On Board  but do expect some Turbulence enroute.
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  4. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic BEST BETS -- WEEK 4   

    Gee another 2-1 week at least I am consistent. Hit the BB so 3-1 there and 8-4 overall. Hit the upset special so 2-2 there. 
    Til  next week.
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  5. slowmoe57 added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Last week 2-1  6-3  overall and 2-1 on the best bet
    best bet
    Carolina  -3  vs  Tampa 
    hon mention
    Falcons -6.5  vs Texans
    parlay pick
    Arizona  -6.5  vs Rams 
    upset special Chicago  over Oakland 
    Good luck with all your Picks and GO JETS
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  6. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic What's on the menu for this Sunday?   

    French Toast and Mimosas.
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  7. slowmoe57 added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Stay Classy Miami.
    Miko Grimes, wife of Brent Grimes, faces charges, suffers injury
    29m - NFL Brent Grimes +1 more    Associated Press 334 Shares    EmailPrintCommentMIAMI GARDENS, Fla. -- The wife of Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes was arrested Sunday in the stadium parking lot shortly before the team's loss to the Buffalo Bills, and she hurt her right knee and arm in a confrontation with police.
    Miko Grimes faces charges of disorderly conduct, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest with violence. According to a police report, Grimes was walking into vehicular traffic and was arrested after she disobeyed an officer's command to stop. She remained combative even after being handcuffed, police said.
    Brent Grimes is a Pro Bowl cornerback, and his wife is well-known in South Florida thanks to her Twitter site. She offers frequent opinions about the Dolphins, their fans and the NFL and has nearly 11,000 followers.
    According to police, Grimes ignored an order to stop and became belligerent and screamed profanities. She charged one officer while flailing her arms, and when an officer grabbed her in a bear hug and threw her on the ground, Grimes kicked her feet and tried to get up.
    Grimes was handcuffed and, once on her feet, head-butted an officer. She was then forced to sit on a police golf cart and continued to be combative until the cart reached a police station. Once there, she was treated for her injuries.
    A Dolphins official said the team was aware of the incident and had no comment.
    The Dolphins lost to the Bills 41-14.
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  8. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic Let's be realistic...   

    Best case scenario 3-1 worst 2-2 at the Bye. With 3 of the 4 next games being very winnable we could be 5-3 or 6-2 going into the Bills game. After a 1-8 start last year that's a better season by a long shot. Definitely need Decker and Ivory in the mix and as ashamed as I am to admit it Geno will probably be the best option down the stretch.
    I was expecting us to be better -- I was not expecting miracles.
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  9. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic Best Bets - week 3   

    almost doesn't count -- another 2-1 and missed the BB -- 6-3 Overall and 2-1 on the BB
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  10. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic Best Bets - week 3   

    Probably true but Miami is favored so there you go.  Last week almost took the Jets but wimped out on that and was thinking Bucs over a banged up Texans team this week. Will stick with this one.
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  11. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic Picks Week 3   

    You know that one game a year ( well every now and then) when we are brimming with confidence and the Jets sh*t the bed.
    this is not that game
    Jets 21 Philly 13
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  12. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic In case anyone wants a humorous throwback Thursday chuckle...   

    Chicago is on Pace (pun intended) for next years 1st pick in the draft.
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  13. slowmoe57 added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Best Bets - week 3
    not so bad start to the season 4-2 overall and 2-0 on the BB
    exciting times ahead. Here We Go
    Best Bet
    Indy   - 3    vs Titans
    Hon. Mention
    Carolina -3  vs  Saints
    Parlay Pick
    Arizona  -6.5  vs  49ers
    upset special Buffalo over Miami
    as always feel free to make your picks and GO JETS
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  14. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic For those of us who were in Indy last night....   

    Had a blast and the Colts fans were 1st class. Agreed always nice to see a road victory. 
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  15. slowmoe57 added a post in a topic Best Bets -- WEEK 2   

    Dagnabit another 2-1 week but hit the best bet so 2-0 there and 4-2 overall off to indy -- til next week
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