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  1. Like I said yesterday- in camp by Saturday
  2. I had a difficult time reading this fine print...
  3. Zac Stacy was released
  4. Haha, well played. I really think he is signed by Saturday. No reasoning just a hunch
  5. its unfortunate, but yes.
  6. The open schedule is just wrong but it has nothing to do with the location, its the coaching staff thats keeping us away. Six open practices, you need to do better Jets.
  7. One less than if Fitz were to start the whole year. 8 with Fitz, 7 with Geno.
  8. They also do not have the cap room to absorb the 12 million this year.
  9. Freeman McNeil Al Toon Walker Darryl Ray Klecko Mo Lewis I know that's 6 but he needs to be here
  10. Agree with the OP here. I think the Jets feel that with this schedule Geno and Fitz are pretty much even. I feel the Jets would like Fitz here to groom Hack above anything he can do this year on the field. We shall see. As of now, until the Jets make some money moves it doesn't matter.
  11. That makes two of us
  12. Would be even better if the Jets site was working