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  1. He was definitely honest, that's for sure. Seemed calculated and unnecessary to me. Hope to see you at the next game, you were missed. At least your kids enjoyed the game!
  2. I agree with you here but not on the Fitz comments. Say them on Monday, its a non story. Right after the game is the wrong time.
  3. This. I've not read one article that claims he is still hurt. He would not be practicing full if that were the case. Man, this site is like the game telephone.
  4. cant make this stuff up
  5. no, I think they would never suspend him, but they should
  6. As many as you want. I'm not for either of these two guys, but when you call out all three of your superiors, nationally, you need to sit. Throwing ice, the guys in the locker room can take of that.
  7. Valid point on a possible one game suspension for insubordination.
  8. This team needs a leader, a real leader at QB. Clearly the two currently rotating are not that. Maybe Petty is. We need to find out now!!!!
  9. about as happy as I am going to this worthless game on Sunday.....
  10. Why hes still a Giant is the question
  11. Hometown kid, cool, but the Jets need the best tackle this year.
  12. Gailey's system only works if everyone is healthy, which they are not. Staying in 4/5 wide on every down is just plain dumb with the current roster. Resign the fullback, add the te in the game plan and cut Kellen Davis.
  13. you stated a 1, I responded with a joke