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  1. The rookie coach hall of shame is growing.... No coach can recover from that loss on Monday. Rex had a similar loss against Buffalo in Detroit.
  2. It does when you're coming off several bad years and you need to put butts in the seats. The fastest way to do that is with big name free agents. It creates excitement with the fan base, as it did and gives them a chance at a winning first year, as it did. The got stuck having to resign Fitz after his performance last year.
  3. haha, now that's funny
  4. You want to make a statement and prove you're capable of handling the situation, make Revis, Wilk, and Richardson inactive for the remainder of the year.
  5. This is a subject (Penn State Football) that you clearly have no idea what you're speaking about.
  6. HAHA, time flies brother. Good looking guy in that jersey, lol.
  7. The topic changed away from Joe. Stop.
  8. I think you've said enough. This is a FOOTBALL site, not a political forum.
  9. This thread is going no where fast.