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    Going to the games with my parents when I was young and now taking my kids to the games.
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    83' championship game, 86' cleveland game, 98' Denver game
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  1. Life has some unexplainable outcomes. RIP to your friend and may his family and friends find peace.
  2. Within ten years the nfl will be a flag league
  3. The money is saved for this year. Neither player has a cap hit. It's almost 14 million in checks the owner does not have to make this year. I don't agree with the Harris move this late in the year, but make no mistake, this is about money.
  4. There is always the possibility of declining talent as the reason but its doubtful. When you ask a player to take a pay cut its all about the money. It was classless how they handled the Harris situation. The guy deserved better. Decker was always going to be released in my opinion. This smells of saving some money based on low ticket sales to this point. Why pay out 13.75 million to two players when you are going to be a poor team anyway with low ticket sales? Recoup some lost money.
  5. And this is what is pissing me off about these two moves. 2800.00 well spent, lol.
  6. If you watched him closely after O'Brien left then you would know that his "failures" were not his alone. There were plenty of reasons and most of which were out of his control. The guy got the crap knocked out of him behind a poor line and even worse coaching. They changed every thing about him, including how he had his feet set. That's like taking an established golf pro and completely changing their natural swing. It doesnt work.
  7. And eat their words on Hack- the kid will be good
  8. sounds about right
  9. There are exceptions, such as our very own Mo Lewis who made the pro bowl and all pro teams starting at age 27-30. Not saying hightower is one of those guys.
  10. That's today. I'm talking about six years ago, come on man.
  11. Piss and moan all you wish, he could have been a good qb had that front office and coach not screwed him up. We are all entitled to our own opinions.
  12. Right again, and in 2011 with diminished talent around him, he combined for 32 td's. Not bad for a guy with no talent.