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  1. I didnt remember Anderson fumbling either. The Gastineau play lost the game. That was third down, game over. Both kickers were awful that day though.
  2. I think Byars had the fumble inside the 5? I was 17 when Gastineau made that play. I went for a drive and smashed my dashboard. You do stupid things when you're young, but I've never been that mad at the Jets as that day.
  3. Offseason & Draft (Very Long)

    Good work but I would sign and keep Mo. Not sure about a RB in round 1. In the new arena league RB's are a side dish.
  4. Houston is the goal

    So you're saying there's a chance?
  5. Did some of you actually believe that article?
  6. Drafting well will be the future core of your team but you must keep your current core in tact.  Honestly, the Revis deal is going to hurt the Jets regarding keeping the players they should keep this year, i.e snacks, ivory and mo. Big Mac has his work cut out this off season.
  7. I've been on the fence about this subject. Paying any player other than your qb 100 plus has never made much sense. However, the salary cap is allowing for others on the roster to enjoy these inflated salaries. Mo is our best player. You keep your best players. Pay him and move on.
  8. Not only sports radio but sports in general. I hate this time of year.
  9. NFL announces Super Bowl 50 Golden Team

    I think from 08-10, Revis was the best. For those three seasons no one could throw on him.
  10. NFL announces Super Bowl 50 Golden Team

    I would put Sanders on that list also
  11. probably here for the Jets House event this weekend
  12. NFL announces Super Bowl 50 Golden Team

    that's because dikta is a dick
  13. NFL announces Super Bowl 50 Golden Team

    it's Payton. Swann had great super bowl games and Harris played in 4. Novacek also played great in the sb's