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  1. Agree with the OP here. I think the Jets feel that with this schedule Geno and Fitz are pretty much even. I feel the Jets would like Fitz here to groom Hack above anything he can do this year on the field. We shall see. As of now, until the Jets make some money moves it doesn't matter.
  2. The Lee pick reminds me of

    That makes two of us
  3. Ferguson Retirement Live @ 11AM Eastern

    Would be even better if the Jets site was working
  4. awesome. still a little pissed at him though for the Bills no show game on a bad ankle.
  5. Jets have a trade partner lined up for Mo?

    You are correct, just looked it up.
  6. Jets have a trade partner lined up for Mo?

    not 100% on this but I believe you need to be under the cap when the new year kicks off which was yesterday. After that it does not matter again until the first day of next years first day of the league year. So, you can be over the cap right now, I think.
  7. Gonna be a fun week around here!!! haters gonna hate!!! The Jets sitting on their hands routine is bothering me as well. Here we are at free agencies door and the Jets have done nothing to secure their most important position, qb. Hoping something is done today. The Jets are playing with fire if they let Fitz and Snacks negotiate with others.
  8. You like the Jets, I'm sorry
  9. All Time Jets Secondary?

    Loved Darrol Ray
  10. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    that would be fair, I agree also. He's not worth more but wishful thinking I believe. The floor for starting qb's is around 12 right now. I think he gives the Jets a little discount but not 4-5 million discount.
  11. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    I think you're confusing me with someone else. Have a nice day.
  12. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    haha, I must have missed that article. I just need some news. This is the worst time of year for sports.
  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    Not even a hint of news on this subject. Maybe at the combine next week things will heat up? I still say the Jets will need to be in the 9-12 per year range to sign Fitz.