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  1. too early to even think about Sunday.
  2. Nice write up as usual but it could have been one sentence: jets played a bad game today.
  3. Wow, fitz is awful today and sar is correct, the trend is your friend
  4. He needs rehab not another team
  5. I think the coaching staff is saving Powell for the late season run. He has a tendency to get nicked up (see week 17) and they need him down the stretch.
  6. Lets worry about that tomorrow. Win the damn game!
  7. Great news. God Bless!
  8. its irrelevant regardless
  9. I think I said SB answering your question, no? To clarify, I dont believe Dalton can win a SB, anywhere
  10. to answer you and Jetfan: you are correct but I still dont think he would win here or anywhere else. He's a nice player, that's it.
  11. Its never one person's fault but you asked a question and I gave you my answer. It may not be your answer.
  12. He cant win a super bowl with his current team why would he win with the Jets? He's proven to be a very good regular season qb but a poor post season qb, why would that change?
  13. Answers in italics