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  1. And what if he stays in school and tears up his knee. Do you think he's still getting millions?
  2. It's becoming so much easier to stop following this league altogether. What a joke it has become. National Pansy League for sure.
  3. In all fairness to Woody, Toilet Bowle was one of the hottest candidates out there that year by all accounts and recommended by his "expert" consultants. I can't blame Woody for the hire. That being said, I do blame Woody for not firing the toilet after last season when it was obvious he can't coach his way out of a paper bag,
  4. Tanking doesn't guarantee anything. Sam could get a major injury next season, regress majorly, fail a drug test, get in trouble with the law, or flat out be a bust. The same holds true for any of the top rated QB's. The cheater was a 6th round pick and Favre a 2nd rounder, and Marino wasn't the 1st overall choice. It's just silly all of this tanking talk. What is needed is good scouts that can identify talent.
  5. The jury is still out on Mac. IMO his biggest mistake was re-signing that turd Fitz. The timing of the signing and the amount was insult to injury. I think he caved to both media and locker room pressure and that is not a good sign.
  6. You're being optimistic. I'd say week1 first half for the egg shell to be hurt.
  7. Oh I agree with that, although other posters have a point about taking away reps from the young pups. But I don't trust that Decker will stay healthy. He reminds me of glass jaw McGraw
  8. What good comes out of it if he can't stay on the field? IIRC the dead money isn't that much especially considering he's always hurt. Marshall is a much better receiver
  9. Why not cut Decker then - he can't stay on the field
  10. Yeah your boy wanted him back real bad when he was there for the taking. Probably the only competent thing the buck tooth varmit ever did.
  11. Absolutely not. That distinction is Namath and it's not even close.
  12. Good riddance Mevi$
  13. Who is the most recent player that divides JN like no other causing hissy fits and insults?