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  1. Holmgrem can't be blamed on the Jets. Steinberg wanted him but Holm wanted to stay in the West coast. Coslett was a terrible choice no doubt, but it wasn't Coslett over Holmgren
  2. I just hope toilet bowl doesn't get a pass because of all the injuries. It would be typical Jets to do that
  3. More like 151 rum
  4. An 80 year old woman can throw stronger and harder than Fitz
  5. As usual you are wrong. I never said the Tuna sucked as a coach, and actually have said he's a great coach. I said he sucks as a GM and stand by that. I also never said Rex was a great coach. I thought he did a good job getting to 2 championships and accomplished more than most of the forner Jets coaches which isn't really saying much. I also knew it was time for him to go along with your other idol Idziot. At any rate all I was trying to say is that Bills fans aren't any smarter than Jets fans. If Rex had the same success there as he did here in his first 2 seasons they'd love him right now
  6. If he got them to the Championship game his first season, they'd be singing a different tune. Considering they haven't been to the playoffs this century they would have crowned him king.
  7. Didn't the Jets win the division one year under Herm?
  8. 2 things: Rex did not have an elite roster (see one Mark Sanchez) and would you leave millions on the table to resign (which is what would happen if he resigns)
  9. And A cheater
  10. Who won the battle to start at RT until Gia is activated?
  11. Tell me how many TD's Fitz throws with Hill and Gates as his targets? And you're comparing a Hall of Fame QB to a rookie/2nd year player? Too funny.
  12. Yes, I'm not saying Fitz didn't have anything to do with hit. But Marshall padded Fitz stats and not the other way around. BM also had Decker playing along side of him and a very good OC in Gailey. A perfect storm IMO.
  13. Nor to the Fitz lovers. Seriously dude, do you think Fitz has the same success throwing to Gates and Hill? You need to drop the Anti-Geno agenda when looking at this. There is no doubt that Fitz stats were heavily padded by Marshall/Decker. The guy is a career journeyman for a reason. Now that's not saying Geno is better, but lets be real about the talent level that he had around him the 1st 2 years. Oh, and Geno didn't have a 3rd year starting as you try to proclaim. I'm not a Geno lover, but I would have liked to have seen what he could have done with this talent level, especially considering his ceiling is way higher than Fitz. I really hope I wrong on this, but unfortunately we won't ever know.
  14. Do you think he sets the record throwing to the likes of Gates and Hill? Some bad examples here. A NFL QB stats are heavily influenced by his receivers. A HR hitter gets zero help from his teammates and it's batter vs pitcher. A goal scorer is influenced somewhat by his teammates by getting a good pass or deflection/screen, but it is primarily shooter vs goalie. These are basically one on one matchups (which really tells how good the player is), nothing like football.
  15. It's all Rex's fault