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  1. I'm done. The blatant rigged officiating in this game says it all. Just rename it to the Kraft and Goodell league. I'm taking a long hiatus from this corrupt league and concentrate on things that truly matter. Good luck to the rest of you that are hanging in there. I've wasted to much of my life on this garbage
  2. I could just imagine the outrage around here if the Jets paid Snacks at the time and let Mo walk.
  3. Todd Bowles is an incompetent moron. Enough said
  4. Exactly. I also think if the Jets would have actually got in, they would have been smoked first game since they would have actually faced a really good team
  5. I would have fired him after the first Miami game.
  6. Exactly. I don't get where some of these people come up with this stuff
  7. Who was the last Jets coach to get fired after their second season?
  8. The other 31 teams in the league really appreciate Bowles.
  9. Again, I don't understand the fans talking about firing a coach every 2 years. When was the last time a Jets HC was fired after 2 years? Kotite? If anything, the Jets keep bad coaches too long. If you have a glaringly incompetent coach you get rid of him immediately
  10. That pick was for trading johnny Abe
  11. Giving up already on Hack?
  12. Ah, it's good to hear you say that Tanny who you also despise was victimized by Rex. Very telling indeed.
  13. He showed some improvement today, but I thought he had no sense of urgency when the Jets were down 2 scores. We were fortunate to make the 2 point conversion otherwise Bowles winds up with egg on his face again. I still think he needs to go.
  14. The thing about the Kotite season is that the players actually played hard for him right to the last game. These players are lifeless and a direct reflection of the coach
  15. You could give me free air fare, and free tickets and I still wouldn't go if Toilet Bowle is the HC and FitzSux is the QB