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  1. I like Kipers Brady reference. Hopefully Hack becomes that without the cheating.
  2. D'Brickahaw Ferguson Retired (merged)

    Maybe Qvale is ready
  3. Fitzmagic Speaks

    Dude you are the one with the problem and it's clear to most posters around here. I liked Fitz from the start and glad he took theQB job, and there's no doubt it was time for Rex to be gone. But most people don't obsess over this. Also, how many threads are started around here about Cmart, Gast, etc. especially compared to Rex and Geno? Not only that, but it seems like half the threads are hijacked and turned into a Rex/Geno thread. That's pretty pathetic. If you want to argue about that, how bad is it that Jeanie the Bills fan points out that there are more Rex bashing threads than ones about our winning streak and playoff chances? That's pretty telling.
  4. Fitzmagic Speaks

    Kind of like the Rex obsession. Won't go away anytime soon
  5. Decker was a no brainer signing. I'll give Idziot credit for getting him at a good price. But let's be honest, if it wasn't for the allure of NYC another team would of outbid cheapskate Idziot for his services. And no way Q is 1st round talent. I really don't know where you're getting that from. Sure he's made a few good plays, but he's had a ton of drops. He's a better blocker than receiver.
  6. Or the year before. The "talent" he fielded for DB and WRwas atrocious. He had no business being a GM.
  7. Not too mention that Pryor and Ivory were injured early in the game. What is they guy 10 years old? SMH
  8. And then he blew the opportunity to sign him back after getting released from the Bucs. Idziot was complete trash.
  9. Jets friendly bars in fish land?

    Are you saying Packys over Hammerjacks or that Packys is the best inthe WPB area?
  10. Jets friendly bars in fish land?

    I'm thinking of going to Hammerjacks for the big game. Just wanted to check and see if the Jets club there is still alive and kicking and when would be a good time to get there to still get a seat at the bar.
  11. Marcus Williams ~ ~ ~

    Not too mentioned that he gained valuable experience last year and learning on the fly. So it makes sense he is much better this year.
  12. Lol, Eric Mangini a legend only in Tom Shane's mind.
  13. Um no on Eric Mangini Tom. Nice try though. Side note : this quoting tool does not work right on Android at all
  14. That is a good point. A lot of it has to do with the state of the team being taken over. You would expect 3 years for taking over the Titans, but the Bills were really talented so you should expect results in the 1st year. The Jets were not really talented after the 2014 season, so the job that Mac and Bowles has done thus far is quite good.
  15. What's likeable about the Bills franchise? They're a division rival and have given us trouble in the past. Jeanie is certainly cool, but not so sure about the rest of the fan base. Not from some of the stuff I've read and heard in the past. Plus they enjoyed a lot of success in kelly/levy years, so I don't feel sorry for them