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  1. The thing about the Kotite season is that the players actually played hard for him right to the last game. These players are lifeless and a direct reflection of the coach
  2. You could give me free air fare, and free tickets and I still wouldn't go if Toilet Bowle is the HC and FitzSux is the QB
  3. I live in Florida so most of the games are not on locally. I will not watch this mess in a sports bar
  4. I don't blame you. 45 years for me. I will not watch another game unless Bowles is fired or Fitz is benched
  5. He reminded me of glass jaw McGraw
  6. And not getting Manning when he had the chance to
  7. Sure because of a total cream puff schedule, and blew it with the playoffs on the line. Tony Soprano made the playoffs his first year and won the division because of a cream puff schedule. How'd he turn out?
  8. Went biking in Napa Valley and did some wine tasting. A fun and non stressful day. I refuse to watch this garbage team until the toilet is flushed
  9. It's the first time I've been able to relax in quite some time
  10. This. Just looking at him on the sidelines you'd think he's in another dimension. Clueless to day the least
  11. You know more than toilet bowle for sure
  12. If they were I'm surprised he was on target
  13. I'm so glad there's now adults in charge
  14. Injuries are no excuse. Toilet Bowle is supposed to be a defensive guru, so the secondary shouldn't be as bad as it is. Rex got all the blame around here for the bad D, so Bowles shouldn't get a pass