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  1. The Jets what also been playing differently with a one-score lead instead of two.
  2. Any surprise no QB change? Toilet strikes again
  3. Anyone who still supports Bowles, the half time adjustments will be all telling. That and if they come out of the coma they are in. We know the clown won't be benched.
  4. There's a better chance of hitting lotto than Bowles doing the right thing
  5. Why not? The jets lose the games they should win and vice versa
  6. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    I pretty much agree with all of this. I said in another post that the Jets have pretty much done everything reasonably they can for a tank job. But the Jets have more talent than anybody realized, and they have much better assistant coaching than they did last year
  7. I want to see more Stewart!

    Speaking of which has he been activated yet?
  8. For the most part, the Jets are playing the youngsters/rookies. I agree that McClown shouldn't be starting and that is on Bowles. But my response was mainly to your position on tanking. McClown, Forte , and the lazy Mo are all starting and are all terrible and are great for your tank job. Kerley should also not be #3 (Thanks again Bowles) but he offers little as a WR so you're not really affecting the tank job with him in there. So what else can the Jets reasonably do to tank the season? Like it or not, the Jets are more talented than most thought they were.
  9. So as GM you are going to tell all your players to not play hard and intentionally lose (and risk injury and possibly their career) to tank for the possibility of selecting the top rated college QB, who may not even be good in the Pro's. Good luck with that.
  10. Yes I do. It was a spike to kill the clock and terrible clock management = Bowles. Even if you don't believe that, clock management is ultimately the HC responsibility. It is Bowles responsibility to make sure his Coordinator and his QB's know what to do in situations like that. Come on this isn't rocket science, this should be fundamental for a competent Head Coach.
  11. Most of his comments are dumb, but one thing I agreed with is the spike in OT. Very dumb and so vintage Bowles. This clown seriously needs to learn how to manage the clock before he can be considered a competent coach.
  12. So if Mac is just going to draft another defensive player anyway, you should be happy the Jets won.
  13. This is why Bowles is a terrible coach. No reason to call a timeout there. At least wait until there's one second left on play clock
  14. I was trying to give him credit for at least taking a QB, but you're probably correct.
  15. Well it would guarantee us the number 1 overall pick. Just so he can take Geno Smith II