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  1. Tell me how many TD's Fitz throws with Hill and Gates as his targets? And you're comparing a Hall of Fame QB to a rookie/2nd year player? Too funny.
  2. Yes, I'm not saying Fitz didn't have anything to do with hit. But Marshall padded Fitz stats and not the other way around. BM also had Decker playing along side of him and a very good OC in Gailey. A perfect storm IMO.
  3. Nor to the Fitz lovers. Seriously dude, do you think Fitz has the same success throwing to Gates and Hill? You need to drop the Anti-Geno agenda when looking at this. There is no doubt that Fitz stats were heavily padded by Marshall/Decker. The guy is a career journeyman for a reason. Now that's not saying Geno is better, but lets be real about the talent level that he had around him the 1st 2 years. Oh, and Geno didn't have a 3rd year starting as you try to proclaim. I'm not a Geno lover, but I would have liked to have seen what he could have done with this talent level, especially considering his ceiling is way higher than Fitz. I really hope I wrong on this, but unfortunately we won't ever know.
  4. Do you think he sets the record throwing to the likes of Gates and Hill? Some bad examples here. A NFL QB stats are heavily influenced by his receivers. A HR hitter gets zero help from his teammates and it's batter vs pitcher. A goal scorer is influenced somewhat by his teammates by getting a good pass or deflection/screen, but it is primarily shooter vs goalie. These are basically one on one matchups (which really tells how good the player is), nothing like football.
  5. It's all Rex's fault
  6. I doubt he lasts long on the PS even if he clears waivers. QB's will get injured in preseason and regular season and I can see some team signing him off the PS. Now if the Jets feel Petty's ceiling is a 3rd stringer that will certainly happen
  7. I was responding to Dcats post that Woody doesn't want to see Geno on the field at all. That post was ridiculous and why I responded as I did
  8. Funny, I can think of at least 3 posters off the top of my head that dominated the conversation and proclaimed anyone that said the almighty Fitz choked in the biggest game of his life and was helped immensely by Marshall was an instant Geno lover. Funny that you only mentioned one side of the debate. Hypocrisy and agenda is alive and well....
  9. I'll take the over
  10. I'm normally very optimistic, but this is easy to answer. Amaro hasn't proven jack and was in Bowles dog house last year. I like the Forte signing but he really is a wild card considering his age and amount of tread left on his tires. Marshall, Decker, and Gailey were all here last year, yet the mighty Fitz still couldn't make the playoffs with a cream puff schedule. Can you tell us how well Fitz performed against good defenses last year? Add to it Clady is a wildcard at LT recovering from a major injury, Mangold is a year older, and Breno is Breno and that's a lot to be concerned about. I really, really hope I'm wrong but I don't see Fitz being better than 3-5 to start and more than likely 2-6. He will be exposed playing against good defenses. I certainly hope Marshall continues to bail him out this year.
  11. No Mac caved. My opinion of Mac has gone down a few notches after this. He could have used Foles as leverage. Paying a JAG he has never accomplished anything 12M is just ridiculous. Certainly Macs biggest blunder. If Woody doesn't want to watch Geno, then why is he still on the team? He would have been traded or outright cut, period.
  12. Tom Brady because he is a cheater
  13. This. I was having a beer and almost threw my beer and phone across the bar. Would have escorted out for sure, lol
  14. What's funny about this is that the majority of people around here don't think that this is even a playoff team and that they will win at most six to eight games. So why not see what Geno can do and see if he has indeed improved and matured? If they're only going to win 6-8 games there is zero risk in doing this. People are constantly complaining around here that the Jets don't develop their own players and give up too early on their draft picks. Here's a perfect situation to see if Geno has developed.
  15. I'm not making an assumption based on anything Mehta or Cimini says (a Jet hater who would obviously shed Mac in bad light if Mo was being reasonable). In bitter negotiations such as this, you usually read/hear contradicting information from both sides. I may have missed something, but I don't recall any denials about wanting to be paid as the best DL. At any rate, let me ask you this - don't you think that if Mo was reasonable in his demands an extension would have aleady been signed? How do you know Mo would have signed for a better price or they would have gotten a better draft pick last year? He may have wanted to be paid as the top DL last year (IMO he probably was) and this would have scared off other teams as well as the Jets. I highly doubt Mac would have turned down a good offer for a trade or not gotten a long term deal done if Mo was being reasonable in his demands.