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  1. I don't understand your first comment. If the Jets won superbowls it would be like a favor wrapped in a present wrapped in a gold.
  2. Wasn't the OT rushing TD last week the first in Jets history? I thought I saw that somewhere.
  3. Here's a 1 step plan to fix this mess. Step 1: We should do everything we can to hire John Gruden as our next coach. If he wants McCags as the GM so be it. If not let him hire who he wants.
  4. Is the D deliberately not trying?
  5. If I'm ever presented the opportunity I will punch Manish right in his friggen head.
  6. Don't believe this is happening. I want it to but just don't see it anywhere. has there been any additional confirmation?
  7. If Hackenberg is the future why is it more important that he make Petty a better QB?
  8. If given the chance where you draft him or would you pass regardless? Personally I think he is going to be star in 2-3 years. If he's available at the bottom of the 2nd or top of the 3rd I'd put a package together and pull the trigger. .
  9. The 49ers made it to the super bowl because of kap......the jets made it to the championship game in spite of Mark. more importantly we gave Sanchez more than enough chances kap had one bad season.
  10. I mean my avatar is me and Mo....I love him. By the end of next year kap won't be available for any single asset we own.
  11. a 4th rounder would be a STEAL
  12. I'm not in favor of trading Mo....bit for Kap I wouldn't be disappointed...... its amazing to me people are so down on him. He's 100% worth a first rounder. He was on the brink of elite and then they fired a qb master in harbaugh, hired prob the worst head coach ever, lose half his comfort blankets to head injuries/retirement/fa/age Willis/Borland/gore/iupati/Davis I mean way to support your young blossoming qb, good common sense. I know some of the above factors weren't the fo's fault but if the 2014-15 49er fo was with the jets I would be afraid for their lives.
  13. I'm glad you agree. I'm pretty surprised they released it.
  14. Brady, Bruised and Beaten The Patriots offensive line didn’t do its job in the AFC title game, and there were day-after repercussions in New England. For Denver, it was business as usual for the defense, which turns its focus to Cam Newton by Robert Klemko The Broncos defense left its mark on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Sunday.Joe Mahoney/APDENVER — Gingerly, the 38-year-old quarterback peeled away each layer of defeat. A dirt-stained white jersey, tattered undershirt, bloodied socks. They revealed many of the bruises, cuts and scrapes that come with hitting the deck 20 times before and after throwing a football. His left elbow looked like a Walking Dead makeup job, with bright red spots where the skin was scraped away, and a deep purple bruise the size of an avocado where the forearm meets the elbow. This is how the triple-option quarterback at Navy is supposed to look after football games, not the greatest passer of a generation. Tom Brady’s face wore no hint of anger or malice, and he fielded no apologies. Not 20 feet away from him, five huge men baring strikingly few bruises dressed side-by-side in silence. The New England Patriots offensive line wasn’t mauled, manhandled or overpowered in the AFC Championship Game; they were simply ignored. To the three or four rushers the Denver Broncos sent careening towards Tom Brady on any given down, the five men standing in front of them might as well have been rec league hoopers taking on the Golden State Warriors. Sebastian Vollmer, Marcus Cannon and company were deserving of no more respect than a quick step to the inside and a sprint around the corner. And the quarterback was subject to all manner of indignity in a 20-18 loss. “I tried to lay on him a few times,” said one Broncos rusher after the game. “I tried to rub my nuts on his face.” Embarrassment. In the end, that’s what this was about. It was about setting flame to the notion that Tom Brady gets the ball out of his hands so quickly that it’s impossible to put hands on him. And if you decide to blitz, said the prognosticators, good luck covering Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. • ULTIMATE MISMATCH IN SUPER BOWL 50: Andy Benoit explains how Carolina might try to defend Denver’s dominant pass rush The Kansas City Chiefs learned as much nine days ago. They accrued all of nine hurries and one hit, preferring to rush three or four big men and cover with eight or seven. Tamba Hali and Dontari Poe were supposed to be good enough to get to Brady in the requisite amount of time. They were not, and the Patriots won 27-20 on the strength of 17 catches by Gronkowski and Edelman. But after 24 weeks of football, the Broncos and Wade Phillips have stopped comparing themselves to other teams or previous performances. In the championship, Denver’s top four linemen played 23 fewer snaps combined compared to Week 12, when they pressured Brady 21 times with various blitzes and overloads. Denver won that game in overtime, 30-24, New England’s first loss of the season. This time around, the Broncos went with a rough recitation of the Chiefs game plan and just did it better. “Brady had to know who we had on this line,” said rush linebacker Shaquil Barrett, “and he knew his line wasn’t very good coming into that game, so he had to expect this.” Rush linebacker Von Miller dropped into coverage a season-high nine times and even intercepted a pass. When Miller wasn’t in coverage, he and DeMarcus Ware were manning the edge while Derek Wolfe and/or Malik Jackson squeezed the interior line. Throw in the occasional inside linebacker blitz and you get a combined 41 sacks, hits and hurries. “It was wonderful, matching that coverage up with that rush. That’s our defense at its best,” said Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib. “We weren’t going to show up and do the exact same thing we did during the season. We knew they were game-planning for what we did last time.” Key personnel changes made it possible. While the world was factoring Edelman’s absence from that Week 12 contest as one of the biggest reasons the Patriots would get revenge, all of us failed to recognize the other, more glaring non-participant two months ago: The Imperishable DeMarcus Ware. With the 33-year-old Ware sidelined by a lingering back injury that week, the Patriots were able to concentrate on neutralizing Miller. This time around, with Ware back in the lineup Bill Belichick opted to take his chances spreading the field and asking Brady to make quick throws. Supplementary pass blockers Steven Jackson, Brandon Bolden, James White and Rob Gronkowski were asked to support the starting five only twice; one pass-blocking snap for Jackson, and one for White. • THOMAS DAVIS: ‘I’M NOT MISSING THE SUPER BOWL: Robert Mays reports from Charlotte on the Panthers’ injured war horse Patriots right tackle Marcus Cannon, left to his own devices, gave up two sacks and seven hurries. “We knew they were a good defense,” Cannon said. “They got the better of us today but it was a good game.” So did the offensive line fail the Patriots in this loss? Cannon paused to glare at the questioner for six very long seconds, about three times as long as Brady had to throw during any one of his 56 pass attempts. “You know, we played as a unit tonight,” Cannon said, breaking out of the trance. “We’re brothers. We’ll always be brothers. We stick by each other, and I’m proud of everything we did this year. It’s an abrupt end and we didn’t come out the way we wanted to. But one thing I’ll tell you is that I’ll die any day with my brothers on this line.” About that line. Its leader, offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo, reportedly was relieved of his duties Monday, in a move reminiscent of Packers special teams coach Shawn Slocum getting canned after Brandon Bostick's onside kick glitch a year ago. But before you pass blame on DeGuglielmo, don't miss the forest for the trees. Yes, the line was dealt a devastating blow when starting tackle Nate Solder tore his right bicep in Week 5. But Super Bowl teams are supposed to build depth through the draft, supplemented by free agency. And Patriots coach Bill Belichick is supposed to be the guy prepared for every contingency, the guy thinking three steps ahead of everybody else… Here’s a list of all the offensive linemen the Patriots have drafted in the first three rounds since 2006: 1. Nate Solder, 1st round, 2011 2. Sebastian Vollmer, 2nd round, 2009 That’s it. And that's not enough. When your quarterback is Tom Brady, relying on his quick release to get you past the Wares and Millers of the world isn’t just foolish—it’s irresponsible. A quick perusal of AFC East rosters will show you three teams stocking up on fearsome defensive linemen and one team that couldn’t appear to care less. For their part, the Broncos have begun four of their past five drafts by selecting Brady-hunters: Shane Ray in 2015, Sylvester Williams in 2013, Derek Wolfe in 2012 and Von Miller in 2011. • MANNING’S MOMENT: Peter King reflects on how Denver beat New England and much more in Monday Morning Quarterback That last guy is the key. Miller is why we’re here, two weeks before the Super Bowl, witnessing a deteriorating Peyton Manning, in what looks like his final season, somehow standing atop the AFC. Von Miller is a 26-year-old savage in fat-rimmed nerd spectacles who speaks in clichés and deals in pain. “I feel like if I play my game I’m going to get there every time,” Miller said after a 2.5-sack performance. “Fanatical effort and pursuit get it done for me.” In two weeks, the fanaticism of the Broncos defense—what John Elway is calling the best he’s seen in 30 years—meets a Panthers team with a quarterback who remains unsullied through 18 games. The 19th won’t be easy.
  15. Obviously such a painful loss on so many levels. I hate losing period, I hate losing to Rex, I even kinda hate having to hate Rex being that he's probably the most successful playoff coach we've ever had. As I sit here wallowing like everyone else I keep thinking that we were all fooling ourselves. I mean we barely beat the sh@tty ass Gmen, barely beat the cowboys who had a qb who never played before, we barely beat a pats team thats not really their team, how would we do if w lost that many online man plus Ivory (Blount) and Powell (Lewis) and Decker (Edelman)? It would be scary. We did play really well against the titans... I think as a fan (for me anyways) its easy to get excited in the immediate when you start winning games but whats really important is long term consistency. I have seen nothing so far from Mac ad Bowles that leads me to think that we aren't on our way there which is the silver lining in the big pile of sh*t we just all got to watch.