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  1. if it doesn't happen isn't it admitting horrendous failure. Jets brass is too prideful for that, too much historical significance. I could see the convo going down like this. Mcags - Hack, why do you keep throwing picks? Hack - Uhhh, I thought you told me to play like a Jet. Once that's all figured out we should be good.
  2. Maybe just maybe....please...
  3. I don't understand your first comment. If the Jets won superbowls it would be like a favor wrapped in a present wrapped in a gold.
  4. Wasn't the OT rushing TD last week the first in Jets history? I thought I saw that somewhere.
  5. Here's a 1 step plan to fix this mess. Step 1: We should do everything we can to hire John Gruden as our next coach. If he wants McCags as the GM so be it. If not let him hire who he wants.
  6. Is the D deliberately not trying?
  7. If I'm ever presented the opportunity I will punch Manish right in his friggen head.
  8. Don't believe this is happening. I want it to but just don't see it anywhere. has there been any additional confirmation?
  9. If Hackenberg is the future why is it more important that he make Petty a better QB?
  10. If given the chance where you draft him or would you pass regardless? Personally I think he is going to be star in 2-3 years. If he's available at the bottom of the 2nd or top of the 3rd I'd put a package together and pull the trigger. .
  11. The 49ers made it to the super bowl because of kap......the jets made it to the championship game in spite of Mark. more importantly we gave Sanchez more than enough chances kap had one bad season.
  12. I mean my avatar is me and Mo....I love him. By the end of next year kap won't be available for any single asset we own.
  13. a 4th rounder would be a STEAL
  14. I'm not in favor of trading Mo....bit for Kap I wouldn't be disappointed...... its amazing to me people are so down on him. He's 100% worth a first rounder. He was on the brink of elite and then they fired a qb master in harbaugh, hired prob the worst head coach ever, lose half his comfort blankets to head injuries/retirement/fa/age Willis/Borland/gore/iupati/Davis I mean way to support your young blossoming qb, good common sense. I know some of the above factors weren't the fo's fault but if the 2014-15 49er fo was with the jets I would be afraid for their lives.
  15. I'm glad you agree. I'm pretty surprised they released it.