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  1. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    Lets stop with this. I mean the kid had an awful college career. One draft site claimed he completed under 61% of his passes when he WASN'T under pressure which is not good. He has small hands and it shows when he wildly misses very simple passes to the flat or dumpoff passes. His college tape is a horror show and its not all on his offensive line. Now Mac claimed he vetted Hacknsack very thoroughly so I guess we kind of have to have some faith. The odds of any of the 2016 QB's becoming anything better than a backup are low much less becoming a franchise QB. I just hope we play him right away and don't waste 4 years like the Jets did with Geno to discover he sucks.
  2. I didn't know that "time spent with them" erases years of sucking at a position. I didnt know it made up for wild innacurate passing or small hands. Good to know.
  3. As much as I'd love to see Geno gone I can't see them letting go of a backup making a reasonable salary with starting experience (as bad as it was).
  4. And if it weren't for the complete ineptitude of the Jets the Hack would be undrafted as well.
  5. Ive watched both, being a Michigan State grad and all. Its not even close.
  6. Cook >>> Hack. Its not even close. SOJ
  7. God I hate this team.
  8. Why would we want one of those things called a 'QB'. Can it play defense?
  9. Passing on Lynch

    I really wanted Lynch as well and think it was a huge mistake to pass on him (even if he ends up being a bust). It was similar to the 2008 Flacco draft we had a chance to grab ourselves stability and a part we could have built our offense around for many years to come. I don't even need to mention who we drafted that year instead as the similarities are eerie. This game favors the offense the rules are set up in the offensive favor. It makes no sense to pass on a person with the abilities of Lynch even if he is a project. This team isn't winning a Super Bowl this year and I doubt they will even make the playoffs which makes passing on someone with as much upside as Lynch even more damning. I know all the defensive nuts now have the Broncos to hold up as their poster child for "defense wins championships" but would Denver have been able to build the Defense they did without the stability of a franchise QB over the past 4 seasons? Would they have been able to attract the same free agents?
  10. Not only that as someone who followed the B1G and Ohio State their Defense WAS Bosa. Lee's opportunities were a product of teams always scheming around Bosa.
  11. The guy is overrated and I think playing with Bosa over-inflated his production. Smallish. Really disappointed in this pick.
  12. The guy is overrated and I think playing with Bosa over-inflated his production. Smallish. Really disappointed in this pick.
  13. Chad Pennington on Mike & Mike

    Personally I think it is a privilege to call him a douche. Good or bad person aside he was the worst thing that could have happened to the Jets and set the franchise starving for a championship back way too many years. Horrible QB with a noodle arm that crapped his pants under any kind of pressure. Even worse are the dumb fans that defend him.
  14. Cardale Jones

    No thanks. Not impressed with his play (couldn't even secure being a college starter) plus he is a product of the talent Meyer put around him and the system he runs.
  15. His receivers and o-line also went down in talent over the past 3 years. Last year I'd say he easily had the least talent of his years at State and the shoulder injury did not help one bit. I'd love for him to end up here, but I'd rather him go somewhere where he is more likely to succeed as our track record with drafted QB's isn't great and we have another defensively oriented HC.