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  1. I'm sure they arent giving up on Petty. I'm pretty sure Bowels wants to win as many games as he can to cover his ass and he would rather take the sucky known vs the unknown.
  2. You aren't comparing hacknsack in college to Aaron Rodgers are you? Because one of them was very good, and one of them was a horrific train wreck who can't hit the side of a barn with his accuracy. I mean I'd be fine with the Jets taking a chance in the 5+ round with someone with his college resume but a 2nd round pick is a crime especially when there were QB's on the board who were proven winners and broke all kinds of records at their respective colleges. Hacknsack was a Jetsy type of move for sure.
  3. Its like asking if you would like to have your right arm chopped off or your left. Either way you lose.
  4. He does a killer Mangini impression though.
  5. I just wish we would work on drafting our own rather than get these retreads. Lets face it aside from Rivers this list is like a list of polished turds.
  6. Jets look better with Fitzmagic in...I mean they still suck but not quite as much.
  7. Woot fitzmagic time! Hopefully Petty next week and bye bye Ge(oh)no.
  8. Well I suddenly have a lot more free time on Sundays. Wake me up when Petty starts.
  9. My heart and logic say hell yes. Jets past history would suggest no.
  10. A certain kind? Like a talented kind of QB? A smart type of QB probably wouldn't have tweeted that out today buy hey, we all know he is a dumb ass anyway even before this.
  11. wanted to like Mac but that hacknsack pick is just inexcusable when you clearly had more talent and skill in other QB's. Some of them even set records at their schools for passing and wins while Hacknsack set sack records and made passes to the flats an adventure with his "cant hit the side of a barn" accuracy. Mac and Bowles need to go.
  12. Glad to see people coming around on the idea Bowles is awful. He is.
  13. This is why you don't settle on your second choice for HC because you are afraid of losing out on your first choice. Bowles is a horrible coach and hasn't learned much from his first year and his very Mangini like demeanor drives me crazy. I want emotion (not buffoonery like Wrex) and channeled anger towards those who deserve it. I don't want a players coach. I want an offensive minded coach or at least offensively aware. Is that too much to ask.
  14. My bet for the next chapter in the Cheatriots legacy of cheating will involve circumventing the salary cap and Tom Brady. His snake oil company and shifty associate "Dr." Alejandro Guerrero have had a contractual relationship with the Patriots for years. Tom Brady has signed some very cap friendly contracts and given the Cheatriots rich tradition of cheating its probably because of the money being funneled under that table from this bogus company.