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  1. Don't bring Fitzpatrick back

    A lot of people are selling Cook short in this thread.  He hurt himself coming back for his senior year I think he was a lock for the first round last year. 1) The O-line for state was decimated for most of the season leading to a lot of pressures/sacks. 2) His receivers were way below what he had 2-3 years ago.  So many dropped passes and wrong routes. 3) He hurt his shoulder against the Terps and was battling the injury even in the playoff game. I'm bias so I will spare you all the predictable response I would have about drafting him at 20 (which I don't think he will be available at anyway) but I see him being a starter in the NFL and don't even compare him to that polished turd Geno.
  2. Don't bring Fitzpatrick back

    Why does this make him sound like a winner?  A lot of QB's dont want to risk injury or in his case further aggravate his shoulder which was hurt during the season.  smh
  3. Our Franchise QB lost this game!

    Grats Bowels coached as poorly as Rex does.  Both are poor coaches the difference is one is an foot loving loudmouth embarrassment in his 7th year and the other is in his first year with the Jets.  Setting the bar really low for Rex huh.
  4. How are you feeling?

    Feeling fine as I saw this outcome from a mile away.  I think any long term Jets fan saw the SOJ moment being set up.  Didn't like Bowels selection as our head coach (liked the GM pick though) and I still don't.  Fitz was a nice story but the Jets must address the QB situation.  Not seeing Ge(oh)no on the field this year was a huge bonus.
  5. Glad we didn't wait for Quinn!

    Personally I would have preferred Quinn and still do.  Bowels reminds me of Mangini too much on the sidelines with that bland dumbfounded look minus the annoying gum chewing.  I like coaches with a little fire and ones that will chew out players when they deserve it.  I'm happy with the results this year but given the choice I would pick Quinn.
  6. 2016 QBs

    I agree.  I think he could use some more coaching on his footwork but he does have a very live arm.  He is able to short-arm so many throws because he actually has a very strong arm.  He has all the physical and I believe mental skills to play the position as well as a knack for coming though in big situations.  I'd love the Jets to be in a position to draft him.
  7. 2016 QBs

    This season we had so many injuries on the offensive line and then he had his shoulder injured vs the Terps.  On top of that our receivers are definitely a step down from what we has over the previous two seasons.
  8. Congratulations to Ryan Fitzpatrick

    If the Jets dump Geno next year that will just prove they knew he had no future here this year and it was the right move play Fitz.  If Geno is still on the team next year you would be right to question if it was in the best interest of the franchise to play Fitz this year.  I believe the Jets are done with Geno and they knew it right after he got punched in the mouth.
  9. Congratulations to Ryan Fitzpatrick

    I'm actually enjoying this team for the first time in years.  Even if Fitz just made sure that polished turd QB never saw the field was good enough for me, him doing as well as he has been is just pure bonus.
  10. Rex Ryan

    Its a guilty pleasure of mine to go to the bills boards and read the all too familiar threads about Rex.  I must say as a fanbase the Bills are more in tune with how bad Rex is than a lot of the dolt Jet fans at this point.  That or they have less father figure issues.
  11. Did he bury a football?  Cry in front of his team like a baby?  No God Damn snacks? Sorry I am not buying it he needs to learn these things.
  12. Cardale Jones

    No thanks.
  13. Rex has to take the attention off his poorly performing team and questions of his coaching ability by fans/media/former players.  Its all a 3 ring circus with that guy.
  14. I forgot how much I hate Geno.
  15. Bills @ Dolphins this Sunday

    I want the fish to win.  I can't wait for Rex to dig into his bag of post game shtick.  Some tears or burying a football would be great this early.