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  1. No thanks to mobile QB's. They almost always suck and often get hurt. Tall pocket passer please.
  2. I miss him because of the epic threads generated from his noodle arm and sh*tting bricks under pressure. Worst QB ever, but man he had some man-champions here who would defend their lover to the ends of the earth.
  3. I dont recall them playing his freshman year as MSU won the B1G and went to the Rose Bowl in 2013.
  4. Anyone with eyes who watched the B1G could tell you he cant hit the broad side of a barn. Terrible pick.
  5. I will have a special place in my heart for Fitz for slaying the Geno and perhaps making sure he never plays another down for us (fingers crossed the Jets don't make the Jetiest move possible and resign that dummy). Reminded me of when we got Favre and it finally spelled the end of the dark noodle arm period for us.
  6. But I thought Rex was a great coach?!? At least the Bills were smart enough not to let him get his classic end of lost season wins to give them a worse draft position.
  7. Rex is going to get fired, Bowles deserves it more. I thought I'd never say this about any other NFL coach but Bowles is a worse coach than Rex. That is a pretty low bar though. The difference is one comes in with a bluster and leaves with a whimper while the other is at least silent and doesn't hang himself. Rex with his promises all but puts a noose around his neck when he doesn't do as promised with his buffoonery.
  8. Rex should come back. Rex didnt let the Jets down it was the _____________ fault. (Plug in Owner, GM, Coaching staff, QB, Players, Field staff, Dave & Busters, weather, alignment of the planets, etc)
  9. Its a privilege for CP to tell us to keep our crappy head coach. Just like it was a privilege to watch him throw ducks and get receivers killed.
  10. We are kind of going off topic we will just have to disagree but If Bowels had a "Marvin Lewis" type of coaching performance in year 1-2 I don't think many would be calling for his head this vehemently but by year 13 to not have won a playoff game I'd be just as anti Marvin Lewis as I am anti Bowels. I just think when a coach displays as much incompetence at his job like Bowels has shown you don't need to wait and you shouldn't wait.
  11. And they lose in their first playoff game. Kind of disqualifies them from being "one of the best in the AFC". Being the best means winning the Superbowl and to do that you need to win playoff games which they don't. This is the kind of stuff that let Wrecks stick around for so long, its not good enough to just appear in b2b AFC championships, you need to take that next step and win it.
  12. How can you say they have been one of the best teams in the AFC yet can't win a playoff game. The two can't exist together.
  13. Cincinnati Bengals must be the model of excellence then with their winning once playoff game since 1991 or something but hey they have the same coach. Look its one thing to give up on a coach because of a bad season its another to fire someone for incompetence. I'd argue that Bowels is incompetent deserves to be fired if it were year 1 or 10. Nothing is worse on a coaches resume than having a team quit on them and Bowels clearly had that happen to him this season.
  14. You don't hire a Defensive coordinator for a head coach when you want to develop a young QB. If they were serious about developing a young QB the whole franchise needs to be on the same page, draft the proper tools around them (like don't ignore the offensive line/receivers for years and just draft defensive linemen), and have an offensive "aware" head coach who will give the young QB the extra coaching needed. Or the jets can continue to throw 2-4th round draft picks at the wall with head coaches that are oblivious to the offensive side of the ball and hope one sticks or has enough skill to overcome the handcap they will have dealing with this dysfunctional franchise.
  15. Rex was worse but Bowels is awful.