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  1. The only way Hacknsack steps foot on the field is if McCown gets carried off in a stretcher or the week after we have officially been eliminated from the playoff hunt. Yes, Bowles is that dumb.
  2. 1. Namath 2. Favre 3. O'Brien 4. Vinny 5. Todd 10000000. The noodle arm fraud This list makes me sad
  3. In my mind there is no way Bowels is going to start anyone BUT McCown because he will be in full win now mode to save his job. This is why you cant do a proper tank job with a coach who needs to win and McCown is good enough to pull out 3-5 wins from this schedule. Don't bank on him getting hurt either.
  4. Kapernick - why the hell not?

    I don't think we are talking about this year only.
  5. Kapernick - why the hell not?

    Thats because those worthless wins at the end of the season pay off so well!
  6. Kapernick - why the hell not?

    Plugging in scrap heap QB's has worked so well for the Jets, why not indeed!
  7. Time to have the Hackenberg discussion

    ^^This Bowles is going to start the QB with the most experience to get the most wins he can. This is why you cant have a proper tank job and keep a scrub of a head coach who will be coaching for his job. Get ready for that week 16 win to screw us somehow.
  8. At what point is enough, enough?

    Oh dont worry this franchise is so ****ed up they wont even tank properly. I mean you know Bowles is going to "play to win the game" every game to save his sorry job and they will end up with 4-6 wins.
  9. Grade the 2nd Round Pick:

    I was just saying this team needs more safeties. Hopefully we can fill them in the next few rounds as well.
  10. No thanks to mobile QB's. They almost always suck and often get hurt. Tall pocket passer please.
  11. I miss him because of the epic threads generated from his noodle arm and sh*tting bricks under pressure. Worst QB ever, but man he had some man-champions here who would defend their lover to the ends of the earth.
  12. I dont recall them playing his freshman year as MSU won the B1G and went to the Rose Bowl in 2013.
  13. Anyone with eyes who watched the B1G could tell you he cant hit the broad side of a barn. Terrible pick.
  14. Ryan Fitzpatrick Dedication Thread

    I will have a special place in my heart for Fitz for slaying the Geno and perhaps making sure he never plays another down for us (fingers crossed the Jets don't make the Jetiest move possible and resign that dummy). Reminded me of when we got Favre and it finally spelled the end of the dark noodle arm period for us.
  15. Rex Ryan fired

    But I thought Rex was a great coach?!? At least the Bills were smart enough not to let him get his classic end of lost season wins to give them a worse draft position.