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  • Tell us a little bit about yourself... High School Football Coach and diehard Jets/Mets fan

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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory? My first Jet game live - 1971 Shea Stadium vs SF 49ers. Namath returns from season long injury and almost pulls off incredible comeback victory.
  • Do you have season tickets? Yes
  • What Jets memory broke your heart? 1998 AFC Championship Game loss to Denver
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III? Yes

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  1. JoeWillie added a post in a topic I Hope The Coaching Staff Watched How To Control The Pats   

    Patriots will win this game by at least 2 TD's.
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  2. JoeWillie added a post in a topic Rex names IK captain   

    Once a buffoon, always a buffoon.
    This ******* idiot will just never get it.
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  3. JoeWillie added a post in a topic Cromarty injury blessing in disguise?   

    Good news ... MRI revealed no ACL tear ... sprained knee only.
    Not ruling out return Monday night, although that is probably unlikely.
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  4. JoeWillie added a post in a topic Geno Smith Punched by IK, out 6-10 weeks. All discussion here (MERGED)   

    This is our Drew Bledsoe / Mo Lewis moment.
    Enjoy it, Boys!
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  5. JoeWillie added a post in a topic Bills OL coach punches kid in face...   

    I don't blame Rex for the incident.
    But Rex hired him, so what it does show, for the upteenth time, is that Rex Ryan is a terrible judge of "character" in men, nor does he put great value in that particular trait.
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  6. JoeWillie added a post in a topic Is Ken Stabler Dead...or Alive?   

    One of the great QB's of my youth... used to LOVE watching him play ... one of the great clutch QB's of all time.
    With all due respect to Boomer & Young, Stabler was the best lefty I ever saw play.
    Absolutely should be in the Hall of Fame.
    RIP, Snake.
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  7. JoeWillie added a post in a topic Geno's mini-camp yesterday proves one thing...   

    In the immortal words of the great Allen Iverson ... "Let me get this straight, we sittin' here talkin' 'bout PRACTICE?!?!?!?" 
    Some things were so much better in the 70's when there was less information available on meaningless stuff.
    And BTW, I can't stand Geno.
    But really? We sittin' here talkin' 'bout PRACTICE?!?!? In June, no less?!?!?
    Holy Mother of God.
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  8. JoeWillie added a post in a topic Jets players: Todd Bowles couldn't be more different than Rex Ryan   

    Finally and thankfully ... an adult is in the room.
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  9. JoeWillie added a post in a topic What was your favorite Jet game of all time?   

    Both Colt games that year were phenomenal.
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  10. JoeWillie added a post in a topic What was your favorite Jet game of all time?   

    I was there. It was actually a knee injury he suffered in the 1st preseason game that year vs Detroit that he was coming back from. He hurt the wrist the year before. 
    But you're right, that November afternoon at Shea was electric.
    I was also at that 2002 game vs Green Bay ... everything fell for us right that day. Also a great afternoon.
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  11. JoeWillie added a post in a topic What was your favorite Jet game of all time?   

    My Top 10
    1. 1968 AFL Championship Game
    2. Super Bowl III
    3. 1971 - San Francisco vs Jets (Namath returns from injury, comes off the bench down big and leads great comeback that falls just short)
    4. 1974 - Jets beat Giants in OT at Yale Bowl on Namath to Boozer TD pass.
    5. 1972 - Namath throws 6TD's and beats Unitas in shootout in Baltimore
    6. 1998 - Jets beat Jags in Playoff at Meadowlands
    7. 1981 - Jets beat Dolphins at Shea in battle for 1st place 16-15 on Todd to Barkum last second TD pass
    8. O'Brien vs Marino shootout
    9. Monday Night Miracle (Jets vs Dolphins)
    10. 2010 - Sanchez leads Jets over Pats in playoffs in NE
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  12. JoeWillie added a post in a topic Rex Ryan throws the Jets under the bus with bomshell SI article.   

    Rex Ryan was, is, and always will be an "ass clown".
    Thank God, we now have some adults in the room.
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  13. JoeWillie added a post in a topic x-special teams coach Mike Westhoff : 'The job I did doesn't exist today' ~ ~ ~   

    He'd also like to see the goal posts narrowed by a yard, raising the degree of difficulty. Westhoff, who does some consulting on the side, brought that idea to the FXFL developmental league last year. The league liked it, he said, but it simply didn't have the money to change the goal posts.  
    The league didn't have the money? Seriously? WTF?
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  14. JoeWillie added a post in a topic Randy Gregory Failed Marijuana Drug Test at Combine   

    The guy is an idiot.
    That said, he might be worth the risk lower down in the draft, say in latter part of Round 1 or Round 2, if he falls that far... especially now that Herm has been assigned as his mentor.
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  15. JoeWillie added a post in a topic Marcus Gilchrist's Jets contract not at all what it seems   

    For the record, I am VERY happy with what the new regime has done so far.
    Inside of 3 weeks, Mac has:
    1. Gotten us a #1 receiver for almost nothing, getting Decker more favorable matchups as the #2.
    2. Created competition and built depth on the O-line
    3. Re-signed our team leading tackler
    4. Brought in a veteran QB, who even if we don't bring in a "franchise" QB, will at worst, be a huge upgrade to the dunce we had starting last year 
    5. Completely revamped our secondary, taking it from the worst in the league to potentially Top 3 in the league.
    And, oh by the way, we still have the entire draft, including the #6 overall pick.
    I don't know how anybody can can feel anything else but pretty good as to how things have gone so far this offseason.
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