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  1. Wow good stuff. I would rate Hackenberg's performance a B-. I like what I'm seeing from Hackenberg. Let's not forget this is the same kid that NO ONE was giving a chance to succeed. No one. Sadly it sounds like he was mishandled by Chan Gailey who probably knew he wasn't sticking around for long and didn't want to waste his time developing a young QB. I'll take the baby steps with him so long as he shows improvement every day and that's what it sounds like he's doing to me. Let's just hope he improves in the next game against the Lions and lets see the playbook open up for him. That'll be a good sign that he's really in fact progressing. In regards to the receivers; I think they'll end up carrying 6. Anderson/Stewart/Peake/Hansen/Harper (this kid has earned a spot in my eyes) /Hammond. I'm contemplating if I should add Wilson to the receivers list bringing it up to 7 because I have a sneaky suspicion that Petty is getting axed.
  2. Grade Hackenberg after Preseason Week 1

    The best thing that's happening to him right now is that he's going up against the Jets Dline every day in practice. Something tells me that this line is motivated and will be extremely efficient this year. I'll even put them in the top 3 as far as defensive lines go. Mo, Leo, and Sheldon are probably in Hackenberg's face the second the ball is snapped and that's a good thing because when he plays other teams he'll realize and notice that he has a little bit more time in the pocket to make his progressions and hit the open receiver. I'm hoping he continues to look better in games than in practice due to that fact. And that arm strength is just a weapon so lets hope that him and Robbie Anderson start tearing up some secondaries.
  3. I just pray and beg with literally everything in me that Hackenberg doesn't look awful. I just hope he goes out there looking like he belongs to be out there leading a huddle. I hope ASJ can carry over his strong practices and provides a safety net that'll open it up for Hackenberg who can hopefully get some simple completions against one on one coverage. I hope that our receivers can beat the press and win in one on one situations. I wish a lot of things...
  4. KRL Camp Notes (7/31/17)

    First off, thank you KRL. Everyone is dead on when they say it's greatly appreciated for the time and effort you put into these reports. It's 100% not going unappreciated. With that, I know it's only been three practices but I'm loving what I'm hearing about Hackenberg. As a fan anything positive that comes out of camp about this kid is just so integral to this franchise. It's especially refreshing to hear because most if not everyone expected nothing to come from this kid. I pray that he continues to progress every practice and ends up taking that starting spot come Week 1 against Buffalo. Once he gets comfortable one of his strengths in college was his ability to read a defense and make adjustments to counter what they were showing. He would walk to his olineman and point out and audible plays. I hope he gets to that level in the NFL.
  5. Coaches Corner from Mini Camp

    You know what? This team is going to come out every week and compete. I can feel it. I LOVE the new coaches that are here as they seem as dedicated as ever and they seem like legitimate teachers who are going to teach this young team how to prepare and how to win. If nothing else this team has nothing to lose this upcoming season and those teams with nothing to lose can be quite scary. If this defense can somehow be a top 7 defense I think this team will shock people with how many games they can win. The offense is definitely going to take their lumps throughout the season but there is some young untapped talent here that's ready to showcase what they can do. Color me excited.
  6. Same here they're always surrounded by drama it's really unfortunate. I for one am fine with the kid and I'll give him the time he deserves to learn the NFL game and hopefully continue to progress. Some take longer to adjust to the speed of the NFL game. It just sucks that in NY these poor kids, especially QBs, have to be NFL ready and ready to start as soon as they get drafted. I'm okay with the rebuild it has to be done. If we crap the bed this season which is most likely going to be the case then fine draft one of these QBs and go into 2018-19 season with Darnold or Rosen with Hackenberg and QB3 as backups and see what happens.
  7. You don't potential ruin a young kid's future before it even begins for clicks. Gotta have some sort of morals at some point.
  8. Wow I could not have said that better myself. I never disliked Kimberly Jones but now I'm a fan of hers for calling out all these loser reporters who jump and exaggerate on anything they can. The poor kid has done nothing wrong and consistently gets sh*tted on. The kid is 22 years old give him a break. He didn't ask to get picked in the 2nd round. Saddest part of all of this is if he was picked in the 5th round no one would be saying a thing about him. Let him learn.
  9. If ASJ can become somewhat of a weapon with his size and talent and Leggett can turn into at least a suitable passing option in Morton's offense it'll be great for Hackenberg. Imagine an offense that includes Enunwa, Decker, Stewart, Anderson, Power, Forte and these two TE's. You'd have passing options all over the field that's mixed with speed and RAC ability. Could be a fun offense to watch. Not to mention the offensive line isn't too shabby either. Here's to high hopes..
  10. Dallas offered 2nd rounder for Richardson

    Why are people still believing everything they hear?? This news couldn't be farther from the truth. Trust me if there was a trade in place between the Cowboys and the Jets for a straight Sheldon Richardson for their 2nd round pick in THIS draft trust me that they make that trade all day. There's no way I'm buying this news at all.
  11. Sucks that Devon got hurt again I really thought he would contribute this coming season. With him out though these receivers on the roster don't lack in talent. I'm hoping Morton makes Enunwa our starting full time TE. I mean he has the same measurements as Evan Engram who went in the 1st round and he can block. With that change the starting WR/TE units can look like this.. WR#1: Decker WR#2: R. Anderson Slot: A. Stewart WR#4: Hansen WR#5: Peake WR#6: Patton/J. Marshall TE#1: Enunwa TE#2: ASJ TE#3: Leggett I love that with Powell and Forte coming out of the backfield also
  12. I don't get people. I'm convinced no matter what someone will find something to complain about. If only we had every pick the draft. People will still whine.
  13. Gaping holes remain after the draft...

    This. Come on guys. I know based off of the history that is the Jets franchise we have every reason to give up on Hackenberg before he even takes his first NFL snap but come on. Doesn't the fact that we didn't draft a QB at all mean that maybe Hackenberg isn't this quarterback who can't throw a ball in the ocean?? Maybe he actually looks the part of an actual NFL quarterback. Maybe he progressed and improved and John Morton sees something in this kid. Enough something to feel okay with going into the season with McCown, Petty, and Hackenberg. Yes there are still holes. We aren't going to fill every single hole through one draft. It doesn't work that way. We'll fill the holes we have based on how the draft goes. I love what we did. We're a rebuilding team that drafted high character guys who love the game of football. That's a huge x factor. What happens if Stewart and Hansen and Leggett actually turn out and start clicking with Hackenberg? After watching years upon years of the Jets and being an absolute die hard fan I'm sadly wired in a way where it's impossible for this team to do any good or show any sort of upside but what if?? I'd love if Hansen and Anderson turned out to be our outside receivers with Adarius Stewart in the slot. I'd love if Morton's idea was to utilize Enunwa as a TE who can catch and block. I'd love Leggett to carry over his play making ability at the TE position along with ASJ and actually give us an option at the TE position. I'd love for Morton to realize that Powell is an actual legit RB and make him our starting RB. If these young guys turn out our offense can look a lot different and actually kind of dangerous. It'll all rely on the progress of Hackenberg and Petty but I have hope because that's all I have. Hackenberg showed an above average ability to go to the line of scrimmage and read a defense in college where very few showcased that ability. I'm hoping that in year 2 he capitalizes on that ability while improving his foot mechanics and actually becomes decent. The defense is stout. I love the additions of two top rookie safeties in a league where offenses roll out 3 WRs what? 70% of the time? I for one would not mind two thumpers roaming back there ready to take someones head off. The defense will set the tone for this team and we have a young offense who will hopefully only improve as they go against this defense in practice every day...
  14. What's that smell you ask?

    I think the hidden win of this draft so far is that they didn't draft a QB which means to me that they see something in Hackenberg. He fixed something or he's done something to where they see that he can be the one. The Stewart pick was a good one I can definitely see Enunwa and Robbie on the outside with Stewart in the slot. I love the way this kid plays and I love what this team is doing. I'm hoping they grab Jake Butt today at some point along with Jamaal Williams and the offense will be an improved one. The defense like you said Max will be top 5-7. I'm completely on that ship.
  15. Drafting Safeties isn't a bad idea....

    No that's actually no true at all. Filter out the nonsense