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  1. I think the hidden win of this draft so far is that they didn't draft a QB which means to me that they see something in Hackenberg. He fixed something or he's done something to where they see that he can be the one. The Stewart pick was a good one I can definitely see Enunwa and Robbie on the outside with Stewart in the slot. I love the way this kid plays and I love what this team is doing. I'm hoping they grab Jake Butt today at some point along with Jamaal Williams and the offense will be an improved one. The defense like you said Max will be top 5-7. I'm completely on that ship.
  2. No that's actually no true at all. Filter out the nonsense
  3. While Mac may not like the character issues we know that he's all about the Best Player Available strategy and if Cook is there in the 2nd when we pick he will most likely be BPA for a side of the ball that can desperately use his speed, vision, and overall talent. Playmaker.
  4. I think Engram is going to be the real deal. Especially being on the Giants who already have tons of weapons. Exceptional hands and route runner. He's going to flourish there.
  5. Year 2 will bring good things. Now he'll be able to utilize the speed part of his skill set and I think he's really going to blossom. The first year is normally a confusing year where players like him normally don't know what they're doing. Now that he has some experience I think he'll be all over the field. He had 70 tackles in his rookie year which is really good. I think he gets over 100 this season.
  6. I like the fact that we have multiple guys who can cover pass-catching TEs and RBs now
  7. Based off of value in regards to where we were picking I'm picking Adams. He simply was not supposed to be there.
  8. I absolutely agree with this. If you look at that draft after the Lee pick I still think he was probably the best pick at that spot. Next year will be very telling, but I think he takes a major step forward with a revamped Wilkerson and a Leo with another year under his belt to help make his job easier. Scary.
  9. I agree. Too many times I see projected salary as a reason to not pick a position with a top 5 or top 10 pick because they won't merit that high of a salary. Hearing things like you have to pick a certain position high in the draft because they make more is crazy to me. At the end of the day this is a game its competition. Salary figures be damned. We just drafted a kid who's going to change that locker room from Day 1 and will lead our defense. For a team that's rebuilding you want to have as many kids like this on your team as possible. At the same time though some kids are too talented to pass up ala a Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon so I would still sparingly take a chance.
  10. If either Mixon or Cook gets past the Packers and make it to us I would be ALL IN. If we could land either of these two they would instantly be our playmaker on offense. Pair them up with a pass-catching TE and we're in business. Add in an offensive lineman with an extra 3rd and WOWZA!! 2) Joe Mixon/Dalvin Cook 3a) Gerald Everett 3b) Pat Elflein 3c) Cameron Sutton There's an extra 3rd round pick in there because I believe that we'll trade either Sheldon, Decker, Pryor or a combination of those guys. Boom. For the guys wanting an OLB you can easily swap Sutton with the best available OLB such as a Tim Williams/Duane Smoot/Ryan Anderson maybe even Carl Lawson! Tonight will be franchise changing guys. I took off today and will be having my first drink right about now. Cheers and buckle up for the ride
  11. He's a game changer. I sadly don't see him getting past the Packers though. Would be something.
  12. Good post as usual. If they can't acquire more Day 2 picks give me: 2) Dalvin Cook 3a) Cordrea Tankersley 3b) Jake Butt
  13. The people that are complaining are completely absurd. This kid is a flat out baller who shouldn't have been there at 6. Yeah we didn't pick a QB yeah we didn't go offense and I personally don't care. The absolute bottom line of this all is that no we didn't improve our offense but we improved our TEAM. Our team got better tonight and that's all that matters. The people complaining about this pick need to sit back and appreciate the fact that we got an absolute steal. This isn't a wasted pick this kid is going to be special. Our defense at every level now has guys like Wilkerson and Leo on the defensive line. They have Lee who I think will take a major jump in year 2 along with Jenkins and Mauldin and now our secondary has Claiborne and Jamal Adams! The defense is going to be stout and the secondary is no longer going to be our weakness. The offense will get some love we just need to do it in the appropriate spots. We're picking a MINIMUM of three times tomorrow and that's where all the value as far as offensive players are. We're definitely getting our TE and either a WR or offense line help. Hell I'd be ecstatic if we somehow land Cook if he's still there. I'm sure we tried like hell to trade back guys but it didn't happen. Therefore we stayed at 6 and most most definitely went with the best value. This kid is going to be the leader of our defense for years and he's going to fix a secondary that gave up way too many big plays. He is clean on the field and he is clean off of the field. Lets not try to dog this pick and actual support the team and it's decisions. This pick could have been a lot worse. Trust me. If we can trade Sheldon or Decker or Pryor our picks tomorrow could easily be... 2) Dalvin Cook - if it's Cook he'll have a chip on his shoulder for slipping out of the 1st round and he's an immediate game changer and someone the defenses will need to gameplan against. 3a) Gerald Everett/Jake Butt - we're going to get a TE it's just a matter of who. There are still top notch TE's available. 3b) Pat Elflein/Ethan Pocic - with either of these guys it's an instant upgrade for the offensive line who we can plug in from day one. 3c) Teez Tabor/Cameron Sutton - somewhere in the 3rd they'll grab a CB it's just a matter of where in the 3rd based off of where the value is at the time we're picking. I still think we can end tomorrow with 3 starters on the offensive side of the ball who'll all be ready to contribute from day one. That's with us getting an absolute stud safety with the 6. Think positive guys. PS: I know our receiving unit is looking good with lots of potential with Enunwa/Anderson/Smith/Marshall/Peake but I would absolutely love if they find a way to get Zay Jones on this team. It's going to be tough with us absolutely needing to draft a TE/CB/OLB in Day 2 though. If we can't get more picks I think our 3 picks tomorrow have to be used on those positions. I pray we can trade and get one or two more picks to be able to get another offensive weapon and maybe some oline help. Today is going to be an awesome day.
  14. Yes. The 2nd round is where tons of CBs are going to get picked. We can still draft an elite one with our 2nd rounder.
  15. What scares me is that with this draft it's nearly impossible to blow it. But somehow....