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  1. On hits as egregious as that, the NFL should adopt the NHL's approach, and suspend Trevathan until Adams is back on the field. If it's a season-ender, that's the suspension. And if it's a career ender ... that's the suspension.
  2. His bigger problem is that he can't sue for wrongful termination when he wasn't terminated. The Jets declined to resign him by picking up his option.
  3. What a stupid pick. We get an interception when we would've been better dropping the ball
  4. Oh, hooray. We're winning
  5. Really, NFL Shop? Really? Like life as a Jets fan isn't hard enough?
  6. Terrific pass breakup on a Cutler scramble, followed by a sack on the next play
  7. Holy sh*t did Wilkerson ever loaf on that last Cutler scramble
  8. OLine > Franchise QB

    If you think Eli is one of the top 3 QBs in the NFL, you're smoking something. OL is critical. But it doesn't require the same investment of draft capital that finding a franchise QB typically does.
  9. Rex Ryan just made me throw up a little

    His motivational speech was "make tonight about you, not the team"
  10. Talking about what a great player Melvin Ingram is. Good thing we picked Coples
  11. I will say this, our OL is pass blocking better than I expected
  12. Sheldon was Mehta's source on the team.
  13. Chiefs vs Cheats

    Brees is going to absolutely torture that defense; they're not going to be any better at getting pressure on him and their RBs are more than capable of gashing NE if they sell out to play pass D. On the other hand, that is the worst Brady will look all year.
  14. Chiefs vs Cheats

    As was foretold, Jets-Bills is for first place in the AFC East.
  15. Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Innocent until proven guilty, but this looks real bad. A shame.