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  1. The parameters being discussed (1.12, 2.01, and a 4th) only make sense if we're talking about including Sheldon with our first. Otherwise, Cleveland's giving up way too much value to move to 6. So I'd keep an eye out for that
  2. yeah. the point was more "here are 8 or 9 intriguing players who, despite the wealth of pre-draft information available, people don't seem to be discussing" but thanks for the math on why UDFAs make rosters Sent from my SM-G920T using mobile app
  3. Didn't want to post the whole article for copyright reasons, but it's a damn good read, and I'll be intrigued to see where most of those prospects go. Not the kicker, though. (Watch us sign him as a UDFA and have him win the job, btw)
  5. Cleveland, the jets, Texans, 9ers, bills would all do it without a second thought or backwards glance. if you think anything else, you're kidding yourself. but hey - what type of contract do you think he lands as a FA next year. It'll be north of Glennon Sent from my SM-G920T using mobile app
  6. I doubt it. there's no way they can't get more than a fourth round pick for him. And a fourth round pick this year is worth a hell of a lot more then whatever comp pick they will get for him in 2019. The only reason it makes any sense at all to keep him is if they're concerned about whether Brady will be back Sent from my SM-G920T using mobile app
  7. Whether they deal Garoppolo at the draft will tell you if this is real. if they keep Jimmy, then Brady's told them this may be his last year Sent from my SM-G920T using mobile app
  8. truth is, I'm agnostic about where we generate pressure from. I do think the fact that the FO was very high on Simon contributed to the willingness to let Harrison walk and prioritize Mo. But we overpaid for Mo and that will hurt us in the long run - he's just not enough of a game-wrecker to command that type of deal Sent from my SM-G920T using mobile app
  9. You're both way too kind. I agree with Gas2No [emoji5] Sent from my SM-G920T using mobile app
  10. Wait, but you're not in charge of his usage ... seriously, though - his usage doesn't matter. neither does his immense talent. he, Williams & Wilkerson share a position that only allows 2 of them on the field for any one play - which makes allocating the cap and cash needed to keep all three of them long term completely idiotic. Mo got his long term deal and Williams is the best of the three, so Sheldon is the odd one out. there is literally nothing he could do this year that would be better for the Jets' long term chances of winning a super bowl than having the 8M in 2017 cap available to roll forward for use in a future season. seriously, if you're going to deny that, then post the specifics of what it is that he could do for those long term chances "if he were used correctly" and if you can't do that (and you can't), then would you please, just for once, shut the **** up? Sent from my SM-G920T using mobile app
  11. The sad thing is, you don't grasp that getting a draft pick who ends up exactly like those guys would still be better for the jets' future chances of winning a super bowl than keeping Sheldon this year Sent from my SM-G920T using mobile app
  12. D+, only because it would mean we intend to move on from Wilkerson after this season, who would be much more tradeable than Sheldon and who will cost us $20M against the cap in 2018. But that would literally be the only potential upside
  13. Don't you ever get tired of being wrong? Actually, it would be a comp pick in 2019, after he signs as a FA in 2018. A 4th round pick this year is the equivalent of a 2 in 2019. Bottom line, keeping Sheldon this season does nothing to help this team win a Super Bowl. In fact, by costing us 8M in cap room, he hurts our chances of doing that in future years. He needs to go - period.
  14. Potential first round picks? Only Brohm, and only if you're counting the pre-season speculation heading into his final year in college; heading into that draft, he wasn't expected to be taken in the first. "Good value"? Mallett and Garapolo. Nobody else on those lists were really "wow, can't believe they slipped that far, can't pass em up" guys; some were even mild (or major) reaches.
  15. The Patriots "always have franchise QB after franchise QB because they draft QBs at the bottom of the 1st?" They took Brady in the 6th round, and since him have had the following string of "drafted Franchise QBs(tm)" waiting on the bench (none of whom were taken in the first round): Rohan Davey; Kliff Kingsbury; Matt Cassell; Kevin O'Connell; Zac Robinson; Ryan Mallet; Jimmy Garapolo; Jacoby Brissett Garapolo looks like the real deal, so unless Brady's told the team this is his final season (please please please please) they're about to turn him into a 3rd round comp pick when he leaves as a free agent after this season, which ... isn't the best use of a 2014 second rounder you can imagine (any GM that said "hey, let's deal our 2nd round pick for a backup QB and a 3rd in 4 years" would get fired). But the idea that the Patriots "always have a franchise QB waiting on their bench" isn't really supportable. And the Packers? Yeah, they took Aaron Rogers late in the first, when the potential number 1 overall pick inexplicably slipped into the 20s (for example, the Ravens passed on him because they wanted Mark Clayton and were stacked at QB with Kyle Boller, Anthony Wright, and Kordell Stewart [what?!]), and Favre was obviously nearing the end (he was doing the "maybe I'll retire" dance by then - after first bringing it up in a Peter King interview in 2002). Since that draft, they've taken the following "Franchise QBs in waiting (tm)": Ingle Martin; Brian Brohm; Matt Flynn; BJ Coleman; Brett Hundley That's it for the Packers' stirring list of immortal developmental QBs. Oh, and in the interim between trading for Favre and drafting Rodgers? Ty Detmer; Jay Barker; Kyle Wachholtz (really); Ron McAda; Matt Hasselbeck; Aaron Brooks; Craig Nall. Hasselbeck had a great career, especially for a 7th round pick, and Aaron Brooks had a good year or two as a replacement level starter for the Saints. But this thing you're peddling about the Pack drafting QBs high to have an assembly line of franchise QBs in waiting? It's a myth.