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  1. The real question is what's more valuable for 2018 and beyond: (Best pick available from trade plus extra 8M in cap room) or (Comp pick for Sheldon - no higher than a end of 3rd) If you wouldn't be willing to pay 8M in cap room to buy a 3rd round pick, they should cut Sheldon, let alone taking the best available offer
  2. This is ridiculous analysis. If the pryor trade allowed them to move on from Harris, then that deal saved them the difference between Pryor + Harris (8.2M) and Davis plus a minimum salary player replacing Pryor on the roster (~4M). In other words, you're complaining that instead of the move saving the team 1.7M in cap room, it saved the team 4.2M in cap room. Please go sit in the corner until you realize why that is stupid.
  3. That sucks. Means a lot fewer of the players who get cut will have a chance to land elsewhere
  4. In 2016, he signed a 2 year extension with 41M in new money over the 4 years of the deal - 11M more in 2016 and 17, and 30M in 2018 and 19. Brady had already been under contract for 16 & 17 at 19M total, so net-net, the Pats paid him 20.5M per year for his two new years, and allocated a chunk of that money to 16 & 17 to keep the cap hits relatively low over all 4 years (the two years left on his prior deal and the 2 new years). They also kept his P5 salary super low in 16 and 17 so that he would lose very little in per game salary if (when) he had to serve a suspension. 20.5M in new money per year for 2 new years is a real discount, but not a crazy one. So how did they have Brady at 19M in 16 & 17 in the first place? That's the real sweetheart deal that Brady gave the Pats, taking a major discount against market value to free up cash & cap for other players. But this latest deal? Not much of a discount at all.
  5. He has $13,000,000 in signing bonus proration that hits the cap this year (so his total cap number is 14M), and 7M in each of 18 and 19 (taking his total cap number to 22M in each of those years). He definitely gave the Pats a hometown discount, but the reason his P5 salary is so low is that he got a way larger percentage of his money than usual up front in the form of a signing bonus.
  6. Terrible news. Heart goes out to him and his family
  7. This may shed some light on the arrest. BTW, can anyone tell me WTH "tensing your body" means?
  8. We may win one game in our division. 2 would be a surprise, and 0 wouldn't. Outside the division, we're going 0-4 against the AFC west and 0-4 against the NFC South. Which leaves games against Jacksonville and Cleveland to decide if we finally have a shot at a QB. 0-16 is a real possibility. 7 wins means we beat CLE and Jax, won at least 3 from MIA & Buff, and stole 2 more from non-divisional opponents who are better than us in every facet of the game. Which, of course means that's exactly what will happen. **** me.
  9. Sidney Jones in the second (he won't last to the third, and he's a top 15 talent when healthy). TE and Edge in the third
  10. Precisely because we wouldn't have to give him that contract. 8M of it was tied up in signing and roster bonuses that would not transfer to the Jets; the result would be an 8M cap-and-cash payment year 1, with a 14.5M salary in year two if he did well enough that we wanted to keep him at that price (v. 2.5M in dead money if we wanted to cut him). If you don't think the Jets would've been willing to give him that deal in FA, you're nuts
  11. Mike Glennon has to be super pissed right now. He finally got out of Tampa, where he got all of 1 year before the Bucs (correctly) drafted Winston and pushed him to the bench, and now the team he carefully selected as the place to go on a second contract - the team that signed him for 18.5M guaranteed - just did the same thing to him by dealing the farm for Trubisky. There's no way - none - Glennon plays out his contract in Chicago as a starter, not with the No. 2 overall pick as his backup. His leash will be super short, the fan base will be calling for Trubisky ... he's got to want out. And we happen to have both an opening for a starting QB and a current "good veteran" who last enjoyed real success as ... the fill-in starter for the Chicago Bears. This is a match made in heaven. And before you go "but the money" ... money's no object. Glennon only has an 8M salary this year (2 more than McCown) and 14.5 next year, of which only 2 is guaranteed. So if he doesn't work out, it's an easy escape.
  12. The parameters being discussed (1.12, 2.01, and a 4th) only make sense if we're talking about including Sheldon with our first. Otherwise, Cleveland's giving up way too much value to move to 6. So I'd keep an eye out for that
  13. yeah. the point was more "here are 8 or 9 intriguing players who, despite the wealth of pre-draft information available, people don't seem to be discussing" but thanks for the math on why UDFAs make rosters Sent from my SM-G920T using mobile app
  14. Didn't want to post the whole article for copyright reasons, but it's a damn good read, and I'll be intrigued to see where most of those prospects go. Not the kicker, though. (Watch us sign him as a UDFA and have him win the job, btw)