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  1. You think we should have taken the guy who was selected 4 picks ahead of us? Today's game was brutal. One thing I did appreciate was that they didn't play McCown at all - because that will likely set us back a bit in the regular season (after Hack's sh*t-show today, is there any doubt McCown starts?), but Bowles was willing to do what was in the team's long term interest rather than short term. Let's hope that attitude carries forward.
  2. You don't get it. He's free to retain for 4 weeks while on suspension. He costs the Jets no money, and costs the Jets no roster spot. At the very least, they will hold on to his rights through the end of the suspension, because even if he's the 7th best receiver in their evaluation and they're only keeping 6, they can keep him on the reserve list in case one of their top 6 gets injured in the first 4 weeks. There is literally no reason for the Jets to ever cut him this preseason. There's no first round of cuts - we're going from 90 to 53 this year - so it's not like they have to let anyone else go to keep him through the end of preseason. If they want to give someone else more reps, they can do that without cutting Marshall (the same way they can give more reps to any 1 player without cutting another). And there's no reason to cut him to make room for someone cut from another team after the preseason, because cutting him won't free up a roster spot to sign anyone, since he won't be taking up a roster spot in the first place. I hate to say this so bluntly, but if you think Marshall is getting cut before his suspension is up, you have no clue about roster management. None.
  3. You're exactly wrong. He's got 4 games without counting on the roster. There is 0 chance he is cut before his suspension is over
  4. I think you're misunderstanding that pay. It basically meant that he had to progress to the point where he'd be more involved on D or he'd be cut
  5. First, three step drop doesn't mean you look at the receiver from the snap forward. And his did out oon his rate longer drops as well Sent from my SM-G920T using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. What more can we ask for? More than 5 YPA and not staring down receivers
  7. Has Anyone Heard From Villian?

    Only for his company team https://www.lincolnbuilders.com/corporate.php
  8. Has Anyone Heard From Villian?

    As someone who took all sorts of grief for misplaced backup QB love yourself, I'm sure you've got nothing but sympathy
  9. Roster Projection, just because

    Pretty much. That, plus the fact that are depth on defense is just more talented than our depth on offense. I mean yeah, Hammond has been getting nice publicity during camp. But how many first and second-year receiver is can you really keep on one roster? I think he ends up losing that battle to the other Camp Phenom, Harper, and with six first and second-year receivers on the roster, plus Jalin Marshall, is there really a need to keep another developmental receiver? Same reason I don't have Anthony Johnson making the squad, although I probably should have listed him as a practice Squad guy. Which DL is he displacing? I mean, maybe McClendon I guess. Or do you see them keeping 8 DL playing a 3-4?
  10. Just based on reports to date. I think we'll be playing a lot of Big Nickel with Adams, Maye, and Miles on the field at the same time (along with Lee and 2 OLBs) rather than bringing on a nickel CB. DL (7/12) Williams, Leonard Wilkerson, Muhammad Simon, Deon Richardson, Sheldon Thomas, Lawrence Pennel, Mike McLendon, Steve Pelon, Claude (PS) Faulk, Jeremy Gamble, Patrick Johnson, Anthony Still, Devon LB (9/13) Mauldin, Lorenzo Lee, Darron Jenkins, Jordan Davis, Demario Donahue, Dylan Harris, Connor Beltre, Frank Stanford, Julian Martin, Josh Bishop, Freddie (PS) Carter, Bruce Lemonier, Corey Paysinger, Spencer CB (6/9) Claiborne, Morris Burris, Juston Roberts, Darryl Williams, Marcus Jones, Derrick Coleman, Xavier Skrine, Buster McDougle, Dexter Rivers, David (PS) S (5/6) Adams, Jamal Maye, Marcus Miles, Rontez Middleton, Doug Martin, Ronald Thomas, Shamarko Total Defense: 27 QB (3/3) Hackenberg, Christian McCown, Josh Petty, Bryce RB (4/9) Powell, Bilal McGuire, Elijah Forté, Matt Firkser, Anthony Brown, Algernon (PS) Morris, Romar (PS) Howsare, Julian Murphy, Marcus Todman, Jordan OL (8/15) Beachum, Kelvin Carpenter, James Johnson, Wesley Winters, Brian Shell, Brandon Ijalana, Ben Dozier, Dakota Qvale, Brent Harrison, Jonotthan (Roster Bubble) Leamon, Javarius (PS) Adams, Jeff Balducci, Alex Bordelon, Chris Braden, Ben Watts, Craig TE (2/4) (+ ASJ/Res.-Susp.) Leggett, Jordan Vander Laan, Jason Gragg, Chris Tomlinson, Eric WRS (6/11) (+ Enunwa/IR, Marshall/Res.-Susp.) Anderson, Robby Peake, Charone Stewart, ArDarius Hansen, Chad Harper, Chris Whitehead, Lucky Marks, Gabe (final cut, PS) Hammond, Frankie Foxx, Deshon White, Myles Wilson, Marquess Total Offense: 23 ST 3/4 LS Tanner Purdum (wish they'd cut him) P Lachlan Edwards K Ross Martin K Chandler Catanzaro Total: 53, 7PS, 2 Res.-Susp.
  11. 1) Bring in Mac & Bowles. Tell them that Bowles will be reporting to Mac from now on. They both have 3 years to get this franchise in position to be a consistent playoff participant (that is, enough talent & production to be legitimately projected as a likely playoff team for the ensuing 3 years). Neither will be fired before that, neither will be extended beyond that until after 2020, and they succeed or fail as a pair. If they do not want to sign contract extensions through the end of the 2020 season, I'll let them go today and bring in a new team with that same 3 year horizon. That means they each get the next 2 years to make moves in the team's long term interest without worrying that short-term W-L will cost them their jobs. 2) Direct them that for the next 2 years, the rules for job competitions in training camp are simple: If a young player with potential performs close to as-well as a hold-the-fort vet, the young player gets the job. No exceptions. And salary is not to play a role in that determination. I'd rather have a relatively high priced vet wasting away on the bench because he's not good enough than have him in the lineup hurting the team and retarding the development of younger players with greater potential. Every GM makes mistakes, bad signings, etc. Those are sunk costs. Insisting that guys play for salary reasons only compounds the costs, and is a worse sin, in my eyes, than making the bad signing in the first place. This rule does not apply to stars or vets expected to be in the top half of the league at their position; a bad camp shouldn't cost them their job unless the younger player actually outplays them. But for the aggressively mediocre guys, and while we're in the process of building to that perennial playoff contender? Potential wins if it's close. 3) Invest big money in an analytics department and instruct Mac and Bowles to incorporate analytics in their player-personnel moves and in-game decisions. Demand a full after-action report on that incorporation as part of the end-of-season exit interview process, along with full R.E.A.D. decision breakdown on major decisions. 4) Get the hell out of the way. There's no 5
  12. Green & White Scrimmage Updates 08/05/17

    That's awesome. It's not even week 1 of the preseason, and we're already in midseason form
  13. If Marks continues to impress, I doubt there'll be a roster spot for J. Marshall when he comes back from suspension (they'll keep him for the suspension, since if someone else goes down in the first 4 weeks, they'd rather have him available than have him cut)
  14. Martin looked great in TC last year too - then shanked his kicks when the lights came on. Would be great to see him do it in the game, because having a big-legged young kicker at minimum salary would be a nice change for this team. In fact, I think I'll be pissed if they keep Catanzaro even if Martin misses two or three in the preseason. If there's ever a year to have your kicker work out the butterflies, it's this one
  15. They both get to the coach directing them into their break at 2 seconds into the gif, so if Hansen gets off the line faster, the difference is mostly if not entirely made up by the time they reach 10 yards. But I wouldn't be surprised; Peake is a taller WR, a long strider, and those guys usually take a bit longer to reach top speed