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  1. This just isn't fair. He did not deserve to go this way. Condolences to his wife, children, family, and friends.
  2. Might be the rap but won't beat the ride.
  3. Tre' Jackson Guard Florida State
  4. Maxwell Cromartie Cobb Lupati McCourty
  5. I just wanted to take a moment and congratulate all Jets fans on this major accomplishment. IMO this needed to be done a long time ago. There hasnt been much I have been proud of, or reason to celebrate, and have had my faith tested alot in the last fifteen years(meeting the face of the franchise and realizing I dont like him at all, PSL's, and the circus atmosphere that has been around the last few years). But over the past few days I really have a renewed faith. This house cleaning, well its almost unbelievable its finally happening. I am so happy for all Jets fans, you all deserve to be hopeful and prideful again, to not be ambarrassed, to have enjoyment, you have earned it. You have paid your dues. I hope the team will win a superbowl in the next 5 years, not for me, but for my kids to have a renewed faith in this team and for all of you who so deserve it. Been a fan since 1982. My wife took me to my first Jets game when I was 25, never forget the feeling I had pulling up to the stadium and seeing a sea of Green Jets jersey's. I said to my wife, "These are my people"! LOL. Anyway just wanted to say congratulations and keep the faith, there is alot to be hopeful about. Its a new day. Green Lantern
  6. Namath Johnson Bradway Kotite
  7. This is the best Jets Video I ever saw!
  8. Tell us how you really feel!
  9. It has been years since Faneca departed and has never been replaced. Im just wondering how those 3rd and 5th rounds picks are filling holes on the OL? Can anyone project if the Jets take OL in this draft and if so what round? And maybe a projected player you think would be an upgrade over what the Jets have now. Thanks Lantern
  10. Sunday was also the first time in team history to have 20 penalties.
  11. Who drafted Dewayne Robertson Vernon Gholston It doesn't take a genius to hit on first round picks, It takes a genius to hit on gems in the later rounds. Who hired Herm Edwards who had to hire a clock management guy to tell time? Please.
  12. As the title says, I was just curious if the Jets are no longer a circus, did they get rid of the ring leader or something?
  13. Most Quarterbacks are too sensitive.