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  1. wtf u talking about - i didnt ask anyone to do any fkg research. feel like I am taking crazy pills on this site sometimes.....go back and look at my original post - i brought up the 20something argument and then you guys kept asking me to explain or you were sooo incredulious that someone would Q ur vast intellect..GMFB. Sperm has his Macc agenda for sure - but I was not thinking about Macc at all as much as he wants to track mind that one. but hey you want me to get the research that is actually very easy... tell you just take the HUGE list of FA that appear every year from every fkg team and look at all the young players that switch teams. That a pretty fkg big list esp if you did it say over last 5 years. So in your guys simplistic world every GM should lock down their own for short money and every team is doing this except the poor inept Jets. IF that was the case there would be no FA switching team on a yearly basis but we all know that is not true so I am not wasting my time.
  2. LOL i was not trying to suggest it was 25% nor was I trying to suggest $20M contract either. I was merely trying to use some numbers to explain my point since if you clearly read the above I said I did not know and that was my question and getting back to my point which you still dont want to even acknowledge so I am having hard time bothering with yours............
  3. I am not higher on ASJ per se but rather think it is time for Jets to use the TE. Q has been decent in that role but he is undersized. People around here like to make fun about midget ILBs but what about a midget TE (defacto). IMO jets run game and short passing will improve with more use of someone who is 6'5 260+ lbs vs a 6'2 220+lbs WR\TE....I am not a fan of Midget TEs. They are also on record as saying they want to utilize a FB which also cuts into Q future reps. I like Q though and a WR who can block like he does is a real asset in slot but at 6'2 will he be good on outside? I hope so. He has to prove he can go up and get the ball like Anderson does or Marshal did. and yes Sperm gave examples of success but did not want to discuss when something like this did not work out so well which is fine. My underlying point was sometimes it is easier said than done given these are 20something year old kids who at that age feel invincible (I know I did) and most probably have no issue believing in themselves and feel that they won't get hurt. It is not a reach to say a majority will gamble. These are not rational accountant types and sometimes not fully mature we are talking about here who will always take the convservative right thing to do approach. add to the an agent whisper in the ear who also are young confident and have many other clients and want to maximize returns. Their approach to clients by design is $ first.
  4. few comments I am not worried about anything right now guys are...I just simply asked how often teams are successful and how often teams are not successful doing these things and I was....I was...I was...attacked by a sperm....I am going to need a week of therepy now. the 20m i just threw out a number to make my point as I have no idea what he should be paid nor do I really care too much. Q salary issue was brought on by himself as it was 2/3 years ago? he was suspended for a some domestic dispute and barely made team which allowed team to drop his rookie contract I believe and get him for pay dirt. So I could see the team point handing over so much money to a player that has already been suspended once, may not have convinced everyone he will continue to get better, or may be the type like Kerley who once paid spending 12 hours with Juggs machine does not become priority any more. I am not totally convinced Q has solved his dropsy issues either or how he fits when not being the H because I would rather have ASJ or Leggett if he any good get those reps.
  5. every business has metrics and use them to make decisions but from our POV not privy to those type metrics we don't even know if they tried right? how do you know they are not approaching him every week trying? You simply want to blame someone for it not happening or you are pounding on your computer for it to happen but if some event has say a 25% odds of even happening who are you to blame when it does not especially given human nature to hold out for more $? or maybe they are not trying because to sign him because their metrics show the odds of this situation success are low to bet 20 million dollars on. How much of your money are you willing to gamble in stock market? what is your threshold for potential % success for you to jump in? would you jump into a stock with $100,000 if the odds of success were 25%, 50%, or 75%?
  6. I was hopeful maybe Green can make a player out of him this season somehow but with this and after seeing how he played into the 4th preseason game last year not sure he would ever be more than a JAG like Pryor. Maybe he can get past this but his odds of success are in dumpster bout now. I am not too worried tho as I like the current crop of OLB w/o him.
  7. I tell you what is stupid and that is picking all the perfect examples of something working out and applying that to every player and situation. I tell you who does know the answer to my question...that is every NFL GM and not you.
  8. I also wonder what the success rate of these type of situations are...say you are able to pull it off an sign player for short money what are the success rates of these semi unproven players now sitting on pile of cash with no contract to work towards.
  9. I know it does happen and could....what is the % of time this happens across the guess is low
  10. Could-a-had rate That's make an assumption these 20something year old players and their agents pass on waiting for as you even say expected higher pay off down the road a bit why would this 20something who see big potential future $$$$ and has limited life long salary time line take short money? They see Porches, Swimming pools, and have agents (who could care less about them) whispering in their ears. so yes you will be disappointed more often than not
  11. That would be some admission of guilt...not going to fly here with Jets\nfl I do not think...He is not Lawrence Taylor.