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  1. All I can say is that you are one heck of a person
  2. I don't know if it was Folk or the holder, but Revis has to bear part of the blame. If the players performed - Jets win win so cannot place blame on coaching which, in retrospect, was not sublime but can't put the onus on Bowles when missed point after and chippie FG changes outcome.
  3. Can't believe Ziggy would want Geno. He lives here in NJ and is aware of what's happening and has happened with the former second rounder. He's too smart to go after the bust.
  4. Geno is not playing for simple reasons 1. They know what he is and can or cannot do 2. They don't want him hurt to ruin whatever trade value exists 3. They want to know whether whether Petty or Hack looks like a reasonable backup and if not may be forced to keep him
  5. Geno- don't let the door hit you on the way out
  6. Is the house still on the market?? Seriously good signing for the team and good leader/teacher for the kids. Maybe someone out there would like Gino for a seventh round pick????
  7. Just want to extend hopes and prayers for for quick, complete and lasting recovery.
  8. From the neck down- it"s Geno-from the neck up it's Fitz and the head always wins. The great QBs have historically not been the most physically gifted but had adequate physical talent plus the head and heart.
  9. Sorry for saying it but I will. Gene should be first team practice dummy
  10. Makes no sense-you mention size arm and mobility-all nice but with a qb you start with head, and accuracy arm strength and pocket awareness. He has great arm strength and size but but his accuracy is a question mark. Not knocking him but his value is further reduced by the system in which he played. Have no problem if he falls to us but top 10??????
  11. Happy Birthday to one of few here, who like me, remembers Dorow to Maynard
  12. You took the words out of my mouth-nothing more need be said
  13. BTW-Cannot happen as-they owe too much money for the afaik
  14. Difference was O malley was given chavez ravine-went from financially successful to immensely finically successful. He wanted to stay in New York but did not want Queens.