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  1. Just what we need-another raw rookie QB. How about the the lines, DBs??????????????
  2. Never asked Donald whether whether he was a Jets fan but if so-maybe this was an appointment to get Woody out of the area and appoint an overseer for the franchise. Too bad ambassadors aren"t required to dispose of assets which could impair performance of duties-the headaches of the Jets would impair anyone's clear functioning.
  3. why waste time on a ludicrous topic. The fans have no effect on the quality of the team except that the owners have been fans too. As someone who has been a fan since they were the Titans and Al Dorow was tossing to Don Maynard I can say without hesitation I have not been responsible for any win nor any loss. John Hess (Leon's son) was convinced that when they hired Parcells there would be champion flags flying-he too was a fan and unlike the fans on this forum may have had some slight influence on ownership decisions. Enough said
  4. The lines have to be rebuilt. Let Petty and Hack take their lumps, maybe one proves he is tough enough and has the equipment to be the one. Sign a vet. Unfortunately next year will not be pretty but Geno adds nothing that would turn this thing around
  5. Even if Macs were to have an incredible draft of his choosing-do you or anyone else believe the current HC could take the ingredients and make an acceptable meal???
  6. Bowles seems like a nice guy who built a solid reputation as as DC. Unfortunately his in game actions and decisions were an abomination throughout the season. He is is not a HC and our GM has similarly been unimpressive but the jury is still out on him. We need a new HC who will command the troops as well as direct the GM ala Bellicheat Parcells etc. Woody should bring in a "consultant" like a Parcells for the sole purpose of directing the overhaul of the operation with a veto power.
  7. The article was not wrong but must realize that virtually every mistake was made by by a young inexperienced neophyte at the pro level. If he makes the same errors a few games down the line, then and only then should we, as fans be concerned
  8. Please stop with the mention of Gino next year-he won't be here. He was drafted here because he had 2 first round draft choices to catch balls in college, has physical skills but not the judgment required. He has shown little or no development, Has never shown leadership skills. We have to rebuild the Line, get or develop a quality tight end among other things. We should sink or swim with Petty and Hack and a new HC. Bowles seems to be a bright guy and was considered a quality DC but not the decision maker required of the man in charge of the game.
  9. Despite the win over a team which has not played well-Bowles has shown he a poor decision maker. He really had no tough decisions to make in this game which was against a weak opponent. He has shown he is a capable defensive coordinator in the past-he has not shown he is decisive HC.
  10. He showed some growth today and developing maturity. It's a nice start. If he keeps it up-he's our starter next year and Hack move into backup spot. I liked his poise and demeanor-the arm was never a question.
  11. I would agree you are probably in the minority and are probably a very patient young man but he has shown no head coaching talent. He might be a very fine defensive coach but does not seem to grasp the being head coach, time, distance, score, situation etc. Let someone else give him another chance.
  12. The only real question I have regarding this decision is--WHY??? The season is lost-why not see what he has and how he progresses. He has the arm- does he have the head-can he develope with game experience. Makes no sense.
  13. what about all the earlier games??