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  1. TheSage added a post in a topic QB   

    No one can say Fitz is not a smart QB-his background and resume speak for themselves. Does he have a howitzer or a great gun -no, is he going to try to do more than he is capable of doing-probably on a rare occasion but he will rarely lose a game because of his head. Geno on the other hand does have the stronger arm but his head is nowhere near that of Fitz-he has constantly shown a propensity for forcing the ball into bad spots at the wrong time, his timing is an atrocity-he may occasionally win a game but is just as likely to lose a game (define career backup). Despite the apparent physical talent he doesn't have a quarterback's head (not saying he is not bright ) but doesn't think like a leader. Have said it before and am saying it again -his college stats were inflated by having two first round draft choices at end. Stay with Fitz until he shows we cannot win with him.
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  2. TheSage added a post in a topic If the Jets moved to London would you still be a fan?   

    Actually, as a Dodger fan growing up in Brooklyn, the Dodgers while successful were limited because of the capacity of Ebbets Field but the the City would not provide land in Brooklyn offering O'Malley land in Queens where Shea Stadium was eventually built. Los Angeles offered him not only the land where Dodger stadium was built but also several hundred acres around it making it a very lucrative financial package. 
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  3. TheSage added a post in a topic If the Jets moved to London would you still be a fan?   

    The subject is mental masturbation-starting with the Jet obligations for the stadium here. No one would consider moving a financially successful organization as opposed to a franchise having difficulties. Then there is the question of relocating players and families to a foreign country even though that might be resolvable by financial and other incentives since England apparently very much wants a franchise there. The travel is not much worse than west coast trip by east coast teams.
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  4. TheSage added a post in a topic Francessa today   

    Then I guess you don't remember Al Dorow throwing to Don Maynard??  Just teasing -a few years (almost two decades) before you were born
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  5. TheSage added a post in a topic Eagles Cut Tebow (Yes, I want him back here)   

    Tim Tebow seems to be a decent person but is not a decent major league qb. If his ego permitted he probably would be good situational player. He has talent but not the talent required of a full time qb. Yes he throws well on occasion but not consistently, he can run well but not consistently or strong/fast enough so let's drop the love for him as a qb.
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  6. TheSage added a post in a topic These guys want to buy the JETS. I'm in...   

    except for the fact that it was the basis and probably is the basis for his wealth together with his jets ownership
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  7. TheSage added a post in a topic These guys want to buy the JETS. I'm in...   

    For only 50Gs a seat in owners box at every home game???? I ll take two-my grandson would love it. How many seats are there??? I have a few friends who would do it too.  But fortunately or unfortunately depending on your viewpoint-  Woody ( who seems like a nice man) won't do it for estate planning reasons.  Plus he doesn't need the money despite the recent drop in JNJ stock price. Got to be a joke
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  8. TheSage added a post in a topic Brooks Bollinger > Geno Smith   

    you are being overly generous but he seems to be a decent kid, studies hard, but is slow on the reads and late on his throws which are sometimes accurate
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  9. TheSage added a post in a topic If It's the Eagles #1 and Eagles #2 and Mark Sanchez for The Sixth Pick, Do You Do It?   

    I  believe that the Philly trade was made to use Bradford as a pawn to move up get Mariotta (no surprise) and the resigning of Sanchez was ease Mariott's  transition if necessary. Whether Bradford is used to trade with the Jets or another team is still up in the air. Bradford may not be perfect but is certainly an upgrade over anything on out roster and if we were to complete a trade with Philly and pick up Bradford, their No. 1 plus other considerations (their No. 1 plus plus)I say go for it
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  10. TheSage added a post in a topic Rex Ryans home FOR SALE   

    Actually there are 12 listed with higher price  5 bd 5.5 baths 4095 sq ft. listed as last sold in 2007 for 950,000
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  11. TheSage added a post in a topic It's Official - Maccagnan is the NY Jets GM   

    This guy is a loser-has had the job for over an hour and not a move yet
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  12. TheSage added a post in a topic Mort...Idzik gone, New GM could decide on Rex   

    I am not knocking anyone but Dan Quinn and Todd Bowles both appear to be fine DCs. Don't know enough about the talent they are working with. Did either one coach without  CBs who are not NFL quality? Just believe Rex covered the deficiencies with fine schemes and limited talent.
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  13. TheSage added a post in a topic Mort...Idzik gone, New GM could decide on Rex   

    I love Ryan-he is a great defensive coach and anything we get to replace him will be step down. I am not sure is a great HC and have questioned his in game decisions. That being said, given the paucity of HC talent available, the lack of front office support this year, the force feeding of a QB thrust upon him I would say let a new GM decide his fate. 
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  14. TheSage added a post in a topic 2015 Coaching Candidates   

    To equate the movement with firing Pete Carroll with the firing of John Idzik is patently wrong. Carol went back to college, got a measure of education and experience and was ready for the next step. Whether he would have succeeded without the experience of the interceding years we will never know. Idtzik has thus far shown he can manage the cap but not the draft . Further that he did not fill the fill the prime needs of the team or the pieces that fit the coach.   Idzik should be moved into a pure administrative position in the back office or given his outright release.
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  15. TheSage added a post in a topic If Rex beats NE does it save his job?   

    Rex is gone and hopefully Idzig is transferred to the bookkeeping dept.
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