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  1. I have always thought Milliner would make a better safety. Reminds me of Antrel Rolle. Has great range, can tackle and he can jump with anyone.
  2. Stash Ridley on the PUP for 6 games incase of injury or bad play. Let him come in fresh for the stretch run.
  3. Sorry. Rams select WR Antwan Goodley Baylor
  4. Rams select LB Mike Hull LB Penn St Vikings and Tyler Durden OTC
  5. Rams select S Chris Hacket TCU Texans and NYJetsVets91 OTC
  6. Bears select OG Jamil Douglas Arizona St. Boozer and Bucs otc
  7. Bears select CB Jacoby Glenn Central Florida. Beerfish and Miami otc
  8. Bears select Ellis McCarthy NT UCLA
  9. Jersey # clue ???

    Furney the K is 8
  10. I apologize for missing my pick. The last 5 hours were the only time i was busy all week.
  11. Bears select S Anthony Harris Vrginia Hess and Falcons otc
  12. Rams take CB Alex Carter Stanford. Hess and Falcons otc
  13. Bears take QB Brett Hundley UCLA
  14. We really should bump these drafts after 3 years and see who actually did good with who they picked.
  15. Bears are good with K. White. Dont want Hundley