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  1. Good luck to your Cubbies, John. I'm rooting for you/them.
  2. Damn John I wish I would have known this earlier. Where are you staying this year? Ft lauderdale has a boat show going on that weekend and is crazy booked. I'll be in Boca. Maybe we can hook up for tailgate?
  3. LOL Get his sack off of your chin bro!
  4. Happy Birthday @Sperm Edwards and may @Mrs. Sperm bake you a nice cake! have a great day!
  5. Haven't been on in a couple of days. Any despicable personal attacks to report on? Or has everybody backed away from the cliff?
  6. That's because I just took a sh*t in this thread.
  7. Congratulations on the 4,000 post day! Big internet hug for you Maxman!! You are moderating at eleventy billion miles per hour. good job kid! Thank you for making me feel safe on this board!
  8. The Jets have to dig deep into their pockets and grab a pair of balls and come out Sunday with a sense of urgency and a fighting mentality. Compared to having balls like raisins and a I'm on vacation mentality.
  9. Eloquently put, SAR I. I lold
  10. Yeah but you used to drive in from Massachusetts lol I wouldn't miss that commute either
  11. This is true. When the jets played at shea we sat next to two gigantic dudes from Connecticut. Our seats were behind home plate at shea in the mezzanine right in line with the upper deck. Some douche dumped beer on purpose down on our level and soaked the two gigantic dudes and then leaned over the upper deck and taunted us. I remember them saying like Arnold Schwarzenegger "we'll be back" at halftime. They came back at the start of the 3rd quarter and all hostile activity from the upper deck had ceased. Great guys those two gigantic guys from Connecticut.
  12. The franchise is a dumpster fire. They haven't been competitive the last 4 games and the coach is not doing anything to right the ship aka make changes or put jobs on the line. That's a level of incompetence that is meant for Rutgers, not an NFL franchise.
  13. he said it's a secret, but there's a very good reason why lol
  14. Are you sh*tting me? Lol glad I missed all that sh*t. I'm really tired of commiserating over this cesspool of an organization,
  15. Lol the dummy proclaims fitz the starter against the ravens after last nights game, now somebody of some intelligence must have had a talk with him. Everybody's jobs should be on the line with the way they've been playing.