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  1. @Savage69 here you go kid!!
  2. They failed miserably because the only time they sell out is when the Jets play down there. tickets are cheap, and I thought that was a pretty nice perk as a season ticket holder. what did you get? a Jets umbrella? lol
  3. When I was in Miami the last time in 2012 the Dolphin season ticket holders all had streaming devices (like mini tablets) that they could watch the game on and play back. It was pretty cool. That was the game revis blew his knee out and the guy replayed it for me on that thing.
  4. Uncle Tony will be so proud of you! Congrats! Looking forward to my invite for the ride in for the Rams game
  5. Lol I remember the first time I met you knocking on the Kingsley door at 6-7 am on game day and you were still lit up from the night before. That's back when Bertha was head of JN security
  6. Lol at JN security shirts.
  7. He will need security too. While Shane is rugged he's just too nice to be head of security. We need you with your "Nobody ******* sh*ts in the Kingsley mother ****er" acronym to scare off unwanted visitors.
  8. You were a trouble maker at gate D spiral before the legendary new stadium was built and before you were promoted to prestigious season ticket holder. Don't deny it. I don't drink like that anymore, that was back in the 80's.
  9. Yes you are, you are legendary. Don't deny it.
  10. Yeah but it was colder in the parking lot than the stadium
  11. Yeah you guys were not invited to the tailgate at Vinnys house lol we were playing beer pong in the dining room and we got a police escort into the stadium at the last minute. hahaha this was way before you guys became legendary.
  12. That was the last game ever at giants stadium against the bengals win and you're in Sunday it was like 2 degrees out and me and you snuck in two plastic flasks under our skull caps while we were being wanded by security lol. Tyson and somebody else tried sneaking zambuca In in a ziplock it broke and leaked out and it turned black upon impact on the denim and he looked like he sh*t himself! great time that night!! And you blew the roof off snoring at Vinnys that night!!
  13. What the hell is a mixed spirit drink? I used to sneak in a bottle of Bacardi in the old stadium with my brother back in the day inside a hollowed out Italian bread. We had the top notched out so it stayed in the bread at all times.
  14. True story, we used to pm each other back in the day when she posted here (who knows it might have been Shane lol) and was the key reconnaissance I needed to get Max his xmas gift (he was my secret Santa back in 2007 or 08 can't remember) that to this day is his favorite xmas gift given to him of all time. He was a pee on back then and was being promoted from cubicle to his first office 🙂. Thanks for the recon Lauren and happy birthday!!