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  1. Thors greatest thread
  2. Great news Phil!! Tell Laren I said hi and that I miss our pms back and forth when she used to post here
  3. I had to do a google search to find out who the **** Jesper strombland was lol I always thought he was you
  4. Did you really boil them? Lol stick to designing web sites and your full time job.
  5. Cool bro! I'm glad we're on the same page and the feeling is mutual. The only problem is that all the cool kids like hanging out with BP maybe you can have some sponsors pay for your rv, like Fanta. Have a big gigantic orange rv with Fanta soda taps on the outside lol mmmmmmm Fanta
  6. @NJ Can you tow that with a dual rear wheel pickup?
  7. This is weird, I was just browsing these yesterday lol no property taxes, no mowing the lawn
  8. Holy sh*t that's nice! enjoy buddy!
  9. OK since JI is now in deep freeze I can ask you why did you change from jesper strombland rules to PDM? repercussions from the heathen at JI?
  10. Hello Mr. Pats Fan Stuck In Kansas Hell Hey, why did you abbreviate that?
  11. How did that work out for you?
  12. And still an atrocious poster. I'm sorry, did you rep yourself? Lol
  13. Please don't bother me on this trip if you go
  14. No, Im coming down saturday afternoon. well hang out saturday afternoon/night cab/uber together to westport and party like maniacal Jets fans. gameday you ride in with me and my friend in his van and miller high life. room for you Judy and Savage. then after the game we drop you guys back off and we are heading back to Omaha.