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  1. Can you please post the Pennington hypnotic wheel for old times sake
  2. Good morning from Kansas City, kids. Lol at this ******* forecast. It says clear after 2pm local time but the radar looks bat sh*t crazy right now. I am prepared for the inevitable weather sh*t show. Looking forward to a kickass tailgate with @Bugeater @faba @Jetfan13 @Mrsjetfan13 @Green DNA @Lith And most importantly a huge Jets road victory!! Lets go Jets!! Disclaimer: After doing those tags I have to send a special hello to @Mrs. Sperm who walks by the computer and calls her husband a loser lol @Sperm Edwards where's your wifey been? And how's she doing? Tell her 124 has a girlfriend now
  3. Lith has location of top secret tailgate
  4. The latest weather has it clearing by 3pm (game time)
  5. He's gonna get a 30 pack at White Castle. You'll bust right through that wimpy locked bathroom door
  6. Lol I'm already committed and I've sat through worse. The jets broncos game in 2008 was a monsoon with 38 degree temps. That really sucked, froze my ass off.
  7. The weather is looking like sh*t. 100% chance of rain now. Bring rain gear/panchos. I'm going to get a pop up tent of some sort for the tailgate.
  8. It has a bidet in it. Right up your alley
  9. Nice Phil! Who was the guy that fixed everything on the Kingsley in the parking lot? and is he available on gameday? lol
  10. Still a long ways away. im going to buy a Pancho when I get there just to play it safe
  11. If Jerry Glanville and Herm can get jobs as buffoons on tv Rex will have no problem getting a gig. He's a natural
  12. Wait a second. From what you're saying, Rex is a compiler then, ( just like Curtis Martin, who you hate lol) he didn't win the big one and lost two afc championship games in a row, which people think is some great feat. The eagles own the world record for losing championship games and nobody cares about it nor does anybody talk about it.
  13. It happens to me on wifi lol but only on iPhone and iPad on safari