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  1. Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    Let's go Titans!! 
  2. Rex residue. It will discipate in a year or two
  3. Jets/Skins... Who is going?

    they make Fanta zero now. We're looking out for you, kid.
  4. Jets/Skins... Who is going?

    Don't worry about that. I'm bringing cigars 
  5. Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    You gotta love Rex's confidence
  6. Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    Jeanie, I say the Bills defense was lights out last year (that means they were very very good). Please explain to me how that is a derogatory statement? Then I may believe you know what naive means. 
  7. Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    lights out is derogatory? Seriously? Do you know what naive means? Go look it up sweetie   
  8. Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    Sorry Jeanie but that's horsesh*t and if you believe it, shame on you. All of the excuse making is sooo eerily similar to when he was here. It's absolutely hilarious. And actually now it's fun to point and laugh at him
  9. Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    jeanie honey seriously? Are you smelling what the Rocks cooking? You can't be this naive. Is that you Rex? Or is it Max?
  10. Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    what are they now after 4 weeks of being under Rex's innovative and strict disciplinary leadership? The only coach in NFL history that says home field crowd noise is bad for his defense lol I'm still laughing at that excuse. Pretty soon the players will buy into the sh*t talking and excuse making. What a great coach. But at least he's a Sabres fan, thank god. 
  11. Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    difference is the BIlls D was already lights out last year lol and the JEts defense sucked in 2008. Apples/oranges
  12. Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    what an ass kisser. He's so fake that anybody with half a brain can see right through that sh*t. I don't know who mentioned it but they nailed it, he's a modern day Jerry GLanville.
  13. Moving out the Northeast?

    Damn I'm close, I pay $11,750.00 a ******* year in property taxes. For only a 1/2 acre
  14. Jets/Skins... Who is going?

    I'll be there