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  1. Saints DE Will Smith murdered

    Washington DC? Scary!
  2. Dexter McDougle ~ ~ ~

    They reached because Idzik struck out on the FA CB market in 2014. After Vontae Davis gave him the brush off he had no real plan B. They had DRC in and balked at his price and then gave actual money to part time slot CB and always injured Dimitri Patterson, who is apparently a head case to boot. There is a decent chance that the reason they were talking McDougle up so much was because he was expected to start. In fact, he almost had to. He should have been a better option than Antonio Allen. The interesting thing about the failure to use Cumberland wasn't that he hardly got any looks, it was that Kellen ******* Davis got almost as many targets. Then they signed that stiff back. Shocking.
  3. Dexter McDougle ~ ~ ~

    Pretty good? He had 22 catches, 0 TDs and an abysmal catch rate. It was a historically good WR draft and we got nothing. The TE that could have a future didn't play with a phantom injury and seems to be in the doghouse. You can't say that isn't bad. The 2014 draft was the definition of bad. Unless you prefer a stronger term.
  4. Report: Jets to Sign PR/KR/WR Jeremy Ross

    Idzik addressed it. He burned a roster spot on Josh Cribbs and burned a 4th round pick on a 143 lb WR/RB. He just sucked at talent evaluation.
  5. Better Call Saul, Season 2

    I like it. It needs more violence.
  6. Dexter McDougle ~ ~ ~

    It would be nice if the guys selected before Enunwa that he ended up being better than weren't Jalen Saunders and Shaq Evans.
  7. 2016 Yankees Thread

    Didn't Pineda get busted for pine tar last spring? I don't think he gets a good grip in the cold.
  8. He looked borderline decent last year. The problem is that he is made out of glass. This guy gets hurt about as often as Sudfeld. He was. The Chiefs bounced him back and forth.
  9. Maccagnan and Bowles are downgrading this team

    The week after he traded for Harvin? Guy was under contract, no need to extend him. Especially not for the kind of money that could have netted an actual WR before the season started. Simon? He's your third best pick? The guy didn't play a snap. He was cut out of camp and was on the street a month before he madethe practice squad. They didn't even bump him up before the end of the season in the fear he'd get snatched up.Same for Harrison. He made the team out of camp, but spent a month on the street and ended the season on the practice squad.
  10. Interesting WFAN Rumor

    Also, a one year window and you think an extra 3rd and 6th are a big help? Ha.
  11. Maccagnan and Bowles are downgrading this team

    Yeah? Fair enough, but then why'd he extend Kerley?
  12. Interesting WFAN Rumor

    Scorch the earth! Brandon Marshall isn't 25 anymore!
  13. Maccagnan and Bowles are downgrading this team

    I'm still mad at Idzik. That piece of sh*t gets credit for "fixing" our cap situation, but how much money did he hand to Harvin and Kerley during a hopeless season? Draft picks and dead money when the team was 1-7? WTF?
  14. Interesting WFAN Rumor

    Paxton Lynch is the only option at 20? Remember that you get the 5th year option with 1st rounders, not 2nds, 3rds or whatever.
  15. KennyO7's Mock 2016 Jets Draft V1

    The Jetnation motto.