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  1. You don't actually believe this, do you? I guess you and I have very different definitions of "very good." What color is the sky?
  2. So what you understand is what Mixon and his attorneys are spouting? Maybe it's true, but maybe it's not. I saw the kid and find it hard to believe he just randomly spouted a racial slur at a bunch of Okalahoma football players.
  3. Are Kaepernick and Sanchez the same person? Is Sanchez a leader? He sucks. I don't think Kaepernick is much better, but I believe he can provide false hope. I answered this in your mentor thread. A team is more than just the sum of its parts. Some of these guys do not help the team be better even if they are marginally better players. For the record, the numbers you should be looking at with McCown are over the past 4 seasons he has a 60% completion percentage, 42 TD/25INT. Doesn't rate a huge deal, but I can understand why a team might think he would bring something to the table.
  4. Overpaid? I generally agree, but when Hoyer (who was my cheapie vet of choice) gets $10M guaranteed over 2 and the potential to earn another $6.5M? Maybe it's not. I can't pretend I understand the QB prices now. I would be willing to go all cheap. My point with Kaepernick, Sanchez is that the situation would be worse, not that he would be a bad teammate or put himself about others. I actually said that, but whatever.
  5. Yep. My agenda is pointing out hypocrisy. Sanchez is a dog. Guys like he and Kaepernick are the anti-mentors. Not even saying they wouldn't try to help the younger players, they just bring a circus atmosphere and annoying unwarranted calls to start. That would not help in this situation. I'd say the same about Geno. Geno has value as a backup IMO, but not here. Same thing with Tebow. I have never heard of Tebow being anything but a great teammate, but he is not going to help stabilize the situation. Same for Johnny Football and RGIII
  6. Um... Is Mike Glennon Jr really going to admit that won-loss records are relevant? .300 > .278
  7. Tofu
  8. All caps? Why? It's not true or anything. Kid was suspended in November. Not like he "learned his lesson" Scares me to think of the "pattern of bad decisions" that Cook has supposedly made that is scaring people off. Now, more details are being released about what led to the suspension for the running back who has found himself in the spotlight again.  Joe Mixon was so frustrated with a parking citation that he tore up the ticket in front of the parking attendant and threw it at the parking attendant.  Mixon reportedly approached the parking attendant right after the citation was written.  "Don't put that shi*t in my face," Mixon told the attendant, the incident report states.  Mixon then ripped the citation in half and threw it at the parking attendant.  According to the incident report, the torn pieces hit the parking attendant in the face.  Mixon then got into his vehicle and "inched at the officer with vehicle in drive to intimidate the officer with vehicle," the report details.  “I regret that I did not respond appropriately to parking attendants and understand and accept the consequences,” Mixon said in a statement earlier this week.  "OU sets very high standards and they must be met by all of our student-athletes,” OU head football coach Bob Stoops said.  As a result, Mixon was suspended for Thursday’s game at Iowa State, but it’s not his first suspension.
  9. Clearly! Go ahead. Keep going. Post them all. If you read them all, you will see that they both sucked. That Bowles said that Fitzpatrick was still getting his legs under him. That the press felt Geno was winning, but not by much. That the press felt that Geno had the job unless something crazy happened. Something crazy happened. I am not saying Geno was no outplaying Fitzpatrick early in camp 2015. I am saying: it was early in camp 2015. Why did you leave out the analysis for Day 4? Advantage: Still Smith, and it hasn't been that close, really. Here's the thing, though: Bowles said the defense has only installed about 35 to 40 percent of its playbook, a consequence of this only being the second practice in pads. "You have to get a lot of people reps," Bowles said. "You put stuff in and see how they do it and correct it and then move on from there." And on Smith and Fitzpatrick not having turned the ball over yet, Bowles said, "[The defense is] not really pressing them." The Jets have a the day off Monday and are back at it Tuesday. Geno was clearly beating out Fitzpatrick one week into camp against 35-40% of an NFL defense. Importance? I will leave that to you to explain.
  10. I repeat. Camp was open for less than 2 weeks. Revisionist history is taking a week's worth of Cimini and Mehta's tweets and spinning that into Geno clearing beating out Fitzpatrick. Not throwing a pick in 7 on 7's does not prove a ******* thing. If Geno played better for 2 weeks, kudos! Just stop acting like it was some sustained proof of his superiority over a guy that couldn't even join limited practices until late May. You are forgetting that the team had every intention of handing Smith the job. Based on their respective age, that was probably the correct move at the time. Advantage: Smith. It's not like Smith has blown everybody away in camp so far, but he's been solid, and Fitzpatrick hasn't really done anything to wow anybody. Both quarterbacks have looked perfectly acceptable at times. Neither has looked consistently spectacular. But remember, the Jets have held just three camp practices, including only one in pads, on Saturday. In order for Fitzpatrick to overtake Smith, Fitzpatrick probably has to be great, and Smith has to be putrid. That hasn't happened early on. This is what you are relying on: We cannot emphasize that strongly enough. We're doing these daily quarterback reports so you know what happened at practice. But don't read too much into any one day of training camp. Please, for your own sanity, don't do that. That was written a week before Geno got his face broken.
  11. What credit is he due? Geno got decked a week into camp. Was he beating Fitzpatrick out? Maybe. Is that a great accomplishment? Shall I have his trophy mounted?
  12. Did we damage his delicate little psyche? Does he need a tissue?
  13. Why do people keep repeating that Geno ever beat out Fitzpatrick? Fitzpatrick was limited through OTAs recovering from his broken leg. Bowles stated that the "starting job was Geno's to lose." Players reported to camp on July 30, 2015. Shortly after camp opened, Fitzpatrick was okayed to go full. It isn't that relevant, but IIRC, for at least a bit they were still limiting him. Geno got decked on August 11, 2015. To the extent he was ever actually beating out Fitzpatrick, it was for approximately one week. They both suck, so it doesn't matter, but @j4jets saying that he "beat out Fitzpatrick almost every practice" ? There were like 8 practices and the guy had been limited since mid-December 2014. That isn't exactly definitive. Or heroic for that matter.
  14. Fans don't run players out of town. Fans don't decide starting quarterbacks. Most of all FANS DON'T ******* APOLOGIZE ON MESSAGE BOARDS!