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  1. Jets practice 08/17

    I would really like to know how Leamon is looking so far. Giving him Joe Fields number does not have much meaning anymore. Not with Buster Skrine wearing Matt Snell's. Leamon has NFL size, but may be a bit slow and weak based on the combine. Coming from the MEAC is a big jump. He was supposed to go to Clemson, but was academically ineligible. Wasn't setting Gato straight, just trying to answer his question Leamon is a 2017 UDFA, so he wasn't stashed, but he did go to South Carolina State and Zierlein didn't proofread his profile because he describes the kid as a Gamecock instead of a Bulldog.
  2. I wasn't even referring to the stupidity of making these comments this far in advance. I was referring to the points I left in the quote. He got crushed in 2011. His comments on it? 1. We did not allow opt-outs because we liked the deal. 2. The deal wasn't as good as we thought it was. Duh.
  3. Jets practice 08/17

    Are you thinking of Jarvis Harrison the 5th rounder from 2015? He was from A&M. Shell was a Gamecock. Jarvis Harrison was cut pretty early on in 2016 I believe and is with the Bucs now. This Harrison is Jonotthan out of Florida who had some starts at G/C for the Colts, but was non-tendered. Maybe you mean Javarius Leamon, the huge UDFA OT from South Carolina State? He is #65
  4. DeMaurice Smith: "I am an idiot."
  5. Isn' it just typical screen pass blocking? Basically sh*tty blocking is called for to suck the defenders upfield, past the play. They leave the RT in to give just enough protection to get the pass off. Unfortunately, the pass/catch was not smooth and it took too damn long for the back to get the ball. Winters had his guy, but didn't kill him and pulled off to avoid the holding penalty and he made the play.
  6. QFT Are you really willing to risk that blue chip investment because you don't like the pope's hat?
  7. They blew up an Applebee's? I guess they aren't all bad.
  8. Did you hear? They don't use bar soap or napkins!
  9. Anyone ever watch Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency? It is a BBC show that is on Hulu. I remember enjoying the books, they are from Douglas Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Adams. I just started it and thought - this guy doesn't look like Dirk Gently to me and it turns out that it is nerd Spiderman, the guy that rode Sarah Jessica Parker in Seabiscuit. Only part way through the first episode, so I don't have an opinion yet. I've watched most of the first season. I like it, but it is strange. I don't love it, but I like it and it certainly has its moments. Could get me to love it, but hasn't yet. Usually I love strange. BTW, Tulip's car is not an SS, there were no 4-door Super Sports back then and Radial T/As suck.
  10. First Time to NYC

    You aren't going to recommend the Western Beef parking lot in Staten Island?
  11. Kid's problem has always been injuries. Less weight and more endurance shouldn't hurt, since I don't think he's had contact injuries in the NFL. His rookie year, reports were that he was the best CB on that team, not saying much, but still. He will probably be a monster this year. He is unrestricted next year, what could be Jet-ier than that?
  12. Donnie Baseball

    I still think he deserved consideration. He among the consensus best players in baseball for quite some time. Not just an all-star, an MVP candidate. I think that deserves more respect than a bunch of all-star alternate invites. Numbers-wise he doesn't cut it, but what can you do?
  13. Alternative response: "I'm not schlepping to Staten Island in the middle of the goddamn night!"
  14. How many times do we have to tell you guys? SAR does not buy. He leases.