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  1. Davis, Jackson, what's the difference? BTW, where the **** did the edit button go?
  2. I don't particularly hate Geno, but that is a nightmare. Extending him without him doing a ******* sh*tload better than "decent" and we ****ed up. Again.
  3. Last two weeks my streamed QBs have been Smith and now Cousins. I have Jameis as my QB - I am the only one that believes in him, but my team is fairly stacked. Trying to decide between Britt and Howard this week. FWIW, as of today I hear that Montgomery is getting a ton of reps at RB this week, but they promoted Davis and he has been getting #1 reps. Sounds like another team that doesn't like Knile Davis.
  4. I have Jordan Howard, Ingram and Kenny Britt for two spots. Right now I am starting Ingram@RB and have Howard as my flex and I have to decide before the game starts. I do not like Howard's matchup. I have a feeling Britt is going to be on a hot streak and think he can do some damage against the Giants. Am I nuts? Yay or nay? FWIW, I know that I have to switch Howard out of the flex so I have more options if somebody gets hurt. I have Benjamin and Stewart on the bye and Mathews and Matthews going against the Vikings, so my team is not that bad. I have been holding Doug Martin just for this easy post bye matchup, but the stiff is STILL hurt! I'm 6-0, so I guess I was due to have a rough week.
  5. Did you guys notice that when Richardson is on the field it is basically a 4-3? I mean putting him at MLB is a bit different, but lining him up outside? That is 4 linemen and 3 LBs. It hasn't worked
  6. I am glad they are starting him now against Baltimore. I don't think I could deal with it if they trotted him out there while we abused Cleveland and Miami. Let him at least have to play a moderately real team before the fans start thinking this is like Parcells finally benching Rick Mirer. Flip side, didn't this ******* coach just say that FItizpatrick was the starter? I hate when they let the fans and owner pick the lineup. Man up bitches.
  7. Yeah. I've been here almost 5 years. Porzingas looks good, but I'm not in love with the rest of them
  8. Look pretty terrible to me, but since I moved to DC I haven't kept up with them much.
  9. Yes, I do so hate when violence creeps into my football.
  10. What's up bro? Still in Germany? How are you liking it?
  11. Holy sh*t. I knew I should stay away from this place. You call that heart? Probably would have gotten him punched in the face (again) on a better run team
  12. What is the time zone in Jupiter? If the NFL can get a game televised at another time I am sure they will approve it.
  13. Cut the starters. Not the stiffs that haven't been able to unseat them.
  14. + Tom Gamble for GM? What scheme? 35 year olds on offense, and a $30M secondary? They drafted Williams and it wasn't for the scheme. They now have 3 3-4 DEs. I guess it might make the Tiny Linebacker a wasted pick. One stupid opinion does not make you a moron. Being a moron gives you a stupid opinion.