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  1. Ex-Bucs GM on How To Manage Rookie QB's

    Worked with Glennon. Let him start enough in place of Freeman to give people hope and then bench him for McCown so that people are so filled with hope they are mad that we didn't trade a second for him.
  2. NY Jets waive Dri Archer, Claim TE Jerome Cunningham

    I think it is a better indication that they think that Dri Archer is soft and doesn't have much to offer.
  3. Okay. I will say Peake on offense. I am hopeful that he can put up better numbers than Enunwa did in 2015. On D, I will go with Catapano. I think that he will play and play well or be injured. Seems like his M.O. I would love to say Amaro and Milliner. I think they both have some talent. I am higher on Milliner than Amaro, but this staff doesn't seem to like either and I don't think Milliner has as much legit injury excuse. They are two guys that could be huge contributors or cut and I wouldn't be surprised either way. I know everybody is calling Lee a midget. The guy he most reminds me of is Polamalu. I realize it could be the number thing. It will be interesting to see how they use him and how he adapts.
  4. Movies We've Seen Thread

    I am concerned if Ultron was fine for them. Not that there is anything inappropriate for kids. More inaproppriate for everyone. +1 Watched it with the kids. They usually turn everything off, but this got "Why are there snakes on that plane?" and "**** that guy he deserves it after what he did to that dog." This really scared me. I was going to call 9-1-1. You have the same avatar as Max and if he posted that it would mean the zombie apocalypse hit for sure.
  5. Jets tried to trade up for Tunsil, FYI

    Iron Head did that at Pitt IIRC
  6. Did Hackenberg Throw Coach and Teammates Under the Bus?

    Perfect attitude for an NFL QB! God you are jaded. 9" isn't enough for you anymore? Is that all it takes?
  7. Alvin, I always appreciate your analysis, but don't you think that teams have preconceived sets to deal with guys like Bosa? That is who was coming around the edge. I think this is the game where Bosa runs over the RB for the walk off sack
  8. Did Hackenberg Throw Coach and Teammates Under the Bus?

    Do you think they asked Hackenberg if his mother was a prostitute?
  9. Did Hackenberg Throw Coach and Teammates Under the Bus?

    You are that upset about him using your instead of you're?
  10. I bet Louis Freeh loves being referred to as "Penn State's independent Sandusky investigator"
  11. Rookie Minicamp & Rookie Numbers

  12. +1 I was thinking the same thing. That back is right there waiting and he dives on the floor like he is trying avoid contact. I think they kept the G to help on Bosa who looked like he was beating the RT like a drum. That was the most pathetic excuse for a cut block I have seen.
  13. Charone Peake- Clemson.

    I'm with Paradis. First thing I heard about this guy is that he seemed similar to Enunwa. I don't know if he will be passing Enunwa on the depth chart, but the scouting report sounded like it was for Enunwa. It will be interesting to see if Amaro is able to get any run. They really didn't seem to like him.
  14. Haven't kept track, but I am thankful. Was talking about a type more than a specific dude. At this point, I kind of hope that they save the $8-10M and just roll with these stiffs.