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  1. Tom Brady never played in the Cotton Bowl. I assume you meant the Orange Bowl. It is fine to say that would have warranted a look, but acting like Tom Brady was somebody that the system missed out on because they didn't look at performance is ridiculous. He performed basically the same as Henson and Griese. System QB. Brady went late because he was a part time starter without big numbers and physically he looked like a 12 year old with cement boots. Griese went in the 3rd and he put up similar numbers while going undefeated and winning Rose Bowl MVP and a national title.
  2. 61% 2217 yards 16/6 No big deal. Trubisky threw as many TDs in his senior year as Brady did his entire college career and he only threw one more INT his last year. 68% 3748 30/7 Brady's senior year was no big deal and his junior year was moderately lame. How about these numbers? 67.8% 2895 21/55 Look at those numbers! That guy must be good. But the scouts, and most of us, looked at his build and throwing motion and most knew he wouldn't succeed at QB.
  3. **** math. Don't the Steelers have like five offensive players making over $10M?
  4. I wouldn't say there are "plenty of questions" The only questions are value at the very top. I think prospect-wise he is among the closest to a sure thing. Still don't want him at 6. I think it is funny that you rag on safety as a non-premium position, but want to draft a TE with 7 TDs in 4 years. Do you think he was misused at Alabama too? Kyle Brady was a 13 year starter and the public wants to crucify him.
  5. More than one. I thought his pronunciation of LaDainian was pretty relevant, but that was also more than half a decade ago. One thing about old guys. They don't realize they are old. I am not a huge Watson supporter, but I think the Tebow comparisons are unfair. Anybody watching Tebow in college saw his motion and said "that doesn't look right". Many of us thought it wouldn't play in the NFL. Probably most. I was shocked he got drafted when he did. The excuse was "he just wins." Watson throws the ball well and won games with his arm. If he has enough arm for the NFL is still in question, but it isn't obvious that he has to completely revamp his motion like Tebow. I don't like him. He didn't seem like as great an athlete as he is. TE is not a premium position IMO. What makes him a playmaker? He wasn't a playmaker in college. I think Gronkowski had more TDs each year in college than Howard had as a 4 year starter at 'bama. I think Howard will be a legit day 1 starter that will last a decade. I don't know that he is a "playmaker." I don't understand this logic. People run faster because they are being chased? They try harder? Then why do football players get caught? All the fear in the world isn't going to make you get away from a faster man.
  6. Peppers arms are a bit short. We like to bitch about drafting "workout warriors" but IMO teams like Seattle are more likely to draft a guy like Melifonwu. Then again, they are usually looking at DBs a bit later in the draft.
  7. Wait until they take safeties in the first two rounds!
  8. Can Lee return punts?
  9. Still better than Kellen Davis.
  10. That "stated rationale" makes less sense than anything that idiot Cimini wrote. How does getting a comp pick change the value of the player or the two picks? He was either worth them or he wasn't. I can see complaining that he minimized Shell's good play at the end of last season, but I don't have a problem with that because I think many around here overstate it.
  11. Tired of him being humiliated in closed practices?
  12. Wherever Beachum ends up playing and however wrong Cimini is about it, that was not the point of his "tap the brakes" comment. That seemed strictly related to the glowing reviews Shell has been getting retroactively and the fact that Shell got pass blocking help. You are responding to articles I haven't seen and Cimini has written plenty of doozies. I avoid them until they end up on JN.
  13. I am no expert, but I haven't liked what I have read about Robinson as an immediate starter at LT. I may be biased. I didn't watch much college football this past year and he seemed to false start a ton the few times I have seen him. I am going by the what I read. I read a lot of stuff and I am pretty good at seeing through the BS, but I am still relying on draftniks who are often idiots. He seems like a guy that will start off on the right and then flip later. These guys all seem like they belong in the lower half of the round and it will be interesting. I know a bunch of people love Lamp, but I would measure his arms myself before I thought about taking him. His arm length grew over an inch from the senior bowl to the combine. Seems fishy. Even with his T-Rex arms, if he falls to our 2nd I would give him a shot at LT over Ijalana. He didn't say Shell wasn't good. He said he showed promise, but that they helped him in pass protection. I seem to remember them chipping more with him. There are people on this board ready to hand him the starting job. Probably for the next decade. That is what he is saying to tap the brakes on, not saying the kid doesn't deserve a shot or even to be the presumptive starter.
  14. This seems insance. Beechem and Ijalana? Ugh. Guess they intend to draft an LT. I like Bolles. He needs to put some weight, but physically I like him best. Doubt he lasts to our 2nd and I don't like any of these linemen with #6. Banner is a behemoth, but he struggles to keep his weight down and seems a bit lazy. The only centers are Johnson and Jonnotthan and it is only 1 point more of a need than G and T? Seems like a gaping hole, if an easier one to fill than most.