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  1. You want to blame Maccagnan for spending money at QB? I was saying they should sign him middle of last season for $8M per and not go over $10M. OTOH, I don't think we can blame him for... completely whiffing at WR in possibly the most stacked WR draft in history? That caused them to spend on $9.5M on Marshall at $8M on Decker. Blowing a 1st on Milliner + a 3rd on McDougle + completely whiffing in free agency and wasting money on Dimitri Patterson (they could have gotten better corner play from Demetri Martin) caused them to spend and spend on Revis, Skrine, Cro last year and Gilchrist. That 2014 season had plenty of fallout. Overspending for a borderline starting QB is probably the least of it.
  2. Why the **** are we having CJ Spiller in? CJ Spiller is done! The Seahawks signed CJ Spiller/ What the ****? Our team is a disaster! Our GM a fool!
  3. The guy has been playing football his entire life. He didn't come from some community college. He was coached by Urban Meyer for three years. You think those guys didn't try to teach him how to protect the ball. Sending him to the locker room and pack his sh*t seems like giving up and replacing him. You know, like trying to get another guy, like Spiller in. It might be nice to reduce his workload and let him just return punts for a bit.
  4. Yes, but production causes teams to forgive a lot of sins. Potential only goes so far. Whatever Marshall's first few years looked like, he had over 2500 yards. I am interested they took a flier on ASJ, but not particularly surprised they have been signing every TE that became available. Hopefully he straightens out. Like you, I was a fan of his coming out. My hopes aren't up considering how desperate Tampa is for more targets with Vincent Jackson falling off a cliff.
  5. So, who is going to play the rest of the year?
  6. Marshall probably isn't the example you want to be throwing around. He had over 100 catches and well over a grand his second season.
  7. That piss poor angle he took trying to make the tackle bothered me more than the INT
  8. The Jets are always on in the tri-state area. So are the Giants. That is how I watch most of the games. I drive up for the weekend. I don't get it.
  9. RIght. Steelers-Eagles here in DC metro.
  10. What do you mean "national TV?" I am here in the nation and this sh*t is not on.
  11. Maybe they should have worked out CB Darrell Green and G Tye Smith
  12. I'm not sure. Johnson may have only been active over Dozier because he is the better center. That may also be why they wanted Dozier to play center. OTOH, I didn't see anything to make me think they like Dozier too much
  13. In three years! Beast I hear Colt Lyerla is available