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  1. I was talking about Edgar compared to the Mariners, not the all-time greats. I was more scared when he was at the plate than A-Rod or Junior.
  2. Same list. Edgar Martinez might have been more dangerous than any of them
  3. Shane is a media hack? I hate Kellen Davis more than the next guy, unless the next guy is dbatesman, but even last year Amaro was at H-back vs. Davis at TE. They will probably run way more H-back sets than TE sets. I guess that is what I was saying. Mike Glennon is not a bird. He is a giraffe.
  4. Break one their feet. Problem solved.
  5. Justin Blackmon is a pretty talented guy...
  6. The problem with replacing Harris is making the calls. I don't think that anyone should expect Lee or Jones to be able to handle that. Harris is waaaaay faster than Jones. Jones was a practice squad player. If he plays specials/makes the rotation it is a huge score. Especially when they added to fairly high LB this draft.
  7. The Pats scored 20 in the OT game at the Meadowlands. 7 was on a Fitzpatrick fumble return. Damon Harrison just signed a $50M contract.
  8. 12 starters on offense? I don't give a **** if they are 50 years old they should be able to compete!
  9. All things being equal they aren't even remotely equal. Nick Folk: $3.4M for 2 years Ross Marin: $450K for 3 years That is the reason that Folk is on the bubble in the first place.
  10. Ew.. gimme a crab juice.
  11. I start yelling pre-snap.
  12. Namath and Lamonica are worth what Ryan Fitzpatrick thinks he is worth.
  13. I do not think Mike Glennon is going to get a starting job anywhere next year. Best case he goes to a team drafting at the top and hoping to let the rook sit. If teams believed he was a starter they would have pried him away by now. If he were that much of a starter he would have shot his way out of Tampa. They guy is getting paid peanuts and sh*t starters are getting $12M.
  14. It is a typical vet move to relax and not get yourself locked in to all the precamp stuff. Some team will be facing the season with a disaster at QB and pull the trigger. Good chance it is us. I doubt the Jets will pull their offer, so it is a fallback for him anyway.
  15. I don't have anything against Bowles, but he didn't do anything to fix Calvin Pryor. If anybody helped Pryor, it was Maccagnan getting the top 347 free agent DBs. Back on topic.. what was the topic again? What could the Jets have against Wilkerson? Guy has played well all along. They don't want to pay him cool, but he certainly should get paid and he will get paid.