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  1. Where were you going to find all these picks? Bridgewater went 32, Carr a few picks later. The Jets picks were 18 and 49. The Jets probably had to move up to draft Freeman, so you basically have one QB that we could have taken with our pick and that was over a decade ago. There is some validity to continuing to take QBs if you don't have one, but you need to counter that with only taking guys you believe in. If they don't believe in Petty and Hackenberg they should not have wasted the picks. Part of Hackenberg's problem was a lack of reps and opportunities because they carried 3 other QBs all year. You can only have so many and you don't pick one unless he is actually going to be better than what you have.
  2. I am not sure what the scouting comparisons are, and you have to consider level of competition, but they appear eerily similar. Both were red shirt juniors coming out after their first starting season and will be 22 on draft day. Sanchez was a few months younger. Trubisky listed at 6'3" 220, Sanchez 6'2" 227 at the combine. Trubisky college career: 67.5% 4762 yards 8.3 ypa 41/10 157.6 rating Sanchez college career: 64.3% 3965 yards 8.1 ypa 41/16 153.9 rating Trubisky junior year: 68% 3748 yards 8.4 ypa 30/6 157.9 rating Sanchez junior year: 65.8% 3207 yards 8.8 ypa 34/10 164.6 rating Developmental? He went eigth overall. What were you going to give up to move up there from 16 and get him?
  3. A leader of men?
  4. Um... you are aware that our QB coach followed him from Denver to Chicago?
  5. Oh and Russell Carter was the best.
  6. Revis didn't just shut down the opposing team's star wideout, the coach designed the whole defense to force teams to throw it to their best wideout. That didn't influence the balance of power in the NFL? Then how the **** did that team, with Sanchez behind center make it to two straight AFC title games? Read some of the advanced metric guys on his 2009 season. They were wearing leather helmets when any DB did better.
  7. What the hell is wrong with you people? This was a near minimum signing. The guy went on the rounds to see which team would give him the best deal (probably a larger modest bonus than the others) and where he felt most comfortable. Of course the Jets let him leave the building, if you up your offers to guys like this how can you afford to sign real players? He was scheduled to meet the Vikings and the Lions had him in twice. Positives to signing a guy like this: young, starting NFL experience, doesn't cost a draft pick, cheap, signing does not count against for comp picks. Negatives: small, slow, experience was with the Browns whose pass D went in the toilet while he was there, undrafted for a reason, suspended by the Browns for multiple violations of team rules
  8. nyjunc. You're wrong. Not about Revis being better, but in downgrading Glenn. Glenn was excellent. So was Hasty. I think Jerry Holmes was criminally underrated. Also, for a history buff your narrative about Glenn leaving is so ******* wrong it isn't funny. Glenn couldn't wait to leave the Jets in free agency? He didn't. That fat **** Parcells gave him a big contract, then they got Edwards in here to run the cover who. There isn't much use for an undersized cover corner in the cover who, so the Jets wanted to dump the contracts of their cover corners Glenn and Marcus Coleman. That fat **** Parcells bought the groceries, realized he spent too much for them and ran away. They didn't protect up and coming young tackle Ryan Young in the expansion draft, as long as the Texans did them the favor of taking both of their starting cornerbacks. ******* assholes.
  9. Not that the Jets should consider him, but she didn't "rebuff his advances." She pushed him and slapped him. The claim was that he was harassing her gay friend. The video is all over the place and even the girl doesn't claim he was coming on to her.
  10. There are not many 25 year old players with starting experience that are eligible to be signed at this stage of the year. I do not believe that this will have the slightest impact on guys like Gillmore and Bouye. He may have been a problem with Cleveland, but remember it was the Browns. He did pretty well under Pettine, but under Jackson/Horton he was demoted. The Browns suspended him and acted like he refused to play a preseason game because of the demotion or an injury they felt he was milking. He claims he had an ankle injury - bone spurs which eventually required surgery and forced him to miss 2016, the Browns seem to think he wasn't hurt and should have played. The Browns medical staff managed to have around 10 years of staff infections and were notoriously crappy. Williams was probably somewhat vindicated when the Bears put in a waiver claim and he promptly failed the physical.
  11. I preferred the death threat.
  12. He isn't invited to the combine. He is going to have his work cut out for him in the interviews. I think the kid is an off the field problem and it goes beyond punching the girl. He also ripped up a ticket and tried to intimidate a meter maid, (I know, I know, not the politically correct term) including inching like he would hit her with his car. Some of these kids turn out, some don't. Most just tease, but the problems they bring often cause problems that hurt the whole team. For instance, Green-Beckham seems like he was worth a shot with his huge upside and moderate production, but when you start reading about how he is more concerned with the party scene in Philly than the team, he isn't going to help your young QB improve.
  13. Are either of these results bad? Are they mutually exclusive?
  14. Who dared to criticize Faba? I will **** them up