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  1. I not going anywhere. I've been there all along. I hate Tuna.
  2. Facts? I don't think the Jets have played the Bucs since week 1 of 2013 when Geno beat Freeman on the late hit out of bounds. I assume you mean the Titans who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory after the Jets knocked Locker out and they put in Whitehurst.
  3. Thanks for playing the Parcells card. He gave Bowles are pretty huge endorsement IIRC.
  4. We're the ones that cut him in September. Doesn't that make him our team's garbage? He got cut because he reinjured his broken leg. He wasn't healthy. Wilds is interesting. I guess he is always hurt, That is a bunch of backs. I wonder how they will be used.
  5. Fitzpatrick was going to show him how to throw the deep ball? Those misses were probably based as much on Anderson and a lack of work as "inaccuracy". Deep balls involve a lot of WR adjustment which is why I don't get excited about guys completing them. It is the rip to the out and over the middle that require accuracy.
  6. Those picks didn't bother me much at all. The first one was a mild overthrow that wen to a safety sitting behind the play. It was the kind of thing you expect with a guy that hasn't played or practiced much with the WRs. The 2nd one was fairly horrible, but was the kind of coverage you expect rookies (okay, 2nd year inexperienced stiff QBs) to get suckered by. IIRC the player that got the pick was on the slot WR (I thought it was an LB, but I guess not) he released the slot and drifted to the flat. Anderson was running a comeback and did not get in front of him. It could be getting suckered by the coverage or not being on the same page as the WR as to when he will get to the spot and where the spot is. The thing that struck me as odd (or maybe impressive) was how many times he had Anderson open deep. You'd have to assume the Colts would be looking to keep the ball in front of them and let the clock run out without getting hurt, but Anderson kept getting behind them. Didn't amount to much, but I was still surprised.
  7. Nobody can stop Deandre Hopkins except... Brock Osweiler. Glennon is certainly a guy to kick the tires on, but I don't see paying him real money. Paying for potential often backfires - see the big guch in Houston. If anybody thought he was worth all that much they would have traded for him.
  8. I honestly could not give two sh*ts who you guys root for. The Jets need a cheap vet QB and to either draft another one or go with the unproven dudes they have if they have that much conviction. You don't pay a guy like Glennon unless he is cheap or you are sure. You don't get a sh*tbag like Cutler or Kap. You get a high-level back up who doesn't think he has to start. Hoyer is exactly the Kitna/Fiedler type of dude that you sign. He also outplayed Culter and Fitz at his last two stops at 1/6 or less the price.
  9. Aging vets are fine. They are supposed to be a low money floor. You are supposed to hope that your rookies will overtake them during the year. You are not supposed to sign guys to big money 2nd (or 3rd) contracts of more than a year or guys that the coach/fans will feel bad about benching. Players are supposed to rally behind the coach and the colors, not the journeyman QB.
  10. I logged on for the first time in months to post that and got no recognition! So disappointing!
  11. Brian Hoyer. You don't pay your sh*tty journeyman QB $12M. You give him a 1 year $2M deal. If you want to make him feel good, you give him something like $10M/3 a little backloaded so that it gives the perception he is wanted and you can keep him if he excels and you don't end up with an offseason like our last one
  12. I'm not sure I get your point. At first I thought that you meant that Mac was pushing this to protect himself, but your last two paragraphs are an indictment of Bowles, I can see blaming Mac for Revis getting all that money to fail manned up, but there are tons of blown coverages. That is inexcusable, especially late in the season on a team that did not change defenses. Skrine, Gilchrist, Revis, these guys weren't blowing coverages before and the coach is a defensive coach and a DB coach to boot.
  13. I know it is a different FO, but we had Pennington coming off his 92nd shoulder surgery when Drew Brees was available and they elected to trade for Patrick Ramsey and draft Kellen Clemens..
  14. Is that what he has on his head?