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  1. Freddie Bishop (OLB) Signed

    Cimini's article lists him signing a futures contract along with Kyle Brindza, a kicker who was 50% for the Bucs last year.  Carl should like him, he was a Golden Domer.  Not sure about Bishop being a future contract or not.  Are those 2 year deals?  FWIW, the Lions cut him loose, so don't be expecting too much.
  2. Chase Daniel, or Sam Bradford....

    You're missing my point.  How much will they "have to sign him for"?  If they trade a franchise DE for a franchise QB, the bar is set in the $16-20M range per. You want to pay Kirk Cousins $20M per year?  I sure as **** don't. Why they were looking to trade for him is very relevant.  If they saw him as a starter they would have been exploring deals for him before the season when they traded for Fitzpatrick.  They explored deals for all kinds of QBs when Geno went down because they only had Petty after Fitzpatrick,.  The team obviously felt Petty was not ready to play in games early in the season. 
  3. Chase Daniel, or Sam Bradford....

    Cousins for Wilkerson means the Jets have to sign him.  How much do you think that he will expect after we trade him for a $10M+ player?  Are the Skins going to tag him first?  Dear God, $19M for Kirk Cousins?  The Jets were going to trade for him to backup Fitzpatrick when Geno got decked.  They weren't trying to trade for him as a starter or they would have been making that move before they traded for Fitzpatrick.
  4. Dri Archer Signed

    1 punt return for 2 yards.  Better than Kerley for sure!  On a team that was using Jacoby Jones to fumble punts.  Nice pickup.  Maybe the change of scenery works out, but the idea he is likely to make the team and be an improvement is not very likely.
  5. If everybody knows what Fletcher Cox is going to get, why don't Wilkerson and his agent?  Do you think they are sitting there going - "Boy, I hope the Jets don't make us an offer before Fletcher Cox signs!"  - is that a thing?  These guys know the worth and what offers he would get. 
  6. The running back position has been devalued, but Ivory is going to take a deal that is devalued compared to recent RB contracts?  Based on those he is looking at 3 to 4 years at $4M+ 
  7. 2016: Long Term or Short Term View

    Might as well include game managers Bart Starr and Len Dawson.  Between Eli and Grossman that list is ancient history.  My main point is that guys like Cam and Wilson are anointed "elite" the second they win.  Peyton has not looked elite in years.  You need quality QB play to win.  IMO you don't need an elite QB to get that, but it certainly makes it a whole lot easier.
  8. 2016: Long Term or Short Term View

    RIch Gannon was pretty damn elite the year the Raiders made it,   Brad Johnson and Dilfer are ancient history.  The guys we are talking about are Flacco, Kaepernick, Eli and Russell Wilson.  Is Peyton Manning elite at this point?  You need a QB, but the idea he has to be top 3 is outdated.  Rodgers and Brady aren't here. 
  9. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    You watched that Michigan game too? 
  10. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    Hector and McNeil played for 3 years after Blair Thomas was drafted.  I didn't like Thomas at Penn State and he missed a full year with a knee injury in 1988.   He was fairly small, didn't seem so fast and kind of rocked back and forth from side to side as he ran.  I was far from the only one that didn't like him.  IMO, Richie Anderson was a better back and they got him in the 6th. 
  11. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    Nobody looked at the Thomas pick as bad?!?!  My Dad is a pretty calm and patient dude and he was ready to riot in the streets when they took that stiff with Seau on the board.  I was ultra pissed.  There were plenty of us that didn't like him at Penn State and even more that understood that with McNeil and Hector you were adding to a position where you were already two deep and only one could get on the field at a time.  RBBC wasn't a thing in 1990.  They had Roger VIck and Brad Baxter on the roster in '89, though apparently they did not like Vick and Baxter hadn't shown anything yet.  Still, those are two FBs that rated carries.
  12. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    Most people include Rob Moore with that draft because they took him with the Supplemental.  They drafted Amaro and 3 WRs and all of them will not combine for 1/4 of the stats that Mathis put up.  Pryor may turn out, but they traded Rembert for Joe Kelly who started for a few years, Duffy and Dwayne White were 5+ year starters, Stargell started for a couple of years,  Bad as Blair Thomas was, his numbers were not that horrible.  The main problem was he was so much not a need and HOF guys were sitting there.  2014 basically netted 1.5 starters.   You could argue that '91 was worse.  The only 3 guys that even played in the league were Nagle, Mo Lewis and Gunn. So one real player (two since you can count Rob Moore here because that was where our #1 went) I guess they are all so bad that it isn't worth quibbling.
  13. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    He had like 5 sacks one preseason and then didn't play all year.  His kid went to Centreville (Va) and is probably D1 somewhere.
  14. Draft Coverage 1: Scouting Report Choices

    OTOH, the first round pick gets you the extra option year.  If you consider the guy between a late 1st/early 2nd, better to get the extra year.  Also, if he doesn't play, or plays limited games, does he accrue a "year of service"?  You may lock him up longer if you believe he is a real player.
  15. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    Dorian Boose wore #97.  He looked awesome.  He just couldn't play for sh*t.