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  1. What is the percentage of time that you aren't wasting?
  2. You want us to do the research and then when we do your response is you're not going to bother? That is flat out bullsh*t.
  3. Since you are a tape guru, how did he look against Washington? That secondary was stacked. I saw he had a TD, but they were routed like 66-27 or something like that. Don't have time to look now.
  4. Yeah, sample size would be pretty important on some of these stats. Reading your first post, I am expecting a ton of "safe" pass plays. Bubble screens, slants and the like. Best case is that we see Enunwa and Stewart trucking DBs for decent gains. Bright side is that those two appear like they will be excellent blockers in that game too.
  5. The word "feature" is scary, but hopefully they are using it loosely. One thing I noticed about early camp reports were a number of TD catches by Howshare and a number of "catches up the seam" by Leggett. Hopefully, those are good signs.
  6. Interesting you pick Bailey. He is considerably shorter, but does have the long arms. I think he is slower too. I hear that Bailey is still hoping to come back. I'm sure he will get a tryout, but that is a long, rough road. Bailey also had a couple of drug suspensions. I think substance abuse guys generally have a more difficult time going all in for football, so I would tend to avoid them.
  7. I am pretty sure that the plan was for Decker to play in the slot while Q played outside. Enunwa did run out of the slot more than outside last season, but he was actually more successful outside. CAN QUINCY ENUNWA DEVELOP INTO AN OUTSIDE WEAPON?
  8. If you don't like the player or value, fine. Not sure why anybody would be higher on ASJ. Guy was a high pick, given every opportunity and has not put up the production of Enunwa. His salary issue was brought on by being a 6th round pick. Yes, he was cut and resigned in December 2014, but the difference in salary was negligible. Late 6th slotted for $2.3M over 4. In December 2014 he signed for $1.9M for 3 after a year on the practice squad. Basically the same deal. No great loss. His suspension came the following year, he didn't get on the field because he was raw. Didn't know you just threw out the $20M number since I have been saying 4/$20M throughout this thread as where I would be comfortable starting (maybe half guaranteed). I understand not wanting to redo guys before you lost control over them, but IMO that control can be used to get team friendly deals. As Sperm mentioned with Antonio Brown among others. The player has an incentive to sign. The RFA tender is nice to have over somebody's head, but when you get to that year you are looking at a Harrison situation - guy is already making some money and probably more willing to risk waiting. Look at how Harrison and Wilkerson's deals skyrocketed. Look at the money Fitzpatrick got. Look at what they gave Winters. All poor planning on their part. If that was the result of metrics, those metrics blow.
  9. Bad thing is that this might be the largest disparity in their percentages. I'd bet that way more passes are contested in the NFL.
  10. If he weren't a Jet nobody would know his name. Whenever I punch somebody out in a trendy NYC night club, I shout "Max! Max! Why did you do that?" and swiftly vacate the area.
  11. Yes, there are delicate metrics that I am not privvy to. **** that ******* bullsh*t math. Any ******* group that announces that we are going to cut Decker if we can't trade him is so ******* stupid that I question that value of any "metric" they develop. You are worried about potential success at $20M for Enunwa but not 3/$24M $12M guaranteed on Beachum? They literally threw $10M at Clady. It doesn't take metrics to see those risks are worse than Enunwa - who by the way they have anointed as their #1 WR.
  12. Percentage of the time what happens? Players are extended? Who gives a **** about the percentage? The point is to do it when it is prudent. I knew extending Kerley when they did was stupid, but they still did it. I knew waiting on Fitzpatrick and Winters was wrong. I'm sure I was in the minority there. If you have players you want to keep, you make moves to keep them. There are guys to wait out, guys with injury history or when they demand big money. It is possible that Enunwa will want too much money, but you never know if you don't ask. You can sit around and think that they do and it doesn't get mentioned, but why would that be a secret when something like Decker being cut if they couldn't trade him was? That was something that hurt the team and it was still leaked - talking extension doesn't hurt anybody and makes the player seem wanted.
  13. So we are going to cut him? I can't believe the Pats are picking up all our scraps!
  14. I'm looking at it from the team standpoint. That is my offer. Make me a counter.