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  1. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    C'mon. I have never been pummeled by a BJJ nerd. I have caught a kimura or twelve.
  2. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    Why can't you understand? We are not soured on Adams as a player. We are soured on an administration that has no concept of positional value. I am not saying that Maye and Adams will not be good pros. I am saying that IMO: Calvin Pryor + Deshaun Watson > Jamaal Adams + Josh McCown -OMG!
  3. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    I don't think that anybody, least of all me, ever claimed his arm strength was a red flag. The question is whether it is a big plus or not.
  4. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    That analysis isn't mine. It is Daniel Jeremiah. Say what you want about the talking heads, but Jerermiah was a scout with the Ravens and some other teams. As I said, the reason I even looked up the kid's scouting report is that somebody at one of the QB camps said that his arm would make you forget the others and more people should be talking about him. He did sort of walk out on Texas Tech. FWIW, this is what he said about the kid's arm: He has excellent touch on underneath throws (swings, bubble screens, shallow crossers, etc.) and his deep-ball touch is above average. He doesn't have a huge arm, but he flashes the ability to drive the ball. He is ultra competitive and he pops right up after taking some huge hits from opposing front-seven defenders. Jeremiah also circled the Ohio State game as a great test and wanted to see how Mayfield fared against their ferocious front 7. You guys may think I am way against him, but I don't have much dog in this fight other than thinking his arrest video and the cops comments were pretty funny. I DO prefer a taller QB, but you can certainly win with a guy with this kid's size and arm strength, but you can lose with them too.
  5. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    Wait... Pac is against math? Sexual identity is so up in the air in the modern world! #wpnzz
  6. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    Not Ed Reed. ******* Ed Reed. Get it straight.
  7. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    IMO they are all plays, good, bad, or indifferent. It was a nice hustle play, but shame on the other three for not bringing him down. Davis actually makes the play and just doesn't finish, but he slowed him down enough it should have been easy cleanup. Not sure why he is lying down playing dead after Lynch gets loose. Did he get hurt? Maye and whoever the other guy was (Claiborne?) should be ashamed.
  8. Jamal Adams has an interesting quote

    I think Matt's point was to bash him for saying that Odell Beckham Jr. invented one-handed catches. I have been making one handed catches since at least 15 years before that guy was born and I'm pretty sure I didn't invent sh*t. I didn't start falling down at safety until I turned 38 though.
  9. Amari Cooper

    I actually think it is the opposite. I think he is the better and drawing more #1 CB coverage and Crabtree is excellent and getting #2s, makes him the easier option.
  10. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Because I haven't seen or heard about a national league game since 2015?
  11. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    I don't see much Marino, but that doesn't mean he will be a bust. FWIW, after last season this was the scouting report I read: Biggest takeaway: After a few Houdini-like plays from Mayfield, I wrote down "Johnny Manziel 2.0" in my notebook. After studying a full 3 games, I felt like that wasn't a great comparison. Manziel was a little more dynamic than Mayfield as both a passer and runner. I know Manziel's NFL career didn't pan out (mostly because of off-field issues) but Manziel did possess a unique skill set. I think a better comparison for Mayfield is Colt McCoy coming out of college. I know OU fans won't appreciate this comparison, but I think they are similar athletes and possess similar arm talent. Both guys were big-time winners in college and I think Mayfield, like McCoy, will have a long NFL career as a solid No. 2 QB. To be fair, I only looked that up based on a comment from some scout talking up his arm at one of the QB camps. The guy in the above link wasn't too impressed with his arm strength. I think it was considered not huge but adequate.
  12. Tankers will love this Mock

    Luck played the last 2 years and they weren't very good. I think that team will be a bit demoralized even if he does come back and he won't come back sharp or healthy. More importantly, I don't think he is coming back. The Indianapolis Star's Zak Keefer conceded Wednesday he "wouldn't be surprised" if Andrew Luck (shoulder) missed the entire season. Keefer's Indy Star colleague, Stephen Holder, also suggested Luck is no lock to play again this year following the setback in his surgically repaired shoulder. To put it frankly, the Colts lied to their fanbase. Owner Jim Irsay stated as late as the final week of preseason that Luck had a chance to play in Week 1, and the Colts activated Luck from the PUP list in what was perceived as a sign he would play inside the first seven weeks. None of those things happened, and the team is now claiming a setback. Luck should have been dropped in re-draft leagues long ago. At this point, we expect Jacoby Brissett to be the Colts' rest-of-season starter. Oct 18 - 7:18 PM Source: Zak Keefer on Twitter
  13. Just for accuracy sake, Tampa held the Pats to 19 and the Raiders game did not come within several miles of "close."
  14. Tankers will love this Mock

    I think the Colts are going to be down/up there. They suck Won't matter if they don't find some decent linemen.
  15. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    “By the way he's the quarterback for OU.” “He is ... Is he really?" "That's what his girlfriend said." "He's not very fast.”