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  1. Funny you say that, cause the Trumaine Johnson I think of was a top WR in the USFL out of Grambling and has to be in his 50's. This Trumaine Johnson just turned 27 and came out in 2012.
  2. Wasn't he with the Rams? Fisher is out, they are changing staffs. I don't think there is any guarantee that he still had a job
  3. Your plan is to keep a GM, coach and players on board pulling for the same goal, to win as few games as possible? Seems plausible. I'm sure people will be lining up to play with your new stud in 2018.
  4. ...but you still don't get it. You don't need the worst record to get the first QB. Eli was drafted #1 by the Chargers. The Giants traded for him. Why can't we do the same? As for the names you list, George played a long time in the NFL and he was a disaster. Plunkett was kind of a disaster for the Patriots, as Testicles certainly was for the Bucs. Check how those guys did with the teams that drafted them vs. otherwise.
  5. I don't know how much blame Rex deserves for those drafts, but I know that Rex did not want Milliner. He did not like Milliner at all. I don't think any of these press man guys like Alabama corners.
  6. You repped yourself for this response to a fact? That is seriously poor form. The Giants got Eli without the worst overall record. The Broncos got Elway without the worst overall record. The Browns got Tim Couch with the worst record. The Raiders got JaMarcus Russell with the worst record. These are facts, but you plot out a method for obtaining a roster, coaching staff and front office that will not try to win and then you and Darnold can try to figure out what to do going forward. Of course, if he doesn't like the situation he can hold you up and demand to be traded or simply stay in school another year. Then what? Tank again?
  7. The Jets need a QB, Glennon has starting experience, so the Jets certainly should be kicking the tires on Glennon. Not sure that means they have to sign him, but if I were GM I would certainly have him in. My number would probably be much lower than most of you guys though. I don't understand why this means you shouldn't draft a RB high. They are generally plug and play. If you get a good one and can ride him for 4-5 years, why wouldn't you? I think the fact that teams avoid RBs in the first is an advantage. That being said I am not advocating a RB this year for the Jets. I think the problem is that so many lower and un-drafted players succeed it seems like a wasted resource.
  8. Who cares when they traded? Did the Giants have to tank for Eli? Nope, they picked 4th. Did the Broncos have to tank for Elway? Nope, but the Jets HAVE to tank. Or else. There is no other option. All other thoughts are stupid and wrong!
  9. Another way to look at it is that no QB taken #1 overall since 1998, has won a super bowl for the team he was drafted by. On that entire list, the only teams that successful tanked were the 1997 Colts and 1988 Cowboys.
  10. Stopgap free agent stiff > 2nd or 3rd round rookie LT. I don't think you guys grasp how uncommon it is to find an LT ready to start day one. Brick was the exception, not the rule. Look at Flowers on the Giants. <shudders>
  11. Trading and drafting good talent is not luck. Roethisberger went #11 overall. We draft that early all the time. Flacco went #18. Just look at the teams that have won the super bowl and how they obtained their QBs and you will see that drafting #1 overall is not as great as you are hyping it. Broncos won with a FA. NE with a 6th rounder, Seahawks a 3rd rounder, Ravens #18 overall, Giants #1 overall obtained through trade, GB #24 overall, Saints FA, Steelers #11 overall, Colts #1 overall, TB FA 9th rounder, Ravens FA #6 overall, Rams UDFA, Broncos #1 overall acquired via trade. We are getting to ancient history near the end there, but it is both more fun and more sensible to hope for proper management than to suck for draft position. Hell, Parcells supposedly wanted Mirer over Bledsoe and the Colts agonized over Manning vs. Leaf. Brains beat luck damn near every time. Other consensus #1 QBs, Sam Bradford, Matt Stafford, JaMarcus Russell, David Carr, Tim Couch, etc, etc. Even the once in a generation guys don't always pan out - I'm looking at you Jeff George. The Colts have lucked into 3 of the all-time greatest prospects and have won exactly one super bowl during that era. Whoo-dee-damn-doo.
  12. Um... actually, Marshall has been diagnosed and treated for borderline personality disorder since at least his time on the Dolphins. So he was run out of at least two teams while being treated. I applaud his getting his life in order, that does not make him a good teammate. I agree with this. I think that the easiest way to fix problems in the lockers is by determining who is in there and making sure they police themselves. Just win baby! is nice when you win, but disastrous when you lose. Richardson is also obviously a knucklehead that is causing trouble. Better to unload these guys when you can, which is why many of us were hoping to trade Richardson during the past offseason.
  13. Cool, so when we draft the next Bledsoe we will be all set for the next 25 years. Awesome.
  14. Was it their fault in Denver, Miami and Chicago too?
  15. Keep rooting to be the Browns. Know your history.