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  1. Sure. Basically the same player as Deon Simon.
  2. I think the Mo hate is getting out of hand. Williams got doubled because he was play side. It was a run to the D's right, away from Wilkerson. Williams was doubled and pushed well upfield. OTOH, that left Jenkins a free run at the ball carrier. He whiffed. Or more correctly, got shucked. Luckily Burris grabbed a shoelace to slow him down enough for Adams to make the play. We can beat Wilkerson up for not hustling after the play, but plenty of non-dog 315 lbers do the same. That is for them to sort and beat on when they watch the film.
  3. Now we need Payton? Is he going to keep rolling?
  4. He was one of those interviewed. The first batch included Anthony Lynn, Marrone, Quinn and Cable. The next included Bowles, Reich and Kubiak, though I don't think they were all interviewed.
  5. Sunday night game reminds me... Met Life stadium sucks...

    ^ Loves New Jersey. There is more "sense of community" in Bensonhurst (not New York, I know) than there ever will be in Bergen County, NJ or Montgomery County, MD.
  6. He was OC from 2014, so he had one year under his belt. Not sure that was clear from my earlier post. I think down here they would have been laughing if he even got an interview. His first year they were still trying RG3 out and sucking. His 2nd year they went 9-7 and Cousins started blowing up.
  7. I don't get the hand wringing over poor Bowles and Maccagnan only having 4 years to put their plan in place. "Competitive rebuild" or not, they are not beginning. Pushing reset because you ****ed up is not the same as your first try.
  8. He wasn't just 29. He was a TE coach that had one year under his belt running offense for Jay Gruden's 4-12 Redskins. Gruden is an offensive guy, so it wouldn't be obvious how much of their success, or lack thereof, was attributable to McVay. It would have been insane for anybody to have him on their radar at that point.
  9. Sunday night game reminds me... Met Life stadium sucks...

    ^ "Lost his cool card."
  10. Where are the Goff bashers now?

    Even if they buy billboards?
  11. Where are the Goff bashers now?

    There are those that would argue that the sh*tty passing offense was the reason for Gurley not running the ball the way he is right now.
  12. Where are the Goff bashers now?

    I barely even think about QBs in terms of FF. I completely concentrate on WR and RB. I just pick whatever mid-level QB is there when the 2nd run is going, or I stream whoever is playing a sh*tty team. Right now I have Stafford.
  13. This team must be sold

    Actually, I believe that 1989 is the year before 1990.
  14. ASJ out of shape, may not be active this week

    This outrageous attack on Gas2No has been added to the file I'm keeping that shows your constant attempts at cyber bullying.
  15. We can ignore #3, but as for the rest: Preamble: Agreed. I would add that for some of the agenda driven posters their purpose is comedy. I know for a fact that they point out the ridiculous and sublime for their own amusement. The problem is that others don't see when they are joking and when their are serious and sadly the team's performance has allowed the two to align way more closely than I would prefer. 1. Bowles is the HC and he is a defensive coach. If the D is not the BEST D he can envision, he is a moron and should be fired on the spot. If he gives Rodgers play calling duties so that he can oversee the rest I understand, but if he is not involved in game planning, what is his purpose? Looking stoic on the sideline? Hurray. 2. You claim that is stupid and literally quote my point as your own (see bold). A good hire at the time isn't a thing. He was a good hire or bad hire, whether or not it made sense to hire him at the time.
  16. Did you read my post? I DID NOT SAY YOU HAD AN AGENDA. I said it wasn't fair to complain about our/everybody having an agenda because you feel they twist the narrative, when your spin is that this is Kacey Rodgers D. There is no evidence of this other than your conjecture and as an explanation to protect Bowles defensive credentials. That would be your "agenda." This is what I was responding to: 1. You claim "we" twist the narrative, but your version makes at least as many assumptions. 2. There is not really such a thing as "a good hire at the time." You are either a good hire or not a good hire. It may be an understandable or sensible hire, but it is only "good" if the coach is good. 3. In that post you act like people are miscasting the past, in particular about the timing of the hire. It is true that Maccagnan was technically hired first, but Bowles was already rumored to be the choice before they even interviewed Maccagnan and I am pretty sure that they picked Maccagnan specifically as a guy that would work well with Bowles. I rembmer reading it at the time. I was on this board every day and reading all the articles and I knew Bowles would be the coach well in advance of the Maccagnan's hiring. That being said, there may be limited importance to any of that and Maccagnan was supposedly in on Bowles final interview.
  17. This team must be sold

    Yeah. 1989. The year before Rembert, Mathis and Dale Dawkins Trump owned the Generals when they went under. They had Sipe, Hull and Herschel, and had merged with the run n shoot Gamblers and were adding Kelly and Ricky Sanders. That team would have been no joke. What do you have against 1972? They were better than 1970 or 1971. Riggins was full Diesel, Boozer wasn't electric after the knee, but still a quality back, Maynard's last year, Barkum, Little Eddie Bell and Caster. Namath was a monster when healthy. It was a nice team, plus my first game - Oct 22nd. Namath was 5-16 for 228. He "spread" the ball around to 4 different receivers!
  18. My point isn't that you have an agenda, it is that you are assuming everybody else does. We all look at the data and make assumptions. Yours involves Rodgers running his own D that isn't designed by Bowles. I find that idea a bit outlandish, but crazier things have happened. I think the idea that Rodgers "never ran a defensive scheme designed by Bowles" is the simplistic view. They worked together for years. You think the assistant HC doesn't get any input? You think Nolan made all the decisions in setting up that D, when they passed him over for Bowles as interim? As for Bowles "being a HC" I don't see how he is "being a HC" without setting up the D. When he interviewed for the position, do you think he dazzled them with his administrative capabilities or sold them on running an innovative D that would succeed in the NFL. It is part of the job. I will grant you that he loses a lot of control by not calling the plays, but the idea that this "isn't his D" is beyond ridiculous. As for his relationship with the players and "accountability" ex-players said the same about Rex. How much do you value their opinions? You think this roster is of Maccagnan's doing? Other than the fact that they only added one cover corner this year, it seems like exactly what he would ask for. Arguably the stupidest move by the FO has been resigning Fitzpatrick and Mr. He's Our Starter obviously requested that.
  19. ASJ out of shape, may not be active this week

    Cause Tye can't/won't/doesn't block and has issues with drops and fumbles?
  20. My Dad said he reminds him of when Maynard was first coming up. My Dad is as huge a Maynard fan as there is, but that is because my Dad was also a rocket. He finally admitted a couple of years ago that I have better hands. It was still tempered with "but I was faster."
  21. You complain about agendas and then want to pin this on Rodgers based on pure conjecture? 1. Rodgers was handpicked by Bowles. He stuck even after the mini-purge this off-season. 2. Rodgers was under Bowles in Miami from 20087-2011 where Bowles was assistant and then interim HC. Yes, Nolan was the DC, but they had plenty of time working together to know their philosophies were compatible. They also worked together under Parcells in Dallas. I am not sure why we are poaching guys from Sparanos staff, but that is a different matter. 3. If this isn't Bowles scheme, then what is he providing? He isn't a motivator, he isn't a game manager. He was supposed to be a defensive savant. 4. The personnel seem to have been picked specifically at Bowles request - safety/LB hybrids with speed, but the corners seem slow. That may contribute to the lack of man, though I personally thought I saw plenty - problem is that Burris is slow and Skrine is short and they were abused. I saw them sending guys too, but there is a difference between sending Abraham and sending Jenkins.
  22. 3 and 2

    I predict that on Monday people will be posting that they Jets held Ajayi in check "except for those 2 plays" while Ajayi will have 180 yards on the ground.
  23. Well, there it is. They are getting fired. No worries, see above. That might be the one thing I would like less than "staying the course." XTC Y Banana 2.4 turbo indeed.
  24. ASJ out of shape, may not be active this week

    Well, he's not really smart, so... Thank you. I love that there are people that actually believe that Parcells made LT. Now when they use google for references they will see this quote. Kudos.
  25. I think you know that QBs are not judged to the same immediate standards as safeties. You think the Jets picks are promising, why? Because they start? They start because the other players at the position are not there. The Jets cut/traded both starting safeties from last year. Rontez Miles is hurt and Middleton tore his pec. The only other safety on the roster is Brooks who was added like a week before the season. 1st and 2nd round safeties SHOULD start. A starting safety is not worth a QB that *might* be good. This is proven by the contract that Glennon got which was $1M more than the highest paid S in the NFL. Watch what Garropolo and McCarron sign for - it'll be more than a safety.