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  1. I no longer miss it. i dont miss the games. i dont miss the tailgating. I dont miss any of it.
  2. Thank you everyone for the kind words and sympathy. Writing about my little girl is going to be a part of my therapy. The wake and funeral are now behind us and now we begin the process of coming to terms with it and trying to find meaning and purpose in our lives. I could write paragraphs about what a smile she had, what a personality she had, how she never seemed angry or sad. How she brought happiness and smiles to everyone who knew her. How she loved everyone, never afraid to meet new people, always offering a smile to them. But all that writing couldnt accurately describe the impact one child had in a short 19 months of life. She was everything I could have ever hoped for in a daughter, and she did more for me in 19 months than I could have ever imagined. I wish I had more time. I wish I could share in life's milestones with her. But sadly that will never happen. And thats ok. Never be afraid to love. Never be afraid to cry. I Love You Baby Girl.
  3. Thank you everyone for the kind words. Every little bit helps comfort my wife & i. Every day is empty, but we're doing the best we can. If anyone is interested, I will post the link to her obituary. Also, we ask that if anyone is interested, there is information in the link on how to make a donation to the Waltham YMCA Preschool program here in Massachusetts. She spent 3 days a week there and loved her home away from home. There are many needy kids in our town who could use some help getting the daycare they need and I hope to set up a memorial fund in Melinda's honor. Thank you all. Every little but of love and kind words help me get through the day. Jason
  4. Yesterday my 19 month old daughter Melinda passed away. I am broken. Please give your kids a hug and a kiss and tell them you love them. Jason Wichern
  5. When i attended my last game at Giants Stadium, none of the other season ticket holders around me asked me for any contact info. I guess they didnt like all those years of being a belligerent asswipe.
  6. This is the best I've felt about this team in a long while. They really looked prepared and like they want to be in the playoff hunt. Very pleased with the performance today.
  7. No. They're ******* stupid. Terrible coaching. Terrible execution. This team is mediocre at best and better wake the **** up if theyre serious about a playoff appearance
  8. me too. pretty much the only thing i liked tonight
  9. What a strange season this has been. July 24th the Mets were 49-48. And now theyre National League Champions. Amazin.
  10. Nice win tonight. Great to win this series and keep on playing for the title.
  11. I still dont think he's a good manager, but his moves certainly paid off tonight.
  12. "Thank you Glenn" Thank you Glenn for peeing in the sandbox in 1st grade and ruining it for everybody. Thank you Glenn for stealing my "girlfriend" when we were 9. You freaking peed in the sandbox in 1st grade and Suzie wants to eat lunch with you from now on? Screw you Glenn. Thank you Glenn for dumping my books in the snow when we were in 7th grade. Everyone laughed. I cried. And my math book got all covered in snow. Thank you Glenn for stealing another girlfriend from me in 8th grade and getting to 2nd base with Carolyn. She barely let me hold her hand and you were fooling around with her and before she broke up with me. Hell, you didnt even know her name since you kept calling her Caroline! And she still let you touch her titties. Jerk. What happened to bros before hoes? Thank you Glenn for beating me out for the baseball team our junior year. You missed most of tryouts because you were suspended for playing grab-ass in the hall with some freshmen girls but the coach still liked your talent better than me. And by talent, I mean the blowjobs your mom was giving Coach Mac in the parking lot behind the small gym. Thank you Glenn for beating me out for the scholarship from the Rotary. Sure I raised money to help the homeless and traveled to Nicaragua to bring electricity to a small village, but the fact your grandfather had been in the Rotary since the Mesozoic era and your 3 arrests for DWI, breaking and entering and the assault on a rival teams mascot during a football game were certainly more impressive than my charitable work. I really didnt want to go to Penn State. I really wanted to go to Suffolk CC for 2 years. Asswipe. Thank you Glenn for YET AGAIN stealing a girlfriend... one that I had already asked to the Prom. And took her. But there she was coming out of the back of your limo wiping her lips. She told me you guys were talking about where you're going to college but when the blacklights were used on the last dance i realized that she did more than talk. She always told me that was gross and wouldnt do that for any guy, but i guess your name was any guy. But the jokes on you bub! I was totally hitting that before she hooked up with you. And after. So HAHAHA! Yeah.. Totally. And finally Glenn, thanks for giving away a game program for the game. Its about time you did something nice for me.
  13. Work. And masturbate.
  14. What a surprise a mod would happily accept a wiener.
  15. Be careful. Some of the mods might read this wrong and invite you over to the mod lounge and sample their pickle.