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  1. If it was one of the 90 summer camp roster spots, I'd consider it. To take one of the 53 spots from a guy who has earned it, for this guy, pass
  2. Yep. Lee is going to have a bull's eye on him. Hope he can step up
  3. A Bacon Bonanza and no Crusher? You have no heart.
  4. Don't like that injury report at all
  5. There was several articles about it at the time, a few mentions when he was cut. This is the first thing I just googled up. Don't know what he was doing this year, he says he was getting sober, kind of. He had the rep of being a party'er He isn’t the same rookie who once was more concerned with late-night outings and fast food. In his third year in the league, Amaro is determined to prove he’s a different person and an even better player. “You shut the drinking out, you take out the late nights, you get more sleep, it’s going to pay off in the end,” he told Newsday http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/jets-tight-end-jace-amaro-from-fun-loving-to-dedicated-1.12150111
  6. We just cut a young talented TE with a drinking problem. He wasn't even looking at a suspension
  7. Thanks SAR. Just wondering, If you took your time and got there like an hour after the game are the trains still running? Would it relieve the crush?
  8. To many people trying to leave all at once? Yeah I can see that
  9. Looking at this, I'd guess the train is the best option. Got to a reason people don't use it more?
  10. Yeah, if the NFL is actually worried about player injury, this is worth a 4 game suspension. And and ass kicking from Marshall.
  11. Rex is going to be wildly entertaining on either ESPN or on the NFL Channel. First show he is going to guarantee that their panel show is going to win an Emmy
  12. Is Herm back in the building?
  13. FYI Bills just fired their OC
  14. well Bowles is such an excitable guy, he probably just got lost in the moment