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  1. Report: Jets hire Robert Nunn to be new DL coach 158SHARES SHARE TWEET EMAIL By: Gary Phillips | 3 hours ago The Jets have added another new coach to Todd Bowles’ staff. New York has hired former Cleveland Browns defensive line coach Robert Nunn to fill the same position, according to Alex Marvez of Sporting News. Nunn, an NFL coach for 11 years, was just fired by Cleveland. He will replace the recently fired Pepper Johnson in New York. Nunn is an interesting hire for the Jets, as the Browns had the league’s second-worst run defense in 2016. Cleveland let up more than 142 yards rushing per game. Also, Nunn has experience coaching 4-3 setups, while the Jets have typically played with three-man fronts under Bowles. RELATED: Jets O-Line coach deserves praise for keeping patchwork unit together On the other hand, Nunn is familiar with New York football. He coached the Giants D-line between 2010 and 2015 before signing on with the Browns in 2016. The defensive line is an area of strength for Gang Green, but 2016 saw stars like Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson play poorly. The latter likely won’t be back, but Wilkerson will look to recover from injury and rebound under his new coach, Nunn, in 2017.
  2. It's all good as long as your not talking about Hilary cheating Bernie in the debates.
  3. Always a fun game to look at potential mid round picks
  4. Everyone is acting like Shell has proven himself. He had two decent games. hopefully the Jets aren't going to bank on him being a the starter next year. I really hope he turns out as good as his uncle, but..................................
  5. If I had to guess I'd think rather then the wrist injury it was the concussion he received toward the end of 2015. Think he missed 2 games, when he came back he just didn't look like he had any heart. Think he's retired in his mind and is just trying to pick up as many more millions as he can on his way out the door. Can's say as I blame him, all that money he made won't help him if he needs GPS to find the bathroom
  6. Jets' Brandon Marshall says he's 'underpaid' at $7.5 million 4:10 PM ET Rich CiminiESPN Staff Writer Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email print comment One of the most compelling storylines this offseason is Brandon Marshall and whether he returns to the New York Jets in 2017. Marshall, for one, doesn't believe his future with the team is tied to his salary. "People need to get away from me due $7.5 million," the wide receiver said Wednesday morning on WFAN radio's Boomer and Carton Show. "Get away from my salary. That's underpaid. Any team should be happy to have me for $7.5 million." Marshall is right, the money isn't prohibitive. According to ESPN data, his $7.5 million salary in 2017 is tied for 13th among receivers in terms of actual cash payout. The players ahead of him are Tavon Austin ($15 million), Dez Bryant ($13 million), Demaryius Thomas ($12.5 million), Julio Jones ($11.5 million), A.J. Green ($10.5 million), Jeremy Maclin ($10 million), Randall Cobb ($9.5 million), Jordy Nelson ($9.25 million), Doug Baldwin ($8.25 million), Torrey Smith ($8 million), T.Y. Hilton ($8 million) and DeAndre Hopkins ($7.9 million). Partly because of nagging injuries, Brandon Marshall wasn't the same dynamic player this past season as he was in 2015. Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire Marshall's future appears up in the air because he'll be 33 and he's coming off his worst statistical season since his rookie year in 2006 -- 59 catches, 788 yards and three touchdowns. No doubt, his production was hurt by the poor quarterback play, but he also wasn't the same dynamic player he was in 2015, perhaps because of nagging injuries. He was overpaid in 2016 ($9.5 million) based on his production, but he was underpaid in 2015 ($9 million), when he re-wrote the Jets' record book for receivers. Funny league, the NFL. Moving forward, money will be a factor because it's always a factor in the NFL, but it won't be the overriding aspect of this decision even though the $7.5 million is non-guaranteed and would be wiped off the books. It'll be about the fit. Do the Jets have enough confidence in their young receivers to move on from Marshall? Does Marshall, who says his only remaining goal is to win a Super Bowl, want to play for a team that probably will be rebuilding? The Jets have tough decisions to make. They're pressed against the projected $168 million salary cap, and several high-profile veterans are on the bubble. "I've probably been underpaid the last six years, if we're really about comparing production to receivers across the league and what I've been doing," Marshall said. "Now, when you only catch 50-something balls for over 700 yards and you're 30-something years old, that's when teams come to you like, 'We don't think you're good anymore.'" You may recall that Marshall said at the end of the season that he'd "play for free" if his bills are paid (they are, he said). Obviously, he wasn't serious, although some took it that way. Based on Wednesday's comments, he would reject a pay cut to stay with the Jets, although it probably won't come to that. It'll be $7.5 million or a parting of ways.
  7. Yep. Not every coach is as clever as Bowles and name unsigned FA's starters
  8. If Petty and Hack both suck, no guarantees, but right now the 2018 draft is being called a very good QB draft. Bring a new regime with a good QB coach,actually develop a young talented QB. Draft a good young OL, and WR's. Later bring in some FA's where needed. What a novel idea. This "let's just win enough games to keep our jobs' thingee the Jets have been on hasn't been working.
  9. Interesting the QB's you chose to prove your point after calling Petty and Hack busts, and giving them clever nick names to prove how convinced you are they are busts. Lets look at how the QB's you listed did the first few games they got to play. Steve Young...1-4 3 TD's 8 Picks second year 2-12 8 TD's 13Picks Brett Favre....0 TD's 2 Picks Kurt Warner...4 TD's 11 Picks Rich Gannon...0 TD's 1 Pick Brad Johnson..0 TD's O Picks Trent Dilfer...1 TD 6 Picks Vinny....47% completions...5 TD's 6 Picks Bet you could have come up with some real cool names to prove they were busts.
  10. Based on that, depending on structure, they can probably walk away in two years with out major damage. Better then average RG, a bit above market. Sounds fair
  11. Unfortunately your probably right. The Jets will clear a lot of cap space, hire another group of over the hill, over paid vets. Sign Glennon for 18 M, go 7-9 next year, save Bowles job, miss out on any good QB's in the 18 draft and be 5-11 again in 20. Round and round. Team needs to be torn down , rebuilt thru the draft, and add some expensive FA's when the time comes to make the next step
  12. I don't think it could be 2 M a year.
  13. Like the signing, the 8 seems high, lets see what it actually turns out to be. Initial contact numbers aren't usually what they appear to be.