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  1. They are putting a team in LA, Mexico doesn't need two teams
  2. Dri Archer Signed

    Has he ever returned punts? That's all Kerley did this year.   I remember Archer returning KO's, just can't remember any punts
  3. Dri Archer Signed

    Macc said he wanted speed, Archer brings that.   got to say I like this signing.  Got a player very cheap, who actually might contribute as a KO returner, and perhaps a 3rd down back
  4. LOL yeah last Spring he wouldn't let any one except smith throw to him in practice 
  5. Not sure I'd define Nick Perry as a game changer.  12 sacks in 4 years isn't changing much.  Coples had more of an impact
  6. I agree with 90% of your post in that Meyer, and the OSU CS certainly didn't  do Jones any service the way that offensive was handled this year. Where our opinions differ is I really don't like ANY of he QB's in this class in the 1st round.  Generally when a GM takes a QB in the 1st, the team will be committed to him.  I just don't see any one worthy of that commitment. IMO Jets will take a mid rounder.  In the 4th as you said is where the value might be, unless some GM's get antsy and take a QB undervalue, which happens often with QB's 
  7. It all comes down to opinion of course, but I would take him before either Cook or Hackenberg.    IMO a lot of his awful is 10 games experience, and  a very unstable coaching environment,  Guy has as much natural talent as anybody in this draft, including Wentz. and Goff.  He has a hell of a lot of work to do.  What situation he falls into in the NFL is going to determine how he develops. I like Petty as a prospect, and hope he is #2 this year.  With Fitz probably being around for 2 or 3 years, i think having 2 developmental QB's behind him makes a lot of sense.   Maybe one of these guys can make the next step with all the physical tools both of them have. Every QB in this draft IMO is a developmental player.  Don't see any of them being an effective opening day starter.   
  8. Senior Bowl Week News

    From what I've read at least, most GM's conduct interviews all day on Fri, and leave Fri night. I'm sure the time factor is a big part of it on Saturday.  
  9. A QB who no body is talking about, and i like for the Jets in the 4th is Cardale Jones.   Great size, arm, athleticism. Only 10 games experience, and got benched this year for JT. Think he would be a great 4th round pick to sit and forget about for a few years.  A lot of things were going on at OSU this season that affected him.   The bouncing around of QB's coaches, and OC's, and who had play calling responsibility, plus Meyer's use, and development of QB's in general didn't help Jones' cause at all.   With his tools think he would be a great 4th round value (if he is still there)
  10. Senior Bowl Week News

    Interesting thing abut the Senior Bowl is that every GM is there during the week for practices, and very few stay for the game.    I'm sure they can watch tapes of it, but still