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  1. Great job! Thank you One question, and a comment. " Leonard Williams had a very "loud" practice with multiple "tackles for loss" during 11 on 11" Was that against Qvale? I read Breno's out. I like Qvale. Was wondering how he looks. That doesn't sound good for him LOL really nice to see that 4 out of 5 of the standouts were drafted or signed by Macc
  2. LOL It seems we always get a thread like this after Max asks everyone to behave. This thread has potential. Just noticed JoeWilly gave MJ neg rep for perhaps the politeness post he's ever made. LOL Strange Days Indeed
  3. They really haven't put their chips anywhere. Fitz is a one year deal. IMO smith was gone next year no matter what. Both of the young guys are wait and see. IDK what else they could do at this point.
  4. But they did up their offer. Fitz said a month ago that he would accept a 1 year 12M deal. That's what the Jets gave him
  5. For those tricky contract thingies, I think you can tip your hat to Jackie Davidson
  6. Yeah. I live in S Florida. The local press is going crazy about his contract. He better deliver this year, or some folks are going to get killed in the press
  7. What's up with this " We will see if his brittle 34 year old body can handle this much tougher schedule than last year."
  8. LOL Actually this is the perfect scenario for ya Villain
  9. So now your rooting for the QB Macc thinks is clearly better to get hurt? Oh boy
  10. No competition in camp. smith gets no reps with 1's. Fitz is the starter. Clearly Macc doesn't want smith starting
  11. Actually Fitz leaked about a month ago that he'd accept a 1 year 12 M deal. Jets couldn't do it then because Mo counted 16 M. IMO Macc saw smith walk in today, got the shutters, and called Fitz's agent