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  1. Geno Jets Starter?

    So would I, but I honestly think, with or without Fitz, they'll keep him into camp. he actually might have some trade value if someone gets hurt in camp.
  2. Geno Jets Starter?

    Actually what I would do if I was Macc, talk smith up non-stop, at some point in camp, when another QB is injured, trade him for a mid round pick. Maybe that's the comp pick Macc was talking about
  3. Geno Jets Starter?

    The good news is I heard that Brandon Shell is going to have a charity event in his neighborhood before going off to the Jets. he's invited Geno.
  4. Not so sure about that. If I'm reading this right from Jason's site the comp picks were cancelled out by FA signings http://overthecap.com/compensatory-draft-picks-cancellation-chart/
  5. Geno Jets Starter?

    Really? After Watson from Clemson (who I'm not reallysold on) The next rated QB on the board is Kaaya from Miami. I'm a Canes fan, and in all honesty at this point I don't see him as a star in the NFL. Just my opinion. I don't think it will be any better then this one unless some one comes out of the wood work
  6. Geno Jets Starter?

    He's the starter until the Jets' sign Fitz, Hoyer, or any other vet
  7. it's something O'Brian brought over from the Pats
  8. No guarantees, but Gailey has been a QB guru everywhere he has gone getting the best out of mediocre QB's. he did it again last year with Fitz part II. I'm hoping that with two very talented young QB's on the team he can turn one of them into a silk purse
  9. To QB or not QB?

    I think they'll take Hackenberg, just hope it's not till the 4th.
  10. Grade the Pick: Darron Lee

    Temporary B+ Need to see him play at least 8 games after he learns system. Bowles said they had him targeted all along, and he loves his weight at 232. I'll go with that B+ until I see him getting pancaked on a regular basis
  11. Tunsil Implicates Ole "Dirty" Miss

    Think you have kind of made my point. If they pay NCAA jocks, it won't be a situation where a few of them are paid, ALL of them would have to be paid. Bank on there being a union very shortly. A lot of these kids, particularly the high percentage who don't graduate, will come out of school heavily in debt, no degree, and the IRS on their back at 21YO. Just because a few stars are cheating, no need to change the entire structure, and cause even more problems for the kids, and NCAA. Doesn't make any sense to me.
  12. Tunsil Implicates Ole "Dirty" Miss

    Keep in mind if they are, the $250,000 or so in college education will be taxable income. 99% of these guys aren't going to be drafted and earn millions.
  13. Smith has a very good chance to start the season on partial season IR
  14. Got to say I didn't expect that. Sure hope Macc's a better GM then I am
  15. Whole thing sounds like agent speak