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  1. Actually MSNBC will probably run a round table about his constitutional right to act like a dog
  2. SHAME on Jet fans

    LOL Your really going to call Jets' fans "front runner fans" LOL C'mon man
  3. Yep This is terrible, but I have an 8 YO grandson, my daughter always has his birthday party on a Sunday in Sept. Football is forbidden. LOL Shamefully yesterday was the first birthday party I've been to.
  4. Everyone is different how they approach the NFL. What your saying is true, there are a lot of fans who only get very vested when a particular team is good. It's just not the Jets ratings that are down, it's the entire NFL. I was a fan during the Kotite era, and was very involved with following the team, and the NFL in general, I just do't have that "OMG it's Monday night, don't bother me I'm watching football tonight" passion anymore. Lot of reasons for that. As I said I'm speaking for myself, but I'm also encountering a lot of people who seemed to be passionate Steelers fans, Fish fans, Giants fans etc. A lot of people I know have gone from passionate fans to "I can take it or leave it Fans" Not a good trend for the NFL
  5. Agree IMO NFL is very close to it's peak in popularity for a # of reasons. With the TV ratings falling, probably the next TV contracts from the networks will be reduced. TV is the cash cow for the NFL not in stadium attendance. From a business standpoint if I were an owner like Woody, and purchased the team for 650 M, and could now sell it for say 1.5 B I would get out while the market is still high. IMO the NFL is going to continue to decline. Just speaking from my own stand point, out side the Jets, since all this political non-sense started I actually haven't watched any other NFL. Not so long ago I watched every game that was televised. Yes I'm only speaking for myself, but I think a lot of other fans feel the same way. I just don't have the passion for the game in general I used to have. JMO
  6. Because of "heading" soccer has a dramatic amount of concussions
  7. Not so sure about that. Maybe in the NY met area, but in Florida Midget football is everywhere. HS games draw 1,000's.
  8. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    The little that is know about encephalitis seems to indicate that it is often caused by viral infection. CTE may be a contributor. Any research on it, or any other debilitating disease, or syndrome is certainty welcome, but people flying off about something they, or any body just doesn't understand, and creating a faux excepted belief is certainly not productive. Using it as a cloak to give violently criminals a place to hide is ridiculous. There were violent human animals long before there was the NFL
  9. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    The fact is no one really has an understanding of CTE. Some people choose to be in full panic mode, with very little info.
  10. Aaron Hernandez had severe CTE

    Yeah I think we should have a memorial and a fund raiser for him. He was clearly the victim. Maybe one for Genghis Khan also. Probably forced to ride, and fall on his head off horses. Pressured by an exploitative Mongol Empire.
  11. Article said Woody didn't want Marrone , not that Woody was scared to hire him because of a Mehta article. I suspect Woody didn't want him because of tghe way he jerked the Bills around on his last HC gig.
  12. Oh I remember that, I was talking about Woody being scared because of Mehta. Had to be Chris Johnson I guess. Actually it seemed like first choice was Quinn, but they got cold feet when Quinn went to SB, and others starting signing elsewhere. That's from the voices inside my head.
  13. LOL Just wondering, who did you hear these stories from?
  14. good news for gameday

    it's just Chris' way of welcoming the new fans from Miami