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  1. Eventually he'll plea for a reduced charge of a misdemeanor. Fine and community service. It'll also cost him a couple million to get the alleged victims to not press the prosecutor. Getting punched in the face can be like hitting the Lotto. Ask Geno
  2. He was Delicious.
  3. Depressing? Not really. Now Sunday's in the fall, that's depressing
  4. Who do you figure he conspired with to get a felony conspiracy charge? He told an eyewitness "he had other guiys on the way"
  5. That's why there was a conspiracy charge. He had his body guard beat them up.
  6. Won't be stunned to see him back later on in the FA season. Jets probably offered him Vets min, with a bonus sweetner. Clady probably wants to go out and see if he's worth more then that.
  7. Winning 8 games next year is about the worst thing that can happen to the Jets
  8. Winning 8 games next year is about the worst thing that can happen to the Jets
  9. if the Jets go with Ijilana and and Shell as the starters next season, they better keep a priest on the sidelines for who ever plays QB
  10. Myself, I would rather see what our young QB's can do before moving on to other cast offs
  11. The interesting thing in this mess is that the OC, Kyle Shananhan, was probably the one who was making those calls to throw the ball, he got rewarded with a promotion to HC with the 9'ers. The DC gets fired.
  12. Wonder why the FO hasn't thought of that? Teams with no QB, and the first pick in the draft, are always willing to trade a franchise QB