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  1. Could be wrong, but didn't Mangini's drafts include, D'Brick, Mangold, Brad Smith, Leon Washington, Revis, David Harris, and Lowery? I'd take that now Very limited number of picks because of Trader Mike. Who by the way really owned those drafts, not Mangini
  2. Yeah, equating faith in a football team, to faith in a Supreme Being is a bit of a reach
  3. If McCown starts, and Richardson plays himself into a monster contract with the Jets, it may finally push me over the edge. Maybe I'll become a Falcons fan, the cheap beer and hot dogs are very tempting.
  4. meh,just bring a head of lettuce. If nothing else they are great projectiles.
  5. LOL, yeah right, because nobody ever gets drunk at tailgates
  6. Agree 100% I really thought that the FXFL was a great concept, and had a legitimate chance to make it as a minor league. The NFL took a hard look at it as a minor league. The costs of running the team were prohibitive. One of my kids went to see a game and told me there were less then 100 people there. This was in NYC in the fall. Team had Marvin Jones as an assistant coach. No one went. If a team with proven NCAA players couldn't get any attendance in NYC for a fall league, I wonder how many people will attend games in Southern California in August. To see high school kids play. I went to a minor league baseball games in Florida on an August Sunday afternoon, Had to leave in the 4th inning the heat was unbelievable. Yep a California summer league is going to draw millions. I give it less of a future then the FXFL. With out NFL sponsorship it has 0 chance to succeed. The NFL has 0 interest in competing with the NCAA. That's why NFL games are on Sunday. Feel bad for the few shortsighted players that choose to play in the league instead of going to major programs. When the league folds, they'll be hung out to dry .
  7. Make no mistake about it. This league is being started for one reason, and not to help kids. It's being developed to dupe some goofy investors out of money. Strongly suspect it will suffer the same fate of all the other leagues since the AFL
  8. Hey, a lot of the kids who have Daddy paying big bucks to send him/her to school so they have a chance in the world are doing the same thing. if you don't work hard, you will fail
  9. It will never get out of California Last thing I remember I was running for the door I had to find the passage back to the place I was before Relax said the night man, we are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like , but you can never leave. And so will go the career's of any talented foolish kid who passes up an opportunity at a free education at a major university, for some fools gold in a fly by night league.
  10. As I mentioned a semi-pro league, that I thought was an excellent idea, just folded because no one was interested. A town as big as NY couldn't put 100 people in the seats. Almost every player who is making millions in the NFL right now played for " Play around in college leagues for some fun" Seems to have worked for them. The only ones that are really being hurt by spread O's are QB's. The NFL, and the players Assoc could remedy that with a stroke of a pen
  11. Really doubt they will be playing in front of 8,000 people. The league that just folded and had a team in NYC was having difficulty drawing a 100
  12. The league is not going to provide college educations for a team with 50+ people on it, who may, or may not ever step on an NFL field. As I mentioned earlier, there are two much more practical solutions. 1) sponsor NFL minor league teams in the way baseball does. A league was established a few years ago, that was coached by ex NFL players. The goal of the league was to develop players to contribute in the NFL. The NFL rejected it due to lack of interest by fans who wouldn't buy the tickets, which made the cost of the league prohibitive. NFL is not going to pay for educations to people who will never play in the league for the same reason One of the teams was in NYC. How many of those games did you go to? 2) Get the all caring NFL Players Assoc to drop the ban on players talking to coaches for 7 months of the year so they can develop quickly, particularly QB's. The veterans in the players assoc have no interest in helping young players develop. A fly by night league is not going to replace NCAA anytime soon. You may not like college football, and don't consider their fans, "Fans" for some reason, but most of them are rabbit fans for life.
  13. Don't know what your relationship with your parents is, but many 18 YO's still respect their parents
  14. I suspect you haven't been to many college games. "My guess is if you took away the student/alumni support, many college programs would fold in no time." Duh. If you took away the fan base from any sport, including the NFL it would fold in no time. NCAA football isn't very popular in the NY area, but the rest of the country loves it. I was tepid toward it until I moved to Florida. Now I attend as many games a year as I can. It's great. The atmosphere is electric, and the game day experience is great. Personally I would much rather have a a 20 YO young lady all excited, jumping around and wanting to hug every one around her, then a 5"6" 300 pound drunk guy who hasn't bathed since last year, "cause it bad luck" wanting to hug me. Not that there's anything wrong with that
  15. Don't know about you, but as a parent if given the choice between sending a son who is a 4 or 5 star athlete to a fly by night pro league that more then likely won't be in business in 4 years, or sending him to a major university where all costs are paid, and he has the ability to receive an excellent education that will serve him the rest of his life, my kids going to college. Guess it's all about choices, and what's best for the kid. For 99% of them college is the way to go.