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  1. I'm not generally a basher of Woody, but the way this QB disaster has gone down, Bowles saying Sunday night that Fitz would definitely start against the Ravens, then the next day, with out looking at film, or talking to his coaches, while bashing smith with the "He's a back up for a reason" quote, suddenly making smith the starter, seems to have Woody's finger prints all over it. IF this is true, Woody needs to let his professionals make football decisions.
  2. Actually petty looked very good in the 2nd pre-season game against Atlanta last year, and OK the other appearances he made. There is no pre-season game reason to think Petty can't be a decent NFL QB. Like Hack, he has a big body, big arm. Unlike either Hack or smith he actually got a Heisman vote
  3. The fact that he's practicing doesn't mean his shoulder is 100%, it just means that at this point he shouldn't make it worst by throwing.
  4. What a stunner that would be. A HC not telling the media the truth. Of course he's been lying. I just don't see what making Petty a back up convicts him of it though.
  5. Geno got his shot in a perfect situation for him with 4 winnable games on the the table. Unfortunately for him He blew his knee up. End of the geno smith saga in NY. On to the next chapter. As much as I'd like to see Petty, the guy hasn't taken a snap in practice in 6 weeks. And the health of his shoulder is still in question. I'd like to know, and I'm sure the CS would also, if the guy can play in the NFL. Putting a perhaps still injured player in, who has never taken an NFL snap, and hasn't practiced in 6 weeks would be pure stupidity no matter how badly I want to see him.
  6. I don't put any stock in the article. Think Vachiano is just rehashing some past rumors, Don't see the drafting of Hack is any reflection on Petty one way or the other. Petty has played reasonably well in the appearances we have seen him in pre-season. And certainly has the physical tools. Think Macc was just enamored with Hack because his respected friend loved him 3 years ago. Also if the Jets attempt to trade for either Romo or Cutler, Macc should be fired on the spot. I'd like to see Petty this Sunday. Realistically I know that's not going to happen, nor should it. Kid has never been in an NFL game, and hasn't practiced in 6 weeks. Not a good combination. Fitz has to start against the Browns. Here's the problem for Petty this year. Strongly doubtful the Jets will bench Fitz again until the magic number in the loss column turns to 8. Jets have 3 winnable games coming up before the bye. If the Jets win all 3 of them, odds are Fitz finishes the season.. I would like VERY MUCH to see Petty sooner rather then later. Just to see if he is worth keeping, or should be in the Jets plans as a potential starter moving forward. If it does happen, doubt it will happen till after the pats game
  7. 13SHARES SHARE TWEET EMAIL By: Neal Coolong | 19 hours ago Petty is ready By his own words, as quoted by New York Daily News’s Manish Mehta: He’s right. It’s easy to understand that every player in the locker room wants to play and is waiting for the opportunity, but the team kept four quarterbacks — and an injured Petty — on their roster after the cut to 53 for a reason. It seems like Petty knows he’s close to truly competing for the starting position. POWERED BY GIANTMEDIA Petty is patient That, or he’s obsessive. Maybe both. He recently told Zach Shonbrun of the New York Times he waited exactly 1,786 daysbetween his last high school start and his first collegiate start at Baylor. His predecessor? Robert Griffin III, who, incidentally, also knows quite a bit about the frustration of injury. After that, it was Nick Florence — who’s claim to fame outside of Baylor appears to be the fact he has a Wikipedia page — who started over Petty. Petty is funny It’s tough not to love a player who knows how to burn trollish fans who take themselves, and the game, way too seriously. Someone’s skin is kind of hot after that. While he’s clearly religious, his Twitter timeline is a good collection of spiritual sentiment and humanistic observations we can all understand. Petty has something many NFL players do not He received one vote for the Heisman Trophy in 2014. Never mind that Marcus Mariota, Melvin Gordon, Amari Cooper, Trevone Boykin, J.T. Barrett, Jameis Winston, Tevin Coleman, Dak Prescott and Scooby Wright III all had more votes than him. Hey, Smith didn’t get a vote his senior year. Neither did Fitzpatrick or Christian Hackenberg. Petty seems to get up early often This is what NFL draft analyst Mike Mayock said about Pettyleading into the draft in 2015: “Why do I say he’s the most natural thrower in this year’s draft? He’s just one of those guys that can wake up at six in the morning, grip it and rip it. He throws the ball beautifully. Very natural. That 11 to 20-yard inside route he throws as well as any quarterback in the draft.” And this, from Mehta: It seems he shaved a half an hour off his time from college to the pros, so that can speak to his level of improvement as well. Overall, It would seem Fitzpatrick is the Jets’ quarterback for the foreseeable future, but Petty likely took a step forward in terms of practice reps. Although that comes at the expense of Smith, Petty has worked hard to be where he is and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop working. http://jetswire.usatoday.com/2016/10/24/6-things-to-know-about-jets-qb-bryce-petty/
  8. Petty returned to practice last week. Saw a small blurb by Cimini and he said he saw Q running routes for Petty, and Petty had no pop on the ball for what ever that's worth
  9. Actually this quote sounds more like Parcells. “I don’t have any thoughts on backup players saying anything,” Bowles said curtly. “They’re backups for a reason,” he added.
  10. If Petty is still hurt, and I think he is from something Cimini said 2 weeks ago, Hack has to be the back up. No the Jets didn't want to use him this year, but c'mon, the guy is a 2nd round pick, this is an emergency situation.
  11. I agree with you the way that different knee injuries react. Very curious that he wasn't equipped with any kind of stabilizing device if the doctors were concerned about serious injury. Always seen to immobilize a suspected knee injury. Hard pressed to see any kind of major conspiracy here, but this QB situation has been handled soooooooooooo weird. Well, this is the Jets
  12. Here's my uninformed opinion of what is going on based only on observation. Immediately after the Cards game Bowels made it very clear Fitz would be the starter against the Ravens. Overnight without having reviewed film, or speaking to his coaching staff, he had a revelation, and named smith starter. Very out of character, Fitz yesterday mentions the owner as having lost faith in him. Hmmmm I just have a feeling Bowles really doesn't like smith personally. After his "I don't care what smith say's he's a back up for a reason" speech, then naming him starer, This was really an odd moment. Even for the Jets. I really have a feeling that Bowles was told by Woody, for some odd reason, to start smith. I hope this isn't correct. One thing the Jets don't need is a meddling Woody involved in this weird QB situation.
  13. LOL Man wouldn't that be something. Jets IR smith, cut Fitz and sign Sanchez tomorrow. Board would explode