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  1. Can't see that for a one year rental of smith. Think it's a 7th to 6th with snaps
  2. I have to agree with some reservations. Your correct, IMO Petty was given every chance to win the back up job last night. All he had to do was look competent, score some points, and not turn the ball over. He didn't do it. smith wins the #2 job by default. Petty given the chance couldn't take it from him. I'll be very surprised if the Jets' don't carry 4 QB's. I disagree with another post you made that Petty would be cut. That would be very disheartening. Petty showed enough that there was a QB competition. Kids showed some genuine promise this TC. Still a bit stiff, but has really improved playing under center. He's got a very good arm. Yep, last night he showed some warts. IMO, he'll be on the 53. So will smith BTW, you mentioned in another thread that you had people at every practice. I'm one of them screwball people, that actually read ALL the tweets from TC. Lol Got to say that Glen, and Joe, and who ever else helped did, by far, the best job of any of the scribes, of relaying a feeling of a play by play. lol Really good job
  3. IMO Sanchez perhaps becoming available changes the market for smith big time. If there ever was a market
  4. Thing with Petty is nobody knows what Petty is going to be. He has certainly shown some flashes. What we do know is smith, in all probability, won't be on the team next year. I don't think that there's all that much difference between Petty and smith that it would be wise to give up on a promising player, that Macc drafted, for one year of smith
  5. New York Jets’ Geno Smith Wears ‘Zero Friends’ Hat (Photo) By Matt O'Leary - 08/28/2016 SHARE TWEET REACT PREV STORYNEXT PAGE NAVIGATE: View image on Twitter While fighting for his job as a New York Jets quarterback, Geno Smithwore a hat that said “Zero Friends.” Not exactly a good look. Isn’t it ironic that the quarterback who is so difficult to like wears a hat that says, “Zero Friends” on it? I looked it up and found that “Zero Friends” is actually a brand, but how great does it look to wear that during a press conference? It starts with the fans. They boo him before he even takes a snap on the field, and in the preseason no less. I also don’t think it was a coincidence that no one came to his rescue last year whenIK Enemkpali broke his jaw. He’s not extremely well-liked in the locker room, so “Zero Friends” is probably a good representation of his relationship with the team. He’ll be the first to wonder why he can never seem to win over the team or the fanbase. Stuff like this probably has something to do with it. You just can’t make this stuff up. I still think the Jets carry four QBs this year, but after this year Geno will be gone. And I don’t think anyone will miss him all too much. http://elitesportsny.com/2016/08/28/new-york-jets-geno-smith-wears-zero-friends-hat-photo/
  6. your correct, I misread it. Cut him
  7. Interesting question. Depends how they are preforming, ans how healthy they are. if they are all playing well it's possible that 8 game IR could turn into all season. This will be an interesting problem when the time comes
  8. I agree the young guys have outplayed Thompkins and should make the team before him. The problemis that significantly more expensive contract is fully guaranteed
  9. After tonight's game, smith will be the back up QB. Bowles set it up that all Petty had to do to win the job, and relieve the team of smith, was to play steady, and put some points on the board. Petty didn't do it. We'll go into the season with 4QB's. One of them will be the 5th best back up in the league, he also won't be on the team next year. i'd rather run with the kid who will be on the team.
  10. GROAN Your right geno is the 5th best back up in the league
  11. LOL The 5th best back up in the league? That's impressive I agree
  12. That really did make me laugh. " one of the top 5 backups in the league." I haven't seen smith play like the best back up on the team yet this year
  13. Oh I don't know. Maybe they could put it up on the big screen the way they do with the J_E_T_S Jets--Jets--Jets YOUR A DICK-----YOUR A DICK-----YOUR A DICK!!!!!!!
  14. Iowa State DC on Geno Smith getting cold-cocked: 'Didn't surprise me' Randy Peterson, rpeterson@dmreg.com4:56 p.m. CDT August 12, 2015 (Photo: AP) AMES, Ia. – So Wally, are you surprised that a teammate cold-cocked New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith in the jaw? Pause. "Didn't surprise me," Iowa State's defensive coordinator Wally Burnham said after practice Wednesday. Burnham knows all about run-ins with the former West Virginia star, whose jaw was broken by teammate IK Enemkpali during a locker room confrontation Tuesday reportedly over a $600 airplane ticket. FOR THE WIN Losing Geno Smith could be a blessing in disguise for the New York Jets At halftime of the Iowa State-West Virginia game in 2012 at Jack Trice Stadium, Smith ran into Burnham as the teams headed toward their locker rooms. "I was just walking," said Burnham, who was 71 in 2012. "He pushed me." One of the first Cyclones on the scene was Wally's son, Shane, who coaches defensive tackles. "We were holding for the West Virginia team to clear the field," Shane recalled Wednesday. "There was some extra-curricular activity after the last play of the half — Geno didn't appreciate something by somebody, and he took out his frustration on dad." That didn't sit well with Shane, who did what every son would do. "I reacted," Shane said. "Part of it is that it's your dad, and part of it is it's your Iowa State brother. It was family and football family for me. It was a double-whammy. "He had some choice words for dad, and I might have had a few choice words in return." Shane and Smith talked again on the field before the second half. "We had a follow-up conversation," Shane said. Was it nice? "We continued the conversation," Shane said. After the game, Cyclones linebacker Jake Knott tweeted: "G. Smith trying to push over Coach W Burnham at half was the most classless thing I've seen. Esp. from a "leader" #GrowUp" So after West Virginia won 31-24, did Smith apologize to Wally Burnham? "You think so?" he responded. That's a no.