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  1. I wouldn't have been upset if he was shown the door this year
  2. Vegas is the perfect place for the Raiders. Their fanbase is going to go crazy in Oakland. Wouldn't want to be a player
  3. I have a feeling both Macc, and Bowles have a Mulligan for 2017 while they rebuild the team, and Woody goes off to London
  4. Just checked, yep Miles McPherson appears April 9th 2017 at Baylor Stadium. So it seems you are correct on two things, 1) It is recent 2) Petty does seem to have a lot of motion in that left shoulder. That is very good news. I was really concerned Petty wouldn't be able to throw at the OTA's and fall way behind in development in the new system. Don't know if Petty is ever going to be any good, but he flashed just enough last season IMO that he deserves a fair shot in OTA's, and camp. If he doesn't show anything, move on, but he has improved in the last 2 camps, would love for the kid to take another step forward
  5. No it didn't. Here's what was actually said in camp last year. At the time I didn't think it was very encouraging. "Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, who has made a career of fixing quarterbacks, believes it takes at least a year to change a passer's mechanics. The Jets are in no hurry to start that process; it may not happen until next offseason. "You want to be careful," Patullo said. "He's got a lot [on his plate]. He's trying to learn the playbook, he's trying to learn defenses -- what he sees and how to react. ... I think he understands certain things he needs to work on. He's a hard-working kid." Asked if Hackenberg needs a complete overhaul, Patullo said, "That's not something we're going to get into right now. We're just trying to see where he's at, what he knows."" http://www.espn.com/blog/new-york-jets/post/_/id/62440/jets-coach-on-christian-hackenberg-cant-change-golfers-swing-in-season
  6. "Hackenberg was in his backyard playing a game of cornhole with his private quarterback coach Jordan Palmer" Geez, ya wouldn't think they'd want to talk about that. Yeah I guess there's a lot of change going on
  7. and drove 160 MPH with a kid in the car. And didn't give a crap about a game right before it, but was concerned about the Ho's, and has made it very clear during the Wilkerson disaster that he is going to be very difficult to sign. With that said I usually don't give a crap what these guys do off the field, but the Mixon video was very vicious, he was in no real danger. She was just trying to push him away. Bad dude, stay away
  8. Macc has made it clear he wants to trade out of 6. I sure hope he finds a trade partner.
  9. That's cool. I was just responding to this quote. "Sadly the threads and debates continue........." LOL why would you make that post? Your the leader of the continuing "Fitz /Geno" debate
  10. LOL Of course they do YOU bring Fitz into every thread, including this one
  11. He gets his 6 no matter what
  12. I'm good with that. Unless the first one in looks like he can play the game, then he stays
  13. WOW

    Most of it is written fairly clearly. When people become self appointed prophets (profits) and put their own spin to it, for their own purpose, is when the trouble begins. I'll take the Word for what it is. The last verses in Matt:25 make that pretty clear.
  14. WOW

    I've always found it serves me better if I interpret things from what is actually written, rather then get all mystical and try and read peoples minds from what they might possibility be thinking out in left field. Never did well in the Swami , or "prophet" thingie LOL