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  1. Brett Hundley

    How about trading McCown to packers for 2nd round draft choice?
  2. Belichick praises Jets

    Am I wrong to be impressed at how well he knows the Jets' roster so early in the week? Can every NFL head coach run down every player on the other team off the top of his head that way? I wonder if Bowles could? Belichick knew the names of our special teams players, our 4th running back that hasn't taken a snap yet. I can understand the position coaches knowing the players they would be responsible for by name, but not necessarily the head coach. He just seems more prepared than anyone else.
  3. 3 and 2, who would have thunk it? Who would have thought it would cause such unhappiness?

    Actually if we had picked Glennon at least Petty would be starting by now!
  5. That's what you can get with a high first round draft choice. Shows tanking won't guarantee a franchise QB
  6. The hell with the tank. Go Jets!

    Me too. Maybe Petty will be real deal
  7. handoff off tackle every first down, how about a pass at least in a west coast offense?
  8. Yes but it would be nicer to have a good CB.
  9. It's a very low risk contract but also very low reward. If the guy plays like a pro bowl player, finally realizing his first round potential, then he will get too expensive to re-sign. I wish they had paid him a little more to get a 2nd year on the deal, so if he plays well, they can have him when he can make more of an impact, rather then in a completely rebuilding year.
  10. Why change after such a good season? Doesn't really make sense if he isn't getting a HC job.
  11. Would YOU fire Bowles?

    My criteria is this: Will the guy ever coach a super bowl winner? Will he coach one in his next spot if another team hires him? If both answers are no, and I think they are, then I fire Bowles now. I would keep Mac and give him a chance to hire his own coach.
  12. The most important role for the gm in my opinion, is picking the right coach. This was Tanny's biggest failure. He always tailored the personel to the coaches preference anyway. Maybe Mangini wasn't all bad, but Tanny might of pulled the plug too early, succumbing to pressure from Woody. Rex was the real disaster, going for the splashy pick who eventually got him fired.
  13. I'm not calling them out I'm just saying we wouldn't be any better off he we had the first pick in the draft this year, we still wouldn't know if we had found a franchise QB. It takes time to find out and we already invested some in Petty, lets see it through. If I was a Ram or Eagles fan I would argue to give those guys the time to prove themselves too.
  14. Petty is the guy.

    Agreed. So tired of the Brian Hoyers, Josh McCowns, and Ryan Fitzpatricks of the world. QB's with no possibility of leading a team to the Super Bowl. Find out if the young ones can play. Petty showed he is at least ready enough to play to show whether he is good enough. Hack should know enough by year two to at least not be overwhelmed. If they aren't the future then waiting a year to find out with another veteran retread just pushes finding a franchise QB farther down the road.