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  1. No. Jet Nut just makes up whatever suits him. I have never claimed Fitz is anything other than average at best. My claim which seems to mirror most of the "pro Fitz" crowd is that he is significantly better than Geno Smith. I have seen nothing in the last season and three games to make me change my mind on that score. It is not and never was the Fitz is THAT GOOD.... It is 100% about the idea the Geno is THAT BAD. I have also been on record as saying that I think the Jets are not a playoff team with either of them and I prefer Geno to be the starter this year because I feel he would make us a lock for a top-5 pick if not better. I still believe that. "Suck with Geno for Luck" or some such.
  2. OK smart guy. Why did the Jets pay $12 million 2016 dollars to bring back Ryan Fitzpatrick when Geno Smith was available to them for free? Certainly they know better than anyone else what Fitzpatrick's limitations are. They see them every day in practice. Chan Gailey has been his offensive coordinator for large chunks of his career. Even given his very well documented ceiling they were willing to shell out $12 million dollars rather than go with Geno Smith to start this year. They could have had an NFL scrub to back up Geno Smith at 1-2 million per year. Why did they choose not to do so? Once again and in simple terms.... Why should we believe that you know more then our own front office does? Certainly hey know more football than you do or does your arrogance extend to the point that you know more than NFL professionals do? They (the coaches) get to see all of the practices both open and closed. They observe the interaction with both players and their team mates. And yes, NFL professionals from all 32 team ranked Geno as the very bottom of the Starting QB list in every year that he started. Batting 1.000 in that regard or 0.000 if you prefer. So yes, NFL professional have ranked Geno. Why do you know more than they do? Thte short answer is that you don't but I will certainly enjoy your attempting to explain the inexplicable.
  3. Geno has been weighed, Geno has been measured and he has been found wanting . This is true for his current staff as well as it is for the other 31 teams in this league. Any one of those other teams could probably have obtained Geno for a 6th round pick and yet none of them did. His market value has been determined. That determination is that he has a nonexistent market value. I know you don't like it but these guys, the ones who all disagree with you, they are actually paid real folding money for their opinion on matters having to do with talent evaluation and not even one of them agrees with you. You could probably build more support for a flat earth theory at this point. Please explain again why you know more that our coaching staff and 31 other GMs around the league?
  4. Correct. The "proven" part took place over the course of two years starting and was confirmed the day they felt they had to find 12 million extra dollars this year rather than go with the guy they already had for free.
  5. Geno is worse. I thought that was pretty much proven to the satisfaction of the Jets coaching staff at this point. Sand in vagina much?
  6. Stomps feet... stuffs thumb into mouth and imagines somehow that other people care.
  7. Good point. They should have at it then. Honestly if some get pleasure from this debacle who am I to question it?
  8. Every single season tin the last 34 that I have followed the Jets there are constantly people who spend large amounts of time telling anyone who would listen which players we should have take in which rounds. It is all just background noise. What makes you any different?
  9. He threw three in less than a quarter once before being pulled. So yes I have seen worse from Geno. How about no. The Geno ship has sailed. His job is to carry Fitz jock until Petty is ready. Can YOU deal with THAT?
  10. We get it you are a draftnik who likes to play at being a GM and you are convinced you could do better. The problem is that like millions of people who play at being a GM and assemble fantasy teams each week How does any of that help this team where it is at now and going into week 4? Please don't assume that people are spending time trying to decode your avatar. Some of us have those features turned off to begin with
  11. Averaging out two weeks you come out to pretty much the average QB most of us thought we were getting. For every good week we are likely to have another one of these. Unless the defense starts playing up to its press clippings we are in the hunt for a top-5 pick. I really wish we would have started Geno and have said so many times. With Geno we have a real shot at a top-5 pick. None of this explains why all of you seem so happy about what happened today.
  12. He may not have been worth $12 dollarsw but in the opinion of the coaching staff he was AT LEAST $12 million 2016 dollars better than Geno who that already had for free. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the Geno alternative. There is no Geno alternative. Nobody wants him aside for the six of you.
  13. The sad thing is that you can hear it in their posts. They are happy this happened because it means they can start new threads complaining about Fitzpatrick. Lets forget the fact that we were also fumbling all over the place and the defense really couldn't stop a cold out there today. Let's forget the fact that Bowles did not have this team ready on any level today because it is all about the QB after all.
  14. First round? Hack isn't ready and none of the three of them were first rounders. Personally i have seen more than enough of Geno to last a lifetime unless the aim of to shoot for 1-15 this year. Too early for Petty, we are only 1-2 after all but I would give him a crack in the 2nd half if we are out of it