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  1. I'll see you one Malamala and raise you one Dwayne White. It is practically impossible to have too many Dwayne's on a teAM.
  2. If you do not believe there is any difference between the #1 or #2 overall and #5 to #8 then yes we have been down that road. But we have never actually been down this road. Or at least not for 20 years. We know franchise QBs are to be had at the very top of the draft or realistically they are not to be had at all. More often not at all. If 2018 is a really banner year for QBs then we ought to be thinking in those terms and get one. Sorry if that offends. I have yet to hear another plan.
  3. I hate this discussion. The same tired argument on the other side. Every year we do it their way and every year the same mediocrity or usually worse is the result. I agree with the OP. For once we need to go out and get the #1 overall and pray that there is a franchise QB out there to be had. We have been down that other road and we KNOW where it leads.
  4. The mouth is the problem both on and off the field. He needs to go.
  5. So is the parking lot at Applebees still the place where street justice is meted out? I seem to recall something about that.
  6. I am inviting any Mod with access to consider leaking these emails. Drain the swamp !!!
  7. How else will we ever manage to overpay properly for Revis' next contract?
  8. Really nice job tonight. Rangers are emerging from a mid-season case of the blahs and a win like this will really give them a boost. Early goals are still a concern and of course getting back healthy again but I think this is really setting up nicely for the rest of the season. I suspect that John Tortorella is burning out yet another team by running them on overdrive in order to win a mostly meaningless regular season. Someone should tell Columbus that he did that here with us and that when the playoffs rolled around and every other team stepped it up a gear that we had no higher gear to go to.
  9. Part of an assistant's job description includes falling on his sword for his boss if called upon to do so. Rex relied upon this trick for years. It looks like Todd is doing the same thing here.
  10. Sometimes failure has more than a single dimension.
  11. <chuckles> Can a length (and girth) check be far behind one wonders?
  12. It seems that Donald has managed to acquire a Woody that comes with its own baby oil.
  13. We have all seen this act before. Jets win a meaningless game at the end of the year and drop draft picks as a result.