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  1. I thought you were not dipping back into all things college QB.
  2. Pole dancing: Could it one day become an Olympic sport? http://www.bbc.com/sport/41652997 I vote yes.
  3. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    omg! It feels so weird to be the front runners for once.
  4. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    It looks like Giradi's lobbying of the umps for a better strike zone for Judge has made a difference. There were a bunch of balls called in the game last night which have been strikes throughout the rest of the playoffs. We will know for sure tonight if we see the same thing on Keuchel. He has been living down there with low strikes on Judge and some others.
  5. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Get Headley better cleats. You know, on the off chance he gets to run the bases again. I love it that we are back at all square but man the Yankees base running has just been horrible during this series.
  6. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Has anyone ever beaten 3 different 100 win teams on the way to a world series? It would have to be the modern era of course but I would think such a thing has never been done.
  7. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    I agree that with our current crop of kids I cannot see us giving Bryce Harper the $500M contract that many were speculating he could get from the Yankees.
  8. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    When did Kahnle get higher on the pecking order than Green BTW?
  9. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Great movie!!! More so than many might think because, having wasted quite a few years in pool rooms myself, spending them with 9-ball and Chicago grinders and low lives, I can attest to the authenticity of some of the characters in the movie. Walken is always lights out even in that stupid ping-pong movie he did a few years ago. In any event I just heard the the Astros might activate another bullpen arm for this series and if so, the first name that was mentioned on the MLB networks was Tyler Clippard...Please god make it so. Aaron Judge has so much power it is ridiculous. Even his pop flies and mis-hits can often leave the ballpark. I think Judge needs to shorten up on his grip and move closer to the plate. I am surprised nobody else is suggesting this. he will still be an above average power threat even with these adjustments. This particular Yankees team is very easy to root for. Great job by Cashman all around. Now he needs to go out and get us another starter this off-season. That, and figure out that bringing CC back for a year or two is probably both a smart and a popular move. I want to continue to receive the benefits of the rehab episode we went through with him.
  10. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Indians fielding in this series has been very iffy
  11. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    I agree. Fingers crossed however
  12. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Didi Gregorius.... Makes Yankees fans euphorious baby! Ooops... Don't touch the money...
  13. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Agreed and to be honest I have more faith in either CC or Tanaka to figure out a way to steal a game-1 and give us some length than I do in Sonny Grey... However, Sonny it is and I hope he has put his last performance behind him because the bullpen is not fully available today.
  14. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    To me Greene striking out the last two batters with men on 2nd and 3rd in the first inning was as big if not even bigger than Didi's 3-run homer to tie it up in the bottom of the inning. Maybe Santana has a different confidence level at 4-0 or 5-0 than he does at 3-0. Great job bullpen and bring on Cleveland. I wonder which of our two cagey vets (CC or Tanaka) will get the nod in game 1.