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  1. Tanking is a disgrace and the league should definitely take measures to put a stop to it ..after this year
  2. A history reminder. The following is a list of starters bequeathed by Rich Kotite to Bill Parcells in 1996/1997 along with the number 1 overall pick which ultimately turned into multiple first round picks. (bold are solid NFL starters or better) QB Frank Reich RB Adrian Murrell FB Richie Anderson WR Wayne Chrebet WR Keyshawn Johnson TE Kyle Brady LT Jumbo Elliott LG Harry Galbreath C Roger Duffy RG Matt O'Dwyer RT David Williams (not very good at this point in his career) LDE Bobby Hamilton LDT Marvin Washington RDT Matt Brock RDE Hugh Douglas LLB Bobby Houston MLB Marvin Jones RLB Mo Lewis LCB Aaron Glenn RCB Ray Mickens SS Victor Green FS Gary Jones Q: Do we have the chance to have a similar resurgence in 2018 with the #1 overall? IMO: I dont think the current team has this much talent as the ones above and the current GM at least (and probably the HC) would not be doing what is being done now if they did not have a promise to keep their jobs after the upcoming year. So yes it is possible but it is also a long shot. Also do not underestimate our ability to f&ck up the #1 pick.
  3. Well if a Leaf Vs. Manning decision falls into our lap I have no doubt in my mind the direction that this franchise would take.
  4. We need more Hansens
  5. Wait! Does this mean we have missed out on the first round of VC financing?
  6. I wonder if OJ has to chug cock in the big house.
  7. One ring to rule them all and in the darkness.... Or some such
  8. ... or possibly it could be Max looking to secure a hometown discount in a walk year.
  9. I think Tommy liking to be buttered up might mean something else here.
  10. Certainly nobody every went broke underestimating the intelligence of Jets front offices over the years.
  11. Barring catastrophic injury to Williams or Wilkerson then no, I see no way the Richardson can play his way into a long term future with the Jets. With that said a great year may get us some kind of trade value out of him. Such a pity because when he is good he is as close to a dominant force out there as anyone we have on the team.
  12. If I go to a doctor and I am diagnosed as having a broken arm obviously I am within my rights to go and get a second opinion. Where you and I differ is in the likelihood of obtaining a different diagnosis. Once again I am reminded of those who asserted as fact that a new coaching staff would suddenly discover and unleash the talents of Vernon Gholston upon the other 31 teams in the NFL.... and then a 2nd change in coaching staff... rinse wash repeat. Alternatively the initial diagnosis could have been the correct one. Occam's razor doncha know.
  13. Great logic there. Because the coaches were fired the QB must be great or about to become great. How well did that kind of thinking work out with Vernon Gholston and a laundry list of others?
  14. If he had been ripping it up in practice that information would have leaked seventeen different ways from Sunday. Instead the information that leaked was somewhere along the lines that he couldn't hit the ocean from a boat. I would love to be wrong but it strikes me that the coaching staff can already see what they are working with.
  15. Could he marry a country music star and spend most of his Jets career on the injury list? Hrrm....