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  1. The people whose job depends on making the right choices have voted on this issue and that vote stands until or unless they withdraw the offer.
  2. Until the Jets pull the offer off the table to Fitzpatrick then Geno is the backup the moment that Fitz signs on the dotted line. That tells us everything we need to know about where Geno stands with respect to Fitz in the minds of the Jets brains trust. Fitz is better. At least seven million dollars per year better because they are willing to pay at least seven million extra dollars to get Fitz back into uniform to be the starter. At least seven million. If Fitz is average then Geno is worse than average. If Fitz is bad then Geno is worse than bad. If Fitz is terrible then Geno is worse than terrible and so on. <Edited to add> Maybe only five million better if you want to make the argument that the team needs a warm body at QB and Hoyer (or some such) would cost at least two million to provide the warm body.
  3. Dee Milliner ~ ~ ~

    This discussion on Milliner was already getting seriously old at this time last year and even BEFORE yet another season ending injury. We should just resurrect the threads from last year except that there is now another year of additional evidence about how fragile of a player he really is.
  4. I would be up for something along these lines. I would give us the right to have one of the kids win the starting job in 2017 and I would give him the right to test the waters in year-2 if we decide to do that.
  5. This has to make Geno fans feel a little bit unloved.
  6. He has clearly shown improvement in his ability to show up for charitable events to which he has committed, no?
  7. Those two are the presumptive first choices to be the starter for the Jets going into the season. Of course they are being compared to one another. What other comparison makes any sense? Most is not all of the Geno threads that are currently spamming these boards have been started by Geno supporters. And yet Fitz supporters cannot stop talking about Geno.... Chutzpah much?
  8. They want Fitz back until they pull the offer. Period. If they get tired of the drama or if they feel that they see enough improvement in Geno (or either of the others) then that is when the offer to Fitz will get pulled. Until that time Fitz is still the preference and still the presumptive starter. At this point I am for Geno since I do not think we will win with either of them in 2016 but Fitz is still the preference of the front office. Unless they are all liars
  9. I understand that positions have been taken on this subject but this theory seems like a little bit more than the average reach,
  10. Oh and on a another totally unrelated topic which, like this one, also does not merit it's own thread...... Am I the only one who finds Richard Quest not only universally irritating but particularly during these plane crash news cycles when his air times gets increased massively?
  11. Unfortunately this is probably accurate..And, unfortunately once again this probably informs the GM not to overpay for a "bridge QB" like Fitzpatrick on a team that is not going to win this year anyway. All of which leads me to my final "unfortunately". The final one is that having removed all of the other options from the board we are going to get ourselves another year of the worst QB in the NFL. Yes, statistically and by almost every other measure including these eyes, Geno Smith is the worst that I have ever seen and that includes such luminaries as Bubby Brister, Unfortunately. The Jets should use the extra $7M wisely.
  12. It is pretty clear to me. If they pull the offer for Fitz then it tells me they are ready to go with Geno. If they have not done that then this story is more than likely just a negotiating ploy to force Fitzpatrick to the table.
  13. And yet the same brains trust said Fitz was the starter if he came back and offered him $7M to do so. Even though Geno was cheaper and already under contract.
  14. If this is true I agree that it puts more pressure on Fitz although again if it is true I would think it is no longer a $7M vs. $14M decision. I am not sure we need Fitz at either price. On the other hand even if it is not true there is some benefit in pretending that it is.
  15. Poll: Fitz vs Geno

    Fair enough, I stand corrected. The wisdom of paying next Tuesday for a hamburger today is always questionable and the people who feel that the salary cap is going to go up every single year, presumably to the moon eventually must have been extremely disappointed when it did not go up a single penny in the four years between 2009 and 2013. There were people on these boards who felt that we should pay up for some free agent or other because the money would eventually look like peanuts after a few years once the salary cap had gone up 15%-20% every year. These things go in spurts.