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  1. we are currently undefeated so there is that
  2. All part of the tank practices master plan.
  3. Looks like we have a pre-ruling from the judge. No tank, Roger agrees.
  4. That Jets team had 6-8 win talent on the roster and it took a really spectacular effort from Rich Kotite to pull of 1-15. Parcells was no fool. He knew that even before his wheeling and dealing that he could bring up the level of the team based on the guys they already had. In any event this approach has not been tried before by us and frankly it is worth a shot. Clean bad contracts off the books. Give the kids and look and draft very high next year when (hopefully) some real gems may be available. Edited to add: Even if it ends up at 1-15 there will still be some parts of the team that will be worth watching. The DL, the young receivers and the somewhat retooled secondary for a start.
  5. Which begs the question of what was holding them back before he left?
  6. Need some branding on this new theme here.... After all we had a whole Chuck Norris type thing on Kellen Clemens as I recall. I will get the ball rolling. Hack Attack.... Christianity... Iceberg... (obscure)
  7. I don't think the Colts players tanked for Andrew Luck either. I just think that front office decisions created circumstances in which winning was highly unlikely. The players did not tank. The organization did.
  8. I agree with much of this. Ditching the contracts of older, higher paid performers frees up playing time for our youth movement. At least we will know what we have. If anyone truly outperforms expectations, the extra cash on hand gives the GM a chance to lock up our own talent at a reasonable price. Something we had several chances to do with David Harris for example and yet we never did it.
  9. That is odd. We have little difficulty finding people on these boards who are prepared to dispute the "tank" analysis.
  10. The real nightmare.

    This post could mean so many different things.
  11. The real nightmare.

    You seem to be the one playing the role of self appointed thread police. Not I. What a shocker. I do not/did not admit that the Jets would not tank. I think that is the plan. I hope it is the plan. My question was whether or not they will be able to pull it off. If you want to avoid mind-numbingly predictable and repetitive posts then I commend you for following a strategy of not reading your own.
  12. The real nightmare.

    Please pay attention Jet Nut. This is not a thread about whether we should (or should not) tank for Sam. This is a thread which poses the question about whether or not this franchise is capable of screwing up such a strategy if indeed there is such a strategy. I do hope you see the difference. But by all means if you are the arbiter of which threads have merit and which do not, where should I apply in order to get your approval in the future?