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  1. But.... You are being watched
  2. So much energy expended on the Geno Smith question
  3. Good problems to have though, wouldn't you agree? I would also add that cutting a 2nd rounder that you picked (if that is the outcome) is probably a good statement for a new GM to make. "Look at me. Yes, I can make mistakes with early round picks as well as uncover talent in the latter rounds and among UDFAs. I am smart enough to recognize and react to the world as it is rather than the one I had originally imagined." Hopefully D. Smith can knock everyone's socks off from here on in and the decision actually becomes a non-decision in his case.
  4. Almost like some sort of a roster talent barrier which you hope your team becomes good enough to pass through. If your is good enough to release the Sudfelds of this world then it says good things about the overall direction of the talent base. "To infinity and beyond!"... or some such.
  5. Devin Smith has some work to do.
  6. From the same people who spent the better part of the last year whining like little girls with vaginitis about how unfair it all was to Geno. Stay classy I guess.
  7. Some really classy points of view in this thread.
  8. Here's hoping all of this translates to a stingy Jets defense.
  9. I also thought Jackson was a bright spot in a world gone mad/bad. Like some others here in this thread however I also felt that he got caught up in the "analyst" race to the bottom in recent years. Team orders, a survival instinct or a bit of both? Who knows, but perhaps the prospect of another year spent in a race towards even more edginess was finally outside of Tom's comfort level.
  10. If we simply combine all of the limbs that various folks have gone out on then we will start off with a 6-0 record.
  11. I agree and was about to point that out too. Wayne Chrebet was slow on the stopwatch too. Thank goodness Rich Kotite wanted to do a favor for the Hofstra head coach and invited Chrebet to camp.
  12. It is certainly the best time of year for optimism. I get sucked into the hype most years and end up nudging my own season prediction to a higher number. We have some guys with an injury history who if they stay healthy, will change the picture for us in a positive way. We also have a bunch of older guys who we need to (a) not decline in performance and (b) to stay healthy. Physical decline is always a concern with older players. It looks like we may also have a punter for the first time in forever. I believe that this will help us significantly in close games. Field position makes a difference and it can be cumulative if your team is really bad at it (like us). If all of these things or even most of them break in our favor AND if we can avoid a terrible start to the first six games then things might start to get tasty around here.
  13. That really is giving me a disturbing and somewhat confused visual.
  14. I would happily settle for competent in this regard.
  15. The reports I read seem to make it clear that the Jets moved off their position at the last minute and then set a deadline for Fitzpatrick to sign the new offer. Fitzpatrick signed before THAT deadline expired. It is not as if he signed the deal that was out on the table for months just because the Jets set a deadline. You say The Geno worked hard and tried to impress the coaching staff. Maybe he did try to impress them but he didn't succeed well enough obviously. Other players understand and support their fellow players during contract disputes. They do this because they for damned sure want other players to respect them when it is THEIR time to negotiate a new deal. The idea that Fitz's teammates are pissed at him because he has been out taking care of business is silly. If you polled the Jets locker room about who felt that way it would come out as about 95-1 in favor of #14.