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  1. I am guessing that the number of people who see Geno Smith as the QB of the future is a pretty small group at this point.
  2. Excessive smiling is no longer permitted
  3. Coughlin's candidacy my not enjoy the endorsement of the Congressional black caucus.
  4. Is there any way to have the new software give me a real time or near real time dashboard to track the number of posts that a certain poster has made in the Wilkerson to the Raiders thread?
  5. Agreed. Performance minutes divided by the player salary gives a very efficient use of our cap dollars in this case.  Extremely efficient even. None of which means those dollars will be well spent elsewhere of course, or that the team can continue to suffer on the field if Winters' play becomes relatively worse.  Any cap money for any upgrade is money taken away from upgrades elsewhere.  If we are awash in cap dollars or Brimming with draft and undrafted young talent then this would certainly be a different story. Time for a well thought out (and lucky) off season.  
  6. I understand the Richardson and Williams arguments but straight up contract value I am thinking Von Miller is worth between four and five million per year more than Mo Wilkerson.  Especially for a team with an anemic pass rush. For me that means Wilkerson tops out around at 12M-13M per year.
  7. How much more per year would Jets fans be willing to go for Von Miller?
  8. Super Bowl 50: Game Thread

    Or fans who don't approve of cheaters
  9. This thread is badly in need of an intervention.  Somebody close to SenorGato needs to pull him aside and tell him that he is beginning to sound seriously creepy on this topic. 
  10. I think we may have left planet Earth at some point here.  Mo is a good player but no way is he close to being on a HOF track.  That is absurd.
  11. Who has the best profile pic on JN

    Yeah I was quite taken by it the first time I saw it.
  12. I think he is close to being the best player at his position on the team depending on how far you might feel that Darelle Revis has slipped.  Aside from that your points are well made.
  13. You are still missing the point. 2nd contract, 3rd contract, 4th contract, nth contract it does not matter.  If at the time of the negotiation there is a significant distance between where the team values the player and what the player is asking for, as with Seymour for example even before the end of his 2nd deal then that team has to decide if they are willing to stick with their valuation and let the player move elsewhere or, on the other hand if they are going to cave in and give the player what he wants. The Patriots particularly but also the Steelers are famous for being willing to move in a different direction and it seems to work out for them. With Mo he may simply be pricing himself above where the Jets rate him and if that gap is too large then he needs to go.  We should probably have done it earlier which would have maximized our chances at decent value in return but now the injury changes much of that.  Mo needs to prove he is all the way back if he wants a crack at ultra-premium money.  Unfortunately in order to prove it he will need to continue to play without benefit and protection of a new deal and a very large signing bonus.  This is a catch-22 which he can break is he is willing to come down in price.  Paying a premium for an insurance policy should be simple enough to understand. The price should have come down in any event the moment he got injured.  It simply changed the risk reward proposition for the buyer and the seller needs to account for that. P.S. I thought you made a whole big thing about having me on ignore. What happened with that?
  14. You understand that "what he should be paid" is highly subjective and is very different depending on who is being asked. I am sure that Seymour felt the Raiders contract was what he was worth.  Just as I am sure that every player negotiating for a new contract feels that what he is asking for is what he is worth.  When there is a large gap then the record shows good teams tend to stick with their own evaluation and let the player walk or look for a trade partner. Seymour, Milloy, Law and many others fit that pattern regardless of the point in their respective careers that the difference in valuations occurs.