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  1. You have about as much sense of humor as a piece of cardboard. But given YOUR history on here on these boards that is also not surprising. As a practical matter Fitz did lead the Jets to a come from behind win. Unless you know, my memory is playing tricks on me an Geno had the Jets in front when he came out. Geno did also receive the benefit of a 12 yard comeback route where the receiver tacked on an extra 57 yards and six points all on his own. All things considered that "69-yard TD bomb" from Geno Smith is going to polish up the resume just a bit and look mighty tasty to some when he is pounding the pavement looking for work at the end of the year. in Canada
  2. Fitzpatrick leads the Jets to come from behind win after an ineffective Geno Smith comes out of the game with the Jets trailing.
  3. OK then the quote should have been we have a really bad QB and an even worse injured backup
  4. You could also make the observation that the TD from Geno was 7 yards Geno and Enunwa making 62 extra yards after the catch. At the end of the day it is still a 69 yard Geno TD toss and Fitz is leading a come from behind effort. Statistics tend to work out and even out that way.
  5. If we win this game and both are healthy next week..... Who starts?
  6. If you have been arguing a pro-Geno positions on messages boards then there is a temptation to want to be able to say "I told you all so" even if that means that sub-optimal scenarios for the team must have happened. That is why some here prefer Geno over Petty.
  7. From your lips to God's ears. This is the script now and in no small part because Geno would never stay here after this year anyway, no matter how well he does. Nor should he stay. For better or worse the franchise has let him know what their opinion of him is and so now he gets an unplanned (by this team) free audition for his next team at the expense of the Jets If Fitzpatrick had not been so bad Geno would never have seen the field again. If Petty were not injured we would have gone straight from Fitz to Petty. Instead we are going to get a (hopefully small) serving of Geno for a while. The Jets team needs to spend at least a few games getting a real look at Bryce before this season is done. That has to be the thinking here. The feelings of Geno fanbois notwithstanding that is the only sequence of events that makes any sense at all.
  8. LOL or until after the Ravens+n at least.
  9. That is what I took from the "Petty has only just started practicing this week and is not ready YET" comment. Why bother even saying it if Geno was the automatic next man up?
  10. Not sure that Bowles' "Petty is not ready....YET" comment indicates any real enthusiasm for Geno either. Geno is fit and Geno is not Fitz which makes him the guy..... This week.
  11. There is no inconsistency here. Marshall stands ready (or kneels perhaps) to fellate whoever happens to be the QB under center. It is all about the targets man.