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  1. b-b-b-b-but what about the laws of fizziks and sh1t?
  2. Signing in from Montego Bay Jamaica to register the fact that I approve of this thread. What happened to all of the New England lawyers whowere happy to give us their legalopinions before the appeals court ruled? Or is it somehow that the appeals court is in the pocket of Goodell and other 31 teams? Trying to catch up here.
  3. The ending will be a really good pick in 2017. Silly wabbit
  4. This is nothing more that the Pats "gifting themselves" extra salary cap. Not too toughto have a winning franchise when you have a higher effective salary cap than everyone else.
  5. At some point and I am not saying this is it but at some point it has to not be about fines anymore. n-time offenders or some such.
  6. Are we really sure he is that tall?
  7. Fitz ain't comin back

    1000x more sh*ts is actually quite a lot of sh*ts. Just sayin'
  8. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    If our GM really thought we had a legitimate shot to make a run this year then I think Fitz would be worth more to this team and maybe a deal would already be done. I would love to think that we could improve on the 10 wins we got last year but with our schedule I just do not see that happening.
  9. OT Rumors / Info

    Great news if true and further confirmation that, beyond almost any other position on the team, that valuable starters can come from lower rounds or even from the ranks of the undrafted.. Yes, yes I know all about the successes we have had recently on the DL with this kind of player but I still think that it is the OL where high quality players can be "discovered" and developed later on in the draft.
  10. Ryan Fitzpatrick: MERGED

    <chuckles>.... The voice of reason.
  11. How many titles have you won that are tainted by cheating? (hint: all of them).
  12. Cowboys trade?

    Yeah but he turned out to be a first ballot hall of fame lock. Or some such
  13. Not sure how so much energy is being poured into what is essentially a consensus "none of the above" slate of candidates.
  14. Cowboys trade?

    My mistake. Got it. So no reason for anyone to spill the beans about any talks taking place. Plus Curtis Martin style poisoned pill contracts are no longer permitted.