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  1. EM31 added a post in a topic fitz= worst qb maybe ever to start for a jets team   

    Sorry but the turnovers were not simply the result of indifferent receiving corpse.  Geno was just choosing the wrong guys to throw towards (mental game) and he was very inaccurate once he has made a decision about where to go with the ball (physical game),
    All of this sounds like the same kinds of desperate reaching for reasons (excuses) that supporters of Vernon Gholston were using in years two and three of his career.  With Gholston it was a DC who was trying to make him look bad, it was Gholston playing out of position, it was changes to the defensive schemes or, <fill in the blank excuse>.  The excuses were nearly endless.  It was never the fact that Vernon Gholston sucked as a player no matter who the DC was or what scheme was currently in use.  Of course it became clear eventually that Gholston sucked because he sucked and not for any other reason.
    Geno is not going to make better reads of defenses, nor is he going to suddenly be more careful with the ball unless he gets put into exactly the same kind of cocoon that we put Mark Sanchez into for two years.
    In terms of this thread it means that even as a serviceable albeit pedestrian QB, Ryan Fitzpatrick is orders of magnitude (yes I know what that means)  better than Geno Smith IMO.  Unless the plan is to get a top-5 pick next year then Fitz is clearly the better choice. If the plan is to get a top-5 pick then that is a different discussion altogether.
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  2. EM31 added a post in a topic fitz= worst qb maybe ever to start for a jets team   

    Fitz is average (lower end of the middle third of the NFL or upper end of the bottom third) at worst, maybe a bit better than that if you look at last year.
    Geno is the worst QB in the NFL by almost any measure.
    And since almost no team will continue to hand the starting job off to a player who is as historically bad as Geno has been, you can actually make the case that Geno may be the very worst QB in the history of the league to have ever started for ANY NFL team for two years.  There may have been some QBs who are worse than Geno but none of them who would ever get that many NFL starts.
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  3. EM31 added a post in a topic Oline doing some work for Fitzy   

    Whatever narrative gives Geno the best chance to reclaim the position after he recovers.  Certainly Petty starting would give Geno a better shot.
    Fitz will be fine.  Maybe not a world beater but clearly an upgrade. 
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  4. EM31 added a post in a topic Just got in from Vegas, what did i miss??   

    Autumnal no?
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  5. EM31 added a post in a topic Oline doing some work for Fitzy   

    I think the pro-Geno crowd probably got a little carried away with the need to minimize the potential for Fitz to contribute.
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  6. EM31 added a post in a topic Effort tonight   

    Not sure how good we are.  I think we will be decent in a tough division (whatever that means) but I am with others here who think the Giants are going to have real problems this year.
    I would love to trade #1 picks with them right now.
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  7. EM31 added a post in a topic fitz= worst qb maybe ever to start for a jets team   

    LOL.... Yes indeed <grin>
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  8. EM31 added a post in a topic What to do with Calvin Pryor?   

    He still has some time but not unlimited
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  9. EM31 added a post in a topic I am going to state the painfully obvious....   

    This seems like a fun thread
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  10. EM31 added a post in a topic Geno possibly back week 1?   

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  11. EM31 added a post in a topic Smith Unlikely To File Charges Against IK   

    Let him file charges.  Let's have everything come out on this.  I think a full airing of all the facts is a good idea.
    Unless Smith wants to cover it up for some unknown reason.
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  12. EM31 added a post in a topic New wrinkle in Deflategate-Pats deflated punting balls as per Esiason   

    I think the entire world is going to have a keen interest in the New England fumbling statistics from here on out.
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  13. EM31 added a post in a topic Patriots bugging visitors locker room, hmmmm   

    LOL.... Doesn't this kind of defense begin to offend even your sense of rational probability at some point?
    It is like Clinton's nuts and sluts defense again whichever women were telling their stories to the press that week.  Nobody could ever be telling the truth because they had an agenda, were mentally unstable or whatever.  Of course it later turns out that he f^&ked them all and that NONE of them were lying.
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  14. EM31 added a post in a topic Brandon Marshall on Mike&Mike: "Geno did nothing wrong"   

    Not even remotely.
    The timing was the clincher for me.  First to have the sucker punch narrative which was pretty quickly rebutted within 24 hours from multiple reporters (not just Mehta) several of them citing multiple sources.  That seemed pretty clear that it was actually a genuine and spontaneous locker room rebellion in reaction to a bullsh1t story that had been put out there by the coaches.  The fact that nobody spoke up to dispute that version of events for nearly a week told me all I need to know.
    Marshall's non-defense defense was just icing on the cake.  Geno caused the issue, IK overreacted and got fired for it.  Geno is a dirtbag who also happens to be the worst QB in the NFL
    Lets be honest here... there are a group of posters who defend Geno no matter what and that group of posters is going to twist and stretch their notion of rational probability no matter what in order to a concoct a story that is more favorable to their guy.
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  15. EM31 added a post in a topic New wrinkle in Deflategate-Pats deflated punting balls as per Esiason   

    The Commissioner and the league are corrupt.  The Ref's are incompetent and/or corrupt.  And why? In the case of the refs because they do not seem to have security procedures in place that would reliably detect when one team tries to doctor footballs.  Really?  My wife is not required to present fingerprint IDs in order to enter my house either.  There is assumed to be a trust factor that has been systematically eviscerated by the cheaters over the course of many years  and the logic of at least some of the defenses I have heard is the equivalent of "well it is your own fault if you do not have a fingerprint machine at your front door".
    So yes, a smear campaign.  By the Patriots in the hope of creating enough misdirection and general noise that the rest of the league may lose focus on the underlying cheating.  I think that will have consequences.  As it should.
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