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  1. weird goals in both games
  2. Well the world champions hit us back in the mouth tonight. Good.
  3. Time to go boys. Back to back wins would put ideas firmly into the mind of the world champions
  4. Agree on all of those guys but lost in the sexy offensive explosion of speed has been the across the board improvement at the Blue line. Holden and Skjei especially have been WAY better than I expected. Holden is much more than just blue line depth and Skjei has come so far so fast I am expecting him to come down to earth a bit. Even Dan Giradi and Mark Staal have been better (except on Monday during the first period where both wet the bed more than once). Old man Klein just keeps rolling along. In short the blue line is a source of strength this year which is a massive change from last year. If only we had the Hank of five years ago.
  5. Need to reinforce up the result with a win on Wednesday night
  6. And Hank has been suspect to say the least
  7. No overlooking weaker opponents because of the big Penguins home and home next week.
  8. Throw the kids out there, put the defense into full attack mode and bench anyone who is dogging it on the field. The results may not be any better but it would surely make for a better product to watch.
  9. The plan I assume was to get from A to B without being bad enough along the way to risk being fired. That transition planned to pay Fitz for some degree of political cover because he was "better than Geno". I still don't see what the "B" was/is and I think Fitz has done a poor job of providing value for the money he was paid. Also there are early "toss the bums out" rumblings after all. So much for the GM steering the safer course. Money may be locked up in the wrong guys and we have nothing even remotely close to a face of the franchise type player. Macc gets two stabs at it IMO but I have to assume he has already lost or is badly losing his first stab already. Fun times in Jets-land
  10. I agree also but it is a little difficult at this point seeing a pathway from here to there. I hope Macc has a plan.
  11. Surely you meant that you blame them on Bowles AND the player in question
  12. Anyone else just a bit concerned that all of this is coming together just a little too early?
  13. Does anyone think that if we were to bring him in to be the OC and when Bowles inevitably gets fired sooner or later that this franchise will be able to resist promoting him to HC where he has failed miserably several times? No to Turner.
  14. Biggest improvements this year. Face-off W/L percentage - It has been an article of faith for years among Rangers fans that we were going to lose the face-off battle no matter who we were playing an that we were probably going to lose it by an even bigger margin in the playoffs. All of a sudden this year we are 8th as a team against 23rd last year and 28th the tear before that Great work by somebody on this. Team passing - I thought Mats Zuccarello was head and shoulders our best passing player the last few years and I still think he is our most talented passer. The difference this year is the improvements that can be seen in Miller, Hayes, Kreider and a bunch of others who seem to be making Zuc-like passes every night. Great stuff
  15. No more Mr Glass. We just got rid of one of those earlier this year snd we have had entirely too many of them recently. Sheldon may be somewhat damaged goods but he is younger and not damaged in the same way Romo is damaged.