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  1. Before we can judge the voracity of these claim it might be important it give us length and girth metrics on those single digits. No homo of course.
  2. Is Hyatt an STD? (Scout Transmitted Disease)
  3. I like this signing... Theory-1: Hack/Petty has us in the vicinity of contention some weeks into the season and then goes down with an injury. In this case the McCown is decent (sic) veteran insurance. Theory-2: Hack/Petty completely suck and our veteran QB "depth" is forced to take over the starters job before the season begins. In this case we are still in line for the #1 overall and the GM still has the fig leaf of not being "completely unprepared" in the QB dept. Either of these work for me but I like #2 better because it nets us the #1 overall.
  4. I wonder if he is using the same wind we are using
  5. No, overpaying for McCown would be said icing IMO
  6. Or indeed bringing in one whose bridges have been well and truly burned with the fan base let alone the GM and Head coach. On the other hand tea leaves can be right tricky and highly subjective so who are we to tell SAR what those leaves are saying to him.
  7. He may have missed his window. The team (below) is no longer in existence https://stats.cfldb.ca/team/moose-jaw-millers/1933/
  8. I have to say that this thread is pretty funny. Much of SAR's stuff leaves me cold but this time I think he is on to something
  9. he lost his job because of an utterly stupid move and because he was the worst QB in the NFL for the two years her started. So there is that.
  10. Duration. Both were dominant and Revis was probably better in his peak years than Joe Klecko was in his but both of them were at the very top of the NFL in terms of that dominance. Joe Klecko did it for longer and he did it in a position (or to be more accurate in positions) that come with far more day to day wear and tear on the body. When Joe's body started to betray him, as it did for both of them, part of his brilliance was that he still found different ways to be dominant whereas Darelle Revis has fallen off a cliff performance-wise. Taken altogether and as I said I think the final call not really even close IMO.
  11. I can't speak for players in the era before 1982 when I came to this country but among the players I have seen the answer is Joe Klecko. It is not really even close in my opinion. Best single season or best 2-3 year stretch? Revis I think wins that one.
  12. I'll see you one Malamala and raise you one Dwayne White. It is practically impossible to have too many Dwayne's on a teAM.
  13. If you do not believe there is any difference between the #1 or #2 overall and #5 to #8 then yes we have been down that road. But we have never actually been down this road. Or at least not for 20 years. We know franchise QBs are to be had at the very top of the draft or realistically they are not to be had at all. More often not at all. If 2018 is a really banner year for QBs then we ought to be thinking in those terms and get one. Sorry if that offends. I have yet to hear another plan.
  14. I hate this discussion. The same tired argument on the other side. Every year we do it their way and every year the same mediocrity or usually worse is the result. I agree with the OP. For once we need to go out and get the #1 overall and pray that there is a franchise QB out there to be had. We have been down that other road and we KNOW where it leads.