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  1. Agreed on all of that. Our 2nd tier guys really need to step up. I think our top guys and our 3rd strings have done very well overall. Nash, Hank, Mcd,and Zuc have all done really really well, expecially Hank. Resting Giradi and a few others was great way to coast down the stretch and give him a shot at a last hurrah. Lindberg, Smith plus a few others have really been over performing their pay grade and I think that "mean" Smith will be needed once again in this series. I am worried that the Stepan's, Hayes' and the Krieder's of the world need to show up and/or be more consistent. In a pretty physical and chippy series Chris Krieder was invisible for long stretches. That is a concern. I know Hayes had a good game 6 but he has also given the puck away much much to often. All of that may fly against the Canadiens and even the Senators but it will not fly against the winner of that other Eastern conference Semi no matter which of them ends up emerging. Both Vesey and Buchnevish (sp?) look to me like they are ready to break out. Especially Pavel. The west just looks weak. Fun times.
  2. I think it will once they realize they cannot out quick us.
  3. Hrrm... Nose for the ball and a big hitter to boot. I liked Hasty as well but Victor Green was pretty good. He changed outcomes from what I remember.
  4. Good list. Shade tree (Marvin Jones) belongs on it somewhere.
  5. Yeah cuz other front offices are trying to figure out our head fakes here.
  6. He has one last full measure of devotion to give to the Jets. A season that leads to a #1 pick and a fresh start for his successor.(see the last year of Rich Kotite for the template)
  7. Speaking of paydirt and given our stellar track record... could this be our next GM? Or maybe our next Todd?
  8. Before we can judge the voracity of these claim it might be important it give us length and girth metrics on those single digits. No homo of course.
  9. Is Hyatt an STD? (Scout Transmitted Disease)
  10. I like this signing... Theory-1: Hack/Petty has us in the vicinity of contention some weeks into the season and then goes down with an injury. In this case the McCown is decent (sic) veteran insurance. Theory-2: Hack/Petty completely suck and our veteran QB "depth" is forced to take over the starters job before the season begins. In this case we are still in line for the #1 overall and the GM still has the fig leaf of not being "completely unprepared" in the QB dept. Either of these work for me but I like #2 better because it nets us the #1 overall.
  11. I wonder if he is using the same wind we are using
  12. No, overpaying for McCown would be said icing IMO
  13. Or indeed bringing in one whose bridges have been well and truly burned with the fan base let alone the GM and Head coach. On the other hand tea leaves can be right tricky and highly subjective so who are we to tell SAR what those leaves are saying to him.
  14. He may have missed his window. The team (below) is no longer in existence https://stats.cfldb.ca/team/moose-jaw-millers/1933/
  15. I have to say that this thread is pretty funny. Much of SAR's stuff leaves me cold but this time I think he is on to something