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  1. I'm not too worried about that....hell, even when we had an already stacked DL Macc still took the best talent at 6 when he drafted Leo. Unless Hack or Petty displays that they're the second coming of a legit NFL franchise QB, Macc values the QB position too much to pass on a legit franchise QB prospect.
  2. Cap dollars not spent this year can carry over...we'll have over $80 mill next year by my estimation.
  3. Mehl, Clifton and Harris were the best 3...we caould argue about their merits, but each were great in their own right.
  4. I was 10 and a huge Joe Willie fan....kinda why I'm still around .
  5. WATCH-Christian-Hackenbergs-first-NFL-drive-ends-in-TD-pass-47011575 I watch this video, and see everything the OP notes. Watch the poor throws at first...the underthrows and the errant throws....then watch the GOOD throws Hack makes. The mechanics are awesome...foot toward target, steps into the throws etc...and then the TD toss. I have hope.
  6. Exactly....and that is why the HEAD part of the equation, to rapidly assess information and go quickly through progressions is so important...and, IMO, is harder to 'learn' or teach, than mechanics. There are a lot of guys out there with good mechanics and good arms...but few that can 'think' as needed for an NFL QB. If Hack can do the mental stuff, I still have hope for him.
  7. Sad part is what did the parents teach them? Nobody in school taught me how to specifically write a check or balance a checkbook...basic life skills should be covered at home. Some rely entirely too much on 'school' to assume when a kid graduates they're ready to meet life Head on.
  8. Ya know, even I believe that Petty has been hurt an awful lot... But to call him 'brittle' after seeing some of the shots he took is a bit extreme. The OL did him no favors last year...PS and/or regular season.
  9. Maybe he turns into a ST demon and goal line RB. I love this time of year, so many interesting stories lol.
  10. If he brings his CopperFit gear, I'm in.
  11. Sounds a lot like Chase Daniels with a BETTER arm. At 6'0", maybe he's the next Drew Brees...who knows.
  12. I wonder if the Jets are hoping that Decker returns healthy and stays that way until the NFL trade deadline...a contending team that's short a receiver may be interested. Kinda hard to trade an injured player (and I'm not sure that's even allowed?).
  13. If Woody decides to fire both, I hope he hires a Tom Coughlin-type to run football operations and allow them to choose their choice of GM and HC. Stop with this nonsense of staggered HC/GM hires and get someone with a football resume to run this operation. Geesh.
  14. Zach Thomas during his playing days was 5'11" and around 240-250. I thought the same thing!
  15. I think the mistake some are making is considering Macc and Bowles together, which makes little sense since Macc didn't hire Bowles in the first place. I think their performance will be viewed separately It's also easier IMO to evaluate a HC on a year to year basis as things like poor in-game decisions, lack of motivation of the players or broken locker rooms etc are pretty apparent immediately while evaluating draft classes and players takes more than a year or two. I think Bowles is on the hot seat this year, but don't think Macc is, short of a large number of this years draft class totally bombing out in TC and I don't see that happening.