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  1. Happy birthday, Maxman

    Happy Birthday Max!! Enjoy!
  2. It IS an INDIVIDUALS right to protest say by sitting for the anthem...if it's on their own time, and of their own accord. What makes it a 'bit sticky' in these NFL instances is that the player while wearing a uniform of an NFL team, in an NFL stadium, at an NFL sanctioned event represents 'more' than just himself. Any discord created with any fans and or TV ratings can cost owner's millions of dollars. No one would give a rat's ass if an NFL player sat for the anthem at a HS sporting event as a form of protest.
  3. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Both now working well for me also...thanks Max!!
  4. Haven't heard a word about dylan donahue?
  5. WTF dude...the kid didn't take a regular season snap last year, and looked pretty solid. What the hell do you expect?
  6. Forum Upgrade Complete

    No problem Max...just wasn't sure you knew about the issues. I always check in here when I'm home from work anyway Go Jets!
  7. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Me too!
  8. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Ever since the change, it appears I cannot access content on my mobile device (iPhone) via either tapatalk or the JN app...I can see the forum topics, but when I try to browse a thread it says "there is a problem with the forum. Please contact forum admin". On my mobile device my login is also not working? weird...as I can access the site on my computer ...the error message when attempting to login via mobile device on the app says "server error occurred: '1 call to undefined method IPS\Member::checkloginKey () (MbqRdEtUser.php:114)" ideas? any help appreciated!
  9. Camp Updates Wed 8/9

    If blowing 2nd round DPs was the criteria for firing a GM, we'd have a new GM every year. Just saying.
  10. #JetsCamp Report – Tues 08/08/17

    Yeah...after he spent the first of the season on IR and with limited reps and then started for a team that had mailed it in. Fact is, neither Hack nor Petty is showing any worse than McCown so far.
  11. It's in there...someone needs to 'bring it out'.
  12. http://247sports.com/Bolt/WATCH-Christian-Hackenbergs-first-NFL-drive-ends-in-TD-pass-47011575
  13. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    With our luck with 2nd rd DPs I'd trade that LOL
  14. Costello: The Job is McCown's

    Yeah...the strategy apparently was to sign a 38 yo has been borderline NFL QB and start him while cutting every other veteran player over 30 yo who didn't play QB. And then have some fans justifying why Bowles is giving McCown a lion's share of the reps in PS. Sounds good to me.
  15. Costello: The Job is McCown's

    Can I get an Amen?