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  1. Geno got a 1 yr deal for a 'max' of $2 mill with only like $350K guaranteed. He never had any firm commitment to even the backup job.
  2. I'm amazed more people don't see the logic in this...If you told me beforehand that out of our 1st 4 picks we were gonna get a WR and 2 S's along with a trade down, I would have bet that the first rd pick would have been one of the WR that went at 5 and 7 (sandwiched our pick) or later in the first after a first round trade down with the S picks coming in the 2nd and 3rd or later...but to pick 2 S's with the 6 and 39 is just poor judgement IMO. Not to mention that if both the S's pan out signing both past rookie deals will cost a fortune for a less critical position where salaries are typically lower than many other positions.
  3. I could care less about trading down from #107 to #119 to pick up pick trading out of #6 for extra 1sts, 2nds and 3rds some this year some next? Thats the play when the board hands you a SS at 6 and you have a roster like ours needing players at more critical positions than SS. Not saying we don't need a SS, just that I think taking shots at filling multiple more critical positions with round 1-3 talent is the smarter way to go.
  4. C'mon man...get with the program. Macc's saving the top 3 pick next year for Harris's replacement.
  5. They'd need a bigger stage
  6. Got to say, this draft is leading to this thread which is comic gold...thanks to all for the yucks! If you can't laugh as a Jets fan, well....
  7. Hey everyone...take a look at this 'new' guy! He's surprised with Jets draft picks!
  8. Don't's Macc's list: Johnson, John S 6'0" 208 Boston College 5.7 King, Desmond S 5'10" 201 Iowa 5.7 Thompson, Tedric FS 6'0" 204 Colorado 5.6 Jenkins, Rayshawn S 6'1" 214 Miami 5.5 Johnson, Jadar S 6'0" 206 Clemson 5.4 Hill, Delano SS 6'1" 216 Michigan 5.4 Jackson, Eddie S 6'0" 201 Alabama 5.4 Harvey-Clemons, Josh S 6'4" 217 Louisville 5.3 Jerome, Lorenzo S 5'10" 204 St. Francis (PA) 5.3 Jones, David FS 6'3" 210 Richmond 5.2
  9. Well played...made me chuckle!
  10. Ahhh...I would have been fine with a S overhaul with a 2nd and 3rder after using the first to either get more DP's or drafting some offense in Rd 1....spending a 1st and 2nd rd pick on Safeties is a bit much with so many other needs.
  11. What...Maye is THAT GOOD that if we had traded back bit and he wasn't there with say our pick #70 our draft would be ruined?
  12. Really would like to see some picks for the OL in the 3rd rd...someone with LT possibilities
  13. I agree....I actually understand and like what the Bears did re: QB... Give Glennon what amounts to a one year prove it deal, but bring in Trubisky just in case he bombs. Worst case Glennon is great, Trubisky plays OK in PS and garbage time and you flip Trubisky to another team in the future.
  14. TBH, didn't' think we'd get much for a Sheldon. Not that he ain't a good player, because he is...but he's gained a 'rep', is one strike away from a season long suspension, and carries an $8 mill cap hit limiting the potential market. It is what it is.