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  1. The cigar store Indian has got to go!

    “He made a mistake. He’ll learn from it." HAHAHA..the f*cker is THIRTY-EIGHT years old and in his 15th season. Only the Jets.
  2. 3-4: happy or ANGRY and why?

    I had no problem signing him, I have big problems PLAYING him. McCown should be an ultimate fall back plan ONLY...not starting. If the NYJ were in this position playing one of the kids at QB, I'd be ecstatic
  3. Brett Hundley

    Except Petty did with the 3-9 talent deprived NYJ last season and Hundley did it with the 4-2 GB Packers who have imminently more talent this year and who were probably SB contenders.
  4. Jets d not qb lost this game

    You're being much to hard on Mr. McCown. The man can only do so much you see.. You know, while bothersome, I can accept some degree of suckiness or inconsistency from the D...because at least they are starting a bunch of young guys who are getting game experience. Watching late game collapses ( and poor play) on O while trotting out Forte, McCown and even Kerley bothers me much more....It serves little purpose in development. As you say, McCown is 38 and is failing at things that he is supposed to be adept at. Why is he playing?
  5. Jets d not qb lost this game

    LMAO...please. Morton called the play (we think), but I'm sure he didn't tell McClown to throw it regardless of how the play transpired. And I'm tired of some of you guys that apparently cannot 'separate' that how the D played today, and what McCown did today which was make a rookie mistake as a 15 yr vet to seal the loss, are TWO SEPARATE ISSUES....THEY BOTH SUCK. Stop treading water with McCown...rip the f*cking bandaid off and at least try to find a better answer than Josh F*CKING McClown.
  6. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    Ahhh...said it before and I'll say it again...I'm not 'for' a tank per se. But I'm not in favor of playing McClown either. If playing Petty or Hack results in a de facto 'tank', so be it. If they play Petty or Hack and they go 2-14, at least they got some experience and we get some answers en route to a needed top DP. Playing McCown is counter productive on so many levels it's asinine. If Petty had thrown that last pick, at least we could hope that maybe he learned something from it; Seeing McCown the 15 yr vet throw it makes me nauseous.
  7. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    I don't know why we knock QB's out of games...the backup comes in and plays lights out lol
  8. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    WTF was that? You think by now he'd know to throw that OOB.
  9. Game 7 - Let's Go Yankees!

    I agree. Not particularly in favor of bringing in a 'designated' DH though like Holliday (man he was good until that viral infection though). 25 man roster when you carry a large BP ideally calls for all bench players to be able to play the field IMO. That's why I'd eat half of Headley's salary and dump him for some prospects and resign someone like Frazier who's on par with Headley as a hitter, more durable and plays a better 3B...or get rid of them both and carry 5 OF (Gardner, Judge, Hicks, Frazier and Ells?). Before Torres's TJ surgery that was probably and option for sure, but the Yanks also have another 3B prospect at SWB in Miguel Andujar who will be invited to ST I bet. I think we're gonna see the NYY make some interesting trades going forward, possibly eating salary to offload guys like Headley and Ells. We'll see.
  10. Game 7 - Let's Go Yankees!

    Ahhh...I knew DET wanted nothing to do with Ellsbury; if I was the NYY, I would have offered Gardner (younger and cheaper, partial salary offset) or even Hicks (though even less of a salary offset I suppose). The Yanks have a some OF prospects to move up also like Frazier and Cave.
  11. Game 7 - Let's Go Yankees!

    Great article. Well, you hope it's gonna be the kid from Japan. Not a fan of bringing back CC though, at any cost. There are too many young arms that need ML experience...signing CC is like signing McCown (sorry, couldn't resist). Between Adams, Acevedo, Sheffield and Montgomery there will be a lot of competition in ST. I'm not averse to trading for a proven ML asset either. I wanted Verlander at the deadline, saw him as a present day Clemens for this team...probably would have cost the same or less than Gray in prospects (albeit they would have assumed a lot more salary and I know they're trying to get under $189 mill). Gonna be interesting next year! Go Yanks!!
  12. Game 7 - Let's Go Yankees!

    Ahhh...it was a good season for the Yanks. The young guys got LOTS of experience which will help.
  13. Game 7 - Let's Go Yankees!

    This team only lacks starting pitching...throwing a 38 yo 300# CC out the expecting his cunning and guile to carry the way to the WS? Not optimal...it's amazing he stayed healthy all year, and he's a gamer, but on most good teams staffs he's nothing more than a #5. I would have preferred Gray...I mean, what the hell did they give up three GOOD prospects for the guy anyway? He's pitched pretty well, the NYY haven't given him any run support. Tanaka is one weird pitch from missing a full season for TJ surgery. Garcia ain't more than a #4 regular season guy, Pineda is gone. This team needs starting pitching.
  14. Game 7 - Let's Go Yankees!

    This team is still very young...these guys are in places they've never been/seen before. They've gone a lot further than I would have predicted watching that mid-season swoon when the lost a bunch of games in a row...that's the at bats that we're seeing now lol.
  15. Field conditions for Sunday

    Is AJ Duhe gonna make a cameo appearance?