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  1. yep.. it feels like less of a game and more of a movie so far.. its' cool the way the cut scenes and game play have the same graphical quality though
  2. also.. just note.. I have 0 game info and am just drunk and want to use DPR's yam bags as a speed bag but unfortunately i don't have donald trumps micro hands
  3. verbal just told me i'm back in.. replacing DPR on account of flagrant stupidity in blind lynching the doc Imma vote Pac cause i'm racist and end this day BOOM
  4. gerbil.. don't smc thread me .. I'll sub back in if need be .. between the building emo and non participation .. I figure it's a good bet one will be needed
  5. where is my link to the SMC thread gerbil?
  6. haha, holy sh*t. Who are you and did you eat the old loveable oblivious Crusher?
  7. ^^ listen to this man
  8. God no. Nobody with fake t!ts can win this thread. You sad, sorry little man. This post was offensive and I've reported it to the appropriate parties
  9. is that jennifer love hewitt? if so, wtf happenned to her boobs?
  10. kingmaker = early leader for scum mvp