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  1. Candidate * Rhode scholar candidate near as I can tell it means he applied and had sponsors, but he failed at that too
  2. Pennington had the weakest arm I've ever seen even back in 2002, I was shocked he was completing anything and when the Raiders finally dressed him down in playoffs he was never the same. Worst QB ever
  3. I wonder how many of these girls 80 is officially stalking?
  4. Pac is yankeeclippa?
  5. That's all you'd be thinking? What a fruit
  6. Maybe, but there's exactly 0% chance the Jets get #1 spot with a once in a decade type QB prospect available. Browns neither, look for SF to land it if Darnold holds up and enters draft
  7. I suggest you lay next seasons fried pork products budget on the Jets. Easy winner
  8. So after this flailing, is step 2 going to be to summon Jif to the thread to break it down for me?
  9. It's about time you get laid son.
  10. So in Ape world, the fact that NFL GM's aren't willing to pay a lot for a safety (which you concede here) doesn't imply anything about positional value? Absurd.
  11. This makes sense actually. I approve.
  12. Get in here jif and you tell them how it be .. door flies open..
  13. Resorting to calling on Jif's expertise to support your case is a fairly convincing bit of evidence suggesting you've lost the debate
  14. I have had the redirect and the sound, but my biggest complaint is how slow the forum seems. Locks up my phone regularly