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  1. Lol, not much has changed around here. Villian still obsessed with Glennon and blatesman with the snarky #2 post Bravo
  2. Hi! Me too! lol, <3
  3. hahahaha.. well done, i can see the ape hasn't dulled your sense of humor
  4. I blame pac for this. Wtf
  5. So Tinder has finally caught up to your gender eh? Congrats!
  6. I ended my post with love, creep
  7. 1) Combo breaker 2) What is Shad?
  8. So have you Caitlyn Jenner'd on us yet or wut? If so, send boobs
  9. A/S/L?
  10. Otherwise known as "why is nolder alwaysb in the shower so damn long" room
  11. First time back in 6 months and I have a hundred notifications from this creepy SOB liking posts I made years ago. Thank you btw! <3
  12. I support any endeavor that prevents you from leaving your parents basement
  13. Has DPR gotten any better at this game in this his 10th year playing, or is it as noob as the other 9? Asking for a friend