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  1. All part of woody's master plan, rebuild with the #1 pick just like in 97
  2. McCown was brought here to do the job other losers like Fitz and Pennington were unable to accomplish, secure the #1 pick
  3. Lol yes! How ya been?
  4. Necro this thread. Just finished Horizon Zero Dawn, great game, highly recommend. Anyone played NIER: AUTOMATA? I'm thinking of trying that, I have a WiiU and might try Breath of Wild which is getting a lot of perfect scores.
  5. 100%, crusher in this thread:
  6. Can't do it bud, maybe next time.
  7. Lol, not much has changed around here. Villian still obsessed with Glennon and blatesman with the snarky #2 post Bravo
  8. Hi! Me too! lol, <3
  9. hahahaha.. well done, i can see the ape hasn't dulled your sense of humor
  10. I blame pac for this. Wtf
  11. So Tinder has finally caught up to your gender eh? Congrats!
  12. I ended my post with love, creep