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  1. lol, i did for years and years...
  2. ya that one, you are probably the only humanatee alive who thinks that song is about bacon
  3. meh, sometimes disordered / depressed brains convince themselves kids would be better off without them
  4. kids are resilient little buggers.. that being said worst thing i ever walked in was my (roughly) 18 month old in her room with her diaper 1/2 off and the entire room covered in sh*t... all over her, the floor, her bed , dressers, walls .. everywhere.. like crusher level of sh*t volume just smeared everywhere.. a nightmare, considering i was alone and had an infant downstairs
  5. you innumerate goon, 3hrs a day = 15 hrs a week x 50 weeks (2 week vaca) = 750 hours a year / 24 hrs a day = 32 days or 1 month in traffic Can also get there by saying 3 hrs is 1/8 of a day in traffic, which is a full day wasted every 8 working days And if you do the math as waking hours (16) it's 47 days per year.. i have not commuted since i quit my commuting job 4 months after first born
  6. Cats in the cradle should be required listening for young dads... very easy to miss lots of it
  7. closest thing to a leg work out you get chulpa
  8. never thought i'd see a DCL advice post that began don't eat., you feeling ok fat man?
  9. yeah me too, i never do DLC though. too much time generally elapses and i've already moved on Any rumors on when new elder scrolls will drop?
  10. lol, you are at least funny and bring something more to the table than "i know you are but what am I" But you are still a peckerhead that I'd like to squash like a bug
  11. I'm the stuff of your nightmares
  12. I'd point out that someone like you, with a profound lack of self awareness and large propensity for projection, would often find himself in such situations and indeed you do, as you just admitted. As GI Joe said, knowing is 1/2 the battle
  13. Ape can't help but respond to me even when i'm talking to someone else. Full on obsession Let it go ape, I can only hurt you as much as you allow me too
  14. I'm not speaking with you, kindly place your snout back in your leaky arsehole