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  1. Demographics, millenials less interested in sports (partially because they've grown up with so many content options) so they aren't replacing the boomers. Gen X has kids and more important things(never as attached, also more options growing up). Add in the political crap now and it will decline rapidly
  2. Aliens - New sign up

    sure, i'll check in daily
  3. Aliens - New sign up

    pm's deleted, sorry all
  4. Aliens - New sign up

    when are we starting? Labor day weekend not gna be good for participation.. if it's next week, I'm in!
  5. Aliens - New sign up

    get a job commie
  6. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Saw Roger Waters in philly on Friday. Fantastic show. He's coming to north jersey and nyc in a few weeks highly recommend ya'll go
  7. Cops Mafia

  8. Cops Mafia

    That actually would've been fun, sorry to have missed it
  9. Cops Mafia

  10. Cops Mafia

    is the ape dead yet?
  11. Cops Mafia Sign Ups

    lol, i did for years and years...
  12. Cops Mafia Sign Ups

    ya that one, you are probably the only humanatee alive who thinks that song is about bacon
  13. Cops Mafia Sign Ups

    meh, sometimes disordered / depressed brains convince themselves kids would be better off without them
  14. Cops Mafia Sign Ups

    kids are resilient little buggers.. that being said worst thing i ever walked in was my (roughly) 18 month old in her room with her diaper 1/2 off and the entire room covered in sh*t... all over her, the floor, her bed , dressers, walls .. everywhere.. like crusher level of sh*t volume just smeared everywhere.. a nightmare, considering i was alone and had an infant downstairs