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  2. Eh, there is literally one and only one area that the Knicks have done legitimately well in for the past few years and that's with foreign players. At this time last year we were told that the only reason we signed Kuz was because KP needed a companion goat. Turns out the kid can ball. If there is one ******* place the Phil-Knicks have earned some trust it's with their scouting of foreign players. Also worth noting: France has had a nice little run of players produced the past 10-15 years. NC State? Not so much.
  3. Didn't know they had an ambassador. I thought they were an autonomous collective.
  4. Little known fact but they are also messier eaters. It's because they're always dribbling.
  5. Well that was anticlimactic.
  6. What the **** are these hats.
  7. CBS is reporting that Boston is trying to swing a trade with Minny for the #7 overall, which would replace the request for next year's Brooklyn pick. Original demand from Phil was insane. #3 overall, next year's BK pick, Crowder, and Jaylen Brown. Basically the entire Nets trade AND Crowder. Woof. this year’s No. 3 overall pick, next year’s Brooklyn pick (owned by Boston), Jaylen Brown and Jae Crowder in exchange for Porzingis. Read more at:
  8. I guess. Wouldn't want to rush the kid but this seems like an ideal time. Long road trip with no competition from the vets, followed by the break where him and the staff can assess things.
  9. Also didn't Amed's Super Two eligibility pass? It's usually early June, no?
  10. Sandy saying Warthen's job isn't in any danger. I'm not exactly sure what more one could possibly have to do to get fired, but alrighty then.
  11. I like Jackson a lot, but it's starting to sink in that the Knicks might move the one thing they have actually gotten right in like 20 years because of nothing more than the fact that he skipped an interview. That is just nuts.
  12. I think the problem with this season of Fargo is that seasons 1 and 2 were just preposterously good. This season was excellent, but there is no way it lived up to the previous 2. For me, what made the first 2 seasons special, especially season 2, were all the quirky connections between the seasons and the movie. Season 3 only had that one little connection, and while it was cool it wasn't enough, not to mention that they made us wait like 6-7 episodes for it. I really hope they go back to some of the older threads in season 4. Maybe they weave Varga into things in some strange way too, who knows. But S3 wasn't strange enough and that's the thing that made Fargo probably the best non-GoT show up till this year.
  13. Are we are seriously going to trade this kid? Holy ****.