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  1. Watching Boogie is excruciating. It's like if Rasheed Wallace and John McEnroe morphed into one giant super dick.
  2. This is going to sound harsh but you deserve to be eaten alive by tarantulas for that ******* thread title.
  3. What an ugly W. That's the worst officiated game of the season for sure. I hope the Kings don't trade Boogie just because I don't wanna watch him play anymore. It's annoying as all hell. Guy should be a top 3 player but between being a psychopath and bitching incessantly after every whistle, enough already. Pretty cool for Melo to come out like that after the Cavs loss and crap with Phil.
  4. And that strip on Noah. Also since when can a player stop a game by asking the refs to review for a flagrant that wasn't called? That's a thing now? That can't be a thing.
  5. No, but I do question why the hell I keep watching games during a season like this. There was not one thing enjoyable about that sh*t on Monday night, and we all knew that was coming, yet there I was wasting 3 hours of my life on it.
  6. They are missing him a lot more than I would have thought. When Porzingis gets cold like this it means Melo has to do everything on his own when Rose can't play. I really do not understand the point of even having Vujacic on this team at all at any time ever ever ever.
  7. Owning a 17k Submariner isn't that far fetched. Now if he had said a Patek...
  8. If you think that's good, yesterday they posted an interview on Facebook pointing out that Darron Lee can quote every line from the first 3 seasons of Spongebob Squarepants. No really. They really did that.
  9. I love Pop. This is why I was happy when we hired a guy from the Parcells tree. IMO what made Parcells so great was the no bullsh*t mentality. This is your job, do it or you're out. Parcells had plenty of flaws, but that one thing is what got the best players on the roster to play, and why his teams almost always played motivated football. From what I've seen with Bowles, he ain't got that. So I'm not sure what the point of keeping him on is, because he doesn't do anything else particularly well.
  10. I think social media has just warped me. It cons you into thinking people actually give a sh*t, but it's really for only like a day.
  11. For sure. '86 Mets had their share too and Straw had his own bout with it, (though he's taken responsibility for it and gave a pretty heart-warming explanation for his drug addiction fueling his ability to abuse someone). I will say that I've had this talk with a lot of friends and everyone seems to be in universal agreement that it's just a different time now than it was in the 70s, 80s, and 90s for stuff like this. And IMO in a very good way.
  12. I'm not under any impressions that you'd care. Just been bizarre watching this guy get ostracized, tossed around, then paid. I was equally, probably more disgusted when the Jets traded for Marshall and the Mets brought Reyes back. Such is the world we live in. People act like DV outrages them, but let's be honest, it really doesn't. I used to pull for the Yanks back in the Bernie Williams/Brosius days, (never really looked at Mets/Yanks as a rivalry, plus they had Doc and Darryl), looked like they were going back to that sort of squad and it was nice to see.
  13. Fowler to Cardinals, Heyman is saying it's around 80-90 mill. What a shame. Perfectly reasonable deal. Pretty much what we gave Granderson annually and he's worth that. I'm not going to complain because we have Yo but that would have made so much sense for us. Please be good, Brandon Nimmo.
  14. Actually hurts Rex if KC can pull ahead like this. Raiders have the tie-breaker over Buffalo if they can somehow creep back into it.
  15. All I see in this game are free agents we didn't get, young players we didn't draft, and two coaches that we didn't sign.