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  1. Walker is hitting .167 this month. He needs to bump d'Arnaud into his spot for the time being.
  2. No comments thus far.
  3. Here's a funny experiment: Combine the things that both TX and SAR have fabricated, and I'm an 80 year-old man that flips burgers on the South Side.
  4. Oh you.
  5. Not happening bub. I'm not bothered and you clearly are. That's not how deals work. Learned that in college and everything. Now go make up some more sh*t about how you're a good person.
  6. But is he a leader?
  7. Well, this is just the cutest attempt at a diss that I have ever seen.
  8. Sure you did. Nothing says great time with grandpa like him spending that time on his phone trolling the internet.
  9. Look at these twitter selfies. Geno could kick your ass. #turnaround4life
  10. Welp, we're citing Twitter selfies now. This debate is progressing nicely.
  11. He really is the best.
  12. Go outside.
  13. I've been looking forward to this one more than I was Thor/Arrieta. DeGrom has given up 3 runs in his last four starts and Fernandez is like a movie villain and owns the Mets. Really hoping this one delivers.
  14. I see your Friday evening is filled with happiness and quality time with loved ones as usual.