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  1. We should also be making said decisions based on what kind of exercise they are doing in their spare time before the playoffs are even over.
  2. Nothing worse than getting saddled with 2 payers revised. Nothing.
  3. Old person: "You millenials don't appreciate life and spend too much time on your phone." Millenial: "You wrecked the economy." Old person: "Yeah but you would rather get tuggers than go to football games."
  4. The Knicks should definitely start trading guys, especially younger talent and/or guys on cheap deals. Always works out well when we do that.
  5. Spiders have multiple left feet, idiot.
  6. I just dig the character. Very Asimovian. Compares and contrasts very well with the Apes franchise and Caesar IMO. Really looking forward to seeing how he evolves even further because it looks like he's heading for straight DGAF territory and I just love that.
  7. I suppose he could. On the other hand, he could not.
  8. I see this thread has taken a deliciously new turn.
  9. Following this franchise since 2000 has been like trying to figure out Mulholland Dr after she opens up the box. Ripping the dude for hitting some focus mitts. In May. Holy ******* sh*t with people.
  10. Really loved Alien Covenant. I'm a big Prometheus fan and Covenant answered a few big questions while keeping the story moving along. Supposedly Scott is on board for a third movie which is then going to lead into the original Alien. Also IMO David has surpassed Ridley as the best character of the franchise. Fassbender is so god damn good.
  11. I've been reloading this thread since the first post. It's great. Like reliving '06 JI without having to pay Sooth 50 bucks for it.
  12. What a stupid way of spelling that sh*t.
  13. Like an egg back there.
  14. What's the o/u for how long Matz stays back? I say 6 starts.