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  1. The Bills McCoy Dilemna.

    I can assure all of you that this kind of stuff happens. I know because I read The Art of the Deal.
  2. Oh god. Frank Isola: Consensus among NBA types in Toronto is Tom Thibodeau would be great for the Knicks. The consensus that Phil Jackson hires him? Zero chance
  3. Melo saying he won't waive his clause. If that Nets pick winds up being Ben Simmons, for me this will officially replace the Milledge for Manny deal as the greatest trade that never was. 
  4. Or he'd rather play basketball with him. Just maybe.
  5. 1's, 3's, 4's, 11's, and 13's are all atop my list, depends on what mood I'm in. I have good memories associated with all the editions. 13's are without question the most comfortable, however. Gun to head if I absolutely had to pick one I'd probably go with the white cement 3's. Timeless shoe that goes with anything.
  6. That is a really tough call and it would depend entirely on the condition and time of year. Resale value depends on a bunch of factors, but ballparking it generally; beat up a couple hundred bucks. Deadstock with the box and hangtag would probably fetch about 2k. Worth noting they would take while to move. OG 1's someone would be purchasing strictly as a collector's item and not for wear.
  7. My collection is pretty insane. I've sold off quite a bit to fund come traveling and climbing adventures but I have some gems left, and the return on the investment has been more than I ever expected.
  8. Movies We've Seen Thread

    I think the problem with that is the studio already made the announcements about both the sequel and Cable a few weeks ago, so it wasn't a surprise. It would have been awesome if that was a surprise bombshell. Or at the very least have Jackman do the announcement given Logan and Deadpool's relationship.
  9. Oh, and then fire Phil and offer Bob Myers half of Cablevision. Bam. Team fixed. You're welcome world.
  10. ^ And see if you can swap Lopez for Lawson's deal while you're at it, since they'll need a center.
  11. What about Melo for Howard straight up? Houston wanted him bad in free agency and everything between him and Morey supposedly went great when they met. The salaries match up, Howard gets half a season in a pressure-free scenario where nobody is legit expecting him to stay and can opt out at the end of the year for another payday, Houston gets their guy, Melo can go and play on a team where he doesn't have the spotlight on him all the time in a place that he was interested in prior, and the Knicks get some serious money off the books going forward and a clean slate to build around Kristaps. Win/win/win/win for all parties. Howard's a cancer but that's worth putting up with for less than half a year to get $80 million off the books.
  12. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Come on, we all knew this was going to happen again. If we had gotten a month out of him that would have been a huge win.