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  1. Movies We've Seen Thread

    True story: The hero of that movie is supposed to be Wang. Carpenter wrote Russell as the doofus sidekick.
  2. Jets still in playoff hunt

    It's a situation full of blubber right now, Mr. Walrus.
  3. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Of course Sanchez and Judge are clutch too. ******* Yankees man.
  4. I don't think he's a one-year wonder. He's clearly going to have a very good career. Just seems like his ceiling is more Shaun Ellis than anything else. And that's fine, it's just lame that it came at the expense of a 4-12 season in which we blew our shot at Mariota and an insane run of selecting exclusively DL for a half decade. Not as lame as sitting through a 5-11 season to land the second-best safety of a draft class, but still pretty lame.
  5. I dunno man. Great players make themselves known at all times on the field, like Jenkins and Revis at their best. It doesn’t take advanced numbers or even some YouTube review to pick apart if they are making that big of an impact on the field and when it comes to Williams it seems like there is too much searching for details.
  6. Movies We've Seen Thread

    The original Halloween has a 93. Think about that for a second. That means multiple people who get paid to review movies gave Halloween a thumbs down. That's like the idiot who voted against Greg Maddux.
  7. 31st in the league in sacks. FO has us 18th against the run and dead last against the pass. It's been obvious with Mo since last year but it may be time for Jets fans to start considering that we vastly overrated Williams out of the gate. He's a good, not great player. It is beyond preposterous how much this franchise invested into its defense for over a decade and we still can't generate a pass rush.
  8. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Village of the Damned is up on HBO. Everyone loves Carpenter for Escape from NY or Halloween or The Thing, but flicks like this one and In the Mouth of Madness are straight prime Carpenter. **** Rotten Tomatoes. The man was an 80s and 90s Hitchcock. Also I don’t think anyone in history could own the screen like Christopher Reeve.
  9. Kearse has been the best offensive player on the team by a pretty large margin. Aside from leading the team in literally everything, he's 11th in DYAR and 14th in DVOA across the entire league. That is damn impressive given what's throwing him the ball. Acquiring him as a throw-in to the Sheldon trade might legit be the savviest move that Mac has made.
  10. Yeah, the gif game in this thread is weak AF.
  11. I think you guys may want to consider accepting it and moving on. The Internet has a short memory. It's Tuesday. Almost nobody cares anymore and nobody is really going to care by Sunday. It's over. Like The Sopranos. Find a new show.
  12. Vaughn totally peaked with Swingers, these little sh*ts don't even know.
  13. Pretty sure I’m not missing out on much by not spending my spare time on instatwits watching football breakdowns. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some dank memes to go check out.
  14. stadium security or lack there of

    It’s definitely the fault of StubHub, social media, rap music, and booze. My pops and his friends tell me stories about the Shea days all the time and things were definitely classier and calmer then.