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  1. If you guys want me to remain interested then reopen the ESPN thread. I was enjoying that one quite a bit.
  2. New season of Fargo is cold as ****.
  3. Wife made dinner plans with another couple for exactly when the first ten picks are happening. I said absolutely nothing about it. No desire to watch this dumpster fire.
  4. You're just mad that we now all know about the sunken place, Doc.
  5. They're going under. Badly. Completely underestimated the cord cutting phenomenon and tried fixing things way too late in the game. And when they did eventually try their efforts were terrible. I'm a cord cutter and their app and subscription structure is one of the worst on any platform. Makes sense that initial layoffs would include higher priced talent. While I like guys like Werder, they are certainly not irreplaceable in the long term.
  6. Maybe for peasants without a gold case and space grey strap, but that's not a problem for me.
  7. That he was making a mistake and he should have stayed in school.
  8. does your Rolex count your calories when you're at soul cycle? nope didn't think so
  9. I have an Apple Watch.
  10. I was thinking about going but if I can't watch EY deal with being in a strip club with his dad I think that's a deal breaker for me.
  11. Look what's important here is that we trade down and acquire more picks. Every year, do that. It doesn't matter if there are no teams interested in trading up. That's not part of my plan.
  12. Good news everyone: We face Julio Teheran tonight. That should solve all our problems.
  13. In the first five rounds: Safety, tight end, kicker, punter, conditioning coach. Then I'd prefer we trade our 6th and 7th rounders for extra 5th rounders next year.