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  1. I dunno man, Mangini handled Kendall like David Miscavige. And in hindsight narcing out Belichick was a bitch move to the billionth degree.
  2. Been an shameless fan of this band since the second Crawling dropped on MTV way back. This sucks.
  3. I think Tywin and Ned were kind of the last of a dying breed. Very similar guys with similar flaws in underestimating the weaknesses of their kids. Tywin with Tyrion and his vengeance, and Ned with Sansa re: how she got manipulated by Cersei to side with the Lannisters in S1. And coincidentally both married each other and then became chief advisors for the two largest armies opposing the Lannisters.
  4. I'll second this one. Tywin was the man. The scene where he called Arya out for traveling as a boy is my favorite piece of dialogue in the entire series. There was something about the way he said "smart." People forget, the great irony of Arya's revenge tour is that she's only alive because of Tywin.
  5. There are arguments among Asimov nerds on the Internet about the order a first timer should be reading them. Some say chronologically, others say original trilogy first, then order of publication. I'm of the latter, but if you're the type of person that always prefers having things in order, then it's up to you. But IMO you're really doing a disservice to yourself because it will spoil the ending of the original trilogy if you read in order. He later wrote a series of books that connect the Robot novels (I, Robot...etc) to the Foundation series, so technically they all take place in the same universe, and the Robot series serves as a prequel of sorts to the Foundation prequels. The Dark Tower looks ******* awful. I have never been a Stephen King fan but you can tell from the trailer and the run-time that they completely butchered whatever was there for some cliche star-driven drivel.
  6. Look, I get it. I read a lot too. When Nolan's Foundation series drops I'll probably be critiquing it to death because I hold those books dear to me and I will constantly be making comparisons. Completely understandable. It's human nature. That said, there is no way anything he wrote compares to the last two episodes of last season, or plenty of others. There's just no way. Game of Thrones is entertainment on such another level of things it's insane. Character development and all, that's great and hard and damned impressive when an author pulls it off. But there is no way in hell anyone is ever going to convince me that anything in those books is as good as, for example, that moment when Cersei brought down the whole thing. The best way I can put it is this: That scene where Arya bakes Walda's kids into a pie and feeds it to him? Benioff and Martin stole that from Shakespeare. Titus Andronicus, Act III. I knew it the second it happened because Titus is a personal favorite of mine. And you know what? That moment in the show was better than Shakespeare wrote it in the play. And if the show is better than Shakespeare than I can be pretty confident in saying it's better than Martin.
  7. I can't for the life of me comprehend how the books can remotely stack up to the show. There is no way in hell. ******* Homer and Dostoevsky don't hold up to this sh*t, but the printed words of George Martin do? There's no way. Puzo's books are great but anyone who could ever have the balls to argue that they are just as good as Coppola's work needs to be shot. Sometimes one medium is just better.
  8. A thousand times this. GoT book people = vegans and crossfitters. If they've read the books, you better believe they are going to let you know that they read them.
  9. Annabelle: Creation Don't laugh. ******* hella good time. Legit good. I was shocked because the original spinoff was a bit campy and cliche. This Conjuring Universe that James Wan created has yielded some solid horror. They're also doing a spinoff with the nun from Conjuring 2 and I fully expect that movie to make me sh*t my pants multiple times. David Sandberg is building a nice little track record. Between Lights Out and this one, wouldn't be surprised at all if he started getting approached for some big budget tentpole flicks soon.
  10. I resent that. My animosity is just as much homoerotic as it is accurate.
  11. See? Death to the book people.
  12. It's not that, it's just the way the book people have this way of trying to impose explanations on people who don't read the books don't ask for, and in turn sometimes unintentionally spill the beans about things that might happen. Ask Tom about how some idiot at a house party ruined the red wedding for him.