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  1. I think Roberts should get it too. That team was dead in the water when Kershaw went down and they just kept finding ways to win.
  2. It's almost like Marshall displayed this type of behavior before.
  3. SRO tix for game 1 are going for over 700. If the Cubs can pull this off have to figure Wrigley tix will start at a stack minimum.
  4. It's 100% accurate. I keep a log of every horrible argument you make so we can use it against you 5 years down the line.
  5. And when we cut Kerry Rhodes. Then later on Vernon Gholston. And when we didn't think Dewayne Robertson was awesome.
  7. plus they hate employment and freedom
  8. I don't like other people trying to be the gif guy. It belittles the art.
  9. He's a big part of Fastball on Netflix. It's pretty fascinating. When a guy is throwing that fast the brain can't process it fast enough and you are essentially swinging at a golf ball.
  10. Been calling this for years. Both Tagliabue and Goodell had absolutely no vision about where things were headed and it was obvious when the concussion stuff began that there would be a monumental long-term impact on their ability to put out a quality product. The rule changes that completely biased the game and made it harder to field a consistently competitive franchise has compounded that, along with several others (over-saturation on TV, notably). People forget easily, but it wasn't too long ago that the most popular sports in this country were boxing, horse racing, and baseball. But talent pools change, times change, and the country changes.
  11. Would have swung the game for sure. Cubs fans are applauding that one here this AM and it's pretty pathetic. I'd say it's to be expected because Northsiders but what the ****.
  12. So apparently the judge wished Rose well with the Knicks "except when they play the Lakers" after the verdict was read, and then several jurors asked Rose to pose with them pictures as he walked out. No really: