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  1. Inevitably followed by Woody taking a red-eye back from Heathrow and demanding that the Jets give up two firsts for Romo for the final 3 games of the season.
  2. Looks like Cecchini wants to be on that Opening Day roster big time.
  3. Look, I'm all for losing out, but that would have been a humiliating L last night. The Sixers are playing with a makeshift lineup and the Knicks blew a heavy lead in the most preposterous fashion. If the Knicks get knocked out of Fultz or Ball because of 1 loss, I'll bitch about it then. But for god's sake that one would have hurt last night.
  4. I would be 100% cool if this team finally decided to embrace being terrible for a year. That said I am fully certain that they would be able to maintain that strategy until Dec 1, after which we'd go on to win every single meaningless game for the rest of the season and play ourselves right out of a draft pick. It's what we do best.
  5. Did you guys know that Steven Seagal made 6 movies last year? 6! I just tried watching one called Code of Honor. Gotta say I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  6. I like that this got neg repped. How dare you.
  7. I too think that the Jets should try and win football games.
  8. Marko Cavka. He only had one bad play.
  9. Whoa. What the ****? Not cool.
  10. This isn't nearly as great as the authorities that spend countless minutes explaining why THE JETS SHOULD TRADE DOWN FOR LIKE A LOT MORE PICKS. Hey, sounds great! But, you do realize that means someone has to want to trade up, right? It's not like the GM just announces he wants to move down because he wants more cool picks and then that automatically just happens.
  11. Blah blah blah blah blah. Strategy schmategy. Can we just draft some good football players at positions that matter? Is that so ******* complicated? Do we need more trades for that?
  12. If you're just using it for exercise, there is not much advice needed. Make sure you're wrapping your hands correctly and take care of your elbows if you ever feel pain in your tendons with ice and rest. Keep your hands up, stay on the balls of your feet, step when you jab, move with and off every punch, practice moving laterally and don't ever cross your feet, punch with your butt and hips, and learn how to slip and roll. If burning calories is your only goal then I'm sure the videos are helping just fine. Aside from that, the best thing you can do is to go to a real boxing gym and do a few rounds of focus mitts with a trainer. Not a regular gym, not a kickboxing fitness gym; an actual boxing gym where fighters train. Even if you only do it once, they will be able to correct a ton of stuff based on that and give you some things to work on. The key to learning how to box well is remembering that every single movement in the sport is counter-intuitive, from the way you stand to the way you step. And the sport is specific to each individual in that everyone does things wrong differently, and it takes someone watching you for a little bit, if only a few minutes, to really correct anything.
  13. This could be just the thing we needed to turn this franchise around.
  14. Last night was further proof that the way the NBA doles out it's MVP is ******* stupid. It's still Lebron and it's always going to be Lebron until his body decides it isn't anymore. Westbrook and Harden are having great seasons, but they don't do that.