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  1. Hackington

    This new nickname can suck on my Hackensack.
  2. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Sorry to hear about your mom. It'll be interesting to see how things progress. Right now there aren't any huge holes on the team, and that's including the bullpen which has been a pleasantly reliable surprise. If there's any piece we need that's glaring I'd say it's some infield depth, particularly someone who can actually play third base if Wright needs to miss any time. But we look like a pretty damn complete team when we're healthy, able to win in several different ways if needs be. End of the day I think she and the rest of us are in for a treat this year. The NL is going to be a blast to watch as this thing plays out and the Mets are going to be right in the heart of it.
  3. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    You guys ever see Peyton Manning in college? He had some bad games a few times too so who are we really to critique anything?
  4. Hackenberg & Petty

    Smith was the backup in 2015, but the Jets didn't show much confidence in using him when needed. In fact, they elected to play with a one-handed Fitzpatrick under center rather than turning to Smith. So pretty much what Warner Bros is saying about Zack Snyder right now.
  5. Hackenberg & Petty

    If Petty showed any capability of being the starter in the immediate future, it's hard to fathom a GM willingly using the 51st overall pick on another quarterback with how many pressing needs this team has. Petty didn't look particularly impressive last year and if the franchise was that high on him going into 2016 I think we would have heard about it by now.
  6. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Snakes on a Plane has aged like a fine wine.
  7. Hackenberg Is Our Franchise QB

    So what's up? Did you guys figure out if he's good or if he sucks yet?
  8. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Sooooo holy crap. That move to the three hole paid off a little bit.
  9. My Thoughts-the Jets QB Position

    Sigh. What a sad, sad old man you are.
  10. My Thoughts-the Jets QB Position

    I am not a Fitzpatrick lover. You are mistaking me for someone else. I literally said nothing about Ryan Fitzpatrick. Again. Go away.
  11. My Thoughts-the Jets QB Position

    I have no idea what the hell you are babbling incoherently about. Nobody said anything about Ryan Fitzpatrick. You are making no sense as usual. Go away.
  12. My Thoughts-the Jets QB Position

    And if you needed any more confirmation of said point, ^ there it is.
  13. My Thoughts-the Jets QB Position

    Starting Geno would be completely ridiculous. That would make it 4 seasons in a row that the Jets have gone into camp literally handing him the job. And the man has never had to do one thing to earn it. Having to compete with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg is by no means battling it out. That's like putting me in front of a river next to a bear and a piece of rhubarb pie, and then saying the three of us are battling it out for salmon. Geno shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Hackenberg. The man has nothing to offer in terms of helping either prospect develop. What's he going to teach them? How to handle NY? Little tips for handling playing on the west coast? How to treat teammates? How to act like a grownup? How to not throw a gazillion interceptions? How to not tuck the ball behind your back with one hand when you're getting sacked in the end zone? Addition by subtraction. He needs to be cut.