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  1. I'm torn, because on the one hand anything really can happen and the Jets can give up a 4th rounder for Tim Tebow. On the other, the only team that really ever seems to do that sh*t is us.
  2. Noah suspended. Aaaahhhh, another Knicks signing in the books. Classic.
  3. Woody's retort:
  4. I would have no problem getting Fox as a consolation prize. Holy sh*t that dude.
  5. There was a dude behind me today who brought up a funny point. One of the final pieces to the 86 team was Carter the year before, and the team kind of knew it because everyone knew they needed at least one more right handed bat in the lineup and a veteran presence at catcher to go with all of that young pitching. 30 years later, here we are in a ironically similar situation. Biggest need on the team is a veteran catcher to go with all this young pitching and preferably a righty. Go figure.
  6. Was at spring training the past two days. Very cool seeing the entire starting lineup out there. The thing I realized today is this year's squad barring injury is going to be very different. The Mets have been relying on platooning a lot the past couple seasons, but this year they have a stable lineup of veterans at 8 positions. I have no idea how it will all play out but the one thing I noticed watching them is that there is a very cool and calm demeanor amongst them and they are constantly communicating extremely well. There is no uncertainty about who is going to be playing what and when with the 1-8, and going into an Opening Day that is a first for the Terry Collins Mets (and that's never been his fault, of course). I'm excited to see how it all unfolds. The Mets are so overdue for some luck regarding injuries and if it happens this year we have a dangerous team. X-factor is D'Arnaud. I think it's safe to say we are going to have to make a move for a catcher. The dude still stinks. Thor worked a pitchout perfectly today and D'Arnaud still couldn't throw the guy out. This would all be fine if he was hitting but I don't think this guy is going to find his swing again any time soon.
  7. There it is for all of you sanctimonious yips who lectured us for the past few weeks about showing some loyalty towards Revis. **** that guy. He's never shown any towards the franchise so I'm not sure why I have to reciprocate sh*t.
  8. I wonder what it's like to root for a franchise that doesn't deal with this bullsh*t every year. What do they even talk about? Football? Yet here we are. Geno Smith threads galore and a gang of yokels trying to wax philosophical about the chosen people.
  9. Human sacrifices, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria.
  10. WOW

    I'm guessing not as much as you miss Tannenbaum though. Because, well you know...
  11. But we all know who's REALLY to blame for this shoddy journalism. Right Mel?
  12. Welcome to the internet old man. You don't get to live some dumb sh*t like that down.
  13. But I already had my next comeback planned.
  14. First I look at religion. Then I assess how the members of that religion within the fanbase would feel about drafting him. Then I take things from there.