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  2. Does that mean the rep wasn't sincere?
  3. Said it a few weeks ago. The Mets have gotten a ton of luck thrown their way from the Reds the past few years, and they just came through for us again. Wow wow wow
  4. Passed on Lynch and Dak this year. Passed on Siemien the year before, after blowing our chance to get Mariota. Passed on Carr and Bridgewater the year before that. Passed on Wilson in 2012. The quarterbacks have been there, and teams have been finding them, but 4 front offices in a row have blown it for the Jets every which way possible. The crazy part is the Jets have taken more shots than anyone at this the past decade or so.
  5. Ryan - Missed out on because we had to beat KC because moral victories. Wentz - Missed out on because we weren't willing to pay to trade up. Garoppolo - Passed on for Jace Amaro and another year of Geno. Rivers - Literally the only one of this 5 we have no connection to. Flacco - Passed on for Vernon Gholston.
  6. Will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts throughout the game too. I don't think the magnitude of this game is lost on anyone. 1-3 is almost a death sentence on the year, so if Fitzpatrick doesn't come out hot the boos might definitely start, in which case that is going to be a major test for Bowels in seeing how he reacts to that.
  7. Help us Obi-Wan. You're our only hope.
  8. I don't think you understand what the word panic means.
  9. Where the **** has this guy been?
  10. If he waivers on the answer, there's a controversy and he's indecisive. If he says Fitz he's an idiot. And if he slathers peanut butter on his balls while yelling at Mehta that $12 million was a steal because he's worth 24, then he's Rex.
  11. I just read three pages of posts in a board thread about a Daily News article about Geno Smith's Instagram account. What the **** am I doing with my life.
  12. Is there any right way to handle this though? If he puts in Geno it's even or worse. Petty or Hack and it's worse. And in all 3 of those scenarios you're asking this fanbase to be reasonable as they just let themselves be bad and evaluate who they can cut for 2017. The other option is to keep playing Fitz in which case we're probably 7-9. This is what happens when you don't let yourself be bad.
  13. Captain's Log, stardate 9292016.15. We are on....Day three....of Joseph's bizarre board encompassing obsessive meltdown. Board survivors capable of suffering this are wearing thin. If....anyone is out there....a mod, an ally...even an enemy...we are in dire need...of assistance.
  14. Yes but I need my beauty rest.