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  1. South Florida Dolphins?

    Considering the giant abysmal failure that is the Marlins new park, there is absolutely no chance that anywhere else between West Palm and Miami is ponying up for yet another new stadium right now.
  2. Jets might not see Eifert in opener

    If I am able to cause things to happen by saying the opposite of that thing will happen on the Internet, I will happily trade a lifetime of Geno Smith for knowledge of my powers. Next up, predicting that people who misinterpret the disapproval of a trade for a woman-beating, serial malcontent will not learn to read.
  3. Jets might not see Eifert in opener

    Literal response is literal.
  4. Geno Smith: An Honest Look at the Past

    This is starting to be eerily reminiscent of the Pennington and Sanchez tenures. Where the few proponents that exist seem to have to work awfully hard to convince everyone that a guy is good. If you have to use this many words and gifs and sh*t to convince the masses that a guy might not suck, he usually does.
  5. Jets might not see Eifert in opener

    It's May and we still don't have a quarterback.
  6. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Aaaaaand yahtzee.
  7. Geno Smith: An Honest Look at the Past

  8. 2016 Mets Thread!

    I disagree. The Mets are in need of infielders that can play a few positions and get on base. Loney might very well be done but he's a low cost move and definitely worth the risk based on recent numbers. If the Mets need to go after someone better they can wait until closer to the deadline when they won't be sacrificing leverage. As for Wilmer, who knows. He looked completely lost at the plate when the season started and I don't think we have the luxury of letting him go out there and figure it out on his own. The division is simply too tight this year to play anyone that's not producing. JMO
  9. Why is David Wright batting 2nd let alone playing?

    My cycloptic colleague does have a point. A Yankee fan throwing around steroid claims is a bit cunty, though it's from one of the biggest trolls in the entire forum so I'm not sure what you guys are up in arms about. This is his schtick.
  10. 2016 Mets Thread!

  11. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Loney makes a loooooot of sense. That would be a stellar move.
  12. 2016 Mets Thread!

    Baseball is a funny sport. You start a year off worried about a particular unit on the team and fearing it'll be one of the league's worst, and then it winds up being the league's best through 1/4 of the season.
  13. 2016 Mets Thread!

    It's an interesting fallout that happens from Conforto or Walker. If they give Walker a go, it means they can call Dilson up. If they give Conforto a shot, it means Lagares gets out there more. We'll probably do neither of those and just keep kidding ourselves into Wilmer over and over because Mets. One thing is getting more and more obvious by the week though, and that's TJ Rivera needs to be added to the 40-man roster ASAP.
  14. 2016 Mets Thread!

    I think they're going to tinker around a bit with some options before that ever happens. My guess is they'll see if Wilmer can find himself again too. If something does happen it won't be until near the deadline, unless someone comes by with a ridiculous offer of course. The nice thing about trying Conforto at first is that if it works out, it means Lagares can get some more playing time and possibly establish himself as a trade chip.