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  1. That makes sense with Drew Breeze there. NO is in a tight window.
  2. Especially since they lost Pierre Garcon in FA.
  3. Sorry but I disagree. Seeing the reactions and answers from the press conference I think both Mac and Bowles were both disgusted with these moves. How does Bowles try to get the guys "up" for a game when the front office is yelling TANK ? Decker is only 30. I think having him here would have been a GREAT benefit to the young receivers on the roster. Same with Harris on the D.
  4. If only dreams came true. We'll be lucky to get a 6th or 7th rounder for him. At least that's something. I hope Decker nets 1000+ yds. this year. Can't tell you how disgusted I am this week with the Decker and Harris moves. This is one of the truly lowest of the low points for me as a NYJ fan. And I've been a fan for almost 50 years.
  5. 2017 RE-DRAFT

    Like everyone else I was shocked at picking a safety in round 2. I liked CB Quincy Wilson from Florida. At 6'1" and a warrior mentality I think he would have been a nice fit. You never have enough CB's. 3rd round I stay put and pick OLB Jordan Willis from K State. Just one mans opinion. Only time will tell.
  6. I ,sadly, don't think so.This new coach is the anti-Rex hired directly by the owner. No joking around, just straight business.
  7. Whaley , outside of turning in draft reports, had nothing to do with this draft. All McDermott's draft.
  8. No surprise out here. Once McDermott was hired by Pegula, Whaley was a goner. This was McDermott's draft.
  9. Since we didn't draft a center.....

    I'd like to see us pick up an UDFA like Kentucky's Jon Toth. Started for 3 years in the tough SEC. He can also play guard.
  10. Devin Smith Out

    I feel so bad for Smith but that's just the way it is sometimes. Can't see him ever being much of a contributor to any team in the league at this point.
  11. I like your idea of drafting Kelly.. Lots of upside potential there.
  12. I like Robby but not as a number 1. This is a deep draft for WR's. We have way too many holes to think of one in the 1st round. I'd be happy with us taking another wide out in the 3rd or 4th. Maybe a bit earlier if we trade down and pick up some extra picks.
  13. Agreed. I like your thought process on this. I would have loved to have Foles as our QB but I can live with McCowan.
  14. omg an idzik pick makes good

    Bills signed Vlad the Douche this week to a "show me" 1 year deal.