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  1. I like Robby but not as a number 1. This is a deep draft for WR's. We have way too many holes to think of one in the 1st round. I'd be happy with us taking another wide out in the 3rd or 4th. Maybe a bit earlier if we trade down and pick up some extra picks.
  2. Agreed. I like your thought process on this. I would have loved to have Foles as our QB but I can live with McCowan.
  3. Bills signed Vlad the Douche this week to a "show me" 1 year deal.
  4. The 49ers have spent a lot in FA. I can see them being much improved this year.
  5. I'm pretty sure he fumbled on his 1st carry.
  6. Plus any locker room brawls.
  7. The Jets, per ProFootballTalk, have released RB Khiry Robinson. I suspect upon finding out Robinson promptly suffered another broken leg. I like him a lot before all the IR time.
  8. Agreed . The only question I have is where the hell do you play him and can he excel there ?
  9. This is a very decent draft for edge rushers too.
  10. Tough call. Kevin Mawae was great too but then again he came as a free agent.
  11. Alex Smith will be fine with our new O line.
  12. I think they will miss Mangold's leadership but this cut was a no brainer . Same as the coming Revis cut. Decline in production plus higher salary= release. Sad but that's today's NFL.
  13. The BILLS would NOT "move down here in a heartbeat". New local owner so there's no way this happens. He values his and his families lives too much.
  14. lol Yup , the way our luck is I can see that easily happening.