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  1. Patriot Tears Taste So Good

    Not only that but the announcers never mentioned it either ! We were all like WTF??  Passes never even reached the line of scrimmage.
  2. Quincy Enunwa Suspended

    Time for others to step up.
  3. I had such high hopes for him when we drafted him out of Boise. What a dud.
  4. I love the title. Cheating scum indeed, well done.
  5. Cuts around the NFL

    They're loaded at the LB spot.
  6. Patriots trade for Jalen Saunders

    Sadly that's a certainty.
  7. welcome to the JETS, Devin Smith!!

    Love this pick.
  8. lol   I was just thinking the same exact thing. Something extra to look forward to tonite.
  9. I think the pain started when he had to sell his double wide and move into a single.
  10. What if the Jets drafted... Scherff

    I could easily live with it. Solid,safe pick. I'd like it even better if we dropped a few spots, added some additional choices and still took him.
  11. Ridley to Jets?? Ian Rappaport

    No way I'd trade Ivory and IMO don't think we'd get as high as a 3rd for him.
  12. Mock Draft w/ Trades

    Long shot that either Beasley or Collins would still be there at 12 and 19 IMHO.
  13. NFL's hires first full-time female ref

    Totally agree and could not have said it any better. I cringe every time I see a female reporter about to do an interview. Who cares what the players favorite chicken recipe is . ENOUGH !