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  1. I have a suggestion as to what he could do. lol
  2. If Mo is not traded today.....

    I can't be as optimistic. Teams KNOW we have to move Mo to free up cap space. I don't think we'll get nearly as much of a haul as you think. Hope I'm wrong.
  3. Keep saying ...."Pete Rose...Pete Rose
  4. Totally agree. He's a gritty player who would be a very safe pick but not at #20. Trade down, pick up an extra pick or 2 and keep your fingers crossed.
  5. Possible Teams for Wilkerson Trade

    This was my thinking too. Hopefully something gets done with Mo this week.
  6. I for one will miss you.
  7. Grade 6 Potential Jets Picks at #20

    Talk to you in 2 years. I'm not high on Spence at all.
  8. Fitz ain't comin back

    Apparently for hm it is.
  9. Fitz ain't comin back

    Sounds fair enough. lol
  10. Fitz ain't comin back

    LMAO This from a man who spends most of his day trolling the message board of a team he should not give a sh*t about. PRICELESS
  11. Hoyer visiting the Jets today

    I'll take a half pound please of whatever you're smoking. lol
  12. Hoyer Is Now A Free Agent

    Now this I like. I like Fritz but I'm getting a little sick of this "we're not even close" ploy. Right now I don't care of Fritz comes back or not.
  13. Muhammad Wilkerson ~ ~ ~

    Crap! I thought we had more but then again we signed Clady so there went some of the Brick's savings. In my mind I'm thinking we almost HAVE to jettison Wilk.