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  1. Fairly sure the Browns traded away the chance to draft Wentz by dealing the pick to Philly
  2. Pretty fair analysis all-round, there's the character question surrounding Rosen too but I actually quite like what i've seen and heard from him. He might be a prick but the right kind of prick!! You see stiffness I see upright and in control of his movement but point taken. The other guy to keep an eye on is Nick Fitzgerald at Mississippi State. Great size and off the scale talent as both a passer and running, might actually be better than Dak!
  3. Agreed, not just that but he's very skittish back there, happy feet all over the place and if he's 6-4 I'll be shocked, only watched a handful of games but he rarely steps up into the pocket, almost every snap is out of the shotgun....he makes some plays no doubt but I think it'll be Rosen(stands tall, good feet, steps up into the pocket and into throws and rips it) and Allen who battle it out for No1 overall. Maybe I'm wrong and the coming season might change things but I don't get the hype and as you say the throwing motion will put off a lot of scouts.
  4. Actually watched some of his games earlier and not all that impressed tbh....I don'tsee him as any better than the 3rd best QB at this point, both Rosen and Allen are more impressive
  5. You're gonna sign out?...works for me
  6. Guaranteed if we'd have picked one of those QB's at 6 then all we'd be hearing is how Maccagnan could've gotten them later in the draft and should'very magically traded back so we could've gotten OJHoward AND Dalvin Cook as well as the QB It's not Woody, Bowles, Maccagnan or the team that make being a Jet fan so hard....it's other Jets 'fans'
  7. West Coast Offense Principles/Info

    CMart along with KRL you two are posters who's posts I look for and always read on this site...thanks for the info, interesting and much appreciated
  8. Learn From History

    As others have noted in this thread, if you've never had to call a play in your life or even operate a huddle never mind go through reads and progressions then you are not going to be ready for the NFL anytime soon
  9. Learn From History

    Disagree, it's the opposite....hardly any college programmes are running pro-style offences, it's all air-raid style or spread....if anything the process of evaluating whether a QB has the tools to succeed in the NFL has become tougher, the talent may still be there but the offences they are running bear little or no resemblance toe hat they will be required to run as a pro and hence the need to develop over time is as relevant as ever in my opinion
  10. Outstanding work and analysis....thanks as always for taking the time Wasn't really that aware of Stewart prior to the pick but love everything about it since it happened, just wish he was maybe 6'1 or 6'2 but we already have Decker, Robby and Q (all 6'3 and Chad Hansen and Peake(6'2) I guess if he had been that bit taller he 's highly unlikely to be around in the 3rd round
  11. Nice enjoy....I know London very well Amsterdam less so but both great cities and like you say over here there's life beyond the NFL...Let me know if you are staying around and I can send some recommendations your way. and if there's one city inEurope you should try to get to it's Rome all the best
  12. Really wanted him on the Jets, I think he'll be the best QB in this class in maybe 3 years time. The big knock as always is the non-play calling gimmick offence he's played in at both Tech and Cal but still. Having said all that go back and look at Bryce Petty In college and you'll see pretty much exactly the same wow factor and he started 2 full seasons at Baylor.
  13. Marcus Maye

    Remember what Bowles di in Arizona with Deone Bucannon...it's possible there's a role for Pryor as a hybrid linebacker. Not saying it's a given or even smart but Bowles does have a history of turning a safety into a weapon at LB. Pryor has the skill-set, we'll have to wait and see. Mark Barron is another example of a safety converting to LB with some degree of success...it could happen and ultimately it might be a smart move. This being the Jets watch Pryor have a career year and come the 2018 off-season Jets fans will be killing the team for not re-signing him long term when he gets a big FA deal elsewhere!