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  1. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    Don’t get me wrong, finding a QB who you can commit to long-term is absolutely desirable in the modern NFL , I’m with you there....my argument is you are every bit as likely to find that guy outside the top ten picks in the draft. Tanking is non-sensical on that basis, you need talent across the board and as Warfish points out in another post we are as likely to build long-term sustainable success(and we both want that)by bringing a young QB into a strong, disciplined, winning environment than ripping the thing down and hoping that 1 guy can turn a sh*t-show around on his own. We need an elite pass-rusher, an elite OT, an elite RB too, I’d rather we pick a great player high than reach for a mediocre QB just because it’s a passer(your mentioning of D’Brick is prescient because that year an awful lot of momentum was behind us picking Cutler, in my opinion Brick proved himself way more worthy of that pick than Cutler). There’s no question we've failed to pick the right QB when the time has come but then we are not alone, most of the league has got a story to tell of QB failure (and I’d include those top 5 pick QB’s with the best part of 10 years in the league who’ve failed to win the big one...Ryan, Stafford, Bradford, Luck etc) Hell Brady and Wilson were 6th and 4th round picks!...not only did every team in the league pass on them but so did the Patriots and Seahawks, the Pats had no clue Brady was turning into Brady otherwise they wouldn't have passed over him 5 times. Just look at Washington, mortgaged their franchise to RG3 but it turns out the guy they drafted as an almost afterthought in Rd 4 that year was in fact the actual ‘franchise’ leader....is RG3 even in the league? Picking high is fine if you draft the right player and the position you need filling has a difference making talent worthy of such a high pick but it’s not the be all and end all, you need to build your roster AND a winning culture through more than simply the QB position just my opinion By the way, the draft next April is shaping up to have no slam dunk obvious ‘franchise’ QB a la Ryan or Luck but instead there could be a 1983 style first round with as many as 5 or 6 QB’S getting first round consideration, that is partly a symptom of the premium that is now put on the position around the league and the desperation of teams to get ‘their guy’ but it might actually be the Jets decent luck for a change to not be god awful in a year where a number of Derek Carr like prospects might be available to a team picking out with the top 5 picks in April all is not lost
  2. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    The franchise guy thing doesn’t work, it’s just not that simple. What has Andrew Luck done in this league?...what has Matthew Stafford achieved?....Matt Ryan is what? 32 and only once he got a decent D to go along with all those offensive weapons did he squeak a SB appearance. What has having a franchise QB and one of the all-time great passsers done for San Diego in the Philip Rivers era?....Sam Bradford?...Alex Smith? Meanwhile Derek Carr was a 2nd rounder with many, many question marks(hence the reason absolutely nobody was screaming for him back when he got drafted), Russel Wilson lasted until the 4th....Big Ben was a mid first rounder, Flacco the back end of the first and guys like Dalton were 2nd rounders, even Aaron Rodgers was a late first rounder and never saw the field for 2 years You don’t need a top 2 pick to guarantee success in the league.
  3. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    I dunno, sometimes the guy calling the plays a has to have faith that having picked up 7 or 8 yards on 1st down they have to trust their guys to execute a short yardage run for the first down. It’s always a bad call if it doesn’t work but sometimes players just don’t execute and occasionally the other teams guys just make a play.
  4. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    So it’s down to good coaching then?
  5. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    LOL so true....my personal favourite is that when we beat the Browns it’s dismissed as beating a load of scrubs but when DeShaun Watson does it....... BTW KRL your posts are the first I look for after every game...great work fella
  6. +1 and while real life is way more important than a mere football game, It’s also good for our football team to take that attitude....good for them
  7. Thoughts

    It's been going on 15 years now that we can't get to the QB....more important than getting a good QB is getting someone who can harass, hustle, pressure and stop opposing passers. It's been the same old issue time after time.
  8. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Start thinking about Ryan Finley & Clayton Thorson as outside shots at present who may very well join that list as Rd 1 contenders once the proper evaluation processes begin. Tape in both is encouraging. personally the more I see Folk the more I like him *edit* just seen that he's had a bad night against Cal but still...he'll be a very intruiging prospect
  9. Jim Druckenmiller went with the No 1 overall pick?...when did I miss this?
  10. So about those Safeties

    Can't believe we didn't trade up for Lawrence Taylor in 81....Macc should be fired for that alone
  11. Brandon Shell

    You have to wonder about jet fans sometimes, ragging on him for a pre-season performance yet failing to notice he pretty much shut-down the reigning NFL defensive player of the year in a game that actually mattered
  12. Smash's Positive/Negatives Week 3

    No worries they kinda wear the same uni I think, easy to mix up
  13. Reply Number 1 says all that needs to be said