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  1. Outstanding work and analysis....thanks as always for taking the time Wasn't really that aware of Stewart prior to the pick but love everything about it since it happened, just wish he was maybe 6'1 or 6'2 but we already have Decker, Robby and Q (all 6'3 and Chad Hansen and Peake(6'2) I guess if he had been that bit taller he 's highly unlikely to be around in the 3rd round
  2. Nice enjoy....I know London very well Amsterdam less so but both great cities and like you say over here there's life beyond the NFL...Let me know if you are staying around and I can send some recommendations your way. and if there's one city inEurope you should try to get to it's Rome all the best
  3. Really wanted him on the Jets, I think he'll be the best QB in this class in maybe 3 years time. The big knock as always is the non-play calling gimmick offence he's played in at both Tech and Cal but still. Having said all that go back and look at Bryce Petty In college and you'll see pretty much exactly the same wow factor and he started 2 full seasons at Baylor.
  4. Remember what Bowles di in Arizona with Deone's possible there's a role for Pryor as a hybrid linebacker. Not saying it's a given or even smart but Bowles does have a history of turning a safety into a weapon at LB. Pryor has the skill-set, we'll have to wait and see. Mark Barron is another example of a safety converting to LB with some degree of could happen and ultimately it might be a smart move. This being the Jets watch Pryor have a career year and come the 2018 off-season Jets fans will be killing the team for not re-signing him long term when he gets a big FA deal elsewhere!
  5. Not surprised...think he looks excellent
  6. Well said Sir, astonishing that it should even need pointing out but there you go
  7. Politicians tend to flame out within a decade....tops. Kiper's been getting it wildly wrong for going on 35 years now.
  8. I always thought the issue with Marino was about his alleged practice 'habits'
  9. Kaaya or Davis Webb in the draft and I'm on board, unless a guy like Trubisky or Watson make it to the 2nd round which I highly doubt
  10. As to the bolded part I couldn't agree more. The reality of journalism though is that you simply won't get people to talk candidly without anonymity in certain instances. The 'off the record' chats are by far the most intriguing believe me and the vast majority of the stuf that gets discussed off the record never gets reported for a number of reasons. I am personally not a fan of reporting without putting a name to it but in certain instances if the reporter is confident in the veracity of his or her source then they'll go public(especially on a medium like Twitter where gossip is almost part of it's make up) We have to decide if we trust a guy like Schefter in this instance. Would prefer to understand the motive but the fact a guy like Schefter felt this worthy of reporting suggests to me he believes his source. Just my opinion. as for the rest of your post re; Hack I totally agree
  11. Unfortunately I think this story is true, Schefter has a reputation for being accurate so I'm inclined to believe it and it is worrying no doubt. We have to hope the anonymous source turns out have been clueless.
  12. True but on the flip side when he throws a dart between defenders, fires a long out to the far side of the field or floats a beautiful fade into the back of the end zone and hits nothing but hands each time then it'll be a massive, pleasant surprise, in many ways the low expectations might actually help him. The anonymous quote about not being able to hit the ocean has created an expectation that he can barely complete a single pass. Clearly anyone who watched his college tape saw some wild inconsistency, it's the reason he went from touted No 1 overall pick after his freshman season to out of the 1st round altogether, but without doubt he can make some big time throws. Now whether good coaching can correct some technical flaws( largely in footwork) that meant too many throws were off(sometimes way off)remains to be seen but what we do know he has a lot of the tools, he has great size, arm talent, heart, toughness, smarts, ability to read a defence, leadership and even mobility. On top of all that he's played in a pro-style offense and understands the little things like operating a huddle, changing plays at the LOS, drawing defenders offside, taking snaps under centre and executing actual proper play-fakes, Watch college tape on just about every QB prospect these days and they are almost all playing in air-raid type offenses and operating entirely out of the shotgun, Both Geno & Petty for example, huge numbers, impressive throws, unprepared for an actual NFL offense. The almost comically low expectation level is such that if he actually takes the field and completes a couple of routine throws he'll have already gone way beyond the wildest expectations of about 70% of the experts(Jet fans on messageboards).
  13. Hey Win4ever is it you that does the all22 breakdowns throughout the season?...if so great job man I really found those useful and appreciate you taking the time. I'm sure you have a life to live rather than constantly cutting up tape for this site but would be interested in some college analysis if you are minded to have a go. Either way thanks again for providing the analysis throughout the season