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  1. Why? How many teams in the bottom half of power rankings have won it all? How many not in the top 10 etc? Can you back up what you said at all? I would guess they are pretty acurate actually in terms of where you wind up... If someone has the time/effort lets get week 2 6 10 14 17 rankings and match them up to final standings...
  2. Revis got torched by Ted Ginn 7 years ago... He has always struggled with speed guys running straight at him in fact anyone does when the QB has 5 seconds to plant and throw it.
  3. Why chase the points there and risk a big momentum swing or worse a pick 6 or fumble (2 points for them?) in that scenario? Imagine if they got a sack fumble and ran it back making it a 10 point game instead of a 12 point game and they get the ball then you would all be killing him for risking it. Rule of thumb is not to chase points in that scenario... Very little time ledt and a 2 score lead regardless.
  4. You don't chase points when you can kick up by 2 scores and a pick 6 is 2 for the d on a 2pt conversion
  5. You don't go for two there... You take the 13 point lead vs 12 everytime... Like blackjack... Sure you could hit on 17... But why
  6. Where are all the doom and gloom bitches from last week now? Call em out
  7. Yeah I keep hoping he takes it to the house not go down...think Cotchery vs the Pats...
  8. That was an awesome summer show.
  9. Behind a HOF Qb and then pushed out that HOF Qb years early....
  10. Petty needs to be #2 so that if Fitz misses time Petty gets a chance to shine instead of Geno blowing his 4th chance. The JETS will never find their Tom Brady if they are scared to let it happen.
  11. Yeah god forbid I am critical... Do some research buddy... I am one of the biggest blind supporters in the history of JN... Have fun and join the discussion instead of being a crybaby
  12. That is the problem... If they can't hang with the redskins vanilla defense in the pre season we have big problems...
  13. Bowles should be ashamed of himself... This is a Rex looking team... Flat... Drops... Pathetic