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  1. The coach is letting the QB keep marching out and do the same thing over and over... If Fitz was on the Pats he doesnt suck.
  2. Bowles keeps letting Chan call the same damn plays and letting Fitz make the same bad throws... Would bellichik or arians let this happen.... No
  3. Nobody wanted to hear it when I blamed Bowles for that 6 pick game.... He is the problem... Puts yhese guys in bad spots
  4. If Brady threw 6 INTs? He would at the very least not have been out there on the last drive.
  5. What? Risk injury to backups? Now you are saying he not only let Fitz fall apart he put him in harms way... And you still dont think he is to blame... You are crazy
  6. You know what? Even Rex would have stopped it... We know he did with Sanchez more than once and even had to go green yellow red qith him
  7. Answer the question... Could a better coach have prevented his QB from throwing 6 ints? The answer is yes and thus puts the blame on Bowles. Heck I bet at least 25 other coaches dont let their qb throw 6 ints
  8. So you admit he was outcoached right? So generally you agree a better coach wouldn't have a QB that throws 6 INTs... Yet somehow that is not Bowles fault... Do you even read what you are saying?
  9. I started Fitz on fanduel... I am guilty as well
  10. Or you can
  11. I thought it was the players fault? Do you pick your aide based on which thread you are in?
  12. Ok I will play this game... You think Bowles did everything he could? You don't think if we switched him out for Belichik this game goes different?
  13. Dude... Bad day is an understatement
  14. I was hoping the Butt Fumble was the most embarrassing JETS QB moment in my lifetime.... Enter the 12 million dollar man... Ryan "6 Pick" Fitzpatrick
  15. When have you seen a team with a journeyman QB throw that many INTs and put the. In position to be pulled?