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  1. Petty needs to be #2 so that if Fitz misses time Petty gets a chance to shine instead of Geno blowing his 4th chance. The JETS will never find their Tom Brady if they are scared to let it happen.
  2. Yeah god forbid I am critical... Do some research buddy... I am one of the biggest blind supporters in the history of JN... Have fun and join the discussion instead of being a crybaby
  3. That is the problem... If they can't hang with the redskins vanilla defense in the pre season we have big problems...
  4. Bowles should be ashamed of himself... This is a Rex looking team... Flat... Drops... Pathetic
  5. Words you won't here in this weeks film review... "Here is what we did well"
  6. We can make all the excuses we want but colt mccoy played better than Fitz... Thats a problem.
  7. And 90% of his career... So yes I am worried
  8. This offense is horrendous... I am worried about Fitz... Ball is sailing in Aug... Throws look like 2007 Pennington.... Oline is trouble too
  9. Why.... Dont they have some young guys fighting for a spot to play gunner?
  10. Why collect mediocre QBs? Does keeping Geno and/or Petty make this team better now or 5 years from now?
  11. Need some break out players... Every good team has em
  12. Yes to Peak and the other Marshall No to Geno, Milliner and every RB except Powell tonight
  13. Sup bitches?
  14. This is bad news. He will be playing like a beast to keep/earn a contract. Basically just became the last game of a contract year for him.
  15. Seriously? I know we are QB starved but he has the 25th best passer rating and 10th most TD's... that is just against other QB's not judging against any other position...