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  1. This is bad news. He will be playing like a beast to keep/earn a contract. Basically just became the last game of a contract year for him.
  2. Seriously? I know we are QB starved but he has the 25th best passer rating and 10th most TD's... that is just against other QB's not judging against any other position...
  3. those were the receivers fault
  4. Are the jets playing the refs or the pats?
  5. Cannot be mad so far and to be honest if those were legit receivers both of those bombs are TDs.
  6. Any washed up FA wrs we can sign? Got thin at wr quick...
  7. That should have been an audible to shotgun... Make them call a to.. Then run a qb sneak
  8. This would make it... JETS 8-5 Cheifs 7-6 Steelers 7-6 Texans/Colts 6-7 Bills 6-7 Raiders 5-8
  9. Bengals (over Steelers 7-5) Jax (over Colts 6-6) Denver (over Raiders 5-7) Philly (over Bills 6-6) Patriots (over Texans 6-6) Chargers (over Cheifs 7-5)
  10. It was a weird crowd... Worst one I have seen by far. Usually much louder.
  11. I hate when people use this excuse... when did this become the popular stance? I never had season tickets before and I have met many others that also have not. We are all die hard fans that were able to get into a stadium full of tired old hacks who read the newspaper and listened to AM radio instead of cheering.