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  1. Honestly if you are trying to bail out of you PSL's at this point you just were either delusional when you bought them or are terrible at financial decisions. PSL's were never and will never be an investment. The odds of owning PSL's to a winning team are less than 38% The odds of owning PSL's to a superbowl team are slim to none The odds of feeling like you got a good value after 7 years was about 5% (if you thought otherwise shame on you) I spent $30,000 (psl) on two seats and still pay $3,500 a year for tickets. I knew this cost in 2009 when we bought them and I knew it would be the cost for 1 win or 16 wins... if you thought anything else of the purchase or the JETS you were lying to yourself. I am happy to have some amazing seats, have had some great times and will have many more memories. It is a luxury purchase and I am glad to have the luxury.
  2. Belichick cuts Decker, Marshall and Harris. Every time. Every single damn time. I am not saying Mac is the man but his moves this offseason have been OK and he also assembled a team with the best passing year since 98' and just tried to keep it together... who could blame him really... must have been a tough call in the moment with Hack/Petty/geno...
  3. So he is stupid for signing them... but stupid for cutting them too?? Cutting them is the exact opposite of only seeing past his nose... you aren't seeing past your eyeballs.
  4. Who have the Jets cut or traded that was a prime player like Sheldon? Nobody... They are clearing out the garbage not trading top players.
  5. Do you know what cars come with a spare tire? None. It is an option at best now and most come with run flat tires or a tire inflation kit. Just a pet peeve of mine when people get upset about spare tires. You don't need them.
  6. Where did you see that the Jets charter it? Jetblue doesn't even fly to all of the NFL cities... I feel like I remember people posting pics of it on gamedays in different cities too.... Curious if you are right or if you just made that up...
  7. It is just a regular JetBlue plane... Nothing to do with the team traveling.
  8. 4 minutes
  9. He forced them to sogn Revis and Fitz.. This is really season 1 for Bowles and Mcag it sounds like.
  10. Enunwa is the #1 right now... No way the rooks beat him or anderson on the chart
  11. Seems cool... I think I like it. There is 1 or two ads every scroll but who doesn't have ads? No big deal. Sent from my LGLS992 using mobile app
  12. Marshall loves Geno... They lived together in camp 2 years ago and don't think it is an accident the Giants picked him up.
  13. Stupid question.... What is his hit against the cap? If it is only 6 mil do they still need to leave room in case he hits the other 7?
  14. Why the hell did I get dragged into
  15. Read between the lines and you will see Marshall knew they would get Cutler and wanted out because he wanted Hackenberg.