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  1. Seems cool... I think I like it. There is 1 or two ads every scroll but who doesn't have ads? No big deal. Sent from my LGLS992 using mobile app
  2. Marshall loves Geno... They lived together in camp 2 years ago and don't think it is an accident the Giants picked him up.
  3. Stupid question.... What is his hit against the cap? If it is only 6 mil do they still need to leave room in case he hits the other 7?
  4. Why the hell did I get dragged into
  5. Read between the lines and you will see Marshall knew they would get Cutler and wanted out because he wanted Hackenberg.
  6. I might look at going to 4 seats...
  7. Thats why I used past tense when describing it. 😀 We took a year off because we had our son... We actually really miss it even with the bad play... Babysitter will be ready to go next season!
  8. They called the timeout once they saw how the D lined up.... It's what smart teams do but Jets fans are so pessimistic they refuse to see reality...
  9. Anyone see Bmarsh stopped by @joebabyny tailgate joe? Jets posted it on favebook... Pretty cool
  10. To those bitching about the atmosphere... When the jets and pats played on thanksgiving for 1st place in the division that place was insanely loud.... You have lost your mind if you think it is the stadium... Its this sh*tty team Giants fans arent complaining about the atmosphere
  11. They are actually helping STH by standing their ground on pricing... Those tickets will be next to free on stub hub. Why do so many fans care about crap like this that doesn't have any bearing on them?
  12. Spend 40 million on the oline and its a playoff team.
  13. Pats would cut Fitz... Jets are gutless
  14. Weird the hate for the stadium... Fans are closer to the field... Newer... Nicer... Better seats... Better Screens.... Field.... Less wind (yeah those louvers you make fun of had a purpose) .... Not to mention parking is easy and I get out of there in no time... Dont forget how sh*tty the old stadium was... And how are any of the other stadiums actually better? Architecture? Give me a break its a f'ing football stadium