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  1. New Ads - 08/02

    Got one this morning... @Maxman
  2. A QB with a real arm and that was a TD throw...
  3. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Is there an arcade? Upgrade looks good! Seems faster too
  4. Where will it play? They arent done for a little while golfing...
  5. Wow! Not a good year for selling games...haha... We arr going to about half and I will just give the others to friends and family
  6. Ads are back in place

    Android phone. Happened only once on Saturday
  7. Ads are back in place

    LG G5
  8. Ok there is competition at MLB but Lee is a clear cut starter is he not? Why not do the same thing with one of the QBs? You can't just say they are all equal... Give the other guys someone to chase
  9. Ads are back in place

    I got a "battery draining" pop up ad on my phone... I don't even mind pop ups... Just mind that they direct to scam/virus sites.
  10. They do occasionally have to draft offense too... Kind of a problem on the team...
  11. Are we really talking about resale value? Was anyone crazy enough to think that inside of 10 years the Jets would suddenly be a wildly popular team and their PSLs would hold or increase in value? I bought seats, I love my seats. I don't care what the resale value is because nobody in their right mind bought NYJ PSLs with the intention or selling them for a profit. The Jets could give away every seat in the stadium expect mine for a game.... And I would still have the same seats, same view and same expeirence that I paid for.
  12. New Front Page

    Where is the membership link? Looks good 👍
  13. As if a "competition" is better? It is more like they are too afraid to run with one of the young guns and Mccown sucks so they are calling it a competiton but really the staff just doesnt have the knowledge or balls to pick the winner and run with him.
  14. It is all bullsh*t really... These coaches can't figure out who the best player is? They need to get behind 1 guy right now and give him a push... A large part of QB is the ego/momentum aspect and this open competition bullsh*t does nothing but prolong the team rallying behind a player.
  15. Honestly if you are trying to bail out of you PSL's at this point you just were either delusional when you bought them or are terrible at financial decisions. PSL's were never and will never be an investment. The odds of owning PSL's to a winning team are less than 38% The odds of owning PSL's to a superbowl team are slim to none The odds of feeling like you got a good value after 7 years was about 5% (if you thought otherwise shame on you) I spent $30,000 (psl) on two seats and still pay $3,500 a year for tickets. I knew this cost in 2009 when we bought them and I knew it would be the cost for 1 win or 16 wins... if you thought anything else of the purchase or the JETS you were lying to yourself. I am happy to have some amazing seats, have had some great times and will have many more memories. It is a luxury purchase and I am glad to have the luxury.