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  1. Pats would cut Fitz... Jets are gutless
  2. Weird the hate for the stadium... Fans are closer to the field... Newer... Nicer... Better seats... Better Screens.... Field.... Less wind (yeah those louvers you make fun of had a purpose) .... Not to mention parking is easy and I get out of there in no time... Dont forget how sh*tty the old stadium was... And how are any of the other stadiums actually better? Architecture? Give me a break its a f'ing football stadium
  3. This team played with no heart this year... Plain and simple
  4. Define better.... When we attend games we tailgate and we watch 95% of the game... So what do I care about the rest? The bathroom lines are reasonable... I get in and out ok and I have a cup holder... What else do I need? I paid $30,000 in PSLs to tailgate and have a good view of the game... The rest doesn't matter.
  5. This was my experience... I got to buy seats I never had a shot at and was happy to pay a premium. The process was great and working in sales I think they did a great job. The stadium itself? There has been a few times the place was insane... Shaking... Felt like it was gonna collapse under the noise... The truth is the stadium sucks in part because the team does... If the Jets were winning 13 games a year that place would be rocking every week....
  6. I know it is a polarizing topic (anything with money haves vs have nots always is) Are they expensive? Yes Are they worth it? Subjective For me it was an opportunity to leap frog my way to seats I would never be able to get my hands on... They set a market and for the most part it worked.. Remove the coaches club and it would be a success... Either way who cares... If you didn't buy them and you think they are stupid... Good for you... Pat yourself on the back... If you did buy them good for you too...there is no right answer and it is all subjective to disposable income so there will never be a consensus...
  7. Haters gonna hate... Chad, Sanchez, Geno, Fitz all coulf not execute that play.
  8. Cool story bro
  9. We sold our whole season over the summer for a $300 loss... I felt stupid... Turns out.... Im still stupid but I made out better than I thought
  10. The coach is letting the QB keep marching out and do the same thing over and over... If Fitz was on the Pats he doesnt suck.
  11. Bowles keeps letting Chan call the same damn plays and letting Fitz make the same bad throws... Would bellichik or arians let this happen.... No
  12. Nobody wanted to hear it when I blamed Bowles for that 6 pick game.... He is the problem... Puts yhese guys in bad spots
  13. If Brady threw 6 INTs? He would at the very least not have been out there on the last drive.
  14. What? Risk injury to backups? Now you are saying he not only let Fitz fall apart he put him in harms way... And you still dont think he is to blame... You are crazy
  15. You know what? Even Rex would have stopped it... We know he did with Sanchez more than once and even had to go green yellow red qith him