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  1. Didn't say it was a shot in the arm for the GM, but were these trades the principal reason our roster is so poor as the original poster stated?
  2. So you have already declared our draft class from this year busts when they haven't even played a game yet. Alrighty.
  3. We are not three years in, and it remains to be seen just how good or bad our roster is
  4. 1) we traded a conditional 7 th that could become a 6 th for Fitz. That pick was traded to Atlanta who drafted guard Wes Schweitzer. 2) we traded our 5 th to Chicago ( Adrian Amos) for Brandon Marshall and a seventh rounder. We then traded the 7 th rounder for Stacy. So we traded a fifth rounder for Marshall and stacy. 3) We've traded our 3rd (70th) for HOU's 3rd (82), 5th (152), 7th (229) and WR DeVier Posey. I guess you forgot to mention all the other picks we got in return along with posey... with the 70 th pick Houston got Jalen Strong we got 82) Lorenzo Mauldin 152) Jarvis Harrison 229) used to trade up for Petty and posey 4) we traded a fifth rounder for Clady and a seventh. Denver traded our 5 th to ten. Who drafted leshaun sims. we got Clady and drafted Lachlan Edwards. we definitely got more than what was stated in these trades. The principal reason the Jets roster is so poor was terrible drafting from 2012-2014, not these trades.
  5. Second report today disputing nj.coms story about the passes to reporters, so I guess we do have to wait and see with our own eyes.
  6. Yes. In discussing the Jets’ dire situation under center, Schefter chimed in saying new quarterback coach Jeremy Bates “is a quarterback guru and I think that he can do a lot of good for Christian Hackenberg” and continued, saying Bates is “the underrated, least talked about jets off-season acquisition so far” http://beforeitsnews.com/sports/2017/04/schefter-jeremy-bates-is-jets-most-underrated-off-season-acquisition-2686275.html That would be quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates. “Everybody is overlooking the Jets’ biggest quarterback acquisition this offseason, with that being Jeremy Bates,” Schefter said on the Rich Eisen Show Wednesday afternoon. “Jeremy Bates is a quarterback guru, and I think he can do a lot of good for Christian Hackenberg. If there is anybody that can revive or rescue his career that would be the guy and I think that they are optimistic.” http://jetswire.usatoday.com/2017/04/07/adam-schefter-jets-qb-coach-can-rescue-christian-hackenberg/
  7. I don't see it. Pats gave a 4 th for Moss Jets gave a 5 th for Marshall Decker isn't worth much coming off hip and shoulder surgery.
  8. It's been out there for months that this was going to happen once he passed his physical. "Also do not be surprised if Eric Decker, who is rehabbing from hip and shoulder surgeries, is also cut this offseason if/when he passes his physical, a source says." http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jets-release-wr-brandon-marshall-article-1.2987588
  9. Do you really think other GMs wouldn't know that there was a high likelihood that we would release Decker considering all the other vets we already cut?
  10. So they got patton, cannon and hammond, but missed Hansen?
  11. Clear as mud

    You are right. The hacks don't provide important team and football based information because they aren't sensationalistic stories. They are way more interested in the items you mentioned and Sheldons 15 reasons.
  12. Robby Anderson Arrested

    Anderson was not the reason Reddick was drafted in the first round
  13. Robby Anderson Arrested

    With all these guys from Temple playing in the NFL do you really think that Reddick got drafted because of Anderson? Temple PLAYER TEAM POSITION Robby Anderson New York Jets Wide Receiver Dion Dawkins Buffalo Bills Guard Kyle Friend Pittsburgh Steelers Center Nate Hairston Indianapolis Colts Cornerback Matt Ioannidis Washington Redskins Defensive End Praise Martin-Oguike Miami Dolphins Defensive End Tyler Matakevich Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker Brandon McManus Denver Broncos Place kicker Bernard Pierce Denver Broncos Running Back Haason Reddick Arizona Cardinals Linebacker Brandon Shippen Los Angeles Rams Wide Receiver Phillip Walker Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Martin Wallace New York Giants Offensive Tackle Tahir Whitehead Detroit Lions Linebacker Muhammad Wilkerson New York Jets Defensive End Tavon Young Baltimore Ravens Cornerback http://www.espn.com/nfl/college/_/letter/t
  14. Kevin Greene

    “I am stepping away from the NFL at this time in order to spend more time with my wife, Tara, and our children, Gavin and Gabrielle,” Greene said. “I will miss coaching and will try to return after our kids move on to college if a team will have me. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/kevin-greene-leaves-packers-coaching-staff/
  15. Jets Camp Takeaways, Day 2

    Jeremy Bates has to be included in that