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  1. We played the game in a 10 yard box, and made it very easy for the rams to defend us.
  2. since he left the sidelines westy has a job where he is paid to talk, Sheldon is paid to play football and talks to much.
  3. Mouth muscles Sheldon > Westoff
  4. And the arrow on sheldons career has been pointing down ever since. Hopefully he can turn it around
  5. Mike Westoff was in the Jets locker room during mini camp and when he saw Sheldon Richardson he thought to himself "I'm 68 years old and I've got as much muscle as you do" It seems like Sheldon isn't somebody who works on his craft to be the best Comments on Sheldon at the 1:50 Mark
  6. Mike M also said that he felt you could get good talent at RB and OL in the latter rounds of the draft or even as free agents.
  7. He worked with Gailey in Buffalo as offensive quality control and asst wide receivers coach Kevin Patullo enters his third season with the Bills as offensive quality control coach. Patullo assists in all aspects of coaching the wide receivers. He helped Stevie Johnson to back to back 1,000-yard receiving seasons in 2010 (1,004 yards) and 2011 (1,073 yards). Patullo worked closely in the development of the team’s young receiving corps including three undrafted free agent receivers who were very productive for the Bills in 2010. He coordinates the club’s offensive self-scouting duties and is responsible for computer analysis, statistical and video breakdowns of opponents on a weekly basis Lol. He sounds like the wr coach we always wanted, except he is the qb coach
  8. Former USF football player Kevin Patullo, assistant WRs coach with Titans, will be named QBs coach with Jets, reuniting with Chan Gailey @gregauman
  9. Arent they stil competing with Denver for the spot? Both play at 4 pm, and in that case it appears the NFL wanted to have Manning & Brady playing at the 4 pm time slot.
  10. Exactly. They are clueless. The league is offense driven. Even SF who is considered a defensive team put up a ton of points and yards today ( I believe that I heard it was their most ever) and has devoted plenty of resources to building their offense. Its an offensive league. The rules favor the offense. When was the last time the Jets had an offensive minded head coach? Kotite? Coslet? We continue to hire defense minded head coaches and use our top picks on defensive players and refuse to adjust to the way the game is played today.
  11. Who said Keller doesnt count? Is he signed long term? how much longer will he be here? The two probowl lineman drafted in 2006 are great as well. So the Jets draft offense every 3 years, 2006, 2009 and so maybe now 2012 they will draft some offensive playmakers. Are you really saying the Steelers let Hines Ward walk? What after his 14 year Career! They could afford to let Holmes, on of their complimentary receivers, go because they drafted Wallace and Sanders in the 3rd round. They have cheap players to take their place already on their roster. Everybody says the Steelers are a ground and pound team but since The Steelers drafted Big Ben in the first round in 2004, they have drafted the following even though they already had Hines Ward on the team: 2005 Rd 1 Heath Miller TE 2006 Rd 1 Santonio Holmes WR 2008 Rd1 Rashard Mendenhall RB 2008 Rd 2 Limas Sweed WR 2009 Rd 3 Mike Wallace WR 2010 RD 3 Emmanuel Sanders WR 2010 Rd 6 Antonio Brown WR The Jets havent drafted a WR in the first 3 rounds of the draft in 10 years! The Jets traded up to the #5 overall pick in the draft to select their supposed franchise QB and a some point they need to bring in some talent around him. Not guys at the end of their career or on 1 or 2 year contracts, but actual building blocks. The lost 3 of their top 4 wrs last year and went through the season with A guy who is just got out of prison who didnt practice or play in the preseason, Santonio Holmes, and Rookie, and a project at the receiver position. The Steelers, even though they have a capable receiving TE, have much better talent at WR because they draft it!
  12. The Jets brought in long term solutions for the offense from 2006 to 2009 in the draft really??? Funny how you bring up players drafted 3 years before Sanchez as if they were drafted to build around him. Who exactly are the long term solutions that the Jets have brought in recently for the offense? The only reason you go back to 2006, which by the way is 6 years ago, is because of Brick and Mangold. 2007 they drafted Chansi Stuckey in the 7th round. Yeah that helped alot. 2008 Eric Ainge in the 5th, Marcus Henry in the 6th, and Nate Garner in the 7th. Those are long term solutions? 2009 they brought in Sanchez, Greene and Slausen a #1 Wr isnt a superflous position in todays passing league and will help any quarterback we have if we move on from Sanchez. You cant get rid of 3 of your 4 top wrs every year and expect the QB to not miss a beat.
  13. Im not talking about 2015 talent, I am talking about a player that meets immediate needs.
  14. Im hoping they draft someone who is capable of being the #2 this year and can be the #1 going forward for several years. Bringing in Bray or Cotch on a short term deal is just putting another patch on the offense, when we need to start actually building an offense with longer term solutions.