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  1. Oedipus and the mamas boys
  2. Mine was the Dennis Byrd game....should have understood what I was getting into
  3. Kyle Wilson, slightly ahead of Eric Smith
  4. Kyle Wilson is the worst football player I've ever seen that was able to continue to play over and over. Just remember this, with essentially ZERO nfl caliber cornerbacks on our roster last year not only did wilson NOT get a chance to start he actually lost playing time as th season went on.
  5. Noooo, nobody wants to see Otis "my man" smith again
  6. I'd prefer if our head coach was worried about being a head coach and not be our defensive coordinator....didn't we have a head coach who only worries about the defense before???
  7. Guy has been a gm before and has fantastic eye for talent and has scouts lined up to join him (as per the article).
  8. I don't care why the mindset is, I want our next coah to be a MANAGER. Manage your offensive and defensive coordinators, what I don't want is another head coach who turns his back to the field when his "expertise" unit is on the sidelines. I hated seeing Rex talking to the defensive line while our offense went 3 and out.
  9. I'd cream in my pants if this happens
  10. Yes in year one against Miami when he refused to call timeouts as Ronnie brown wildcatted his way to game winning td
  11. A kotite-esque performance