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  1. NFL suspends Eli. Geno starts. JN heads explode. LOL.
  2. agree with Mike Piazza. Big Mets fan back then. If we were up by 2+ runs in the 8th, he would crush one out. Down by 2, no way. Strike out. Hated the Yanks, but always admired Jeter. He was clutch. Piazza, not so much.
  3. LT or LT or possibly a LT. if not than go with a LT. Biggest need. Young blood. DO IT.
  4. And you know any of this how, exactly?
  5. Its funny. I went to watch the game but it did not work. I said to myself, "No problem, I'll just wait for win4ever's breakdown. LOL
  6. Sounds like the center forgot the snap count and snapped it early. i remember last game he forgot the count and held the ball. Everyone fired out but him.
  7. No, it does not work on my account either.
  8. Which is a good thing. Fitz is a good QB, except his brain writes checks that his arm can't cash. Petty can make those throws.
  9. And the second was bad, but he fell for the same trick ALL young QBs fall for. Pass rusher starts forward, then drops into coverage. Hell, even experienced QBs fall for that.
  10. Petty made a bunch of throws this half that Fitz could only dream about. Plus about 3 drops. VERY encouraging.
  11. Yup. And only one TO on Petty. The blind side hit was not his fault.
  12. WWF
  13. Petty is a QB from a small school who produced very well in college. He is big, strong ACCURATE arm and a bit of a gun-slinger. Comparisons to Farve. He also has been in this offense for a year and a half. Two training camps. Hack is a QB from a big program who had a pretty good freshman year and not good the rest of his college career. Reasons, yes, but still, not good. He is a big strong kid, but is known for being inaccurate, which he displayed in the preseason. And he is a rookie. So.... of course the Jets will turn to Hack as the backup. Book it.
  14. If you are on the east coast of FL, get out now. Be smart, not brave.
  15. Fitz's contract is voided on the first day of the off-season. He will not be a Jet next year. Neither will Geno. So we ride with Petty, Hack and maybe another draft pick for next year. I wish it would start next week, and not next year. I need a reason to watch this disaster.