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  1. Petty is a QB from a small school who produced very well in college. He is big, strong ACCURATE arm and a bit of a gun-slinger. Comparisons to Farve. He also has been in this offense for a year and a half. Two training camps. Hack is a QB from a big program who had a pretty good freshman year and not good the rest of his college career. Reasons, yes, but still, not good. He is a big strong kid, but is known for being inaccurate, which he displayed in the preseason. And he is a rookie. So.... of course the Jets will turn to Hack as the backup. Book it.
  2. If you are on the east coast of FL, get out now. Be smart, not brave.
  3. Fitz's contract is voided on the first day of the off-season. He will not be a Jet next year. Neither will Geno. So we ride with Petty, Hack and maybe another draft pick for next year. I wish it would start next week, and not next year. I need a reason to watch this disaster.
  4. Closers?
  5. Nfl = not for long. Do your job or next man up.
  6. I have been A GIANT Fitz supporter, but after this performance, we need to go in a different direction. Fitz was supposed to be the "smart" QB with the limited arm. There was nothing smart about today's performance. Time for Petty to play. I would even give Geno a chance, and I HATE Genos game.
  7. It seemed like the DLine was move concerned with containment and staying in lanes that an all out, balls to the wall pass rush. The strategy worked, but they hit on a few long ones because of it. Still, I never felt like we were not in control of that game.
  8. Please stop. Your boy Geno will be off the team next year. If we are lucky, he never takes another meaningful snap for the NY Jets. Fitz is our QB1. Get on board or GTFO.
  9. Yes. Great news, Max.
  10. SAR I is never wrong. Ask him. So I am also going 31 - 6 Jets 31 Kittens 6
  11. I think Ross was cut.
  12. ok, after 4pm. Who is the last cut?
  13. No IR. If he goes on IR, he cannot practice. Ne needs to grow for next year, so he needs to practice. Cut or trade Geno, or carry 4 QBs.
  14. Biggest observation for me was Shell is not an Offensive Lineman. I have never seen a worse performance by a left tackle. I have never seen a pass blocker that would not move his feet. Awful. He looked like a high schooler going against a combination of Deacon Jones and Reggie White. He should be cut today. Sorry Macc. Swing and a miss on this one.