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  1. I REALLY hope you are right. It's been a long time since JWN.
  2. When he had time in the pocket, he looked like a professional QB and moved the team. When under pressure. he looked like a rookie QB, although he did throw one away, which is good to see.
  3. Great, just what I wanted. Let's see Hack in a 2 minute drill that matters (sort of).
  4. I hope the Giants score a TD here, so Hack has to bring us down the field for a win.
  5. Actually he reminds me of a young Kris Jenkins. He picks centers up and throws them. He is going to be a nightmare for opposing OLs.
  6. What team?
  7. Speed and depth. I can't remember when the bottom of our roster was so talented. We talk about the 5th and 6th WRS like they are starters. On some other Jets teams they would be.
  8. Yeah, because the offense does not need to get their timing down with Fitz, the actual starter.
  9. When you have talent, you can be a bit hard and get away with it (sometimes). Genocide? Not so much. Edit: even my phone doesn't like him. I typed Geno and it autocompleted Genocide. Lol
  10. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  11. The house is probably paid for. The $700 is probably the property taxes. If she doesn't pay them, he must or they will put a lien and eventually take the house.
  12. Ugh. He said he was comfortable under center, and he looked it. Way better than last year. He did not say he was comfortable or complacent with his place on the team. Context matters.
  13. Haha... "Son, you've been trolled." LOL