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  1. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    OK. TD on first drive and pound Brady all 2nd half. 
  2. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    NFL has decided Pats to the SB
  3. Patriots @ Broncos Game Thread

    Ha-ha. Brady and Gronk crying already. I love it. 
  4. Don't bring Fitzpatrick back

    apparently, you were not paying attention. 
  5. Don't bring Fitzpatrick back

    Fiyz had a broken leg pretty much the entire off season. Let that sink in. 
  6. Re-Up... Fitz ? ? ?

    The guy who gets to make that decision has already made it.  If Fitz signs back with us, he is the undisputed starter.  No competition.  Sorry you don't agree, but not your call.
  7. KC - They have Fitz-lite. Cinci - probably wrong, but I hate the Steelers Seattle - Wilson vs AD?  Mr. Wilson   GB - Rogers vs Cousins?  No contest.  
  8. If Geno starts, it's because Romo is hurt again.
  9. Trade Targets?

    VTF, did you hack Savage and AFJF's accounts?
  10. If the choice is Mo or Fitz, I am choosing Ftiz every time.  If we can tag and trade him, even better.  We are strong on the DL.  Use the money to sign a speedy OLB and Fitz.
  11. Re-Up... Fitz ? ? ?

    2 yrs at $10M base with incentives to $15M (Super Bowl).  Both years guaranteed.  Fair for both sides.
  12. Bowles on Fitz Next Year

    and when he breaks his vagina running out of bounds in the 1st half of the 1st game, fitz starts again. 
  13. Re-Up... Fitz ? ? ?

    As usual, you are partly right and partly wrong.  You are confused but we do not need a QB.  Just sayin'