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  1. Thanks!
  2. Who can I follow on twitter for updates?
  3. Nice vid. Thanks. I'm rooting for him. Our Bret Favre.
  4. Don't care. Not a Jet. Was never really a Jet. The Jets just gave him a stage. Always out for #1.
  5. The first time I loaded the page it took a while. After that it was reasonable, but it is hard to tell because there is nothing on the page to interact with other than the ads. I tried it on a windows 8.1 machine running Chrome.
  6. Thanks Max!
  7. While watching the Leggett tape, the thing that stood out to me besides Leggett's talent as a pass catcher, was the throws by Watson. He is going to be a stud in this league. Makes all the throws, accurate, hit some small windows, mobile. Pre-draft I heard stuff about his arm strength. Small sample set, but I did not see it in that tape. I hope we don't regret passing on him.
  8. I just restarted Chrome on my Mac and it seems to be better. I am not getting the constant reload. Did you change something? Edit: Oh, no ads. Works great. Not great for your bank account, though.
  9. Just JN. I am getting 116Mbps download with a 10 ms ping. I am hardwired right into the router/modem. As I type this i am waiting 2-3 seconds for the words to appear. very frustrating. The site is CONSTANTLY reloading. I am using Chrome Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)
  10. I browse here multiple times every day using a Mac, a PC with windows 8.1 and an S7 edge. The site has almost become unusable. The delays while typing this post are ridiculous. If it were not for the great content of your user base, I would not put up with this. Sad, really. I hope you get it working well soon.
  11. Adams looks like a guided missile. Maye looks good, but not great in his highlight reel. Claiborne looks like he got beat alot but poor throws kept him in ths play. Scary that this is a highlight tape. We shall see. Maybe I am just spoiled by Revis when he cared.
  12. NFL suspends Eli. Geno starts. JN heads explode. LOL.
  13. agree with Mike Piazza. Big Mets fan back then. If we were up by 2+ runs in the 8th, he would crush one out. Down by 2, no way. Strike out. Hated the Yanks, but always admired Jeter. He was clutch. Piazza, not so much.
  14. LT or LT or possibly a LT. if not than go with a LT. Biggest need. Young blood. DO IT.
  15. And you know any of this how, exactly?