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    married, 3 awesome kids, 8 year marine veteran.
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    raleigh, north carolina.
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    mustangs, marine corps and the jets.
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  1. Updated scenarios post MNF

    If this all works out, we will be playing Denver for the AFC championship in Denver, we will have to exercise our demons from the 98 meltdown!!
  2. GAME BALLS Jets vs Cowboys

    he was also cramping up and left the game for a bit to get an I.V. Injection, maybe that's why he came on in the 4th??? just saying...
  3. do it! I'd love to read them! its good to have you back!
  4. That's just like Jets luck, a player shows us something and bam... He's injured! I hope he recovers well and continues to grow as a football player.
  5. 1000 yards and Runnin

    B Marsh plays with a fire that I love, a passion, Braylon Edwards had the same fire and passion when he was a jet!
  6. The Jets are not the Browns

    Too funny, even though we have all felt this many many times before!!
  7. Revis out Sunday

    someone has to cover the sideline! A shifty bastard that sideline is I tell ya....
  8. The Pats offense...

    that may be true, but comunication through the headset is supposed to automatically shut off when the play clock hits 15 seconds, maybe the Patriots have figured out how to bypass that auto shut off feature
  9. that's not a reason for not trying the screen, all these types of plays can be run out of the same formation, which would keep the defense to guessing and reacting a bit slower, therefore diminishing the pass rush to an extent. Especially if you also go with a hurry up offense. You need to tire a quick line out and make them suck wind. Our offense is just to easy to defend against as it pertains to play selection. Our game plan has looked exactly the same all season long so far.
  10. I would of thrown a boatload of screens at whatever side Watts was lining up, with a bunch of double counter and misdirection running plays during the first half, to tire that front d. When those counters and misderiction runs start working, bam play action. Thats my simple diagnosis.... Flame suit on!!
  11. I bought my

    nice job schooling the all knowing Pats fan! PatsFanTx, I know it hurts to use your brain, or google, but it'll be ok, we Jet fans will forget your little incorrect statement soon enough..... Not I'm still laughing.....
  12. Thank you to all my fellow Veterans and all American citizens that support us, y'all are the reason we do what we do. Semper Fi
  13. Get Well Soon Win4ever

    Get well, I wish you a speedy recovery and many good games in your future to analyze! Semper Fi
  14. FUKK the PAST*S

    still a pussy