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  1. fastmover added a post in a topic Jets Passing Offense Film Review- Week 4   

    Your reviews are flat out awesome! Bummed out that you won't be able to do the next two games! Maybe you can do them after the fact, when you return? What bugs me is the crosswind makes plenty of sense, but why couldn't Fitz get an adjustment dialed in on his throws? It doesn't even look like he tried because the ball was consistently off the same directions and distance. 
    Oh well good game anyhow!
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  2. fastmover added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    Look , I get your point about volume I.e. Ben & Brown. 
    I never said I expect Fitz/smith to connect on all attempts, but one or two would be nice, 
    Yes deep attempts are not the main component of our offense, but this is about Devin and I don't see the faults in his play that you do, I see the breakdown to be more on the Qb, then the rook. And the rook is here for the deep game primarily this year, that's his role in this offense, and I want yo see him succeed 
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  3. fastmover added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    isn't that the whole purpose of a speedy receiver? To be able to take the top off the defense, that's what he was drafted to be, and this thread is about Devin, so of course the main talking point will be the deep ball, duh.... We have plenty of people to play intermediate routes and dump offs, Devin is needed for the top of the defense.  I've been consistent on topic, you have been going all over the place trying to make things fit your viewpoint and defending Fitz's honor. 
    Its not that complicated when discussing a deep threat receiver, and that discussion clearly shows that Fitz cannot take advantage of Devins strengths. There's no sense in describing the painfully obvious away. 
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  4. fastmover added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    bullsh*t..... It doesn't take 6 months to regain lower body strength from a simple fracture in the leg, I broke my leg in 3 places and was back to full strength and capability within 3 months of cast removal, my job in the Marine Corps was far more physically strenuous then a Qb in the NFL.  Fitz will never gain the imaginary strength you think he can in order to throw a better deep ball, he's never had good velocity on his deep throws, best we can hope for is better accuracy that's it. 
    So once again Fitz and Devin will never be a deep duo, and by seasons end it won't be because of Devin.. Also Rodgers is the deep ball Qb of the NFL, Ben, not so much anymore. 
    Btw your the one who brings up the Fitz talk by your backhanded comments regarding this topic towards people who don't share your opinion of Fitz, and that's what you did when you entered this topic, and here we are..... Fitz is a Jag and is a poor fit for our current offense. Put box o rocks in and watch Devin catch those deep passes that are in front of him, you'll take those points just as well. 
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  5. fastmover added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    if you connect on those 2-3 35+ yarders, it's a huge part of the offense. 
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  6. fastmover added a post in a topic Mel Kiper ranks Leonard Williams top rookie.   

    If only he didn't get bumped off his routes..... lol
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  7. fastmover added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    Fitz broke his leg in Dec last year, he's been out of a cast roughly 5-6 months, I'm sure his leg is back at full strength by now, besides he plants on his right foot and steps in on his left foot when throwing, giving the fact that the step in foot affects mainly accuracy and not strength put into a throw, and he broke his left leg, so the broken leg excuse can be put out to pasture.  I really do hope he can improve for the teams sake, but I'm not putting money on it. 

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  8. fastmover added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    this is Fitz's 11th year for Christ sakes, he's never been a good deep passer, and I'm more inclined to think that he is on the twilight of his career and the probability of him improving to take advantage of Devins strengths is unlikely to happen, they may get a better chemistry but it'll be at the expense of Devins strengths and not Fitz's physical ability. 
    I never inferred that 50 yard bombs is Devins only use, but it is something he does well and would love to see it happen on our team this year! One or two deep bombs connecting a game would make the entire offense work much better and in fact make it dynamic and scary for opposing defenses. 
    What do you mean "if I have really been posting here this long"?? You can check my join date easy enough Bumble. 
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  9. fastmover added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    the receiver doesn't always have to fight for the ball you know, put it on him in stride...TD, that's entirely possible a type of plat that fits a speedy deep threat ain't it, and one I'd like to see in our offense. 
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  10. fastmover added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    If this is in reference to my quotes of your posts, sorry bumble, I've been here a long time, longer then you have, and only here no other jet forums. 
    I can agree on some of your points, but some of your other points are flat out wrong, news flash Fitz cannot improve his deep throws or his physical arm strength, so that is a fixed variable. Devin smith may improve as a receiver and adjusting to Fitz's capabilities, which will be good, but a complete waste of his most dynamic skill set. 
    Fitz cannot take advantage of Devins strengths. 
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  11. fastmover added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    lol, yes, but both of them have the ability to pass deep, for christs sake, so they can use a receiver like Devin. SMH....
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  12. fastmover added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    that's a great picture of a poorly placed and under thrown ball, text book! 
    What the pic doesn't show is the fact that after Devin located the ball and SLOWED down to be able to make a play on it allowing the db back into it thus "bumping"  him (as you put it) out of the play. The f'ing ball needs to be on his outside shoulder and or in front of him. But I know, Devin, and Brandon are over running their routes distances right? And not the 5 or 6 under thrown deep balls , no all the deep passes actually, there hasn't been one perfectly placed ball on any of Fitz's deep passes to the sidelines at all. 
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  13. fastmover added a post in a topic Devin Smith   

    Why?  The balls are under thrown, the only solution to correct this is having Devin running slower which will reduce how far Fitz has to throw, while also  making it easier for the db's to cover route! 
    So basically we should abandon the deep routes because Fitz cannot utilize a fast and deep receiver properly due to... Wait for it..... ARM STRENGTH.... 
    "More consistent group of receivers" ????? Are you kidding me, or yourself? The only thing that's consistent between our Qb and receivers, is our Qb cannot get the ball to them on anything longer then 10 yards, 15 yards is stretching it, 20 or more.... Forget about it. 
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  14. fastmover added a post in a topic AFC Standings heading into the bye   

    If this team can come close to that, I'll be "Dancing on the ceiling" (sorry I had to) ;)
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  15. fastmover added a post in a topic QB   

    he was goated into that response, c'mon now, your as good as Cimini, taking people's words out of context to bolster your viewpoints. 
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