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  1. fastmover added a post in a topic Sheldon is an idiot; facing charges of resisting arrest, drag racing   

    What a f'ing idiot & fool! Handgun under the seat, marijuanna odor, speeds in excess of 140 mph, running a red light while running from the police, and a 12 year old in the car as well. That's full on retard right there.
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  2. fastmover added a post in a topic Breaking: NFL upholds Tom Brady's 4-game suspension.   

    In regards to Brady coming back off suspension in time for the game against the Jets, I say bring it! If there's ever a time for our NYJ's to make a statement to the Pats and the NFL in General, it would be that game. I would love to watch the opportunity for the Jets to not just win the game but to do so with authority.
    Brady coming back off suspension where he wasn't allowed to practice with his team at all, our revamped defense, the fact that no one knows what our team will be like makes scouting and planning against them that much more difficult.
    I like the Jets chances in that game/scenario!
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  3. fastmover added a post in a topic Brandon Marshall worried about Drug Test after a week in Jamaica   

    Wow!!! He can spell Mary J, but he cannot spell fail? Hmmmm...
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  4. fastmover added a post in a topic Raleigh Jets Fan Club announces new location for 2014   

    Great! I'll see y'all there!
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  5. fastmover added a post in a topic Jets Owner Woody Johnson Honors Wounded Veteran   

    Are you kidding me? The good thing about charity, is the people who give get to choose who to give to and what hits close to home to them. So instead of bitching about what Woody choose to donate to, open your wallet and donate to what hits home to you.
    Otherwise stfu because you just sounded like an arsehole.

    Semper Fi
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  6. fastmover added a post in a topic can jets rookie QB Bryce Petty make a serious run at Geno Smith's job ? ? ?   

    As in afterthoughts like every other Jets QB besides your screen name sake? So I don't see anything wrong with feeling a 4th rounder can do well, he certainly can't do worse then we are used to...
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  7. fastmover added a post in a topic can jets rookie QB Bryce Petty make a serious run at Geno Smith's job ? ? ?   

    I think Petty will be the man in a year or two, he will be developed properly, and I think he has instincts like Favre or Rodgers from what I seen in his college tape. For once it seems we have a good staff running the team and possibly I think a future QB in Petty that will be polished up by Gailey and good veteran receivers and corners. He will learn by Geno's mistakes and will be ready when he is called upon in a year or two.

    Just my gut feeling, our team is on track and in good hands finally!

    Semper Fi
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  8. fastmover added a post in a topic Sunday Notes: Jets Faith In Smith is Unusual   

    Bowles won't get blamed until he has a product on the field that fails, MM failed with the jets staff he was hired to work with for what ever reason...... I think success will be tied to a good staff and team, Rex was unable to determine the people he needed to work with that would make his staff succeed, and I still don't think Rex is capable of being that type of leader that can lead an entire staff, I believe he is good at smaller leadership roles.
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  9. fastmover added a post in a topic Sunday Notes: Jets Faith In Smith is Unusual   

    You answered your own question.... Rex is responsible because he paid no attention to the offense, he was so inept on offense that he allowed suspect coaches and coordinators run it completely. So he was directly responsible for Geno and Mark.
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  10. fastmover added a post in a topic FORMER PLAYERS FILE NEW CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST 32 NFL TEAMS   

    These players weren't exploited, are you f'ing kidding me? For any given time in history these players played they were paid accordingly. Stop with the eat the rich viewpoint. These players knew what they were doing, and allowed these doctors to treat them so they could play and get paid. By accepting the money for their service establishes an agreement and consent. Those doctors were hired to aid in the players performance and not for their overall health, they knew this. That's why this is a money grab and nothing more.
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  11. fastmover added a post in a topic FORMER PLAYERS FILE NEW CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST 32 NFL TEAMS   

    Each player that has gone through this had at the moment of being wrongfully doped up a choice they could of made. Go along with the system as they describe in the suit and take the risk for their carreer (money) or deny the treatment being offered. everyone should have a sense of personal responsibility. But as most people they did not want to suffer the consequences of standing up for themselves. Because it meant risking their carreer (money).
    They will have a tough time proving a conspiracy, since team doctors were hired by the teams, and I would imagine that most teams have some contractual legal protection from improper care routines and treatments given by the doctors they have hired. I doubt they will be able to prove all 32 teams collaborated together and effectively controlled medical procedures like the lawsuit states.
    They would have to prove the players were coerced and threatened if they didn't take the treatment, and that is an individual case by case, team by team, and what doctors etc...
    I hate when players come back after their employers years after the alleged damage was done, when it's common sense that football is inherently physically damaging. But the payout is what made it reasonable to take the gamble.

    I also hate seeing people all ****ed up when they are older, but usually it's combined with other wrong or bad life decisions that were made after football, stacked up on their medical issues that drives these lawsuits. The shame of it is the law firm will grab most of the money from any awards that may be given, and the plaintiffs are still going to be short changed.
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  12. fastmover added a post in a topic Report: Goodell considers Brady's Deflategate role a serious violation   

    In the world of Motorsports, we always baselined our measuring equipment of the officials equipment, in sense zeroing our equipment to theirs, so after the race and the car was impounded for final tech inspection, our readings would match the officials, because it did not matter if the officials equipment read inaccurate, since their readings are final and absolute.
    We also prepped our cars to meet the rules requirements after the race was over, all this was taken into account, weight, ride height, camber and toe readings, fuel levels and AIR PRESSURES in the tires, we were never penalized and we managed to win races and contend for the championship and the end of the season. Go figure.... So football operations clearly should and do the same things in principal.
    Semper Fi
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  13. fastmover added a post in a topic Bowles said the forbidden seven letter word under Rex   

    At least it wasn't swagger........
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  14. fastmover added a post in a topic sooo, what are the expectations for bowles and company this year?   

    With all the moves that have been made, this team can be very dangerous IF the team gels early. I think the underrated portion of our off season is what Gailey can do with our QB's!
    We went to AFCC twice with a nasty defense and below average QB play, I think this defense has potential to be better then Rex's d during our AFCC runs. I also think Fitz can work well with what we have now, I also think Chan can improve Geno, so I'm not to worried about the QB position tbh.
    It's nice to see we actually have professionals in charge of the team now, and it shows big time so far.
    I'm excited for this season!

    Semper Fi
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  15. fastmover added a post in a topic describe the NYJ off season as a movie title   

    Under Rex it would of been family vacation......

    Semper Fi
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