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  1. You do realize police take the cuffs off when someone makes bail ...........right?? He did show up with cuffs .....one time....as a joke. This was after hanging out with some hookers and the "cuffs" were made of fake fur. Look it up.
  2. Bowles on whether he's worried about players on road trip to Las Vegas: "I'm worried about coaches." Joking. Why should he worry? If he is lucky he will be coaching DBs somewhere before the Raiders even get to play their 1st game in Vegas.
  3. I wouldnt begrudge a single one of these players for chasing as much cash as they can considering all the physical risks they take and the long term health problems they will endure after their careers . I think most fans would agree with this but what is not acceptable is getting a nice contract and then playing fat and sloppy. Like a slouch. Unfortunately that is what he will most be remembered for by NYJ fans.
  4. Relax i'm just trollin ya☺ and who you calling old!
  5. Silly comp. Geno had a decent first contract, has a contract for some decent cash from the Giants and should have a career as a backup with a few more contracts. If his career plays out as a 10-12 year back up it wouldnt surprise anyone if he averaged a million per year. Chump change for you of course ☺ but for common folks enough for a lifetime.
  6. Globetrotting troll gonna trot n troll.
  7. I dont think he is done in 2018. I am no fan of Smiths however players of his caliber in the QB starved NFL can bumble around the league for years collecting a very nice paycheck along the way as a #2 or 3 . And then of course there is Canada.
  8. We should all have Geno's "problem" Who here wouldnt love to be paid 800K for watching pro football?
  9. Geno Smith had that perfect QBR in a real game no less.
  10. Guess the one I bought on Craigs is a fake and really not Brady's. Guy swore like cazy to me it was the one.
  11. Hint ....rhymes with sark manchez
  12. The record you cite regarding the Jets hiring and treatment of minorities is certainly something to be proud of. PS No respect for JJ Jones?
  13. Good points no doubt but you are wrong in saying what I bolded above. People ARE allowed to do what he did. If I dont like, and I dont, I tune out. If I am a 49er psl owner I cancel. For the record I dont agree with his views. I personally cant stand it when I go to a show and the entertainer takes time away from what I paid for to talk politics or speak ill of our past and or present President etc. Thats not what he did. He didnt take time away from what the audience tuned in for or paid for. People could have boycotted 49ers games and to the best of my knowledge didnt.
  14. I dont get it. Kap makes a political statement, (albeit a naive, uninformed, knee jerk reaction to media manipulations young people have always been known for) and he is looked upon worse than the woman beaters the NFL has been known to sweep under the rug. .
  15. Back when Randy Moss torched him for a long TD pass and he grabbed his groin as if to say I wasnt beat I was injured, that move was everything we ever needed to know about who he really is.