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  1. Question: Do you ever read what you write after you have written it?
  2. Of course they do its how they build their rep however what already successful exec would want to come to NY and be handcuffed to Woodys decision making? Hence the Bradway Tannenbaum Idzik Macc parade.
  3. Guys like Dorsey usually have multiple options unfold and then follow up with a well thought out career move. Woody has created a situation wherein when this type exec hits the open market they may take his phone call to be polite but that would be the extent of it.
  4. Dorsey has been an integral part of successful programs from day one of his post playing days. Why even think he would he even consider joining this stumble bum guided rats nest franchise we root for? It would be like asking Vidal Sasoon to work for the NYC public schools system and tasking him to start a "get rid of the head lice" program.
  5. The little guy has feelings mister. Be more sensitive.
  6. Yeah but only 2 life terms with good behavior. Looks like IK blew him up. Maybe one of them safeties can play LB (Lee cant) Paging Bryan Thomas......
  7. If you drink enough through the first 3 quarters............☺
  8. It is a privilege and not a right to root for this franchise.
  9. The QBs have also benefited greatly from rule changes that neutered DBs .
  10. It seems that way at first glance but arent these "Season pass subscriptions" just a marketing ploy to help re-sell tickets for non-attending and disgusted PSL owners? Also diverting money from StubHub back into the Jets pockets no?
  11. “Even when you go to kindergarten, somebody’s got to be the teacher,” Bowles said Monday after the Jets’ first mandatory minicamp practice, via USA Today. Ouch. Even if the analogy makes some sense, it doesn’t exactly send a strong message about .......... https://sports.yahoo.com/todd-bowles-says-jets-might-go-mccown-help-teach-kindergarten-151249419.html Todd Bowles lol.
  12. Their specialty is fake news regarding real issues. SInce Goodell took over the NFL is on the same level as pro wrestling. Tough to write good fake news about a fake sport.
  13. And being picked in the 2nd round with a 4th round body of work and to date not so hot performances in TC have nothing to do with it.
  14. Right......because with Brees and 10-12 wins every year Saban would have been run right out of town.