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  1. He certainly provided many highlight plays for us during his career. He is no angel. A flawed human like all of us. God bless Mark. I hope he can manage his situation, get help and carry on and still enjoy life. Please keep the high road haters.
  2. I wouldnt want them to leave town but couldnt Johnson theoretically sell the team and the stadium rights seperately? If it could be done the Bills would move down here in a heart beat with Woody giving them a long term lease.
  3. Hey talk with you all near to and after the draft. In the mean time try to get some of the sand ot of your vaginas, be nicer to each other and enjoy yourselves hahaha..... Happy New Year!
  4. Sounds plausible. Any coach would have to at least listen to Elways pitch. OTOH Harbaugh would literally laugh at Woody if he called and then Wood would hire Kubiak who would last 6 mos in the NY media market before having a stroke.
  5. As a charter member of the New York Suck Exchange "Mo Money" should just learn to STFU.
  6. Mariah should do the half time show. Her sister can work the parking lot.
  7. Woody's idea of success is keeping the Jets on the back page headline. Not with wins and titles but by signing has beens. Now...same guys screaming to cut Revis are hoping they sign Romo or Cutler, Brees. Never learn.
  8. Pretty sure TT is done in Buff. Bills put out a 2016 hghlight / promo video this week and it did not contain a single look of Tyrod. It featured highlights from both offense and defense but zero plays by TT. If I were him I would want out just based on being benched for EJ who stinks. Maybe they dont like him because he was Rex's guy??
  9. Facts Today the jets record is 4-11 You sound cute with that little baby voice of yours Your avatar is blurry
  10. I would love to see them start throwing fists and would root for both of them to get the sh!t knocked out of them. Sick and tired of both. A real HC would never put up with this BS.
  11. Smurphy Lee. F/U Maccagnan
  12. Brandon Marshall is a well documented drama queen who has never been missed by any of the teams he played for.
  13. Football needs state controlled media.