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  1. Just moving to the swamp took many off the hook.
  2. LOL Woody / Multi-millionaire. FWIW, We gave up 4 good seats 3 years after the move to Jersey and never regretted it. Now we buy tix a few times per season or just stay home to boycott a season like this one. If I had a PSL I would be livid.
  3. Of course it would be a dumb move for the Browns but arent they notorious for dumb moves? BB has been known to move players and wind up getting more than they are worth.
  4. Certainly not out of the question. Harbaugh isnt leaving very soon so Fox, a pretty good coach, has time to turn it around but yeah Chi could happen as long as the owner can pony up.
  5. No just saying Jets fans will wish for it.
  6. He is not leaving Mich. until he delivers a national title. But.......when he does. Money talks very loudly plus if he does get courted who will be the competition? Buffalo? Cleveland? Jacksonville? Teams with average to good HCs wont want to pay him. Maybe LA iwould be the only competition. His ego would gravitate to the bigger stages no? Parcells, Coughlin,............ Harbaugh.
  7. I think Pop is right in his assessment of course but from a players POV they know when the CS just doesnt have it and puts them at a disadvantage week after week. It takes a toll psychologically. Blown time outs, poor play calling, no clock management, unimaginative game plans, select few players above the rules. I dont think they overtly decide not to give100% but not believing in the mission leads to hesitancy, second guessing, failure. Ultimately the team ethos and belief in each other is destroyed and I think this is what the Jets have now with Bowles at the helm.
  8. For one game Kap will recapture his NFC championship form this week and have QB starved Jets fans drooling at the possibility of him wearing green and white next year.
  9. A good level headed analysis but the way you spelled his name in the thread title made it sound like you were going to give a gastroenterology lecture.
  10. The fanbase and media are in charge and thats why the Jets are where they are.
  11. Woodhead.
  12. Coughlin? Sure why not. Hey is Don Shula still alive? "Sure, luck means a lot in football. Not having a good quarterback is bad luck."