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  1. He will sign right after he completes his off season weight training program.
  2. Anecdotal evidence only but most people that agree with you on this do not have a degree or if they do have one it is in Russian literature or the Bolshevik constructivism modern art movement.
  3. He stays healthy he can be in the conversation he is that good.
  4. What if there is an all you can eat buffet at the finish line? ☺
  5. If they were face to face both jawing and he hit him whats the big deal. Sounds fair.They had beef. I mean it wasnt like "do you take this woman to be your....." and pow the the church is going full on riot wedding is ruined
  6. Title is misleading. If Fitz is renting the house he cannot put it up for rent. His only options are to sign a new lease or walk.
  7. Fitzpatrick rolled nice.
  8. Unions are like lawyers. Even the most obvious of the guilty need to get defended. If they didnt do this they would eventually cease to exist. Brady pays his player association fees (I assume) and is owed their support to the bitter end. As a former VP of a federal employees local I could make your head spin with some of the rediculous behaviors we had to defend. We did this with no illusions of winning and the NFLPA probably feels the same. You needed this explained?
  9. This is all a smoke screen. Kraft and Goodell are still buddys and probably have conspired to keep this garbage alive in the news in order to deflect attention from Brady's off the books earnings that circumvent the salary cap. I'm sure Kraft is going to pay poor Tom's lost salary.
  10. No........ NY metro area is already overpopulated. Seriously though, sure why not. He is better than Milliner and what about his return skills.