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  1. Jalin Marshall

    There are more UDFA's than 1st round picks in the NFL. But gridiron genius TX says only a few make it.
  2. Jalin Marshall

    A few? Really? Do you even watch or read about any other teams? Do you know what few means? Just off the top of my head for "your" team I come up with Viniteri and Welker. There's a few for just one team....I am sure they had more if I wanted to investigate. Sure there is a reason why they are UDFAs in the first place and part of it is the same reason 1st and 2nd rounders routinely fail. The draft is very inexact in case you havent noticed and there are nearly 500 undrafted players in the league. Malcom Butler just took you off his Christmas card list.
  3. Jalin Marshall

    Thank you for clarifying? Devin Smith Jalen Saunders and Shaq Evans say hello! ☺
  4. Jalin Marshall

    The New York Buckeyes How does a kid with moves and hands like this not get drafted?
  5. TB is a cheater but he is no quitter! Keep the embarrassment for you and your team alive with this rediculous attempt at exoneration.
  6. This guy made about 2-3 million for each injury.
  7. Hackington

    Trump has smaller hands than Hackleberger.
  8. A good watch fellas

    Seem that confusing pessimism with hate is common on this site. He is a Jet so lets hope he proves the doubters (like me) wrong.
  9. Dont need to read about it, very well aware of the history. Besides, why torture yourself ? One good chapter out of about 56? The way I see it the only way to survive rooting for the teamis to keep looking forward and hope the odds catch up with the them.
  10. Because if you are older than 10history tells you so.
  11. Hackington

    Urban Dictionary: Hackleberry Cousin of the dingleberry, ahackleberryis a clump of crap that connects more than 5 hairs on your ass joining your cheeks together like allies.
  12. Hey Savage 69

    Yes and then there is this. Peyton may possibly be the GOAT but with that comes the paycheck that siphons off resources for which the rest of the team needs to be built and paid with. Unless of course you are TB of the NEP and get paid under the table circumventing the cap. If that were the case in Indy they may have gone to 8 or 9 Superbowls.