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  1. If he can lay off the juice and just take a sh!t before he leaves the house they might have something.
  2. Thanks well done. However I would have went with blindness instead of sadness kinda like when they warned us when we were 14 and ........oh never mind, wound up with thick glasses anyway
  3. Lets face it. Opposing coaching staffs must be fvcking giddy game planning for Sh!tzpatrick. I think the NYJs are the few teams where during practice week leading to playing the NYJ opposing CS actually get home for dinner with the wife and kids. Until he is replaced with at least a middle of the pack QB this team is screwed.
  4. I dont know when Belichick's contract comes up for renewal but if it is anytime soon Johnson should offer him double or triple anything Kraft is offering and let him be the GM and HC and also offer a minority ownership stake and if it makes him happy replace all the secretaries with swim suit models of his choosing. Then and only then will this franchise turn from laughing stock to winners.
  5. Of course who they pick will depend on whether or not Petty sees the field this year. If he looks decent do they focus on rebuilding one of the worst secondarys in the league? (I know. I hate 1st round DB's also.) If he looks bad do they go after Watson? Kizer?
  6. Sh!tzpatrick and Geno are probably the worst 1-2 this franchise has ever seen. Get Petty out there asap and lets find out what Jets need to draft in 2017
  7. You left out shrimp linebackers.
  8. Sheesh
  9. Mediocre is being generous. The Jets Phins and Bills all suck balls Everthing is the way supernatural forces demand it to be in the AFCE NEP 3-0 and the rest 1-2 We will all get old and die and this will not change. We will will this to our children they will do the same. Belicheck is faust and will live eternally while taunting us to our grave. He will continue to take any scrub QB and win 12 games every season and steal a Lombardi every 4-5 years. It is fate. I accept it.
  10. Its gonna get very crowded under the bus if they blow this one. Maybe Rex and Rob take one from their fathers playbook and punch each other in the face at the same time. Honestly, I would pay to see that.
  11. Ha ! True, but even if he was 120 y/o and demented he would be 10X the coach Ryan ever was.
  12. Cleared to play but wont go? Sounds like John Abraham syndrome
  13. Weather front is moving through the area. It will only be cloudy with 15 mph wind at game time. I dislike the combo of windy and Fitzpatrick.
  14. KC should not be able to establish much of a run game today. Many will disagree but I think Alex Smith is very underated. Certainly better than Dalton or Tyrod. If the Jets dont tighten up their play in the secondary he can torch them. If the D line can hurry / pressure him into a mistake early and maybe the Jets pick one off I really like their chances today.
  15. http://sports.yahoo.com/m/7374dd69-e5f9-32e5-a55b-0b84cd4b53aa/ss_rex%26%2339%3Bs-plan-for-palmer%3A.html Rex's plan for Palmer: "hope he has an off day" 34 posted by Matt Warren on Sep 23, 2016