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  1. - I am not against what Kap did or on the other side of the coin, not against any pro USA displays. Having said that, dont we seek entertainment to get away from all that stuff even if it is only for a few hours? Maybe players contracts could state no political statements? - The way Goodell has swept cheating under the rug and continues to let the Pats pay Brady under the table is inexcusable and has eroded the credibility of the NFL to where it is almost universally viewed with a jaundiced eye by previously stalwart followers. - Rules changes have resulted in a game that leaves 85% of the teams with literally no chance at a Superbowl win because they do not have a top 5 QB.. Not all too long ago you could win with decent defense and a very strong running game but those days are gone.
  2. FWIW look at Flacco's career stats and compare him to other 8-9 year NFL starters. How many are any better? Not too many amirite? So people want to blame him for the Ravens not winning any more Superbowls since 2013 cause he makes too much money. Thats absurd! Yes Joe, turn down the cash you greedy bastid and go out and risk your brain every Sunday for Fitpatrick money. Rogers makes 22m also and at least they arent getting paid under the table like the Pats pay Brady. BTW he did have a severe ACL injury last year and the Ravens probably want to keep him on the bench against the Jets. I'm guessing they feel they can rest Flacco and beat our team with any QB on the roster and probably will.
  3. Love the tootsie. My dentist keeps a bowl full in his waiting room.
  4. Lol ........Flacco not that great as if our team wouldnt salivate over having a QB of that caliber behind center.
  5. Well maybe ownership should try a different approach. Try hiring an established GM or HC? The one and only time the team did that with BP it worked. Since Johnson became the owner and only hired unprovens the results speak loud and clear.
  6. What is a written machine gun and is a full carry permit required?
  7. Worthless PSLs, no champioship caliber teams to root for, motorhome payments, Pats troll openly relishing schadenfreud..... These 1st world problems wont kill us but that IBS, boy I tell ya.
  8. Not only should this bindle be terminated he should be arrested and charged for impersonating a coach, stealing Woody's money, and banished to Staten Island to spend the rest of his days with Rich Kotite.
  9. This team does not improve as long as Mac (Idzik in sheeps clothing) is the GM. Just examine a few of his decisions. Forte ? Really ? If you run replays of him you dont need the slo mo button. Fitz? 12M OMFG 12M?? Hackenberg? I honestly think this guy might have been undrafted but Jets take him in the 2nd? Darron Lee? HA this guy is gonna get killed out there. Devin Smith? another 2nd wasted. Lets not even get into the without a clue head coach.
  10. With no QB or running back.
  11. Learn to read. Comparing idiots has nothing to do with defending.
  12. Leave SAR alone. Its obvious he has developed superior coping skills to endure this torture.
  13. Could not agree more but like I said this doofus Mac is an extension of Idzik. I mean ......Hackenberg and Lee....really?
  14. Somewhere last night John Idzik was probably smoking a cuban and enjoying some Courvoisier. He has to feel vindicated that all the blame heaped on him for the recent systemic failures of the NYJ organization turned out to be a cruel joke. A cruel joke not only for him but also for the loyal fan base who now have to suffer again for who knows how many more years with the current regime. Todd Bowles who has to be most clueless in game manager in the NFL in recent memory. We can only hope and pray he pulls a Bobby Petrino and leaves a note on the wall saying he has resigned. Maccagnan who on the other hand seems nothing more than extension of Idzik. Who has he drafted other than Williams (who literally fell onto his lap) that has played to his high draft position? Hackenberg and Lee were rediculous picks. Hack may never see an NFL field and speedy little Lee may not survive it. Would it have been smarter to package these picks with maybe another pick if needed and trade up for a QB? Mauldin is meh, Devin Smith sucks and we now have to pray 4th round project QB Bryce Petty is going to be the saviour? HA! Which brings me to this. Lets assume Petty has some talent. Who can argue that even if he is talented the current offensive scheme doesnt just flat out suck, is predictable, has no run game to keep defenses honest, doesnt change from week to week? Would any young QB succed here? Wouldnt this lead one to believe decent defenses are just gonna kill this guy? So here are the Jets sitiing last in the AFCE and again here come the pitchfork and torch carriers to the Jets door looking for heads on a stick. Some things never change. Roger Goodell should hire Korn Ferry to find the next owner of the team
  15. Ring of Honor for #90 His career may have been short but the way he fought back was an inspiration to many