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  1. I think Bowles is overpromoted but honestly does anyone here think he called the pass play / int. that lost the game? That's on the OC and then the QB for not throwing it away when the play wasnt there.
  2. On to Atlanta

    May as well bring back the Joes vs Pros show and use this match up as episode 1.
  3. ### Jets \ Dolphins Game Thread ###

    Watching how fast Darron Lee runs around like a chicken with his head cut off and accomplishing almost nothing is amazing.
  4. jets viewership down the most

    Ewww...Urgent care centers are ubiquitous now. Be a good husband and take her...........during half time.
  5. Happy birthday you sticky old sonofagun.
  6. Darron Lee is 23

    210 lbs by Nov when the summer "supplemental chemistry" is all gone. He is a natural 190 Gotta hand it to the guy he played this perfectly. He showed up really big and fast at the combine and got the pay day,
  7. Darron Lee is 23

    If any one here truly believers this azzwipe plays at 232lbs I have a bridge for sale you may be interested in. This guy was sub 200 until he sniffed the pay day for quick inside backers and found the special sauce.
  8. Time to bench Mo for the season

    Wilkerson must have consulted with Albert Haynesworth. The Titans were smart and let fat Albert walk away to steal from Dan Snyder. The Jets paid their pooch to stay. Between Wilkerson and Revis the team has been taken for how many million?
  9. Time to bench Mo for the season

    I need pain shots to watch him play.
  10. Time to bench Mo for the season

    Do tell! Please explain further!
  11. Fake news. Saw him recently, Still looks fat to me.
  12. In a league with multiple franchises literally starving for just decent QB play he is buried behind a rookie and a free agent failure. His post Jets career trajectory speaks volumes for what Mark was and is.
  13. I takes a lot of luck to lose 11 straight and our Jets are a historically unlucky team.