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    My vote can be bought.
  2. Andrew Luck

    Luck is dynamite. He has been taking a beating last few years with that Colts OL. I would love to see him here but with the Jets OL he might play 5 games a season.
  3. Abusing the reputation system

    All kidding aside I dont think I have used neg rep more than 20 times in 11 years of visiting this site and I am sure I have received many more neg strikes than that. I have found over time just not engaging with those who show a predilection for that sort of thing (name calling, ^ neg rep usage etc) works well. Putting the knuckleheads on ignore can help for some but I prefer not to do that simply because of their entertainment value.
  4. Blake Bortles

    What you describe would indeed be a very Jetsy move however this whole idea that Darnold is the next cant miss QB is a leap of faith shared by QB starved Jets fans. He may turn out to be a very good pick and I would like to see it happen but I cant help comparing him to the last USC QB with one season of work to judge by that the NYJ drafted. And yes Mahomes should have been the pick.
  5. Blake Bortles

    I am with you on that assessment but the fear is the Jets wind up with a top 3 pick and go defense again.
  6. Blake Bortles

    Since 2008
  7. Abusing the reputation system

    Can the program be set so if any poster gives more than 2 neg reps in 24hrs any subsequent neg reps left by them will also cause a neg rep on their own profile? May work to deter abuse of the system.
  8. Maybe it is time to play the anthem for the fans in the stands only just BEFORE the players take the field.
  9. Blake Bortles

    Bortles is not getting cut so forget this nonsense. Cut Bortles and then start Henne ..................right. In the QB starved NFL even guys like Bortles are very hard to come by.
  10. Cromartie only took a knee cause he was this close to impregnating some woman in the 6th row.
  11. Signing Kaep is an absurd premise. But this GM was dumb enough to let Snacks walk, draft a 1st round flea sized psychologically fragile ILB, draft 2 safety's when there is no starting caliber NFL QB on the roster etc so hey who knows?
  12. Something about going safety / safety when knowing full well there is no QB on the roster that can help this team over the next 3-5 years has raised my suspicions regarding the level of the GMs football intellect. And this whole b/s thing about Williams being so friggin great, first of all he is very good not great and please remind me when was the last time a DT carried his team through the playoffs.
  13. "Hackenberg went 2-for-6 passing for 14 yards and a 42.4 rating. He was sacked twice, fumbled once and did not lead the Jets to any points. Four of his five drives were three-and-outs. He managed just two first downs — one throwing and one on which he scrambled. The Jets averaged 2.2 yards per play with him in the game, netting 43 yards total and minus-three passing. Hackenberg has failed to lead the Jets to any points in 13 possessions this preseason." http://nypost.com/2017/08/19/awful-christian-hackenberg-just-lost-his-chance-to-be-jets-starter/