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  1. Ironic? What is ironic is that most of the present day Revis sycophants here considered him dead when he signed with the Patriots. Of course he isnt convicted yet but who would want to bet against it? Four felonies will be tough to plead down when there is video evidence showing he beat 2 guys unconscious. That will make any DA looking to make his bones in a high profile case salivate. Have fun Revis fluffers.
  2. The nature of your posts invite "these discussions" Ive already shown you objective data that reflects CWs career greatness which you choose to counter with some absurdly rediculous "he faced these QBs" rationale all while failing to acknowledge how Revis will never approach these career numbers because he is rapidly overeating, and assaulting himself out of the league. I hope he retires as a Jet very soon before he continues to embarrass himself.
  3. I do not hurl insults as you suggest. You describe your posts as info. Regarding Revis I would describe them as fake news. I stand by my statement he doesnt belong in the same sentence as those two and most students of the game (not Jets fans) will agree. I will go as far to say as he might not make the first ballot now that he is a felon.
  4. Time to get rid of that Earthlink dial up service. ☺
  5. So when I first bring up CW you describe his career as laughable now you say 1st ballot hof which is it? I respect Revis's talent but if he had half CWs passion to play he would be the greatest ever not just one of the best.
  6. Sorry but you lose all cred when you describe Woodson, after the career he had, as laughable.
  7. Too bad the NYJ cant upgrade as easily as this. ☺
  8. The Jets can draft another 1 season wonder from USC Doomed to repeat history Book it.
  9. Woodson is laughable? Your statement is so laughable you can only be trolling. Please let me know when todays fat lazy Revis gets the 65 ints, 1000 tackles, 20 sacks and 11 touchdowns CW has. Revis is as talented as anyone but his #1 passion was only $. Woodson played like his hair was on fire his whole career and his teamates followed his no holds barred approch to the game. PS Revis will never make the switch to safety and if he does he will be marginal at best.
  10. In both instances, when buying real or fake, the purchaser is duped. Only diff I can think of is buyers of the fakes can seek some restitution through the legal system but the disatisfied buyer of NFL sanctioned seat license's have no such option.
  11. Revis had a handful of great seasons. In my opinion he does not belong in the same sentence as Sanders or even Carles Woodson both of whom had truly great careers and never showed up fat and complacent. Revis is a borderline HOFer.
  12. and going 3-11 had nothing to do with the ticket sales drop?
  13. $1000 per week in NY? I'd buy a nice indoor parking space.
  14. Hated the pick. Honestly, he did have a decent rookie season. Still hate the pick.