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  1. I would re-sign Ik to an incentive laden one punch deal.
  2. They are extending the status quo if they sign this mutt for 12M. One step further.... even if he doesnt sign (foolish on his part) management just wanting to sign him tells me nothing has changed in Jetland.
  3. The Ryans Never Stop

    Right to the chalk ☺
  4. The Ryans Never Stop

    Jets karma. Fill in the blank Pete Carroll ex Jet HC builds a Superbowl winner and perennial contender in Seattle. Belichick leaves Jets eventually winds up in NE and wins rings and contends for what feels like the last 100 years. Rex Ryan laughed out of NY leaves in his clown car after failing to deliver on his SB predictions lands in Buffalo and quickly _________________________________________
  5. Fair enough Captain Obvious. Question, Once Brady is done and if the Jets can turn it around will you be JetsFanTX or will you have already jumped on the Seahawks or another perennial contenders bandwagon? BTW, since you want to talk about ineptitude, in this,neck of the woods, the quality of your contribution to the sites content is somewhere south of Teh Falcon's and not the least bit clever or entertaining like you think it is.
  6. You are missing the point. He no longer has a legacy to protect. An ethical attorney (oxymoron?) should have advised him to throw in the towel long ago.
  7. Brady is not making these appeal decisions on his own. He has high powered attorney's advising him. Just another validation of how this country has been ruined by lawyers.
  8. Yeah Welker sure is hard to argue with that. Maybe Wayne has similar success if he is paired with a great QB like Welker was.
  9. I honestly dont believe he is dumb. He is a huckster full of bluster, who manipulates owners, players, fans and press with empty promises, smoke and mirrors and sound bites. His whole HC career has been based on this myth of him being a great DC which started when he was with the Ravens. In fact he is barely average but had success in Balt. by being blessed with great players. He is all foam and no beer.
  10. Classy of them to show him the respect he deserves. Imagine Waynes numbers if he had 10 years of Brady passing to him?
  11. South Florida Dolphins?

    Should be a nice place to watch a game. Just another reminder of how bad Johnson, Mara/Tisch were hosed on the Snoopy dog house.
  12. Jeanie are you wondering why you are the only person showing up for work at campaign headquarters ? (psssssssssst.. Romney dropped out last year.)
  13. Watkins Breaks Foot

    This just in: Sammy Watkins is a stud and on any Sunday can light up any corner in the league. Any.