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  1. Slow down cowboys...............things are looking good but give the guy some time.
  2. Cro may not have much left but still not a bad signing if you are Irsay and can use the 13 dependents on your 1040.
  3. And then suddenly Dustin Keller doesnt look so bad ☺
  4. Cool story bro. Maybe you should troll a Giants forum with that?
  5. Geno's passes appeared to be on west coast time.
  6. Was tinybacker tinier last night?
  7. Treat yourself to an RV or somethin.......
  8. Peyton may have been the worst starting QB in the league last year. The defense is killer on that team. I am no fan but I think Sanchez can ride the wave and actually get that team deep in post season.
  9. Lets face it. This guy was on thin ice with Jets fans the second his ego was bruised at the draft and he stood up to leave when he wasnt a first round selection. He needs to take the NFL by storm in order to have some of the dumbass stuff he has done forgotten / forgiven but obviously that isnt even remotely possible at this point.
  10. Rex's brother will do something absurd this year just wait and see.
  11. Al-Jazeera? Really? So now Goodell is going to let the ruling family of Qatar help police the NFL?
  12. Slow down boys. Classic premature ejetulation. This team has accomplished zilch, nada. See if you can slap those ideas around again say week 10 and if so have at it.
  13. Wow Easley over Klecko ? For real?
  14. Who couldnt see these things coming for Cro with his living in the moment lifestyle and a high paying career that everyone knows has a short life span. As far as moms house goes he was probably making the mortgage and tax payments. Now he is broke and cant do it. When the payments stop the bank will foreclose and they will all get evicted anyway. I feel sorriest for all his kids. If their moms arent educated and employed...............well you know how that goes.