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  1. No I won't do that. I am afforded the right to express my opinion. Just because you can't deal with it, don't take it out on me. If you disagree that's fine but refrain from trying to tell me what I can and can't do. In real life, just a few have tried.
  2. Perhaps our age difference. I completely disagree.
  3. Nearly worked. Oh gotcha. You're one of those almost guys.
  4. I disagree. There are down years for good franchises but we have had 47 years of zero SB appearances. Woody as an owner, has made bad decision after bad decision.
  5. This franchise never stops making unthinkable decisions. This has been a horrible stretch of years. A complete and total loss. GFYS Woody.
  6. The owner too
  7. Doesn't matter where we draft. We'll probably end up with another corner or DL. I am so down on this team. We'll also give this POS HC another year and another wasted season.
  8. A win is a win for NE. What you are saying, is we had a great moral victory. This coach should never be a HC and he needs to go. End of story.
  9. Here is where I disagree Joe. What you said makes perfect sense in a real NFL environment. But our Jets make bad decisions year after year and decade after decade. I have the horrible feeling that Bowels will be back and we will suffer through yet another season of the inmates running the prison.
  10. This is why they should NOT have hired a coach before the GM. This is all on Woody.
  11. It is hard to imagine where some all time greats would be if they were behind center on some of those horrific OLs that O'Brien was behind. I remember the beatings he took in some games and granted that his lack of mobility was a factor, but shees, sometimes the defender was there before the ball
  12. The fact that McCagnan feels that Bowels is doing "a good job" is an very good indicator that he is either out of touch or incompetent.