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  1. If you were to read my original post, that was not my point at all. Wasting more game wondering about Geno is not going to help at all. We need to see if Petty has anything at all to offer. If not, it is time to seriously go after a QB. If so we address as many other weak areas as possible.
  2. It is that very thinking that has had this franchise hurting wince 1969
  3. Sure you did. Enjoy you day.
  4. I completely agree
  5. Before making this statement, you would have to get a job.
  6. I thought that Home Depot actually gives a test before hiring.
  7. I find it hard to disagree on any of the points you made. I would also like to add that not only has Bowles been out coached in ALL phases of the game and failed to make the simplest in-game and halftime adjustments, he has made the most colossal mistakes in simple and basic math. How can we then be asked to put our trust in this guy?
  8. You say Petty could not overtake Geno in 2 camps and my response stays, why do you put any faith in this coaching staff's ability to make decisions? 10 games left with this current record, stacks the deck and table against us. say the Jets go on a tear and end up 8-8, how is that beneficial to the team? We wither see what he has now or it is a wasted season with ZERO benefits.
  9. In all honesty, I put no weight as to what Bowles thinks about anyone. We have found out plenty about him this year and we can safely assume that he is no HC material. Starting Geno is futile. Let's say he wins a few games now, so what? Geno's decision making is what it is. Wasting games on him means just giving away another season for NOTHING. We need to see if Petty has anything to offer either as a starter or a backup. If not, we know what we need either via draft or trade. I am tired of wasting time on the dead. We have had too many failed projects. Winning a few games without extracting anything from them now is meaningless.
  10. So wobblers are an indication of arm strength huh? I always thought it was mechanics....or so I've been told.
  11. "The game was still within reach" You lost me there. The game I was watching was NOT within reach at the time that Geno came in.
  12. I will give you that. In other words, still turn over prone
  13. OK but I am sure you saw that coming too.
  14. Great interception. Geno being Geno.