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  1. In order to play for BB you need a brain. Geno could never play for him.
  2. Agreed. There was also no immediate vote of confidence from the coaching staff until Petty got hurt. Enjoy the season and let's hope that number 2's become a thought for next season.
  3. Not likely to save a season but not blowing one over a QB that has fallen out of favor and has shown himself to be incapable of learning. that is a double whammy.
  4. For the first time in many years we are doing things the right way. We have present and maybe future on the team. We are not rushing anyone on the field and we have good weapons as well as potentially explosive weapons. My guess is some Jets fans are just indoctrinated (as I am) by our past experiences while some others, are just bitter about Geno not starting (Thankfully).
  5. I couldn't possibly agree more. Fitz also had zero chemistry with the starters leading up to the opening game last season, since he practiced with the number 2 team and also came to the team rather late. It usually takes a whole season. Fitz is not the most gifted QB the likes of an RG3 but how well did that work out? I think Fitz can and will get better and now he has even more weapons. If he can stay healthy, we're in for a really good season.
  6. Imagine how quickly a season can go down the tubes if Fitz gets hurt, Geno comes in and Geno being Geno, the season can be over rather quickly. Just my opinion
  7. And that was after it was over simplified for him
  8. That's really too bad. We have the interception and fumble machine still clogging up a spot on the roster. I can't believe that he survived yet another year on this team.
  9. When you have a point... You have a point. Glad he is gone. 1 to go
  10. I was referring to 8 home games in a dome.
  11. Sanchez without the wind and elements factor, could actually do better than expected. Remember how horribly he played during windy games compared to calmer games? He could never adjust.
  12. I completely and wholeheartedly agree.
  13. I am with you. Physical ability is a small part of being a QB. A high Football IQ is the largest part of it. I do not see Colin's leadership abilities or football IQ to come close to Fitz.
  14. I did not say i wanted him arrested. That is protecting his right to free speech. I said I do not want him in the NFL. It is my right to feel that way.
  15. I hope that teams have enough common sense to stay away from this idiot. I would rather have Geno (whom I dislike immensely as a QB) than someone who HATES America.