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  1. Why are they the S.O.J?

    Finally someone who gets what the poing of a football season is. In this new era, a turn around often happens over night. I love this team and always will, but that does not diminish the fact that this is yet another season of drought. It isn't just missing pieces. Mental toughness or lack thereof is and will always be the key. In a long season, all teams lose pieces of the puzzle. We were obviously not mentally tough enough to move on. IMO, it is SB or bust.
  2. I guess this was Super Bowl week for Ryan.

    The result was obvious by how this team was playing or not playing rather.
  3. too bad we were not ready to play.
  4. NFL wants the Steelers in

    at least 3 late hits on Fitz. Also helmet to helmet on the RBs but no call.
  5. NFL wants the Steelers in

    Hard to play against the refs and the Bills. The NFL DOES want the Steelers in.
  6. Considering The Lack Of Moves ..

    I would much rather start Browning Nagle than Geno Smith. These are certainties. He is unable to learn. His "Athleticism" is either over rated or overshadowed by his inability to keep cool. He could start NOWHERE in the NFL.
  7. Here we go...

    I don't dislike Geno Smith. I hate him with a passion.
  8. Patriots Week..What's the game plan?

    In my opinion, the Patriots will use short and extremely quick passes, play action passes and runs on the edges. They will also often go no huddle to tire the defense and play action passes from there. I am not sure how you defend against short timing routes, conversely, I think that the Jets coaching staff is game planning for just that. I sincerely believe that this game is a measuring stick for this Jets team but anything short of a win is a huge loss. Just a thought.
  9. The Jets have the # 1 Defense in the NFL

    The real question is can we beat the Patriots and whatever method of cheating they are using right now?
  10. Rex Ryan thread, week 4 edition

    I am not sure that Rex's record is awesome after a bye week. As I recall it, it was usually the worst week to be a Jets fan. I could be mistaking though.
  11. Patriots Week..What's the game plan?

    In my honest opinion, the only shot we have to beat the Patriots is to hit Brady often, to hit him hard and to make him uncomfortable from the start. Brady is only beatable when startled. The offense has to go on long and time taking drives. It is much easier said than done, but it is the only way...However, a long shot
  12. We Have Finally Replaced Keyshawn Johnson

    I completely agree. I did however think he was strong, durable and tough.