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  1. Great observation. I had not noticed. Thanks for bringing this up.
  2. You've captured my thoughts on this to perfection. It has been a matter of "wait until next season" for Jets fans for 47 years. Half a century of waiting till next the next season that has never come. Rebuild after rebuild. Bad move after bad move. Bust after bust in the draft. It has taken many fans with positive attitudes and turned them into realists when it comes to this team. Will we ever see a championship in our life times?
  3. Todd Bowles not concerned with Jets' tardiness: 'Sometimes you're late to work' New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles on the sideline as the Jets beat the Bills, 30-10, in the final game of the 2016 season. 1/1/17 (Andrew Mills | NJ Advance Media for PrintEmail By Connor Hughes | NJ Advance Media for Email the author | Follow on Twitter on March 29, 2017 at 10:45 AM, updated March 29, 2017 at 10:46 AM PHOENIX -- The Jets were a mess in 2016. There's no other way to put. But it wasn't just on the field where they had their struggles. Off it, things were just as ugly. Jets' Woody Johnson not alone at NFL owners meeting Among the many, many issues -- locker room turmoil, drama, lack-of leadership -- the Jets dealt with a perceived lack of accountability. Two of the their best players -- defensive ends Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson -- made it a habit of showing up late to meetings. Is coach Todd Bowles worried about his team's alleged issue with tardiness? "It's part of it," Bowles said at the NFL owners meeting on Tuesday. "Sometimes you're late to work. It's life. It's not life threatening ... Sometimes your alarm clock isn't going to go off." Bowles is a former player. He coaches his team as such. He knows things are going to come up with his guys, understands things from their point of view, as is lenient where others are overly strict. He may come from the Bill Parcells coaching tree, but he's not like the ex-Giant coach's other disciple, Tom Coughlin. Bowles will have bigger role in O in '17 He has a defensive background. Despite missing a team walkthrough before a game against the Ravens, Wilkerson wasn't docked game time another two weeks. The repeated absences and lateness eventually led to his, and Richardson's, first quarter benching in Week 9. "Those guys, after that, were sharp," Bowles said. "They were fine. We didn't have a problem with them after that." ADVERTISING Wilkerson and Richardson were two players believed to be leaders. Regular tardiness isn't the best way to lead by example. With guys like cornerback Darrelle Revis, receiver Brandon Marshall and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick now gone, the Jets are running a bit low on guys others can follow. There's defensive end Leonard Williams, but he's overshadowed in a meeting room with Wilkerson and Richardson. There's left tackle Kelvin Beachum and quarterback Josh McCown, but they were just signed. Receiver Robby Anderson is heading into just his second year. Bowles: #1 QB going into spring is ... The Jets signed Josh McCown, and also have Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. Still, Bowles believes it will work itself out. "I think a bunch [of younger guys] have the leadership qualities," Bowles said. "It's just about saying it at the right time. You can't force a leader. You can train them, some of them are naturally gifted, but you step up as you see fit. "We have about 15 of them that I'm pretty sure can lead." Connor Hughes may be reached at Follow him on Twitter @Connor_J_Hughes. Find Jets on Facebook.
  4. No I won't do that. I am afforded the right to express my opinion. Just because you can't deal with it, don't take it out on me. If you disagree that's fine but refrain from trying to tell me what I can and can't do. In real life, just a few have tried.
  5. Perhaps our age difference. I completely disagree.
  6. Nearly worked. Oh gotcha. You're one of those almost guys.
  7. I disagree. There are down years for good franchises but we have had 47 years of zero SB appearances. Woody as an owner, has made bad decision after bad decision.
  8. This franchise never stops making unthinkable decisions. This has been a horrible stretch of years. A complete and total loss. GFYS Woody.
  9. The owner too
  10. Doesn't matter where we draft. We'll probably end up with another corner or DL. I am so down on this team. We'll also give this POS HC another year and another wasted season.
  11. A win is a win for NE. What you are saying, is we had a great moral victory. This coach should never be a HC and he needs to go. End of story.
  12. Here is where I disagree Joe. What you said makes perfect sense in a real NFL environment. But our Jets make bad decisions year after year and decade after decade. I have the horrible feeling that Bowels will be back and we will suffer through yet another season of the inmates running the prison.