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  1. I did actually...... back in the mid 2005-2009 era, it seemed he stayed away, tried to hire football people. The Tebow era was the beginning of the end in my mind.
  2. I LOVE horse racing.....doesn't mean I should own a horse.
  3. I'm gonna write the JETS a very strongly worded letter.....😀
  4. Im starting to really have NO respect for Woody.
  5. Well.... there might be people on the ground I'd be concerned about.
  6. THe JETS under Woody have been a well run, well respected stable team.
  7. Tanny was a shilty GM. There is no evidence he drafted well His drafts were driven by the HC . The 2007 draft was a Mangini draft. He is as dumb as Rex when it comes to evaluating talent. He blew our budget on Mark, Holmes, let Cotch walk, Favre walk etc. He has NO balls. Please...absent a 2 year run, Tanny has been nothing to brag about.
  8. Fixed. Sorry, couldnt resist.
  9. Im not sure why he even tried to flee... he is innocent. He has been looking for the real killer for 23 years now.
  10. 3 weeks from learning about it to his death??? How terrible. LIfe just sucks sometimes.
  11. I agree with you.... the numbers don't lie. No playoffs since 2010, no decent drafts since 2007, several coaches, GMs, more QBs than we can count, one season with more than 10 wins.... and while I haven't checked, I'm sure an overall losing record. we are amongst the worst 3 teams in the NFL and people want to defend Woody? mind boggling. the way we cowed down to Revis, FITZ, Holmes, gave Sanchez that big contract etc. Management is the problem here.....
  12. In Waxhaw NC where he lives... that will last 2 lifetimes.
  13. Im hoping that was the NYCDAN sarcasm post.....