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  1. You forgot to mention TRUE businessman owner versus the Trust fund baby.
  2. Agreed. PAts have to be favored.
  3. When you have a wet dream of Williams...who is throwing him the ball???? Picture FITZ and you'll wake up in a cold sweat. 😀
  4. So..the Falcons will have been in the SB 2 times since 1998. Jets.... not so much.
  5. Hey now.... that's all we have. 😩
  6. We lost to GB that year didn't we? Who knows ...I'm still pissed at the 1998 loss to Denver.
  7. Yep...... agreed. With 3 minutes left, I thought we were gonna win.
  8. Looks like the Steelers beating the Jets in 2010.
  9. 2 years in a row.... a REX Ryan team was out coached and outplayed in a championship game, giving up 24 unanswered points in both games. How many teams that have won a SB give up 24 unanswered points? Oh yeah... he followed that with 6 years in a row of no playoffs and a below 500 record. GO PITT!!!!! I'm actually gonna root for Atlanta to win it all.... won't likely happen but anyone other than the cheaters.
  10. Where's REX?????? According to some here... he is the key to getting to the Championship game.
  11. Those were great years and rooting for the sack exchange was so much fun. when men were men playing this game. He was and will always be a great NY JET. Young kids have no idea how much fun it was having those teams.
  12. A rare few JETS fans ... polish their 3rd place trophy while philly fans, bills fans, cardinals fans all try to explain that getting close means absolute zero. like almost curing Grandmas cancer, she's still dead. At some points, real adults dont settle for if, could, would.
  13. 8th place trophy babies LOVE that Chaddy cakes.
  14. Absolutely. I still remember him at short, Jerry Kenny at 3rd, Horace Clark at 2nd and Danny Cater on 1st.
  15. 75 percent of the board have no idea who you are talking about.