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  1. Jets 27. CHiefs 17 Jets defense plays lights out..... Chiefs score TD on turnover and a TD on a decent play but statistically we control the game. FITZ 2 TDs, one turnover.
  2. They will trade either Garrapalo or Brisset for a 1st round pick if this continues...
  3. He was a very athletic QB at NC State..... I'm. It surprised.
  4. Rex would never cut a fullback. What's wrong with this team.....🤔
  5. I hope the kid plays well and the Pats lose BIG. If the Pats dont win again this season that would be perfect. I hate them with a passion.
  6. Im fearful that Brisset will be good. He was solid at NC State. BTW..3 NC State QB's starting in the NFL this week and a would be starter, Mike Glennon sits.
  7. Whats the deal with ESPN? We cant make week 3 picks yet?
  8. Let him believe that REVIS is the reason the Pats won. HE still defends Sanchez and Rex and is literally ridiculed daily here.
  9. Same could be said of Revis..thats why I said fair analogy. Had you actually attended UNC, you would have been forced to take basic English as it is basically a cupcake school.
  10. Understood.... Deion literally played an integral role in bringing his team(s) to the SB. But the analogy is fair.
  11. 3-5 years? I dont see 2 more years if this keeps up.
  12. I disagree with some of your reasoning however, I think he is clearly going to Canton but a lock for 1st ballot??? He will get hurt a little by his mercenary approach to the game and may be snubbed his 1st year. Rumor has it he would hold out anyway.
  13. ahh.. most of us are totally filled with Disappointment and Bitterness, so now we enter the TOTALLY delusional phase of JETS fandom. Its all good!!!!