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  1. How will the school system handle the additional 13 kids?
  2. Pains me to say it but the Bills look very good. So far , they look heads and tails above the JETS but I still say that REX will lose one game at least based on his management. That one game can be all the difference.
  3. The self doubt that Box now has was well done also....
  4. Last nights episode was perhaps the most suspenseful. The idea of Naz "making out" with the attorney seems far fetched but so far, im hooked.
  5. That and $2 gets you a burger. Giants are a better team last 40 years.
  6. Lets change this thread to what happens if SPCPA gets to sleep with Mila Kunis. About the same possibility as Fitz winning a superbowl. A man can dream...
  7. Joe Dellamalliere, HOF 2003 Buffalo Bills told me directly that Klecko was as tough a D Lineman as he ever faced.
  8. Me too and I agree 100 percent. I posted that once and got brow beat that Sanchez was in there because the competition between mark and Geno was close. Bullship... Rex is a buffoon. How many times we were up by say 21 points or down by 21 with 5 minutes to go and he never put in his 2nd string QB to help him develop.
  9. For me.. I buy Absolute for the house. When out... whatever the bar is pouring, I go with.
  10. agreed. Paying anywhere near full price for pre season is robbery.
  11. Yeah.. an upscale restaurant here introduced me to it as THE BEST Vodka on the market. Well..its pretty good is it better than Grey Goose? Thats an opinion I dont share.
  12. Irsay isnt whining as much as answering Why he didnt play his franchise player. If REX wants to over play his starters and put them at risk, he can. Neither is wrong IMO.
  13. Shall we meet in Canton in 20 years.....
  14. Hey hitta mi car, I breaka u face. Bossman, where you go? Get back here. Very much I kikka u as$ fukk face.