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  1. Its never on one player, or even multiple players. Its management. (from another site) Who was the last semi competent offensive player we drafted? Billal Powell?? Jeremy Kerley? Quincy Enunwa?? JWho was the last legit superstar offensive player we drafted....I guess Brick and Mangold.Who was the last legit superstar offensive skill position player we drafted...Lavernuous Coles? Its picks like these at a high level that dont pan out V DucasseS HillGenoD SmithK WilsonQ CoplesD MillinerJ Amaro
  2. No argument... yet we are all ready for a true rebuild. Enough with the happy to go 8-8 to 10-6 attitude. Lets develop some players.
  3. 99 percent of us , if given the QB job would give all of our effort, ability and desire. It means nothing. Fitz was never qualified to take a team to the next level. Yet ..the JETS paid him his ransom. THAT is why we havent gotten over the fence.
  4. Very strange...last night I get home and watched on youtube on my TV The birth of ELP (about 1.5 hours), not sure why, I never do that. I then wake up this morning and put on an OLD ELP tee shirt to the gym. BUT..something stops me before I walk out the door... I literally turnaround, breakout my Taylor 810 and lower the E string to D and bang out "Lucky Man" and sing it outloud at 6am this morning. SMH... RIP Greg Lake.
  5. Great Post. I am heart broken. I am , I bet , the biggest Greg Lake fan on this board. LOVE your 2 selections. Take a Pebble is friggin an awesome piece of music. Stones of Years to LIVE ending with Battlefield coupled to Epitaph is great!! This is my favorite. I took up bass at age 14 because of Greg Lake.
  7. Absolutely agreed. But maybe he was boxed in? The trial determine the facts.
  8. In the south...when you approach someone with anger.... it has to cross your mind that he carries. So many people do carry. White collar people like me, my lawyer etc.... not just card carrying NRA types.
  9. Unfortunately...I have to agree. However.... the shooter will stand trial. What you described will be adjudicated and hopefully the right thing done. If that's be it. I hate road rage.
  10. he joined a well coached, veteran laden team with a good O-line.
  11. Yes but he did bang Jessica Simpson. Thats got to count for something.
  12. If Klecko gets in, I will be at Canton with my 73 jersey. Revis?? I wouldn't even watch.
  13. Thats fair... I still detest him and his arrogant behavior.
  14. Who held out twice, got paid enough to make certain we couldn't sign other good players. Many SB's were won without Revis. Like saying the greatest thrill ever was jumping out of a plane without a chute. He was great no doubt. Yet .... we have nothing to show for it. Revis is laughing at the JETS fans who idolize him, he absolutely doesn't care. Take that to the bank.
  15. Well, I agree in spirit. In fact, i throw Revis jerseys in the same category as Favre, Keyshon and Tebow. Mercenary jersey.