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  1. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    Francessa had a lot of upbeat things to say about Jamal Adams. MAybe because he was in NJ but his overall theme for the JETS was fair......
  2. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    Management of this team .... top down is not what a winning organization looks like.
  3. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    Do you manage people? After a while, you get a sense. A client of mine commented when she gives a plant tour, she has learned when the candidate is always 2 steps behind her, they never work out. His tone was very laid back, not overly ambitious but to your point, It was one interview.
  4. WFAN/Francesa at Jets Camp today

    Hackenberg... to paraphrase his own words is a "laid back, southern kid who likes hunting and fishing". Why doesnt that bestow confidence in me?
  5. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    Again... the same old tired "Franchise QB routine". Yes, we agree. Thats an easy excuse for bad teams. YET... the Chargers cant get it done with Rivers. Thats management. Im fairly confident if Rivers played for the Ravens, Pats, Steelers, Packers they would have done better than the Chargers. Why? Management would make it happen. Flacco is a good example of how you build a team around a skill set. We could have done that with Sanchez and hell, we did in 2009 and 2010. We passed on Wilson.... again, management. You want to be mediocre? Fine, thats your choice.
  6. PSA: 4 Months (chill)

    Luck ...ok but well run teams don't rely on luck only. If we drafted Tom Brady, he'd be out of the league in 5 years or less. Good coaching , GMs and player development win games and yes, the tired YOU NEED A QB argument is of course true. BUT..... the same 10'teams seem to win 80 percent of all games.
  7. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    I'm sure we would have scored 3 by now.....
  8. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    So.. im studying Spanish and making great progress. One of the methods involves cultures etc... I came across this guy. Pretty good stuff. In fact been banging it out on my Taylor 810.
  9. McCown's' last 32 games

    Thats a fair assessment ............
  10. McCown's' last 32 games

    Understood.. BUT only a bottom 5 team would bring in a Fitz and or a McGown and entertain them as starters. The Jets , from a front office standpoint are way below average..... players come and go. We have sucked for years.
  11. McCown's' last 32 games

    Stats dont lie.... Fitz never made the playoffs, McGown has less than a .185 winning percentage. Yet the JETS entertain these clowns.
  12. THIS. 40 years of futility is not the players. We hire management with no balls, no vision. There is simply NO reason to start McGown. NONE. If Hack isnt ready now... let him get prepared by fire. If Hack fails miserably then give it to McGown and face the fact we are no where in the QB position.
  13. First Time to NYC

    Hey...the thread was derailed long before me. 😇
  14. First Time to NYC

    I moved to Charlotte in 1995 and while here met a buddy from Port Chester NY. Now my best friend. We are inseparable. He was born in Italy and moved to the US at age 2. It is remarkable to think his mom and dad barely speak english. That in parts of the Bronx and surrounding areas north still have (or had into the 80's) areas where Italians lived and spoke no English. It is so kool to see him speak fluent Italian with his mom. He is a VERY Tony Soprano type of guy. Tough guy look, Italian horn around his neck with a NY accent that would knock you down. When his mom comes to visit, she brings a few extra quarts of sauce for me and dry sausage homemade.. She calls it sauce, not gravy.
  15. OK..so we are now 1-15. Siento mejor.. mucho mejor.