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  1. Monday morning analysis. I agree with much of this. It fails in the assumption that Glennon was available , i don't think he was. It assumes Glennon is servicable. Im a Wolfpack fan, not certain he is. A lot of what you state sounds like what Mangini did. It was really the last good drafting we've done. Brick, Revis, Mangold, Harris, Keller, Green. We literally had 6 or so players that were drafted within the last 2 years starting.
  2. yeah...but we have 4 QB's.
  3. Not sure I agree. I grew up poor, on LI, NEVER attended a game until college in Buffalo. JETS. BILLS. I was a solid fan before that. I think that with the advent of red zone, the politics citing KAP, economics of watching guys make 20 million and hardly showing up is turning off some fans.
  4. Stated perfectly. As the CPA for many well run organizations.... I applaud what you wrote.
  5. This post should be sent to the NFL office. Seriously, succinctly stated and probably speaks for most of us except... I wont pay for the RED zone. I have plenty of income..I simply wont give the NFL my tacit OK of what's going on.
  6. rooting for them to go 1-15. There is no benefit, NONE, to go 4-12.
  7. Off topic... LOVE your sig. Have seen RUSH at least 10 times and have been back stage in the VIP room with Geddy and Alex.
  8. I have lost some respect for what we are being told. IF Coughlin or Parcells or Gruden is the understand that the decision is theirs. Here, with Bowles, I see his lips moving but not sure if he believes what he is saying. I wonder, deep down, if he is not questioning his own ability to coach the JETS through this difficult period.
  9. You've come to the right team my son.
  10. Im betting, in a dark corner, couple of scotch's down, nobody watching, you'd let Rosie give you a hummer.
  11. Your estimates are probably high, and after tax he probably netted half of what you say but not a bad pay day.
  12. You are insulting mediocre QB's.............
  13. They said that about Geno too. Kidding. I simply havent been overly impressed but Im just a CPA.
  14. you think he is an NFL prospect?
  15. I hate that I agree with this............ but Pennington, as great a guy as he was, hurt us long term.