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  1. FROM ESPN: Radio host Colin Cowherd no longer will appear on ESPN following comments he made questioning the intelligence of Dominican Republic players related to baseball one day earlier, the company said in a statement Friday. "Colin Cowherd's comments over the past two days do not reflect the values of ESPN or our employees," ESPN said in a statement. "Colin will no longer appear on ESPN." Cowherd issued an apology later Friday via Twitter. To your 2nd point" For the last 20 years, well before Internet Radio , the left has tried talk Radio. It just doesn;t make enough ad revenue to pay for itself.
  2. They fired Colin Cowherd for a statement about 2-3 years ago stating "How complex can baseball be? It dominated by Dominicans". It was a joke. They fired Schilling. They are the poster child for supporting causes that are extreme far left. Well... history has proven, that demographic is not n audience for advertising. Pretty much all liberal programming is the bottom of the ratings.
  3. That was well stated. I listened to "CarTalk" on NPR for 20 years even though I despise 90 percent of NPR. When I listen to DL, I hear a whiney sports lover who critiques sports he never even played as a kid. I respect that you enjoy it. I detest it. BUT... in that column I do enjoy around the horn and PTI although I cant watch it much due to work.
  4. I actually liked Michael Smith and Jemele Hill when they sat in on Sports reporters for example. But together? Its like sitting in an urban barber shop. They simply dont seem to be talking to me. Watching Smith get overly emotional in description, speaking more "urban" than he does when he's on another show tells me all I need to know. This show, WNBA coverage make me rarely put ESPN on.
  5. I cant watch. Its parkside ball, walking, slam dunks.
  6. Ever most of the NBA games that are NOT in the top 6 cities..they never pan out and show all the empty seats. I think this new announcement will get me to also drop ESPN.
  7. Please.... Its not sports. DL appeals to the uhh... rainbow crowd. Thats why he has a show.
  8. The "PC" content that they have jammed down our throats is partly responsible. Im too lazy to switch but I dont watch very much ESPN. But the WNBA coverage etc is pure garbage. Look at the new afternoon shows and their radio shows. Dan LeBetard? I think we all know why he has a show..its unwatchable.
  9. Like being a pimply 16 year old, hoping your gonna get laid so you go to the dance full of anticipation.... yet your wallet has a condom imprint thats a result of the condom being in your wallet for years. For us.. it 47 years of a condom imprint.
  10. Yes.. Thats my plan. I saw Thursday's Rangers game there as well. Who is this? PM me. Is this my Rock Hill friend?
  11. Thats Brady.... once a Catcher always a catcher.
  12. BOomer Esiason was an outstanding pitcher. won the Carl Yaz award in 1979. MAny QBs played pitcher.... Kapernick for example.
  13. I have a Board Function that ends around 7:30... bringing my significant other. Will go to a local sports bar for dinner after . They will have BOTH on. Go Rangers!!!!!
  14. I love Tampa, I am there often. I catch a Rangers game annually, a Yankees Rays game etc but the downtown is not very vibrant. The football stadium is a few miles from downtown. I love down towns like Nashville and Charlotte where it is all contained in the city. Ill probably go to the Tampa game, stay at St Petes Beach. Arrive Friday, make a trip out of it.
  15. Yes. Steve does a GREAT job! In 2009 he had a rally Saturday night at Peabody's as well. Was a blast!