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  1. Which QB is the last rookie to be thrown under the bus by JETS management yet won 8 games as a Rookie? which QB started for the NY Jets with the least support from a HC?
  2. I hear you had an affair with Maryanne from Brooklyn.
  3. Woody can blow me.
  4. MAngold in my mind is a HOF player.....
  5. Make way in the ring of honor....and in my mind, he will be the next NY JET in the HOF. Best center in the NFL many times in his 11 years. Well done Mr Mangold.
  6. Based on our picks in the 30- 45 range the last few years, forgive me for being less than enthusiastic.
  7. So its tax season... woke up at 4am with office crap in my head. Went to the PC, it JN and BAM... down. Well.... all good now. No issues other than the NY Jets.
  8. I saw Herm talk at the Charlotte TD club. He said "cover corner" is a BS term for guys who dont tackle. Revis was a hell of a tackler. Not just great in coverage but MEAN as a snake close up, stuffing the receiver. In his prime, he was the best for a good stretch. Not just in coverage. He was robbed of DPOY in 2009.
  9. Revis is ranked 4th in this list...but its just THEIR Opinion.
  10. I am in a SMH mode for the condition of the NY Jets. In 2010.... we had the world by the short hairs.
  11. Someone please explain all the HYPE about McCagnon who wasted a 2nd round pick and a 4th on QBs and neither can play? We look to failed journeymen of the Bears and Bills? Countdown to the "Hack/Petty need be developed responses. Jeez.
  12. And like Curtis Martin was a great JET. But best of all time.? I'm no CMART fan but I rank Mart in ahead of Revis by a hair. Namath in front of both of them.
  13. I'll state I think you are fairly well versed on NYJ football. More than me for sure but you do trample on other posters as if your opinion is fact. This is is an opinion board but many readers here, as evidenced by your constant debates, believe you come across as more knowledgeable than they are when you are citing opinion and could haves. Its all good.... most Jets fans simply don't believe Revis was the best JET ever. You do. It's fine.
  14. But it seems I am far from alone in citing you as someone who believes your opinion is fact. The majority of posters here dont act as authoritative as you when citing their opinion. Read your posts....